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Sex in the darkness can be so erotic.
And she saw him sitting there, just a few barstools away from her, sipping on scotch-on-the-rocks as the piano man played a soft tune in the lounge of the luxury hotel. Karen had been watching this man ever since the night she checked in. The man she had her eyes on was a young-looking guy, he looked about ten years her junior. He had short dark hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. All day she had watched him and fantasized about this young good-looking man.

At another time, she would have never looked his way. Karen was once a happily married woman to her husband for ten years, until she caught him having an affair with his colleague at work. Now that she was happily divorced, reliving the single life had become the greatest challenge to her. She could just go and say hi to anyone, but she felt she had too much grace for that. She really wanted to know this man who sat a few bar stools away, but couldn’t figure out what to say to him.

Since the moment she checked in at the luxury hotel, she had set her eyes on this man from the moment he stood in line of the reservations desk. Her first time alone with him was at the pool and spa on the fifth floor.

She wondered why a young, attractive-looking man would come check in at a hotel alone. Every woman that passed by him he ignored. At first, she thought he was gay, but apparently wasn’t. There was no male company beside him, nor one that ever approached him. That thought stayed in the back of her head, why did he come here alone?

Karen’s story of coming here alone was to celebrate her divorce. She was interested to get to know him, but never worked a nerve to say hi, until she saw him sitting alone at the bar in the piano lounge. He displayed an expression of grief or sadness. Whatever it may be, she had to ask if he was okay.

Karen moved a couple of seats down, carrying her cosmopolitan drink with her and sat next to him to say hi. She hoped to get to know what his problem was and hope she could be any help to him. After all, she was attracted to him.

The young man didn’t pour out his feelings too easily, but he didn’t push her away. He held in his sorrow and explained that his wife had passed away a couple of months ago and now he is learning how to start his life without her. He told her that for the first time in months he had gone somewhere, but being able to enjoy it alone wasn’t fun for him.

Karen really sympathized with the man. She checked in her hotel suite to stay for a couple of days, and having to enjoy it alone really sucked. She explained to him about her lonely situation. However, she hoped she wasn’t being inappropriate about celebrating her divorce, but he was laughing about treatment her ex-husband deserved. The two later changed their subjects to keep their minds away from sorrow and break-ups, but overall they really enjoyed each other’s company.

The two took turns buying each other another round of drinks. By now, they were laughing and their night was set at bliss from all the alcohol in their system. They weren’t drunk, but tipsy enough to enjoy their night together. When they offered to go somewhere else, other than staying in the lounge, Karen told him she needed to go to her room to get a better pair of shoes, because the ones she was wearing were hurting her feet.

The young man was a real gentleman, kindly escorting her to the elevator. Without even realizing it, when they stepped in the elevator he pushed the third floor button. Karen’s room was located on the top floor. He apologized, realizing it was a force of habit, but as the elevator reach the third floor, the doors opened and everything went pitch dark in front of their eyes.

The two remained still as they tried to make sense of what was happening, but the emergency backup lights went on in the hallway and the two stepped out together. All access with the elevators were restricted. The doors closed behind them and returned to the ground floor for safety reasons.

The hallway was completely dark, but dimmed with emergency lighting. Whatever was going on was strange to say. Karen was a bit frightened, but at the same time she felt safe in the arms of the young man.

“Maybe pushing the third floor button was a good thing,” he joked. “Besides, my room is not far.”

“Then why don’t we stay in your room until the lights come back on?” she suggested, resting her head on his arm.

“It’s fine with me. I really enjoy talking to you,” as he led her to his room just halfway down the hall.

Karen got a whiff of his cologne and immediately there was something turning her on. She just wanted to extend her tongue over to his neck and lick the fragrance of him. She realized it was the alcohol making her feel this way.

The young man stopped in front of his room, inserting his key card in the slot to get access of his room. Once he opened the door, his room was pitch-dark. The only thing illuminating his hotel room was light coming from the smoke detector. It was beeping, but for now it wasn’t really any of their concern.

They let the door close behind them and instantly they were holding each other intimately.

The young man took appreciation of running his hand around her beautiful curves. She was no petite woman, but a classy-like, voluptuous woman with a body that made his cock grow hard under his pants. Even though the hotel room was entirely dark, their senses of touch, smell, and taste became their guide.

Karen, on the other hand, couldn’t recall the last time she was being held. Definitely since her husband, but it had been years since she was held in a way like the young man did. She also felt his hardness pressing against her body, leaving a twinge building inside her body. She enjoyed the way his body felt in total darkness.

The young man whispered, “Ma’am, may I say you look very beautiful tonight?”

“Thank you,” as she moved closer to give him a kiss.

Despite the darkness, the young man was able to sense her closeness of her face moving towards his. He moved closer, letting his mouth finding her's. When their lips touched everything fell into play to their kiss. They explored each other’s mouths as the young man moved his hand further down her back to caress her beautiful bottom.

Karen held on to him close. Her heart had never beat with such desire. The way he kissed her made her feel like a young teenager coming home from a hot date. She was really enjoying the way he moved his tongue inside her mouth. The moisture began trickling down her panties as she thought of him inside her.

Did it feel right for her to just go inside this young man’s dark hotel room and immediately have sex with him, especially if she didn’t know what his name was? The feeling in her body was yes, but her mind was telling her to first play it safe. She was willing to have him inside her, but not without protection.

“Oh baby,” she said between her kisses. “I never got your na—“

His index fingers found her lips through the darkness as he placed it over them and whispered, “Shh! No names yet. Let’s get this off our chest first and then get to know more about each other later.”

She licked his finger, leaving the wetness of saliva to marinate it. Then she asked, “Do you have any protection?”

“Always, It’s in my wallet.”

Karen was very happy to hear that. She was fine not getting to know his name yet, but to have sex with a stranger she met without a condom was a big no-no.

The young man reached behind his pants for his wallet to get his condom out. All through the darkness, he felt his shirt slowly getting unbuttoned and pulled down, while at the same time, his pants were getting unzipped by her. The feeling of her hand reaching down his shorts to feel his cock was making him groan, while his neck was being licked in dangling motions of her tongue. The feeling of her sensuality through the darkness has never made him feel harder for her. Once he managed to get his condom packet out of wallet, his pant fell to the floor and he quickly opened it with his teeth and held her hand, placing the lubed condom in her palm.

“Here, I want to feel you put it on,” he whispered.

Nothing made her feel wetter than caressing a man’s cock in the darkness, while putting on his condom. She carefully held the condom in her hand, hoping that she wouldn’t lose it in the darkness. One wrong move, and it’s lost somewhere on the floor. She was able to apply the condom on his shaft, without letting it slip off as she worked the condom over his hardened member with her sensuous touch.

She whispered, “You feel huge. I wish I could see it.”

She felt his breathing grow heavily as the sounds of his soft groans and the feeling of his hardness were making her panties drenched with madness of pleasure. She could feel his heat as she gently stroked his cock with her soft hands.

He whispered, “Take off your clothes and let me feel your body.”

Karen wrapped her arms around him for support as she was able to kick off her heels. She managed to take off her night dress as her body got caressed by the very hands that led her into his dark hotel room. Every touch he gave her caused her nipples to harden under her bra.

His hands found its way to her busts and gently pinched her nipples through her bra. He then encircled his arms around her back, carefully unclasping her bra, at the same time kissing her passionately.

The room may have been dark, but thanks to the little green light from the smoke detector they were able to see where the bed was. The young man gently bended her backwards as he helped taking off her panties, when he raised her legs over.

His cock ached for the moment to be inside of her when he climbed on the bed, spreading her legs apart as she grabbed a hold of his member. If only the lights were on they could see the expressions on their faces, but the darkness gave them a different sense; just letting their animal instincts take over.

Karen pointed his member between her legs as she rubbed it up and down her fold, at the same time tickling her slit together.

The young man’s excitement began to build as he felt his cock being rubbed against her clit. Her button was rubbing against its head of his shaft, and her body felt hungry for his push. She was willing to open her waters for him.

The two let out a gasp when he pushed inside her. He mounted on top of her and felt his way though her hair. They began kissing and gently overpowered each other’s mouths with lust. Karen encircled her legs around his back as she felt his body pumping inside her. She really wanted him so much and was not willing to let him go.

“Oh baby,” she whimpered.

Karen was gasping out of pleasure as she moved her hand across his back, gently pressing her nails down. Their carnal desires were taking over and the pitch darkness heightened their senses of desire.

The young man rolled her over so she could be on top of him, but his cock suddenly slipped out of her. He felt her raise herself a little as her hands reached for his latexed member. When she guided it under her slit she slid down, engulfing it entirely as she against her hips against his body.

Karen was enjoying the deepness of his cock inside her pussy. She felt his hand touch her from her waist on down to her thighs. The way his hands moved around her lower body made her feel very erotic. She then felt his hands move around her tummy, on down to her pudenda and then upward to her beautiful large breast. She could feel his hands squeeze them firmly, while she moved her hips on his body.

Karen was screaming out of pleasure, her nipples remained super hard from his touch. She enjoyed the way he squeezed and pinched them. She couldn’t deny the great feeling he gave her in the darkness. Sweat was slowly drenching her body as she bucked herself harder and faster on his cock.

The young man could feel her sweat on his chest. The sweat of her body left a cold-like perspiration on her tits, but every thrust she was meeting caused her tits to jiggle. If only he could see them bounce from the fucking, but he was able to hear her tits crash against her body as it turned him on even more.

Then suddenly Karen leaned her body on top of his, letting her body get held by his manly strength. She felt her body being wrapped by his arms and his thrusts growing rapidly inside her. She felt compelled to share a ravenous kiss, but a sudden urge to touch herself stood in her mind. She raised herself up, gently pinning him down to the bed with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other.

The young man couldn’t thrust inside her much, but he enjoyed the feeling of her fingers touching his latexed shaft and her clit. At the same time, he felt her body humping all over his cock and that gave him more excitement. But with all the excitement, he worried that the condom holding well, because a sudden feeling was building from his balls and it was a matter of time he was ready to release himself.

“I’m cumming,” he whispered. “Uh... I’m cumming!”

She could feel his hands gripping on her thighs. At the same time, an explosive feeling was building inside her body. She wanted to lose control.

She leaned forward and grinded him uncontrollably as she whimpered out, “Oh god, I’m cumming too. Oh fucking cum –“

The young man held her close as he gave on last thrust inside her and filled his condom inside her body. His breathing grew ragged and harsh, but he evened out breathing once his orgasm passed.

Karen could feel his cock pulsating inside her pussy, but no cum; too bad. If only she had known him better, she would let him cum inside her without a condom, just so she could feel his juices hit inside her walls. But for now, she will have to play it safe.

She breathed over him, catching her breath and said, “You were amazing.”

He replied, giving her a kiss, “So were you. I’m Jason and you are –“

She rolled off him and rested her head next to him, replying, “Karen.”

“Karen,” as he paused. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Karen, I really enjoyed your company and I’d like to get to know you more. Please say you’re not going anywhere if the lights came on”

“Jason, I’m so glad we met. I’m not going anywhere either”

“If I could only see your beautiful face again, in the light.”

“Me too” she replied. “Me too.”

The two laid together in the darkness as they let the room get filled with the passionate smell of wonderful sex.


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