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Blacksmith And A Lady

Medieval fun times
It was a cool spring night and the trees whispered to each other in the wind. James listened as the fowl of the woods sang their beautiful song to the night. He loved going out into the woods at night and taking his bath in the stream while listening to the birds sing.

 Stripping off his blacksmithy’s clothing, he lowered his naked, muscled body into the water. It had been a long day at the shop, with five horses needing to be shod and he had needed to finish off the ten sets of armour complete with weapons that Lord Fredrick had requested.

“Lord Fredrick,” James laughed to himself. “What an arsehole.”
James had never been a fan of noblemen, but in the year he had been in the Castle Rockhelm he had begun to hate them more. . . Well this particular nobleman anyway.

Lord Fredrick’s daughter however was a different matter. Unlike her father, the young lady Elizabeth had managed to avoid being a stuck up, impatient, quick tempered pain in the backside. Elizabeth had frequently been visiting James at the smith’s ever since he started working there a year ago. James enjoyed talking to her and Liz always had a useful bit of information or conversation to talk about. It wasn’t long before they became great friends, much to the agony of Liz’s father.

As James and Liz had become closer, nearly everytime they met they could feel a sexual tension in the air. That night that tension exploded into bliss.
- - - - - - - - -

James relaxed and closed his eyes as he felt the cool water flow around his body, cooling down his muscles that had been working hard all day. After a few minutes he fell asleep with his head resting against a moss-covered rock. Unbeknownst to him, a pair of female eyes were watching him. A pair of nipples were getting hard at the sight of his toned muscles.

Liz had left the castle earlier in the night after an argument with her father about her arranged marriage to the Lord of the neighbouring Lowcastle fief. She had taken her usual elegant, but uninhibiting hunting dress and headed towards James’ hut. She always took the same route away from the road that she always took when she wanted to go for a walk and followed the stream. Tonight was no different.

When Liz heard the sound of splashing she paused and moved slowly from tree to tree until she saw what was going on. The moment she saw James she froze, head poking out from behind the tree, and stared. The more she stared at James’ body, the more turned on she became. Soon her nipples were straining at her dress just begging to be released. Liz’s right hand crept towards her pussy and started rubbing her clit through her dress. 

“Stuff this,” she said aloud, stripping off her dress.

- - - - - - - - -

James awoke to the feeling of smooth silky skin in the form of a hand, stroking his cock. He turned to face the perpetrator and saw Liz. Without any further ado, he sat up, turned sideways and kissed her passionately on the lips.

No words were said. No words were needed. Both parties knew the love, passion and lust they had for each other and now all was being released. James had wanted this for a long time and so savoured every moment.

After they finally broke off the first passionate kiss, James moved down Liz; rubbing, kissing, licking any part of her body he felt like. He stayed on her beautiful 32D breasts for ten minutes or more just caressing them, lightly squeezing her nipples and licking them.

Moving down her body with kisses, he eventually reached her pussy. Lifting her up onto the bank of the stream, he put his head between her soaking thighs. If his six inch cock wasn’t already hard enough, it got harder as James licked and sucked Liz’s pussy as she moaned.

“Oh god, Oh god,” she screamed. “I’m coming.” Her entire body erupted, convulsing as the orgasm shook her body.

“I want to feel it,” Liz moaned, hugging James and pulling his head close to her breasts. “I want to feel you inside me, James.” James obliged but not without a little teasing first.

He slowly rubbed the head of his penis over her clit, running it over and around her folds. Every moment his dick was throbbing and pulsing; just begging to enter her vagina. He then allowed the head of his penis to penetrate her, moaning himself as he felt the tightness of her pussy close around his cock. Starting slowly at first, he thrust into her depths. And soon developed a smooth, but fast rhythm. 

Using his strong blacksmith’s muscles, James picked Liz up and put her down again on all fours. Then almost without pause in the rhythm, started fucking her doggy style, his balls slapping against her clit. Liz gave a full scream of ecstasy as she came again from the extra stimulation.

James' hands left their position resting on Liz's ass and clambered their way up her body. Caressing her waist up to her breasts, he started lightly pinching her erect nipples and squeezing the perky tits of his lover.

Liz soon took control and crawled off James’ cock. Instructing him to lay down, Liz sat on top of him facing his head. She soon was bouncing on James, forcing his six inch cock as deep as it would reach inside her pussy.

The thrill of movement and the sight of Liz's tits bouncing in front of him was almost too much for James. So in a failed effort to last longer, he slowed down the rhythm with which he had been fucking Liz. However, the pressure building in his penis couldn't be contained much longer. James reached up and flipped them both over so he was on top in a missionary position. His breath gasping as he did so.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said in between pants. “Where do you want it?”

“Cum on my tits, James. Cum on my tits!” Liz moaned, as she came a third time.

James strained as he held in his cum until he hit breaking point and pulling out, sent seven pulses of cum all over Liz's breasts. Slowly thrusting James once again entered Liz until eventually his cock softened.

"Stay at my house with me Liz. Stay with me."

Kissing James passionately Liz replied, "I will. Can we do that again?"

"Haha, when we get back to my place." James looked deep in her eyes, "I love you Liz."

"I love you too."

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