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Blast From The Past

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It had been twelve long years since they had last seen each other, and Rachel could hardly contain her excitement about their lunch date.  All these years, and she could still remember spending every day with him.  Best friends, attached at the hip, until her father's job moved them away.  Thanks to the advance in technology, a social networking site brought them together again.  They had both grown, and she was married now.  He was in a serious relationship himself, but she couldn't help but get butterflies when the time came to meet.

There he stood, as handsome as she could remember.  They joined each other in a long, warm embrace.  She couldn't believe she was with him again.  They sat and talked about their lives.  It had been so long, but felt as though nothing had changed.  No awkward silences, or weird tension, it just felt right. 

"I often find myself thinking about what could have happened had you never moved away Rachel.  Whether we would have ever been more than friends."

Rachel sat there in shock, but had found herself thinking this same thing over the years.

"I have too Brad.  All these years, you were always in the back of my mind.  But now I'm married, and it seems as though we'll never get the chance to know what could have happened."

He moved his hand slowly across the table, and grabbed a hold of hers.  "Perhaps this is our one chance."  He slowly lifted her hand, and kissed it.

Her heart melted as his soft lips touched her skin.  She began to wonder how it would feel to be with him.  To have their bodies wrapped up in one another.  This could be our chance, she thought to herself.  Rachel didn't want him to know quite yet, she was willing to take this chance.  They paid for their meal, and she invited him to her place.  Her husband wouldn't be home for hours, they had time.

When they arrive, Rachel can hardly contain herself.  They find their way to the couch, and Brad sits as close as he can to her.  He turns to her, puts his hand on the back of her head, and pulls her in close, parting her lips with his tongue, he makes the first move.  As he keeps one hand on the back of her head, the other finds its way to her thigh.  Rachel can feel the sexual tension rising.  She moves closer to him, as he moves his hand up her thigh, reaching under her skirt.  She lets out a quiet moan.  Her panties are getting wet, and his fingers barely touch them.

"Rachel, is this what you want?"  He asks, as he moves her panties to the side, and lets his fingers make their way to her clit, she lets out another moan.

"Yes," she lets out another moan.  "But I want even more than that."

She slowly starts removing his clothes, while kissing every part of his body.  She slips off his boxers, and he's ready for action.  Staring in awe over his long hard cock, she slowly massages it, and lets out a moan.  "Brad, I want you."

He lays her down on the couch.  Removing her top and sliding her skirt off.  Kissing her neck, he moves down towards her breasts, and unhooks her bra, exposing her 34C cup breasts.  He teases her, and moves down her stomach.  Before she knows it her panties are gone.

He moves back up to her lips, kissing her, as his hard cock rubs on her pussy.  Rachel starts to spread her legs, trying to hint to him she's ready.  Brad knows she is, but wants to make her ask for it.  The tip of his cock hits her click.

"Oh God!"

Whispering in her ear, "What do you want Rachel?"  As he takes his fingers, rubs them along her clit, and enters her wet, little pussy.

"Oooooo. I ... I"

"Tell me what you want baby.  I'll make your dreams come true."  He's moving his fingers so fast, she can hardly talk. 

"I .. I want you in me."  He starts going faster with his fingers, while suckling on her breasts.

"Oh Brad, fuck me!!  Fuck me now!!"

Slowly removing his fingers, his cock enters her pussy. "Oh baby, is that what you want?"

Her back arches, and she grabs hold of the cushions.  She bites her lip, and lets out a moan.  He starts thrusting, as he watches her boobs bounce with the rest of her body. "Oooooo Brad, fuck me harder."

He starts going deeper and deeper.  Her moans get louder and louder.  This is their chance, and they are taking full advantage.  He can tell she is about to cum, he slows down and begins kissing her.  He's not ready for this to be over.  When he feels her relaxing, he goes deep once again.

"OH GOD!! YES!!"

She arches her back once again.  "Fuck me!! OH baby!!"

She starts meeting him thrust for thrust.  And can feel she's about to cum.  She looks into his eyes, and can see he's almost there.  She's lost in ecstasy, and can feel her own juices exploding out of her.  As soon as Brad feels this, he cums as well.  Waiting until every last drop is in her, he then pulls away.

"Wow.  Did that really just happen?"  Rachel asks.

"You better believe it did."

As they lay there, they both know that was their chance.  But that after they part ways it will never be spoken of again.

Brad goes to grab his clothes, Rachel stops him.

"Don't go yet.  I don't want this to be over.  Want to join me for a shower before you leave?"

Brad gazes into her eyes, and off they go, to share one last moment before their chance passes them by.

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