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Blind Justice

Carnal Court Proceedings.
I was sitting on the tenth floor of a high rise office building, in the very expensive and plushly furnished chambers of a Civil Court Judge.

With me was my attorney; Corwin Nellis; we were scheduled for a meeting concerning a law suit for damages stemming from an civil Suit on alledged sexual harassment and breach of contract for work I performed several months earlier. It seems that one little shit of a client was trying to extort money from me by alleging sexual harassment for an encounter she initiated.

Hell She was the one who claimed she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, I just allowed her the opportunity to prove it. Anyway, the little wannabe was just a fake ass entrepreneur site tanked and pissed off investors were suing her, so she needed bucks. Now the little gold digger was eyeing me to the tune of one hundred grand. Truth be told she was willing to settle for less but, the principle of the thing had me pissed.

I was sweating bullets over the ordeal of having my business practices exposed or paying off the client. My attorney told me to meet him for a face to face with Justice Susan B. Jenkins; a prim socialite; who was making a name for herself with her bench decisions. Translation; mostly slamming the good ole boys ‘nads. I am far from a good ole boy but I was worried that my balls would do in this case.

I was waiting in the outer office; with the Judges administrative assistant a stunning black woman; while Corwin was in schmoozing the Judge a fellow country club member. The assistant was in her mid-thirties, pretty face, light complexion, short afro styled hair, dyed honey blond. She dripped gold jewelry, wore a cream colored silk blouse, tight peach skirt; too tight for office wear. I could see the print of her thong; and matching pumps; yes the catch me fuck me stilettos type. She was very shapely, thick in all the right places. Ample breast, a small waist and ghetto booty, that was curved and rounded like a pumpkin.

I found myself watching her as she worked at the filing cabinet, all that bending and reaching; mercy's sakes. I suspect her bra had the day off from the amount of movement I saw beneath her blouse and the plump nipples showing prominently. She didn't say a word, but realized I was checking her out, all women know men watch them, just like they check us out.

As my mind wondered about the possibilities,  the door opened the Judges chambers and Corwin motioned me into the office.

I sat down and looked at the Judge, fifty or so shoulder length blonde hair, designer suit, slender and tanned; but not overly so, I think Corwin told me she was still an equestrienne or something like that.

The Judge clocked me long and hard before she spoke. “Mr. Mann I understand that you have some reservations about information being revealed in open court, what type of information could that be sir?”

Now I know that my attorney should be jumping to my defense here but he just sat there looking at me.

“Ummm...well your honor I think that talking about my sexual encounter with the plaintive would be embarrassing to all and ...”, I stammered.

Waving her hand dismissively she shushed me. “Oh please spare me Mr. Mann we're all grown people what is so embarrassing about what you two people did?”

I was about to speak again when the Judge spoke to Corwin. “Win, do be a dear and go down to the fountain and get me a diet drink.”

“Why certainly your honor,” he replied, with a wink.

Okay I figured I’ll get a chance to think while my counselor stepped out, right? Wrong.

“Please continue Mr. Mann.”  Insisted the Judge.

Hey now, no lawyer and you think I'm going to speak. Hell no.

“Your honor I know my rights and I want my lawyer here when I speak,” I replied.

Looking sternly over her gold wire Ben Franklin specs the judge addressed me coldly. “Oh really, you know your rights sir, step into that back room and wait until your recalled...your rights please.."

Okay fine I though stepping in her back room, actually it was a large bathroom with a small shower stall and wardrobe. I could see her jogging togs, drying over the shower rod and several changes of clothes in the open wardrobe. I sat on a stool in front of the wardrobe and waited. I didn't wait long though before the called me out.

“Mr. Mann please come out here now.”

 I wasn't going to risk pissing off the judge anymore so I stepped back into her office. What I saw grabbed my attention real quick.

Standing in front of her desk was the Judge, arms akimbo holding a wooden yardstick in her right hand and wearing a blindfold; white silk scarf, and that's all she was wearing.

“Mr. Mann, allow me to introduce myself, I am Justice.” proclaimed Susan B Jenkins.

What the fuck? Right about here is where I started to hear the twilight zone theme in my head, "do do do do do do. "

The Judge pointed to her desk with the ruler. “I presume you know the position, please assume it. Now!”

Okay I'm not a rocket scientist but this was obviously a set up that Corwin was pulling on me, I wondered where the hidden cameras were. Corwin the little shit that he is slipped in a ringer for the judge, voila jokes on you.

Okay I’ll play along; I'm good at it; I'm a tad nervous considering where we were but, okay I’ll play.

“Mr. Mann don't tarry with me, assume the position,” She smacked the desk hard with the yardstick to emphasize her displeasure with my “tarrying”.

Wow was she good at staying in character, I wonder where Corwin found her I knew most of the Professional Dominatrix in town. Slowly I began to strip off my clothes fully expecting Corwin to walk through the door with a dumb ass smile on his face saying

“Surprise!! Ha Ha. You should see the look on your face yatta yatta yatta...”

OK when I was stripped down to just my silk skivvies I started to feel uneasy about the little joke.

“Okay Winnie where are you this isn't funny anymore you rotten bastard,” I thought to myself.

Still knowing Corwin like I do; he has to overdo everything I dropped my drawers. Ms. Justice's eyes bulged for a second; I noticed her peeping out underneath her blindfold.

Eyeballing my member she stepped forward to lead me by the hand to the desk, as her tongue wet her lips. “Come along Mr. Mann stop being so very contrary. ”

I thought about running for the door but my current state of attire precluded that notion. There I stood naked, leaning on the big desk, looking out a window with an excellent view of the city; but I looked over my shoulder toward the door expecting Win to let me off the hook of his little joke.

I heard a swish sound followed by a sharp smack.

“Hey goddammit!”  I hollered.

The welt on my ass burned like a bee sting as I turned to see her raise the yardstick for the second lash.

“One more outburst and I’ll have you gagged Mr. Mann, I expect you to take it like a man should...silently,” Warned the Judge.

I fumed silently as the Judge lower the hammer on me in her own special way. She slapped the damn stick off my ass viciously for the second time. I could hear ringing in my ears from the blow. I bit my lips in silent agony. Oh shit, what the fuck had I gotten myself into here?

Suddenly the thought of pranks vanished. As my mind was racing to find a proper solution when she hit me for the third time.

Oh fuck, that smarted, bad.

Okay I hurt like hell and I was ready to change this scene in a big way. I looked at the good “Justice's” face and saw pure pleasure in the sneering smile below her blindfold eyes.

She drew her arm back again, oh no not this time baby. I twisted swiftly and grabbed her by her forearm in mid swing. The Judge yelped in surprise and fell against me as she was pulled off balance by my blocking move and bewilderment replaced the arrogant look on her face.

“Hello,... Justice... Allow me to introduce myself I am, Truth, and allow me to fuck the shit out of you”.  I informed her flatly.

Her free hand flew at my face and I plucked in out the air as easily as the first one.

“Sir, how dare you, unhand me now!"  Yelled the Judge.

I pressed my forehead against hers and in my best growling tone repeated my intent to her

“Not until Truth overcomes Justice or should I say, cums all over her.”

“How dare you even say such a thing to me, release me now”, She wailed.

Oh yeah she was deep into the role play I could hear fear and excitement in her voice. I shook the stick from her hand while pushing down on her forearms and she sank to her knees before me.

“No!” she whined shaking her head as she sunk to her knees.

The word forming a perfect "O" with her lips. So I pushed my hips forward and slipped the semi hardness that was inches from her lips into the hot, wet “O”.

She gagged initially as I swelled instantly from the delicious contact of her hot orifice closing around me. She hummed softly as her mouth slowly began drawing back and forth along my shaft, deeper and deeper until she took all she could handle, a little less then half. The Judge sucked and mewled daintily on me, I was tempted to release her arms, but I didn't want to break the spell like quality of the moment as, “Justice” surrendered to her only true master “Truth”, aka; me at the moment.

“Mmm, that's it suck it sweetly my pet...oh baby yes” I moaned.

She mouthed me over vigorously as her excitement rose from listening to my appreciation of her skills. I enjoyed her lips and tongue for about ten minutes, she was quite the mouthpiece; okay I'm sorry that was a bad lawyer joke I couldn't stop myself.

With great reluctance I pulled myself from her lips and pulled her up so I could lay her across her desk. As I eased her on to her back she voiced her protest

“Stop please you must not do this, please don't do this,” She protested.

“Do what?” I asked as I stood between her open legs.

While as I rubbed the thick helmet head of my rod against her wetness she sobbed. “You can't do what you’re thinking, sir please!”

While gazing at the dilated swollen lips of her sex the moist warmth very inviting to my hot flesh.

“What am I, going to do to you?”  I teased.

“What you told me you would do to me sir,” Said the Judge.

“Oh yeah ... that...say it out loud.” I  ordered.

She shook her head rapidly. “No I won’t say it, never!”

I slowly pushed the head and a bit of the shaft into her. She grimace and her face turned crimson as she held her breath several seconds while I popped it in and out of her.

“Breathe,” I commanded.

She exhaled loudly and started blowing in rhythm to my thrusts like they do in Lamaze classes. Soon I was thrusting smoothly into her, enjoying the sensations flowing up my shaft straight into the pleasure receptors in my brain.

I suddenly became aware of the good justice's leg action against my hips. At first I thought she was trying to swim against me but then I noticed the practiced yet natural sweeping motion of her strong legs griping and releasing my hips and thighs. She was riding me as if she was on horseback, but while lying on her back.

She looked very sensuous on her desk blindfolded, craning her neck, her mouth puffing breaths. Her breast flopping, fingers gripping my wrists tightly, while my sweaty hands fought to hold her bouncing hips, her legs squeezing me in a soft vise as I eagerly took her.

Finally breaking under the pleasure, she screamed. “Ohhhmygod fucking the court, oh shit...your fucking Justice!”

Why yes I was dammit; and enjoying it very much. Her sudden out burst triggered my own eruption and my cock flexed hard and spurted deep and long in her sopping pussy.

“Oh fuck!...take that your honor," I screamed at her.

She screamed back like a banshee as another orgasmic wave flowed through her already spasm twisted body. I held myself against her, partly because my overheated dick couldn't handle any more stroking and partially because I was dizzy on my feet from cumming so hard.

When I composed myself I shuffled into the bathroom and stood under a pelting spray of hot water enjoying the total relaxation I hadn't felt in weeks taking over my body.

I stayed in the shower a long time pleased and satisfied from these proceeding. When I emerged from the small room to retrieve my clothes I was amazed with the stamina of the "Court". Sitting behind the desk in her big chair was the Judge, legs spread wide and her clerk was on her knees before her licking her clean. The judge had her blindfold wrapped around the woman's neck and pulled on it to guide the hovering head.

“Ohh yes Opal that's it lick that awful man's mess for my pussy,” the Judge gasped.

Her head twisted slowly from side to side from the sensations of the clerk's tongue dabbing dutifully over the pink flesh.

The clerk looked me over once, checking me out from head to toe smiling before returning to her duties. Me, I got dressed quickly and left without asking the courts permission.

In the outer Office I saw Corwin sitting quietly reading a magazine he found on the table in front of him.

In a hushed tone I asked him. “Where the fuck have you been”?

He smiled wickedly and winked at me holding up the unopened diet soda.

“You go on home now, I’ll finish up the details with the Judge,” Standing up he headed in to the office, as he passed me he mocked the judge's moans.

“Oh you fucked Justice, oh Oh!” Then he laughed.

The evil bastard; and they wonder why people hate lawyers.

I proceeded home quickly and awaited news. I sweated it out for a couple days, harassing Corwin continuously for updates, until he threaten to start billing me for the call he was taking. I already figured he was anyway, but I did get good news from him when he finally called.

“Great news the Judge dismissed the case,” He crowed over the phone.

“Great, what reason did she give,” I asked not really caring just talking to release the stress.

" It seems the other side couldn't show enough merit in their case to go to trial when they met with the Judge," He explained.

I had a mental picture flash through my head as I imagined what that meeting might have looked like. Then I shook my head to clear the picture.

"Nah, I'm sure it was a very professional meeting" I told myself.

Yeah right with Ms. Justice and the insatiable May Wei, you could have sold tickets I reconsidered to myself.

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