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Sometimes amazing things happen.
I was alone that night. My wife of twenty-five years was staying overnight in the city with a bunch of office friends. It was cool, you know. She needed a night off anyway. We'd been having marital problems for the last few months. Now, things were improving since we began marriage counseling. She'd been menopausal and vaguely unhappy with everything and everybody, that was except for sex. Our sex was great and lately it was gourmet. In fact, I had taken her in the shower just this morning and made her hum, not bad for a Viagra free fifty-six year old.

Given all of this, I was now wandering around the mall in no rush to go home to an empty house. I was looking for a little something for my wife and had already passed through Victoria's Secret. I bought her a little sleep teddy of silk and I knew she'd like it. The marriage counselor had suggested that I do little things. He also suggested that I keep revving up our sex by doing things differently; by adding spice. It was this thought that brought me into Border's at around seven p.m.

I was thinking of just looking through sex manuals and books for a new idea. I found the "Relationships/Sexuality" section in the back. It was in a quiet corner of the store and there was a small bench under a pool of light. I was alone. I began to pull books out and go through them. Some were very graphic and pictorial and some were very clinical and boring. I went for the graphic.

I found myself reading about oral sex techniques. (My wife loves my tongue and I enjoy making her cum with it more than anything in the world. On several occasions over the years, she has flooded my mouth with copious fluid. The scent alone can make me cum.) I figured I could always use a new tip or two and the book was wonderfully graphic, with color photos of beautiful vaginas and little black arrows and patterns. I found myself getting a bulge. I looked around to see if I was still alone when a young woman came from around the bookshelf into my aisle. I quickly took the book and sat down on the bench to read it. I adjusted my black leather jacket to obscure my erection.

She had her back to me as she moved along the books coming to rest in front of me where the Sexuality books were. She appeared to be in her mid to late thirties, blonde, not a bad figure but a little hippy. Just a typical suburban soccer mom, I gauged. I noticed her choice of reading was a new sex guide book by one of the stars of "Sex In The City" who's name I forget. I went back to my pictures of pussies.

After about five minutes or so, she was reaching for a book when the ones she was holding all fell to the floor. I put my book down and went to help her retrieve them. One book she scooped up and held was a guide to sex written by a gay man and directed toward married women. I looked at her and saw her wedding band immediately. Somewhat surprised, I saw her notice mine. I said to her, "Marriage is a bitch, isn't it?" She laughed and the tension was broken. Looking at the title in her hands and then to my book, she asked, "So what are you reading?" I picked up my book and showed her the page of cunnilingual lessons. I said, "I'm looking for a new technique or two so I can send my wife to the stars."

"Oooh. Lucky her. My marriage counselor told me to come up with some new tricks. He said it could make my husband attentive again." She said this calmly and informatively but there was a trace of disappointment in her voice.

"Well, my marriage counselor suggested that I keep spicing things up, that it would help to relax my wife and easy her current depression." Pointing to one of the illustrations, I said, "Whatever it takes, you know. It's my pleasure."

She sat down on the bench next to me. She looked like she needed a friend. "I don't know," she said, "He complains about the way I go down on him so I thought I might read up on it. This looks like the right person for the job. ...Whatever it takes, isn't that what you said?"

I took the book from her hands and flipped to pictures and descriptions of blow jobs and tongue techniques. Fortunately, my stiffy was not noticeable under my coat.

"It looks like the right technique to me," I said and added jokingly, "and I am an expert in the receiving end." She laughed. "So what are you doing wrong?" She looked at me for a moment or two, kind of sizing me up and asked if I would like to join her for some coffee. Sure, why not, I figured.

We got our coffee and sat down. "Don't you have to get home to your wife?"

"No, she's in the city tonight with the girls...staying over. I'm just bopping around buying her things like this (I lifted the teddy from the bag) and looking for oral sex tips."

"Your wife is so lucky. I wish my guy was so attentive. He's just so wrapped up in work and the kids sports...I seem to be pushed aside. The counselor said this was one way to get him back."

"Don't you have to go home to them?"

"No. He and the boys are in Cooperstown for the weekend. I have a seminar to attend tomorrow. So I'm here, same as you. Can I ask you something? Does you wife give you good blow jobs? What makes them good? I wish I knew what I'm missing here."

"The answer is yes, she gives me great head...yes, she enjoys it a lot and has always loved to swallow, as to what makes them good....? These days though my wife seems to hate or resent me...sorry, I don't want to add to your unhappiness. What does your husband say? What does he want you to do?

"He's not very vocal about it and, to tell you the truth, neither am I."

"Let me ask you this. Do you cum? Does he?"

"Oh he always cums. Even if he saws me in half sometimes, he always comes. I've taken to faking my orgasms at times just to make him feel good about our sex."

"Do you cum by masturbating?"

"Well...when he's gone to work and the boys are in school, sometimes I do."

"Good. You know, my wife and I have a sex about four times a week but I still masturbate all the time. I like to cum. It centers me. There's nothing wrong with it. Someone once said that it is sex with someone you love."

She looked down into her coffee. "I think this is a fascinating conversation, don't you?"

"In a million years, I would not have considered this happening. It is fascinating and interesting to hear an honest female point of view. So what's wrong with your blow jobs?"

Grinning, she said, "I really feel like I trust you and I don't even know you! He says that I don't suck him fast enough and he wants to cum in my mouth but he can't. So he gives up and then mounts me, bounces up and down on me, cums and rolls over. I think twice since we're married did he come in my mouth and both times, it shocked me and I spit it right out. If I make like I'm cumming too, he'll come faster. I don't know how I can suck on him faster. The last time I tried, my teeth kept hurting him. That's it in a nutshell and I don't feel any embarrassment, although I think I should."

"Hmm. I thing the first thing you should concern yourself with is slowing him down. Sex should be leisurely and relaxed at times, and at other times, ferocious. Also, you two have to start telling each other what you like and what feels good. You should show him and he should show you. You know, this isn't something they taught us in school. As far as your technique goes, have you tried sucking him around the head of his penis and stroking him faster to orgasm? Or have you rubbed a vibrator along and around his balls while you suck on him? Those sure speed up my orgasm."

She thought about this for a while and finally said, "No, I never tried obvious..."

"I hope I didn't make you feel seem to be sad suddenly."

", not at all. I was just thinking...would you be willing to come home with me to continue this conversation...and maybe teach me a little?...I can't believe I just asked you that. I've never been with another man in any intimate way beside my husband. I'm sorry...forget I asked."

I was nonplussed to be sure, but not stupid. I quietly said to her, "Why don't we consider ourselves sexual surrogates and we'll each be a part of our therapy? I don't think it's a good idea that we go to your house or mine. We should be in a neutral space. How about you and I, normal average suburbanites, go over to the motel a couple of blocks away and take a room for a few hours? No strings, no games, just research...and feeling good."

"...I could tell him I was shopping if he calls and I'm not there. I've got lots of boxes in the car already...I could do this..." The was quiet for a long time when I put out my arm."Shall we?" And. "Let's," she said.

We drove in my car a couple of blocks away and I paid up front and got the key to a room for three hours. I drove to the room and we entered. I closed the door and double locked it. I took her coat and asked her to sit down on the bed. She watched me as I begin to disrobe. I got down to my Calvin's and was surprised that I was not hard. "I feel so special," she said. I walked over to the night table and turned on the light. I then dropped my drawers.

Soft, I hung limply to the side. "I want to show you something," I said as I pointed to the vein running under my dick, "Now I want you to lightly run your fingernail along this vein." She tentatively did as I asked as I held my dick up. As she ran her nail, I began to get hard. In a few moments, I was at my full seven inches.

"Your thing is a lot like my husbands but yours is a little fatter around."

"Don't call it a "thing", let me hear you call it a "cock" or a "dick" or a "penis."

"Ha, I don't talk like that, but okay...Your cock head looks similar."

"Good. Now run your nail lightly around the edge of the crown, where my foreskin was once." As she did that, the head pulsed, flushed and got redder. "See what you can do with a dick?"

I sat down on the bed and propped myself up with pillows. I pulled my cock up and took my balls in my other hand. "If you're nice and gentle with them, they'll be good to you, too. I want you to gently run your hand around them...that's it...yes, cup your palm...yes, trace the outline in the sac...good. Stop. I don't want to cum yet."

"I want you to stand up and strip for me. Keep me hard."

She stood up and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. "Wait, don't be methodical...close your eyes and become sexy...strip for me sexy...put your head in a sexy place."

For the next five minutes, she put on a show for me. Occasionally, I would call out to her little things to do, ", you are so hot...what great stretch marks...nice...turn around and bend over...let me look at your sweet ass...nice...pinch your nipple for me...make them hard and big..." Finally, we were both naked. I got up from the bed, put my arms around her and we stood for a few minutes holding each other. I took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

"I have to pee. Hold my dick while I pee." She did. I then turned on the shower to very hot and let the bathroom steam up. While it was steaming up, I ran my hands along her body and stroked her while she did the same to me. When it was very steamy and we were warm and wet, and very turned on, I turned off the shower and slowly toweled her down, all the while slowly massaging her. I led her back to the bedroom and he hopped on the bed.

"I'm going to show you something that will drive your husband wild. We're both clean and this is an uninhibited zone so stay with me, okay?"

"Whatever you say, my professor."

"Okay. I'm going to get on my hands and knees and I want you to explore my ass." She lightly ran her hands around my buttocks. "Okay, now run your finger around my asshole...yes, nice...see how that keeps me hard?...Now with one hand, stroke my cock....good...very good...okay, now put one finger in your mouth and lick it up good. I want you to run your finger into my ass...I want you to find my prostate gland...easy, easy! little more...ooooh, do you feel that?"

"Wow, I can't believe how hard your cock got." She started to stroke me briskly. "No. Stop. Take your finger out....oooh, that feels great....oooh." I rolled over and told her to prop herself up while I lay in front of her, my face about a foot from her pussy.

"I want you to masturbate in front of me. I want you to tell me how you do it while you're doing it. But first, I want you to put one finger in your pussy and then lick it off."

"Eeeew. I've never done that...but I've already done a few things I've never done before so..." She licked her finger clean. "I want you to remember that taste." I then placed two fingers into her pussy, rubbed along her g-spot, and then licked them off. "Now, jerk off for me and vocalize as you do it...tell me what makes you feel good."

"I like to rub my clit with my palm first...I make circles with it...oooh...after a while, I pull my lips open with my other hand and start to do this." She lightly tapped her index finger on the top of her clit. That seemed to set her off into a deeper masturbation. Her pussy was getting all wet and her scent was strong.

"I want you to lick your finger again...smell it first...strong isn't it." I moved up next to her and put my arms around her. I brought her lips to mine and we slowly began to swap spit. My hands kneaded her nipples...she was humping me. I ran a finger along her slit and she was sopping. I moved to the side and got on my knees in front of her, my dick bobbing in her face. She reached out and held it. "Smell it...sniff your tongue around the head like you did with your finger before...oooh...good...yes, move down along that vein...yes, yes...aaah...lightly, lightly...yes, run your tongue around my balls, lightly take one in your mouth...yes...good...and back up...yes...take as much in your mouth as you can...down slowly...good...keep your teeth behind your lips...good...just tongue and lips...very good...I'm starting to come...I feel it rising...when I come...don't swallow it...leave it in your mouth...hold it there...yes, yes..."

With her lips wrapped around the head and her deliberate stroking...and the finger snaking up my ass, I began to cum, filling her mouth until it was leaking out the sides. I slowly pulled out of her, leaned over and placed her lips to mine. She parted her lips and we shared my salty seed and all the while we were giggling like school kids. "My husband would die if I kissed him with a mouth full of cum."

"As I see it, we share our fluids and our minds. I've tasted my own cum many times after easting my wife's full pussy. What difference does it make which entrance it came from? I show you this to impart to you to do things in bed that are in your head...without shame or discomfort. Your marriage bed is best therapist."

I lay on my back as she rocked on top of me. I asked her to squat down on my face. She placed one knee up and rolled her sex along my nose, my lips...I took her ass in my hands and began to tongue her asshole...I rolled down to her vagina and snaked my tongue along the walls...I found her clit and I began to suck on it like a baby to the bottle. My tongue swirled in circles around her clit. I ran my finger into her asshole. With one hand, she pulled the lips apart and I began to imitate her index finger with the tip. She exploded in a flood of pussy juice. Her orgasm was hard and loud as she pressed her sex on my mouth with my nose in her cunt. When she finally got off me, my face was soaked. She leaned over and began to lick and clean my face. "Oh...that was the best orgasm I think I ever had...really, I mean it. And you're right, we do taste good."

"You know, if you could get me, a perfect stranger to get you there, think of what hubby can do with just a little direction. All you have to do is show him how."

For the next hour and a half, we partied and had a wonderful time. She came about four times, I came three times. Not bad for an old hippie? The last time I came it was in her ass, another new experience for her. And then, just like that, we dressed and left.

As we got to her car, she turned to me and said, "I will never forget you, you wonderful man. That was a great experience. I feel like I've been on the rides. I think we could go on for hours and hours. I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to see the look on his face when I pass his cum back into his mouth. I can't wait to let him fuck me up the ass. Here, I want you to have these..." She opened her jeans, pulled them down a bit and then just ripped her panties off. She placed them in my face and I breathed in deeply, luxuriating in her essence. She then hopped into her car and took off.

I found this old piece written about fifteen years ago, when I was still married. Reading it again made me hard. I thought it might do the same for you. This was a true story of an event that happened to me and I wrote about it immediately afterwards. It was one of those amazing incidents that will live in my mind forever. That happened a few hours ago. I had to write it down so I could never lose all the details and forget her. We never even exchanged names.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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