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Boss' Laundry; Doing You.

You're doing your bosses laundry, I'm doing you.
I show up at the Hotel, and take a quick glance around before spotting you. 'Hmm a skirt, VERY nice.', I think to myself as I walk over to you. I cup my hands on your cheeks and pull you forward planting a kiss on you.

"Mmm, love those kisses." As you turn around and lead towards the laundry room I slide my hand down, and cup your ass. 'No underwear, even better.' I give your ass one firm squeeze before letting my arm fall beside me as I walk beside you.

I can't decide whether I should keep my eyes up at your face, since you're talking about something, or if I should left them drift lower like they want. But wait, ass or breasts.... ass or breasts. Damn two sexy views to watch.

As we enter the laundry room I wait just long enough for the door to click shut before I grab you. Turning you around my hands find your ass and I squeeze as I push you up against the wall. I lean down fast, and immediately start to kiss, and suck on your neck before moving up and kissing you hard on the mouth, my hands massaging your ass.

I start to press my instantly hard dick against you as I feel your arms reach up around my neck, pulling my face harder into yours. I slide one hand down, grabbing your thigh and moving it up so you can wrap your leg around mine. My hand slides back up your thigh under your skirt, feeling the skin of your ass as I squeeze it again.

We continue for a few minutes, before you push back on my chest. "Wait..." I kiss you again. You push me back again, "The laundry." I shrug and start sucking on your neck. "Now... wait... gotta do.. the laundry." With a sigh into your ear, I let go of your ass, as I feel your leg slide down mine, and your foot touch the floor, and take a step back.

"Ok." I mock sigh. I grab my dick ones, 'causing your eyes to look down at the movement, and I grin as you look back up. "If you must."

I see the look in your eyes, the lust burning in them, as you walk past me to the laundry basket on the ground. I watch your ass as you pass me, and feel my dick pulse as you bend over. I start massaging my dick thinking of how great its going to feel when its buried in your juicy pussy.

I watch as you grab more clothes to put into the laundry, and think 'Fuck it.'. I unzip my pants, and quietly unbuckle my belt, and finally unbuttoning. I pull my dick through the front of my boxers and walk towards you. I run my hands up your thighs to your ass and start massaging the cheeks again.

I hear you moan softly, "Mmm... laundry."

I keep massaging your ass, "Keep going,"

As you bend over I take a step closer, and rub your pussy with one hand. I hear you moan again as my fingers find the entrance to your pussy before gently rubbing the edge. I wait until you grab the next set of clothes before sliding my dick inside you.

I feel you tense as a louder moan escapes through your lips, I run my hands up to where your hips flare out, and grab on firmly as I continue to thrust in and out of you. Each time you bend over for more clothes, I pull you towards me, thrusting hard into you, before continuing at a slower and softer pace.

I notice that the clothes you pick up has gotten smaller and smaller each time, until you're grabbing only one piece of clothing each time. I grin as your moans get louder, especially on the hard thrusts.

I don't notice you finish until you stand straight up, and I fall out of you. As you reach for the detergent, I spread your legs apart, and enter you once again. I start thrusting up into you, bringing you to your toes each time. On of your hands gripping the washing machine for support until you get used to the motion.

My hands run across your stomach, up under your shirt as I start pawing at your breasts, pulling the cups down. I slide my hands back up over your breasts as I roll your nipples between my fingers. I massage them, pinch them lightly, as I continue to fuck you from behind.

I watch as you reach out to pour the detergent into the cap. My hands slide down your body and grip onto the top of your hips. I start thrusting harder, putting force behind it. I see your feet almost leaving the ground, and your arms and hands shake as you try to pour the detergent.

I hear your moans continue to get louder, which causes me to fuck faster and harder, Almost slamming you down on my dick as it gets buried into you. As the detergent splashes inside the cap, on the sides of the cap, and into the washer, I hold you tight as I continue to fuck you harder and harder.

Without warning I slam hard into you , bringing your feet off the floor, holding you there. I chuckle to myself as I hear "Oh fuuckkk." from you as the bottle drops into the machine. I start to fuck you again at a slower pace, letting your feet back onto the floor as you pick up the dropped bottle of detergent from the washing machine.

You slam the washing machine closed, and drop the bottle on the edge. You turn around, letting me fall out of your soaking wet pussy. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me hard as I grab your by the ass and lift you onto the washing machine.

I reach behind you and hit the start button before dropping down, and spread your legs wide. "Mmm" I moan as I dart my head forward, running my tongue up your slit before sucking on the lips. I then lick my way up your body, hooking your legs with my elbows, and pull you closer to the edge.

You reach down and grab my dick guiding it back into your dripping pussy."Oh fuck yes." I sigh, as I feel my dick enter inside you. I hear you moan as my balls rest against your lips. I start to thrust back and forth, I watch you close your eyes, and see the look of passion on your face, causing me to start fucking faster and harder.

This is too much, you're just too hot. I know I won't last much longer. I let go of your legs, and reach around your back holding you tight as I fuck you. I feel your legs wrap around my as I palm your cheek before leaning in to suck on your neck.

My sucking turns into biting as I feel my orgasm approaching fast. My forehead rests on your shoulder as I start to fuck you faster and faster. I begin to grunt in to your ear as my balls harden. I continue to plow into you, getting harder the closer I get to cumming.

"Ohh... fuck." I half groan and sigh, as my dick swells. I pull fast, as the first shot of cum erupts from the head of my dick. I catch the machine so I don't fall. My eye's are closed tight as I ride my knee shaking orgasm. "Fuck yes" I manage to sigh as my orgasm comes to an end.

I open my eyes as I place my hands on your hips. I see your reaction, the shock, surprise, in the abrupt end of sex. I grin with mischief in my eyes. I lean forward and kiss you softly, but passionately.

I help you off the washing machine. You adjust your skirt as I pull up my fallen pants, and buckle myself back up. My grin widens, and my eyes flicker down to your skirt, to where my cum covered the inside, leaving a large wet stain in the front.

"I think you spilled some detergent on you."

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