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Bouncy Rain

Getting caught in the rain with my neighbour
Something woke me up suddenly and I laid on my back for a few moments until my eyes came into focus. Glancing across to the glaring red digits on my alarm clock I could see it was just 9am, much too early to be waking up on a Saturday morning. I turned over with a groan and snuggled back into the bedclothes. Suddenly it hit me, Shauna had got back yesterday! I sat up abruptly and swung my legs out of the bed pushing aside the dirty work-clothes I had dragged off the night before. Working as a kitchen fitter was great money and kept me toned with very little extra work, but some of the more distant contracts had me arriving home late and completely knackered and last night had been no exception. Thinking about Shauna had me raring to go however, and I wasted no time heading into the shower.

Perhaps I should explain who Shauna is. She and I grew up together, well I say together in the loosest possible sense. We lived in opposite houses, went to the same schools and knew the same people, more or less. I had nursed a crush on her since before I can remember, and she used it like a tool to wrap me round her little finger. When I left school to work in my dad's firm, she stayed on and got A levels. Now she was back for the summer holidays after her first year at Edinburgh University where she was taking Business Studies. A stunningly attractive blonde with legs up to her neck, she knew it and how to control the people around her with it. Of course I was oblivious to her indifference toward me, convinced she would grow into me if I persevered. I was determined to make her notice me as a man, not just her personal slave. So we had never really been 'together' as such, but I still fostered high hopes.

I was in high spirits as I left the bathroom, dancing back to my room with a towel around my waist. As I passed my parents' room I collided with my mother coming out and looking somewhat worse for wear.

"Had a good time with dad last night I see mum!" I grinned down at her, "perhaps a little bit too good?"

Laura's slim body and surgically enhanced boobs gave evidence that she still looked after herself. Her flimsy and almost see through baby doll said she also still looked after my Martin, my dad. I was used to seeing them both prancing about in clothing that would have shocked or grossed out most of my friends so I thought nothing of it.

"Do you have to shout?" Mum looked at me blearily, "I think the Carters spiked their punch last night, I only had 6 glasses and this is definitely a 12 glass hangover."

I grinned again and continued my little dance to my room. Once I had some clean clothes on and something smelly from a can under my arms I dragged my washing basket to the utility room and threw my work-clothes and sheets into the machine on a double wash. Our cleaner did most of that stuff, but I like to make sure my work clothes are clean for Monday morning. Besides, they smelt of sweat and something indescribable that had been lurking beneath someone's old kitchen units the day before, so I wanted them out of my room. I took the stairs 3 at a time and narrowly missed colliding again with Laura, now sporting a dressing gown and carrying a tray laden with strong looking coffee and Bagels.

"Ooh mum," I teased, making a grab for one of the bagels. "You shouldn't have!"

"That's why I didn't!" she retorted and swung the tray way from me. "Get your own, lazy boy!"

Swinging around as she protected the tray she went on. "Anyway, what's got you all happyfied this morning, you won the lottery or something?"

"Something like that!" I grinned mysteriously at her and left her to ponder the mystery that is nineteen your old boys at the bottom of the stairs.

I knew Shauna wouldn't be awake yet, but I gazed out the kitchen window hoping she was anyway. The early morning sun revealed that the curtains on their detached house were closed. I knew which room was hers and I caught a slight movement as one of the curtains dropped back into place. Someone had been looking out, was it Shauna spying on me I wondered? The thought that she might be checking me out caused a sudden and unexpected thrill to stir in my gut. My cock, always willing to respond to the slightest hint of sex in the air, thickened and shifted in my pants like some sort of alien organism coming to life. I swear that thing has a mind of it's own. Fortunately nothing else happened and I moved away from the window to sort out tea and toast for myself whilst it went back to sleep again.

As I left the house later that morning, dressed in running gear the sun had all but disappeared and the atmosphere was tense and slightly muggy. I figured there would be rain later, but it looked safe for now. I tried to look casual as I crossed the street, my car keys in hand and proceeded up to the Willams' front door. After pressing the doorbell I stepped back, anticipation knotting in my stomach. Light footsteps approached from the other side, but the stained glass decoration on their PVC door prevented me from seeing who was coming and my gut continued to churn as the door swung open.

"Oh, Hello mark," Mousy brown hair framed high cheekbones and she smiled as she saw me. "I suppose you're here for Shauna."

"Uhh, yes." Stifling a disappointed sigh, I looked past her into their hall. "Is she up yet? I am taking a drive over to Priory Marina for a run and thought she might like to come along."

Kaylee is Shauna's kid sister. Always kind of awkward and skinny, she lived in Shauna's shadow and I had never really noticed her. Kind of unfair really, since she had grown into an attractive girl after a kind of late start. I sometimes saw her out running and waved or something but I had never paid her any attention at all, so I was kind of surprised at what she said next.

"She's gone into Milton Keynes with Mum and Dad," She looked shyly at me and her hands kind of twisted together. "But I would love to join you if it's OK?"

I stood there kind of dumfounded for a moment, all kinds of excuses running through my head. In the end though I could think of no good reason to say no.

"I guess so," I waved my car keys vaguely at her. "Shall I wait in the car while you change?"

"Sure!" A huge smile washed over Kaylee's face as she turned toward the stairs. Then she stopped and turned back: "I won't be long, two minutes or so, I promise!"

She closed the door and I heard her shoot up the stairs. Finally I let out my long-held sigh of disappointment. I cursed myself for not watching the house, had I done so I would have seen them leave and avoided this whole situation.

'Nothing I can do about it now,' I thought, as I crossed the road to my battered old Ford Escort. 'Just get this over with and hope Shauna is back in time for me to at least see her today.'

I pulled off the drive and maneuvered the car to sit alongside the pavement outside Shauna's House. Kaylee was as good as her word and came down the path moments later wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts. Her skinny arms and legs were tanned and she had tied her mid-length hair back in a pony tail, looking every inch the athletic type as she bounced out of the gate and into the car whose door I had pushed open.

"Hiya, thanks for letting me come with you." Kaylee knee jogged up and down to the beat of the radio. "I love running around Priory, but it's too far to go without a car."

"You'd better hope it's not too far for this old banger," I tapped the steering wheel. "It's getting a bit long in the tooth now."

She flashed me a smile. "I'm surprised you haven't got something better yet, I reckon you should be able to afford it with all the hours you work."

"Well, I want a Cougar but the insurance is obscene at my age so I will stick with this for now." I slowed briefly at St John's roundabout then slotted into the gap left by a slow truck driver. "Anyway what about you, are you learning to drive yet?"

"I took some lessons but I didn't like the instructor," she grimaced. "Shauna used the same guy and seemed to get on OK with him, but I thought he was a bit creepy. Always looking at my boobs and touching my hands every chance he got."

"Ugh," I reflexively glanced at her chest. "Creepy old man huh? Can't be good stuck in a confined space for an hour with someone like that."

Kaylee's Breasts weren't all that much to look at I had decided. Two currants on a bread-board as my mum used to say about herself, before the implants. Well, perhaps not quite that small, but nowhere near Shauna. I reckoned Shauna needed an entire alphabet to describe her bra size. Whilst Kaylee could have got by with the first two letters. We turned right into Priory Marina. As usual I ducked reflexively as we passed under the height restrictor, despite the fact that it was way higher than the roof of the Escort. Kaylee laughed at me as I did so and I looked at her again, maybe she needed the letter C after all.

The wheels crunched on gravel as I parked adjacent to the path which led past the pavilion down to the lake. I took my holdall from the back seat to stow it in the boot, no sense leaving it on view on the back seat. It only had a towel and tracksuit in it, but thieves will smash a window for less than that.

"You didn't bring a towel." I observed as Kaylee emerged from the car. "I hope you don't sweat too much."

"Umm, I didn't think of that," she replied, with a long face. "I've only ever finished a run at home. I'm going to stink your car out on the way home now."

"Ahh, don't worry about it," I slammed the boot. "We can share mine."

"Bags I get it first then!" She said, in a cheeky tone.

"Tell you what," I replied. "Whoever gets back to the car first gets the towel first."

"You're on!" Kaylee began doing some warm-up exercises. "I hope you run faster than you drive."

"At least I CAN drive!" I followed her example and within a couple of minutes we were ready to go.

As we set off along the tarmac path, the lake ahead of us looked ominously grey and foreboding behind it's dark screen of trees. Reflecting the darkening clouds above and threatening to bring the rain I had forecast earlier than I had thought. I checked my watch and set the stopwatch going.

"It looks like we might be in for a bit of rain soon," Kaylee echoed my thoughts as we turned left to move clockwise around the lake.

"Yeh, let's hope it holds off until after we get back," I replied. "Or my poor towel is gonna be in a very sorry state."

Against my better judgement I found myself enjoying the run with Kaylee. Unlike her sister she pushed herself hard, seemingly unconcerned about sweating and going red in the face. I found myself having to work hard to keep up and we soon settled into a steady pace with no more talking, conserving our breath. As we approached the small stone 'beach' and the first right hand bend where the tarmac gives way to a dirt path, I smelt the distinctive odour of rain on the air. I knew that meant it was already on it's way down and warned Kaylee.

"Uh oh, here it comes!" I felt the first drop hit my ear then get absorbed by my brown curly hair. "This is gonna be a bad one, there's a bird hide just ahead I think, perhaps we should wait it out in there."

"I know where you mean," Kaylee turned her head to look out over the lake. "But I don't think it will be all that......oh crap!"

My eyes followed hers and I saw the reason for her sudden change of mind. On the lake a veritable wall of rain was approaching us at speed, huge drops hitting the surface of the water and causing it to splash back up violently. The wind had picked up and we simultaneously stopped and looked at each other, then back at the Marina.

"Come on!" I shouted, and set off at a sprint. "We can still get there!"

I sensed that Kaylee was as charged as I was. As silly as it sounds, we were almost scared of a bit of rain. Somehow the sight of it sweeping toward us like that unnerved me and I felt adrenaline surging through my body as we raced for the safety of that tiny shelter somewhere ahead of us. Then suddenly the rain hit us, huge droplets that soaked through my T-shirt in seconds. Visibility dropped suddenly and the wind drove the rain into our faces like airgun pellets, stinging the skin and making it hard to think straight. I prayed we would not miss the shelter and slowed down, checking to see that Kaylee was still with me. She was just behind, shielding her eyes with her left hand as she negotiated the suddenly slippery path. The previously dry earth was soaked now, the water was running down off the path into the lake. The raindrops hitting this new surface and bouncing back up as they had done on the marina. This new source of water soon had my feet squelching in my trainers and I slowed further still. Fortunately at that point we saw the hide just ahead and made a final sprint to get inside.

As we entered the gloom of the small building both of us stood still for what felt like an age just allowing the water to run off our drenched bodies. Eventually I turned to Kaylee and seeing the state she was in, burst into laughter.

"You look like a drowned cat!" I spluttered, as water dripped from my eyebrows and down my face. "And I feel as bad as you look."

Kaylee turned to face me and brushed some strands of hair that had escaped her pony tail from her face. Her skin glistened in the dim light coming through the slitted window and door of the hide and her T-shirt clung to her body, clearly revealing a white sports bra outlined against her lightly tanned torso.

"You look it too," she responded, and then giggled. "I hope that towel is a king sized one!"

"Well, not exactly," I pretended to look peeved. "How sweaty do you think I expected to get?"

We stared at each other for a few more moments, then suddenly Kaylee sneezed. As if on cue I did the same, and we both said, "Bless you!" at the same time. Then burst into laughter.

I felt a shiver go through my body and could see that Kaylee was as cold as I was. Despite being the middle of summer, the rain, coupled with the wind and our inadequate and rather dim shelter were combining to rob our bodies of all heat and I knew what I had to do.

"Sorry," I said as I began to remove my shirt. "I'm not trying anything on with you, but I need to wring this out and start drying off."

"I wish you would." Liquid brown eyes stared unto mine as Kaylee removed her shirt too. "Try it on that is"

She blushed and looked down shyly, but I reached toward her and lifted her face to look at me again. Once more those beautiful brown eyes looked into mine and suddenly I realised what she was. A slim, attractive, athletic and downright sexy girl caught in the rain with me. I stepped in closer to her and leaned forward, she met me part way and as our lips touched I felt another shiver pass through my body, only this time the cold was not to blame. Sliding her left arm about my waist, and her right arm around my back to rest on the back of my shoulder, Kaylee pulled me close. Our skin touched and I felt her firm body press against mine, her breasts soft against my chest. I pulled back from our kiss for a moment to get another look at her face and she pouted at me.

"Why have you stopped!?" She attempted to pull me back in, but I easily held her at arms length for a moment taking in every detail. I felt as if I had never seen her before, as if she were someone new and strange. "Kiss me more!"

I capitulated, allowing her to pull me back in once more. This time I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and pulled her in close, enjoying the sensation of our still damp bodies clinging to each other. Our bare skin began to dry rapidly from the heat of our bodies and we kissed with increasing urgency, tongues entwining and invading one another's mouth. So urgent was our desire to maintain this intoxicating contact that only the need for breath finally broke us apart.

"I want you." Kaylee spoke so quietly I thought I had imagined it, but she confirmed it by adding: "please, I know you love Shauna. But I've wanted you for so long, I need this!"

Kaylee did something behind her back and before I could respond to her plea, she slipped off her bra, releasing the most perfect pair of breasts I had ever seen. They curved up almost arrogantly standing out from her narrow chest, contrasting starkly with her ribs which could be clearly seen along her sides. I stood for a moment just staring at her and realised that at some point the alien beast had woken up in my pants again. I think my mouth must have been open because Kaylee looked at me with a slightly puzzled expression.

"Is there something wrong with your jaw?" She giggled, "Surely you've seen some of these before?"

She jiggled slightly, and her breasts did some very interesting things. I took the opportunity to close my mouth and then reached out to cup her breasts with my hands. I lightly tweaked the erect nipples, enjoying the way she sighed and closed her eyes. I moved in close again and kissed her once more, this time our pelvises came together and my penis, which was straining to get out, pressed against her mound. She ground her pelvis against me, clearly enjoying the sensation of my manhood against her clitoris. I Groaned and kissed her harder bending my knees slightly to further increase the contact between our sexes. Moving my hands down her back, I slipped them into her wet shorts and, clasping her firm buttocks, pulled her up and closer still. I felt her hand moving down against my slim waist and then her fingers invading my shorts, reaching down to wrap around my cock. She tugged on it, pulling it upright and freeing the tip from my shorts. Shocked I moved backward and Kaylee, sensing she had the advantage, pushed me back further until I was pressed up against the wall of the hide. I felt the roughness of the un-planed wood against my skin as she yanked down on my shorts, completely freeing my turgid member from its clammy prison.

Kaylee looked into my face and smiled wickedly. "Now I have you right where I want you!"

Slipping her own shorts off her legs, this vision of loveliness then knelt before me to finish removing mine. Finding herself face to face with my 7 inch, one eyed alien she looked coyly up at me and smiled that wicked smile once more. I felt the velvet warmth of her mouth envelop me and watched as her lips wrapped around my cock. She looked up into my eyes and I took in a sharp breath.

"Oh God yes." I was lost in the moment, nothing else existed but her lips and tongue, her hot wet mouth. "Oh Kaylee, you have no idea how good that feels."

I could feel the need building in me, like a dam waiting to burst. I have never come so fast as I did that day, not before or since. Nor I think, have I ever had a more intense orgasm than that first time with Kaylee.

"Oh God," I wanted to warn her, unsure what she wanted to do. "I'm coming! Fuck! Yes!"

The orgasm ripped through me and I stood statue still, every muscle in my body clenching with almost painful intensity. I was forced to close my eyes, yet somehow I knew that Kaylee was watching me and enjoying my pleasure as much as I did. She kept her mouth around my prick just letting me squirt into her and allowing my love juice to fill her mouth. As the orgasm began to fade, she gently lapped and kissed at the head of my penis, prolonging my pleasure for as long as possible. I slowly unclenched my body and fell shuddering to my knees. Weak as a kitten and almost crying from the aftermath of that stunning orgasm, I felt Kaylee gently kissing my neck and cheeks. I looked up into her eyes and saw something there, something I had never seen in a woman before. She was exulting in the power of my passion and pleasure, as excited about it as I had been.

My body recovered rapidly enough from its ordeal and I wanted to return some of what Kaylee had just given me, so I picked her up and sat her on the small bench that ran along beneath the viewing slit. This placed her at an ideal height for me to kneel before her and I did so. I paused for several seconds, taking in my first proper view of her fully naked body. Her gently tanned skin contrasted slightly with a small triangle of white that framed her thin pubic hair. I don't think she had shaved, yet there was none of the usual messy extra hair to obstruct my view of her open slit. The folds of skin that surrounded her sweet haven were bright red, glistening with the juices that she was producing. As I moved my face closer to her I first smelt the heady musky odour of her arousal, then as I buried my face in her womanhood the heat coming from it was more evidence that she had enjoyed giving me such pleasure.

I inhaled deeply twice, enjoying the rich strong and sweaty smell of Kaylee's fanny. Then I began by gently teasing my tongue between the folds to discover the secret lair of her clitoris. I soon found the smooth little button I sought and tried to tease it out from it's hiding place. Above me I heard a gasp and Kaylee's fingers wrapped themselves in my wet curly hair, pulling me to her forcibly. I became distracted by the slippery feeling of the skin that led from her clit down to her tight vagina and my tongue followed this new path downward. Exploring the strange sensation of ultra-smooth skin against my tongue I began to lap at her opening. Once again Kaylee gasped, and she began to grind her pelvis against my face. Excitement built in me and I could feel my cock standing proud and straight once more, but I resisted it's urging to stop what I was doing. Instead I took the flesh of her labia into my mouth, sucking on it and relishing the taste. Releasing her folds from my entrapment, I once more found her clit and began tonguing it in earnest. I brought my right hand up to her cunt and gently began to move my thumb across the skin of her open vagina, threatening to invade her with my work-roughened digit. My fingers crept along beneath her vagina to tease her anus and I revelled in to responses I felt from the woman above me.

"Please don't stop!" Kaylee Williams tried to pull me even closer. "Please! Mark! Make me come!"

I was lost now in her sex, trying to maintain the rhythm. My arousal was so great that I was having difficulty thinking straight, yet somehow I stayed with it and suddenly I felt Kaylee tense as she wrapped her legs around the back of my head and somehow pulled me in even closer than before.

"Arrrgh, God!" Kaylee bucked against my face. "Yes, yes oh fuck! Yes!"

I continued to lap more gently now as I felt her body begin to relax. Then Kaylee shuddered, slumped and pushed my face away.

"Enough of that," Kaylee dropped down from the bench to sit beside on the rough wooden floor of the hut. "I want you inside me, I've waited long enough for this."

We kissed again, exploring each other and allowing our excitement to build even further. Then Kaylee pushed me back, forcing me to lie flat on the wooden floor.

"Eww, wet shirt, wet shirt!" I exclaimed and pulled a soggy T-shirt from beneath me, dropping it beneath the bench beside my head. "OK, now go easy on me, I don't want splinters in anything important!"

"Why do you think you're the one on the floor?" Kaylee knelt above me, her open sex hovering over my erect penis. "Time to pay the piper Mark Candless! For all those years of never noticing me!"

My eyes were wide and I held my breath as I watched her lower herself onto me. Slowly at first she impaled herself on me, I could feel her tightness and the look of rapt concentration on her face told me she was doing this for the first time.

"Oh God that is so fucking big!" She lifted up slightly, then back down when something seemed to give way and My cock was suddenly buried deep inside her. "Oww fuck that hurt!"

I reached up to stroke her face as she sat there, adjusting to the feeling I guess. Then I gently pulled her down to me and we kissed for a while with me still enveloped in her soft warmth. After a while I felt her beginning to squirm a bit on me and then she began to move up and down along my length. I was in heaven, she was so tight, and the sight of her beautiful face hovering just inches from mine made the whole thing seem almost surreal. Kaylee began to groan a little, I could feel things really starting to loosen up down there and her face changed from it's slightly pained expression to one of pleasure. I relaxed then, knowing that I was not hurting her allowed me to feel the pleasure too and I slowly began thrusting my pelvis up to meet her halfway.

"Oh yes Mark!" She arched her back rearing above me. "It's so fucking good, touch my tits Mark, feel me up!"

"Well," I teased her a little. "You could at least say please!"

But I reached up and cupped her breasts, marvelling at the silky smoothness of her skin and admiring the puckered skin around the nipples. I tweaked and gently pinched them, then sat up to take them one at a time into my mouth. The passion of the moment overwhelmed me then and I fell backwards once more to concentrate on the exquisite sensation of her deep tight hole milking my cock. Kaylee was gasping rhythmically now and I could sense she was nearing her climax. She was moving erratically, to the beat of a very strange drum. I stopped trying to match her movements and instead just thrust my pelvis up and held it there, making it easier for her to gain the penetration she seemed to want. I felt myself coming once more to the boil and was trying hard to hold it back when she began yelling.

"Ohhhhhhh my God!" Kaylee was arched above me, a crimson blush filling her face and breasts. "Yes, so full! So....Oh, oh...."

Her voice seemed to give out as I felt her pussy spasm around my cock and unable to hold back any longer I released myself to join her.

"Holy fuck!" I thrust into her as far as I could get, spurting my seed deep into her womb. "Unnnghhh!"

She collapsed on top of me and I felt once more those lovely breasts pressing into me. I caressed her head, stroking her hair and kissing the lobe of her ear until my cock softened and slipped out of her sweet haven. We kissed one last time and dressed slowly. My mind was still reeling from the shock of what had taken place here. As I pulled my still soggy T-short over my head and put my arms in the sleeves, I noticed my stopwatch. It told me it had been just 45 minutes from when we first set out on our run. It felt like a lifetime to me, I knew my world had changed forever, whatever might happen next.

The rain had ceased as suddenly as it had started and we walked back to the car in brilliant sunshine all the while looking at each other shyly. I marvelling at her, and wondering how the hell I had never noticed how beautiful she was. She I think was unsure what would happen next and I was unable to answer, but somewhere between the hide and the car we began holding hands. It seems strange to me even now, that we made love before holding hands, all thanks to some bouncy rain.


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