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Bound and Teased

There were so many things she planned to do to him...
I have been looking forward to this night ever since you mentioned your fantasy of being tied up. I have plotted, and planned, and now here you are.

I pull you into my arms, embracing you, as we kiss passionately. Holding you close, our lips caress; soft, warm, and wet; mmmm!

I sneak my tongue into your mouth and you hungrily suck on it as shivers run up and down my spine. Your tongue finds mine and I feel the rumble of your moan as your hands pull me closer. After what seems hours of play our tongues are released, and, as I pull away, I nibble your bottom lip softly.

My hands move from around your body, down over your hips, to cradle your arse. I feel your already hard cock pushing against me, and I shift slightly, so it presses closer to my pussy. I can feel myself getting as turned on as you are.

I drop my head to nibble on your neck moving you backwards until you’re close to the bed. Pushing your shoulders, I watch you fall onto the mattress before joining you.

Your reach for me, and our bodies line up easily as we continue kissing, continuing to arouse one another. Manoeuvring you slightly so your head is on the pillow, I straddle you, and quickly remove your shirt. You take the hem of my dress, flowing over your thighs, and pull it up. First you expose my abdomen, then my breasts and finally my neck. You pull me down, so our naked bodies touch, as you tug the dress off my shoulders, dropping it next to your shirt on the bed.

Oooh yesss - you feel so good! But I have plans.

Kissing down your body I quickly reach your trousers; they definitely need to go! Unclasping the buckle of your belt, and twisting the button fastener, I look up and smile at your pleading face, before slowly, and deliberately drawing down the zipper. Pulling your trousers down, you help by raising your hips, and I slide them off, onto the floor. I can't help rubbing my face against your hardness and inhaling your scent! Ummmm !

No need for your boxer shorts either, sexy as they look on you, as I peel them off to leave them discarded on the floor too.

You are now completely naked, lying on the bed waiting for me.

I straddle you again, my damp thong the only clothing that separates us. Leaning forward to kiss you, I take your hand, and move it above your head. The scarf is waiting, and before you realize, I have fastened your hand to the bed. You chuckle as I do the same with your other hand.

Spinning around I deliberately bend over to give you a view of the tiny string between my arse cheeks. I sense your frustration at not being able to touch me with your entrapped hands, so now I know the knots I tied are tight. I can relax a little , and kiss your right big toe and, for the first time, slide it into my mouth. I move my mouth over your toes, sucking on them softly, holding myself back from devouring them so I can concentrate, and fasten your foot to the corner of the bed end . I look back at you, but you don’t see me, as you’re looking at the ceiling with your face showing your blissful state.

Climbing off you, I move to the bottom of the bed and kneel in front of you before sucking on the toes of your free foot. Unsurprisingly, you don’t resist as I tie your final limb to the bed. I pause and admire your gorgeous body all spread out before me.

I turn to leave the room as a worried look flashes across your face, and you ask me what's going on. I pause, and give you a gentle smile as I see that at last, the man who is always so in control, has let his guard slip.

When I return I place the blindfold I have with me over your eyes, before leaning over you, and hungrily kissing your mouth. My hand caresses across, and down your chest, and then lightly strokes your gorgeously hard, anticipating, cock. Releasing your cock, I remove my thong, get my tray of goodies I had hidden by the bedroom door, and place it next to the bed.

I lean over your face and trail my nipple across your lips. Quickly you suck it into your mouth, trying to take some control over me, only to cry out as ice touches your nipple. The ice cube is so cold between my fingers but I continue rubbing it into you before I kiss some heat back into your nipple. The melting ice drips onto your chest causing little rivulets to run down your sides which I lick off with such a deliberately, slow, action of my tongue.

Straddling you again, I can’t help but grind against your hard cock. Leaning forward to kiss you, my nipples graze your skin, and I can feel yours pressing back into me. The wetness between us is just a prelude of things to come!
I slide lower, off your cock, and you feel my hand wrap round it. You jerk a little hoping my lips will follow. They do, but you are surprised to find I have been quietly sucking the ice cube, and as my cold mouth envelopes your heated cock, you groan loudly!

The cube has pretty much melted, and you feel me swallow the remainder as I suck up, and down until the temperature of my mouth and your cock are even.

Next you feel something warm trickling onto your nipple. Quickly I suck, and lick it off you, then lean forward to kiss you.

“ Ummm honey?” You ask.

I giggle affectionately, 'Yes, that's me.'

Before you can respond you hear a click as I climb off the bed. You try to recall the noise and the smell that follows when suddenly hot liquid drips onto your abdomen. You flinch expecting pain. I whisper the words, “hot, candle, wax,” slowly into your ear. As the liquid hardens I nibble it off you.

Surprised by my actions you ask what I am thinking of, but I quieten you with a kiss, a sweet chocolaty kiss, before popping a piece into your mouth. The scented candle I had lit flickering away in the corner beginning to relax our senses a little.

Unable to hold back any longer I pour our special massage oil onto my hands, and begin to work on your, oh so tempting, cock. Cradling your balls in one hand I begin to stroke you with the other. Softly, slowly, sliding up your cock I squeeze your head a little before sliding my hand back down.

Your balls are gently squashed between my hands before I slide back up, a little firmer, and down again, over and over. You begin to squirm. All your concentration is on your crotch when, abruptly, your focus is broken by something soft brushing against your toes.

My tongue licks your head where your juices are leaking, but before you can settle to enjoy the moment something tickles your hardened nipple.

I slide my mouth around your head, and suck as one hand massages, and gently tugs at your balls. My tongue swirls round your cock as I suck up and down your shaft. You feel a soft caress under your arm.

As you begin to moan, almost involuntarily your hips start to thrust. I pull my mouth off you and remove my hands. Again you feel the soft caress but this time down your side. Oh I like making you squirm! Then that touch again, teasing up the inside of your thigh, you cry out, “Oh for fucks sake Helen, what are you doing to me?”
Giggling I kiss you, loving you groaning into my mouth.

Again I straddle, this time facing your feet you, and lower my mouth over your cock. You can sense my wet pussy, so close, but just out of reach! You pull at the scarfs trying to get close enough to taste me.

Needing contact I grind a little on your chest. You feel the slick wetness, and moan, “Please Helen, let me eat you!”

Sliding backwards my pussy brushes your chin before finding your tongue. It laps at me, circling me, knowing exactly what I need, where and when. My mind cries, ‘Oooh wow!! Oh yesss !’ as I scream, “That feels so good!!

"Don't stop!” but you do!

“Now do you realize what you have been doing to me?” you question. Despite you being blindfolded and tied to the bed your voice has such a hold over me.

“ Yessss , I'm sorry.” But rather than feel ashamed, I know you want us to continue, so my mouth engulfs your cock, and hungrily sucks as much as possible.

Your tongue returns to my pussy. The seduction, and teasing are forgotten. Our juices drip into each other’s mouths, and are greedily swallowed. My hand reaches for your balls and then, slipping lower, pushes firmly against your hole. My middle finger dips in as my mouth lowers down your cock. My finger eases as I raise my mouth. I repeat this again, and again, until my finger is buried deep inside you! All the while, your tongue has been working magic on my clit, but now I need more.

I remove my finger and mouth from you and, climbing off you, swivel around, and poise just above your cock. Removing the blindfold I kiss you as I wait for your eyes to adjust. I can taste myself; so erotic. Can you taste yourself on my lips?

Watching your face I slowly lower myself onto your dripping cock! Aaahhhhh - oh yessss !! The head slips past my swollen lips as I hover, still teasing, wanting to give you the most pleasure I can.

Holding you at my pussy entrance, I squeeze you, before I raise and lower just a little. I repeat this as I slip more of you inside me, but only a few times; I can't wait! I need you deep inside me! I thrust down on you with a loud moan as our pelvises meet. Aahhhh !

Leaning forward, I untie your hands. One goes straight to my head, and pulls me close for more kisses. The other finds my aching nipple, tweaking, and pinching it. My pussy spasms, and your cock twitches. Reaching back, your cock buried inside me, I untie your feet so you can bend your knees. Now you thrust into me, deeply, as together we start moving against each other.

I rise, sliding almost off you, before you plunge upwards, deep inside me. Again, and again you thrust. Then as one, we slow, almost not moving until we find that oh so sweet,
exquisite sensation. Our nerve endings are on fire. My pussy rhythmically squeezes as your cock flexes. Oh yesss ! Amazing!

Slowly we rock, and grind together before gradually building speed and pressure. Our sweat mixes with our leaking juices. The gentle sexy, squishing, sounds turn to hard, body slapping, ones. Oh god, this feels so good! You feel so good!

Moaning, our muscles tense. The release is near and our eyes meet. Yes, it’s time. Giving in, my orgasm overwhelms me. Wave after wave of bliss washes my body, yet somehow I still feel your cum shooting deep inside me. I feel jet after jet hitting my walls, my muscles draining you until we are both spent.

Collapsing on top of you, you wrap me in your arms as our pounding chests slowly settle. Sliding to your side a little, your arm still round me, I reach down and pick up my feather. The one I used to caress you. Teasingly I stroke it across your chest, “so handsome, how was it?"

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