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“Diego please”, Jessica whispered against his mouth. She caressed his unshaven face, it was a little rough against her soft skin, but she liked it.
They both stood in the elevator, breathless. It was a soul searing kiss and she craved more. He wanted more than her lips. How his fingers went up and down her back, feeling the silk of her black gown. He wanted to tear her gown and nuzzle in the warmth of thighs.
The elevator came to a stop. They both came out and headed towards her apartment. At the door, Jessica fished for her keys in her purse. Why couldn’t she find them! She was frustrated.

“Hey, easy”, soothed Diego, nibbling her earlobe.

“Oh God”, she whispered. If only she could take him right here, right now.

“Ha! found them!” she quickly opened the door. She got out of her stilettos, threw her purse and grabbed him by the tie, pulling him inside. With a loud bang, the door closed but neither payed attention. He shed his jacket and loosened his tie. He took her arms and thrust her against the wall. His hips pinning her down. She could feel his erection. She wanted his lips and tongue on every part of her body. The area between her thighs was already throbbing with need and was wet. He began his sensual torture by slowly kissing her throat and then moving towards the deep V of her dress. Her little cries aroused him even more.

Diego looked into her eyes. They were hot. Hot for him. He claimed her mouth and kissed her deeply. He let go of her hands and snaked his arms around her waist while Jessica buried her hands in his hair.

“Wait”, panted Diego.

“Why?”, she asked, kissing his throat hungrily.

“I want you”.

“You have me, don’t stop. Please”, pleaded Jessica.

Desire gleamed in his eyes. Deep, carnal desire. “Bedroom. Now”, commanded Diego.

Jessica nodded. She started moving towards the door but he caught her by the arm. “Let me”, he said. He picked her up over his shoulders. As he made his way to the bedroom he spanked her delicious derrière hard. Jessica yelped and then giggled. She was beyond aroused. She needed him now!

Diego dumped her unceremoniously onto the bed and shed his tie and shirt on the floor. Jessica’s mouth went dry. He was gorgeous. She touched every ridge and dip of his taut and smooth skin. She kissed his stomach, and bit lightly.

“Ah”, moaned Diego.

She wanted to feel him everywhere. She touched the bulge in his pants. She squeezed it lightly and then stroked it. Then she unbuttoned his pants.

“Enough”, said Diego. He took hold of her wrists and pinned them against the mattress. “You are one naughty girl”, he whispered.

Jessica squirmed beneath him.

“Lie still. Don’t move”, he said sternly. She nodded her consent.

Diego looked around the room and found a red scarf hanging on the handle of the closet. He picked it up and stood over Jessica. She just looked at him. Her gray eyes wide with wonder. He took both of her hands and tied them together with one half of the scarf, then he tied the other half to the bedpost.

“What-what are you doing?”, asked Jessica.

“Devouring you”, said Diego. He gently lowered body downwards, stretching her arms.

“I can’t move my arms Diego”, she said, struggling at her restraints.

“That’s the idea,love. Have some patience. For me.”, he said in his sexy voice. “You are overdressed.”

“Undress me”, said Jessica, breathless.

He kissed her lightly at her first, then deeply. He plundered her mouth with his tongue. She moaned against his lips. He directed his lips downward at the base of her throat. Slowly, he unzipped her dress from the side, and lowered it down, just below her beautiful supple breasts. Her nipples were already hard, taut. He stroked them with his fingers, enjoying the moans and cries escaping from Jessica’s mouth. He continued his assault, rubbing them gently. Finally, he took one nipple in his mouth and suckled.

“Fuck!”, cried Jessica.

Diego then took the other nipple and began suckling and nipping. He then squeezed both the breasts. Then he moved to her ankles. He took hold of the hem of her dress and moved it upward. Enjoying the feel of both silk and skin. He reached the middle of her thighs and tore her dress. He peeled off her matching black undies and tossed them aside.

“Please please!”, begged Jessica.

He kissed her apex and the sensation almost rocketed her off the bed. He clamped her legs down and began his tongue torture on the most sensitive part of her body. He laved her, licking and sucking. He inserted a finger into her.

“FUCK YOU! aaaah!

She was wet. A lot. He wanted in now. He unzipped his pants, took out a foil packet from a pocket and tossed his pants aside followed by this boxers. He unrolled the condom and gently lowered himself inside her. Jessica shouted again. He was feeling her completely filling her with his need. She wanted this, needed him so badly.

“I want to touch you, baby, please!”, cried Jessica. She yanked on her restraints. She couldn’t bare not touching him.

“Patience baby”.

He began moving inside her, at a slow paced rhythm. At every thrust of his, she moved too. Thrust for thrust. He began riding her fast, harder. Jessica could feel it. She was climbing higher and higher, she could sense herself in the verge of exploding, and then she did. She called out his name, again and again. He followed her, emptying himself. He collapsed on her. Spent. Finally he untied her and she quickly wrapped her hands around him.

“That was..brutal..deliciously brutal.”

“I know”. His head was resting between her breasts.

Diego woke up from his sleep. There was a pleasant sensation coming form down there. He tried moving his arms, but they were tied up. His feet too. What’s this?, he thought. Jessica was lying between his feet. Gliding her hand up and down his shaft. Her hands were firm as she stroked his penis. He watched as she smacked her lips and rolled her tongue on him. She enveloped her entire mouth over him. That felt so good to him!

“I want to taste you baby”, said Jessica. This aroused him even more. She continued to taste him. Lick, suck, lick, suck. She began to suck even harder. “Come for me baby. Let me taste that saltiness.” She sucked harder. “I won’t stop till I taste you.” That did it, as she kept him in her mouth, he let go. A shattering explosion and he emptied into her again.

After swallowing every last drop, she smacked her lips again and untied him. He lay panting on the bed.

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