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Brad And Ashley, Part 4

Ashley hangs out with Brad and his friends, in just a shirt, no underwear.
Jarrad's hands were between Ashley's legs. His fingertips had found their way inside her panties, and she felt her pussy lips being parted. She brushed Jarrad's hand away and weakly said, "Wait, let me get some of these clothes off." She struggled to stand and then stepped behind Jarrad.

As she was undoing the remaining buttons of her skirt, Jarrad turned to watch. Ashley stopped, took Jarrad's head in her hands and gently turned it back toward the lake. "I would like a little privacy. You keep a lookout for submarines."

Jarrad chuckled at the old fashioned reference to submarine races, but did as he was told. He heard a rustling of clothes behind him and Ashley's skirt dropped into his lap. There were a few more sounds of clothing before Ashley lay down at his side and put her head in his lap.

Looking up at Jarrad, Ashley saw a mixture of emotions -- his expression reflected some concern. "What?" she said. "What is bothering you."

"I thought you were going to take your clothes off. You only took off your skirt."

"Hey... When I left home I was a virgin and I plan to return home the same way. And besides, my first time is going to be in a bed with nice comfortable linen sheets, not on the beach fighting the sand and bugs."

"Well..." blurted Jarrad, "I guess I've been told!"

"Look..." Ashley implored patiently, "I'm not saying I don't want to... and I'm not saying never... I'm just asking that it be the right time, and the right place."

Seeing Jarrad slowly nodding his agreement, or at least understanding, Ashley switched to the offensive. "Now let me see if I've got this right. You are a normal... well maybe a little oversexed... but otherwise pretty normal, eighteen-year-old male.”

“Right,” Jarrad replied simply.

“And I am a somewhat hot eighteen-year-old girl.”

“Uh huh,” Jarrad allowed cautiously, wondering where Ashley was going with this.

“I'm only wearing panties and a blouse -- no bra -- and we're alone on a deserted beach. Have I got all that right?”

“Yes but...”

“And that's quite a lot for a first date.” She paused, then continued as if addressing a first-grader, “Now do I have to tell you what you're supposed to do?"

“No, of course not,” Jarrad stammered as he hastily undid the buttons on Ashley's blouse. He anxiously placed his hand on her exposed stomach, but cautiously left the shirt to cover her breasts. He moved his hand slowly upward and from side to side, spreading the opening in the blouse ever wider.

"My God, what are you doing," Ashley gasped. “Just because I said I wasn't ready to fuck, doesn't mean I'm not ready to play.” She grabbed hold of the blouse and yanked it clear of her breasts. As Jarrad's eyes feasted on the magnificent sight he had only dreamed about, Ashley took his hand in hers and placed it on one of her bare breasts.

Jarrad added his other hand to the task, grasping her hardening nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Ashley sighed, then reaching behind her head, caressed the pulsing bulge in Jarrad's jeans. As he bent forward, Ashley lifted her head to meet his lips.

It was a good thing Ashley's position kept Jarrad's hand from reaching her pussy. Had he been able to get his fingers inside her again, it is doubtful that she would have maintained her resolve to go home a virgin. The passion with which they kissed, his hands on her bare breasts and her hand encouraging the heat she felt in his pants, was making it extremely difficult for her to hold out for sheets.

In spite of the minefield she had set for herself, Ashley did manage to remind Jarrad of his work schedule the next day, and of the need to get her home. As she stood, Jarrad reluctantly handed her the skirt lying at his side. Ashley shook the sand out of it, buttoned the blouse and put the skirt back on. She buttoned all but the bottom three buttons of the skirt.

Ashley abandoned her sexual shenanigans for the remainder of the trip home and very little was said between them. As the car came to a stop in the driveway, she gave Jarrad a peck on the lips and said, "Leave it running. I can make it into the house by myself."

Jarrad was left with his mouth hanging open as he watched Ashley exit the car and skip up the steps to the front door. Before disappearing inside, she blew him a kiss and waved a cheery goodbye.


In the house, Ashley found Brad asleep on the couch. Brad was her stepbrother and her senior by two months. Four years earlier they had been thrown together by the marriage of her father and his mother. During most of those four years they had studiously avoided each other. As they matured however, their disdain for one another wore off.

Brad awakened with Ashley shaking him. "Jesus... what time is it?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.


"I guess I fell asleep. You're home early."

"Jarrad has to work tomorrow -- didn't want to make it too late."


"Well, what?"

"You still a virgin?"

"Of course, dummy."

"So you were a good girl then."

"Uh, well... Daddy wouldn't think so, but you might."

"You going to give me a chance to decide."

"Follow me to my room if you want. We can talk."

"I thought we were going for a swim."

"I'm too tired for that. How about we go to my room instead."

Brad was downcast. He had expected they would go skinny-dipping again. Still, Ashley did invite him to her room. That was something she had never done before, at least not at night. "Maybe..." he thought. "Whatever," he said aloud, not wanting to convey his real thoughts.

"How about you grab us a couple cokes. I'm going to take a quick shower, but I'll leave my bedroom door open."

When Brad got there, Ashley was already in the bathroom, but had left the door to it, slightly ajar. He hesitated a second before getting too close to the opening. Resisting the temptation to spy on his stepsister through the partially open door, he lowered his eyes to the floor and announced, "I've got your coke." Without looking up he asked, "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Put it on the nightstand. I'm just going to rinse off. Be out in a minute."

As Brad turned to comply, he caught a brief glimpse of Ashley's nude form as she stepped into the shower. His thoughts shot back to the night before, when she lay on the pool deck, telling him about her date with Eddie Feldman. She hadn't actually been naked, but wearing only a towel and offering intimate details of her date, she had provided plenty of fuel for his imagination.

Brad put Ashley's coke on the nightstand and plopped into a nearby chair. To himself he said, "I wonder how much she's going to tell me about her date with Jarrad. Probably not much." He sipped his coke and mentally prepared himself for the boring recital he expected to hear.

Shortly after Brad heard the shower stop, Ashley swooped into the room wearing the same blouse she had worn on the date. The skirt was gone, and it appeared that the blouse had been put on in haste. Ashley had not taken the time to button it, instead, clutching it together with her hands.

"I'm going to get ready for bed if you don't mind," she said.

"Mind? No, of course not," Brad replied cheerily. "This could be good," he thought.

Ashley was facing away from Brad, toward her chest of drawers. "No, I guess he wouldn't mind," she thought. "Aw well, he deserves a cheap thrill," she said to herself as she took some sleep shorts from the drawer.

Brad was watching intently. Ashley stepped into the shorts and tugged them suggestively up her bare legs and over her butt. He was pretty sure she wasn't wearing panties, but the tail of the blouse kept him from knowing that for certain.

Ashley again clutched the unbuttoned blouse together as she stepped over to the closet. "I can't believe I'm putting on a show like this for my step-brother," she thought, "A week ago I wouldn't have even considered it, now I'm actually liking it."

Brad continued to watch as Ashley reached into the closet and took a tee-shirt type of top off a hangar. "He's going to like this," Ashley said to herself. With her back still to Brad she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and pulled the tee-shirt over her head.

Brad's hand shot to his mouth, muffling the "Oh, my God!" that flashed through his head. Talking to himself he added, "Now, if she would just turn around."

And turn around she did, but by now the tee-shirt was covering all but a small patch of skin above the drawstring waist of her shorts. Brad couldn't see what he would liked to have seen. What he did see though, was almost as good.

The tee-shirt, in addition to being only belly-button length, had huge scooped out armholes, open almost to the hem. And the shorts were not only super loose, but also cut so high that they had no legs at all. Brad's mouth hung open.

Ashley's face turned red. She had pushed this a bit further than she meant to, but it was too late to turn back now. As she passed Brad on the way to her bed, it was her turn to be shocked, as she spotted the tent in Brad's pants.

He watched in astonishment as Ashley stretched out on her side on the unopened bed, her love canal barely covered by the skimpy shorts and her nipples poking at the thin tee-shirt. "I guess you're going to want to hear it all," she said, taking the coke in one hand while using the other to support her head.

Brad would have been content with a brief accounting of the highlights, but with Ashley dressed as she was he wanted to drag it out as long as possible. "Yes, all of it," he replied, his eyes on the shorts, hoping for a peek inside.

Ashley pretended not to notice what had captured Brad's attention. "I don't know what you said to him," she began, "but he was certainly trying to play the part of the gentleman."

Brad gulped as Ashley deliberately rolled her hips a bit, adding more fuel to the fire of his imagination. "Ashley to Brad, Ashley to Brad." she chided, pleased that she could capture his attention so easily.

Brad tore his eyes away from their exploratory mission and looked at Ashley's face. "Uh, sorry," he offered.

"Like I was saying, he tried being gentlemanly. Well, maybe he did have an ulterior motive for opening the car door for me. After all, my skirt was a little on the short side."

"So did he get a peek?"

"You could say that. Actually I think I surprised him a little. The skirt did come to about mid-thigh, but in case you didn't notice, it was kind of tight."


"Well after he opened the door, he refused to turn his back while I got in, so I turned to face him and pulled the skirt up almost high enough to show my panties..."

Brad's mouth opened, "Uh... uh..." but nothing intelligible came out.

"When I sat down and swung my legs into the car I'm sure he got a good look."

"But you were wearing panties."

"Oh yeah and I wanted him to know it."

"And you pulled the skirt back down after you got in."

"Nooo... I kinda like showing off my legs, and he was driving so he couldn't do anything but look, and that was fine with me."

"So you stayed that way, skirt around your waist, for like how long."

"Until we got to the movie theater, but it wasn't really around my waist. I had it pulled down far enough to pretty much cover my panties."

"Pretty much?"

"Pretty much, I mean like my panties might have been showing a little, but not much."

"And you rode like that all the way into town. And when you got to the theater?"

"He let me off in front of it while he went to park the car."

"In the theater, you pulled your skirt up again to sit down?"

"Sort of, but not really. You know that skirt has buttons up the front. I undid the bottom three so I could sit more comfortably."

"But did he... uh..."

"Did he uh what?"

"Uh, nothing... never mind."

Ashley was pleased that Brad didn't ask the obvious. She didn't want to tell him everything, and his not asking saved her from lying.

"But before you ask," Ashley began hesitantly, "yes, I did let him play with my uh... tits, a little during the movie... but only through my blouse and bra."

"That sounds pretty tame with what I know about Jarrad."

"I think Jarrad was sort of thinking the same thing, so when the movie was over I stopped in the ladies room while he got the car." Ashley paused for effect. "I took my bra off."

"Holy shit! I sure would like to go on a date with you."

Ashley had expected her revelation to draw a comment. "It seems to me that a couple of years ago you couldn't stand your step-sister, and now you want to go out with her?" she teased.

"Yeah well... but I still think I've got the better end of the deal. He hasn't seen you naked yet... or has he?"

"No, not naked." Ashley liked watching her step-brother squirm. "Just topless."

"Topless?" Brad blurted, "Where?"

His reaction had been more than she expected. "Ohhh Jesus..." she began slowly, "At the beach, on the way home, after pizza. He suggested we stop by the lake and watch the waves for a while." Brad looked at Ashley in disbelief. She continued, "I knew what he really had in mind but he had said something about having to be at work early the next morning. I felt like I could hold him off for a while, so I agreed."

"Oh sweet jesus," Brad murmured under his breath.

Ashley ignored his obvious concern and continued, "We started kissing. It got kinda hot pretty quick -- a lot of tongue action. With one hand he was working on the buttons of my blouse while the other was stroking the insides of my thighs. I stood up and stepped behind him. He wanted to look but I insisted he keep his eyes forward."

Brad mumbled something unintelligible as Ashley plowed on. "I took the skirt off and dropped it in his lap. I'm sure he thought I was taking my clothes off, and I was sorely tempted to do so, but not on the first date. With my blouse and panties still intact, I stretched out on the sand next to him and put my head in his lap."

"You took your skirt off?" Brad asked in wonderment.

Ashley nodded.

"So you were just wearing panties, and a blouse?"

Ashley nodded again.

"And you didn't get fucked? I'm not believing this."

"It's true," she pleaded.

Telling about it had gotten Ashley excited, and the possibility of reenacting it with Brad popped into her head. She knew it would be playing with fire, but decided in favor of it anyway. "Sit on the floor," she ordered.

"Huh... Sit on the floor?"

"Don't argue, just do it, okay?"

Brad did as he was told.

Ashley was seriously conflicted over what had to come next. On the one hand she was aching for Brad's sexual stimulation, and sure he was anxious to provide it. On the other hand, she wasn't positive that they, he or she, could stop before it got out of hand. But she wanted Brad's hands on her body so bad she decided to chance it.

Ashley lay down on the floor, next to Brad with her head in his lap. It was like she had done at the beach. She was wearing a tee shirt and shorts -- maybe a bit on the skimpy side, but she wasn't naked. Ashley tensed as Brad carefully surveyed the tempting sight.

Ashley prompted hesitantly, "Uh... Jarrad unbuttoned my blouse and played with my uh... tits, I guess you guys call them."

Brad took a deep breath. "Right uh..."

Ashley hesitated, not sure what to say next. Finally she said, "There aren't any buttons on this so I guess you'd have to uh... put your hand through the armhole... that is if we're going to act this out."

Brad had been wanting to put his hands inside those armholes ever since Ashley had turned from the closet and now she was suggesting he do just that. Although he was dying to comply, he was still afraid that he somehow had misunderstood. "Uh, sure..." Brad fumbled, "But what about the rule."

Ashley knew that the rule was meant to keep them out of the 'danger zone', but right now she was ready to take a chance. "Well uh... this is just a demonstration so I think it's probably okay."

Brad didn't like the rule, but he did agree they needed to have one. Now it looked like his step-sister wanted to bend the rule and there was no way he was going to object. He slipped his hand through one of the over-sized armholes and clutched her breast.

Ashley gasped at the contact. She loved to have her breasts stimulated and had been barely able to maintain control when Jarrad had played with them earlier on the beach. Brad's touch was just as exciting, maybe even more-so or maybe it just seemed that way because it wasn't supposed to be happening.

Brad tried valiantly not to be sexual about it, but didn't do so well. He gently squeezed both of her nipples and ran his hands lovingly over every inch of her breasts.

Ashley's breath was coming faster and heavier. "Uh... uh..." she stammered, "Oh Jesus... uh please, put your hand between my legs."

Brad traced his hand down her smooth stomach and below the hem of her tee-shirt. His fingers reached the top of her panties but he couldn't reach as far as she wanted. "I can't reach," he said.

"Right," Ashley replied breathlessly. She pushed Brad's hand back up under the shirt and dragged it out the armhole. "Do you uh... believe me now," she asked with considerable difficulty as she stood.

Brad hoped the 'demonstration' wasn't over. He looked up at Ashley standing over him. "What now," he asked hopefully.

Ashley was flustered but she managed to eke out, "Well, uh... I think I better go to bed... and you ought to leave, I guess. We'll finish the story over breakfast."

Brad was heartbroken over the turn of events, but he knew it had to be that way. "Right," he replied, "That does seem like the sensible thing to do." As Ashley crawled into bed, he struggled up from the floor and ambled out of the room. Brad was not sure how far he had wanted the 'demonstration' to go, but he sure was disappointed that it ended when it did.


The next morning, Ashley stepped out of her room and headed for the kitchen just as Brad was doing the same. She waved a cheery greeting to him. Brad would have had to have been blind, not to notice that she was attired the same as she had been the previous night. His cock snapped to attention at the remembrance.

Trying not to stare he asked her, "You're going to finish the story this morning, right?"

Looking at Brad and seeing where he was looking, Ashley replied, "If you want to hear it... yes,"

"Oh, I do," Brad assured her as he eyeballed the sides of her breasts through the over-sized armholes of the shirt. "And uh please don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining..." he added, continuing to appraise Ashley's daring attire, "But are you sure you want to be dressed like that when your father comes home."

Ashley smiled and swept a hand through her hair. "I thought you might like this," she answered as her face reddened slightly. “I did think about it though. I don't see how Daddy and your mother can get here much before noon, I'll be changed long before that. But hey... thanks for looking out for me."

In the kitchen Ashley busied herself getting the cereal, juice and milk out, and putting them on the table. She glanced a couple of times at Brad as he made the coffee. His continued fascination with her immodest manner of dress excited her. She was glad she had mustered up the nerve to remain dressed as she was.

Finally seated at the table, Brad prompted, "So... you were able to fend Jarrad off, at least for the first date." Ashley nodded as she downed her juice. Brad continued questioning, a spoonful of cereal poised at his mouth. "And how long do you think you'll be able to do that?"

Ashley put the empty glass on the table and looked up. "For as long as I want." she replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Brad spoke slowly as he carefully raised the cup of steaming coffee. "And how long will you want?"

Ashley had been about to down a spoonful of cereal but paused with it in mid-air. "Well, uh... I'm not sure... we, uh... haven't even had a second date yet."

"But you're going to?" Brad pressed.

Irritation began to build within her. "Well, he hasn't really asked yet."

"But, I'm sure he will, and you... I imagine you'll say yes?" Brad hammered between mouthfuls of cereal.

"I think probably... yes," Ashley said, hoping Brad's questions were at an end.

"So how long then?" he questioned again.

Ashley snapped, "I'm not sure that's any of your business,"

Brad realized he had gone too far. "You're right, it's not. I was just curious is all," Brad said apologetically. The two finished breakfast in silence.

Just before noon, their parents breezed through the house to change clothes and quickly went out again, to the office. Brad and Ashley were home alone, but generally avoided each other before joining their parents for supper. Brad hoped that Ashley would again want him to watch over her during a late night swim, but she retreated to her room early and gave no indication of any expected meeting later.


On Tuesday morning Brad awakened to the sound of the garage door as their folks left for the office. He wanted things to again be 'cool' between him and Ashley and thought he might be able to break the ice with a little teasing of his own. He put on a pair of boxer shorts, and otherwise bare, went to the kitchen for breakfast.

A few minutes later, Ashley stopped in her tracks at the sight she saw from the kitchen doorway. Brad was seated in profile to her at the kitchen table, the corner of the tablecloth covering his waist and hiding the shorts he was wearing -- if he was wearing any. Her hand shot to her mouth as she stammered, "Brad... uh, I hope you're wearing some shorts."

Brad looked up at his stepsister in the doorway. Ashley had decided that Brad had been in the dog house long enough and was wearing that old shirt again, the one she had worn when his friends were over on Sunday, and like then, it was pretty obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. While giving Ashley an appreciative once-over, Brad brushed the table-cloth aside, revealing his boxer shorts.

"I, uh..." Ashley began, "uh, that's pretty risqué for the breakfast table. I don't think I've ever seen you in just your underwear."

"Yeah, well," Brad responded, "I didn't think it would matter much since we've been skinny-dipping together, and besides, that shirt's not all that modest either."

Brad watched as Ashley helped herself to the sausage and eggs Brad's mother had left warming on the stove, then sat down across the table from him. "It's not like you haven't seen it before," Ashley commented. With a satisfied look taking over her expression, she added, "And I think you kind of like it. By the way, I always assumed you wore briefs; what's with the boxer shorts?"

Brad blushed. "Yeah, I do usually wear briefs, but I thought the boxers would be more comfortable for lounging around the house."

Ashley continued grinning. Leaning around the side of the table and craning her neck in Brad's direction, she said with a tease in her voice, "So, is this what I can expect from now on?"

Brad's blush deepened. "Well, I was kinda thinking we might go for a swim -"

Ashley beamed. "That would be fun but it looks like it might rain." Just then the doorbell rang.

"Oh shit," Brad blurted, "You're going to have to answer the door, I can't go like this."

"Yeah, well I'm not exactly dressed for company either. Who do you suppose it is?" Ashley asked.

The doorbell rang again. "I don't know," replied Brad, "But they sure are impatient. Just answer the door, will you... please?"

Ashley got up and went to the door. She looked through the peephole and saw Jarrad with some other guy she didn't recognize. With the door blocking her from view, Ashley cautiously opened it a few inches. Peering through the opening she cheerily said, "Hi."

"Hi to you too," Jarrad said, then added, "We came over to see Brad."

Ashley edged the door open enough to provide a hint of what she was wearing. "And who's the cute guy you have with ya, huh," Ashley teased.

"This is George. He was my neighbor when we lived in Cleveland," Jarrad chimed as he and George forced their way through the partially open door. They turned and looked appreciatively at the sexy teenage girl in the almost see-through shirt hiding behind the door.

Ashley blushed as they surveyed her nearly naked body. She wished it been only Jarrad, but if he was okay with his friend seeing her like that... well she didn't really mind all that much... In fact she might like it a little... maybe even a lot. She closed the door behind them and motioned toward the kitchen. "Brad and I were just finishing breakfast."

"And he let you answer the door dressed like that?" Jarrad asked incredulously.

"Uh yeah," Ashley responded as they walked through the kitchen door. Jarrad and George watched as Brad stood up from the table. Seeing how little he was wearing, they had no further questions for Ashley.

"I guess I better put something else on," Ashley said as she turned toward the door.

"Oh please no," Jarrad replied hastily.

"Yeah, well I was thinking..."

Jarrad cut her off, "Hey, if it's okay for Brad..."

"But George... I thought maybe you might..."

"I promise you, George is not going to object, are you George."

Ashley looked at George who was shaking his head vigorously. "Yeah, but... but..." she protested.

"C'mon, just stay the way you are -- you're fine, isn't she George," he said turning to his friend who nodded agreement.

Ashley turned to her step-brother. "Uh, Brad... you okay with this?" She pulled the bottom of the shirt down, stretching the fabric against her braless nipples.

"If you are," he replied.

Ashley wrestled with it. She really did like how she looked, even if it was pretty much on the naughty side. The guys, even Brad, seemed to want her to remain that way, and the way they were all looking at her was kind of exciting.

"Yeah, well I guess I'm okay," she replied, feeling an overwhelming sense of control at having the guys thinking she was doing it as a favor to them, when she was actually enjoying it as much, if not more. Feeling generous she added, "You guys want some coffee or something before I sit back down?"

"Nah, we're okay," Jarrad replied, "We just had breakfast." Then as he and George sat down in the empty chairs at the table, "I'm sorry Brad, this is George. He was my neighbor in Cleveland. He's just here for a couple days and we were kinda hoping you might want to go swimming." Ashley blushed as Jarrad looked in her direction.

Just then a flash of lightning lit up the kitchen. It was closely followed by a loud clap of thunder and through the kitchen windows they watched as buckets of water rained down upon the backyard.

"Well it's good to meet you, George," Brad got out after swallowing the last of his breakfast, "but I think the swimming is out for today."

"Yeah, I guess so," Jarrad responded as George nodded, "Maybe we can get Ashley to dance for us again."

Ashley put her fork down and stared daggers at Jarrad. "You need to understand," she said, "That was a one time thing. It's not happening again."

"Yeah, but George missed out," Jarrad pleaded jokingly."

"And it's going to stay that way," Ashley snapped. She got up from the table, noisily dropped her dishes into the sink and stalked out of the kitchen. Alone in the den, she turned the TV to one of the morning talk shows.


When the three guys joined her a few minutes later, Ashley was still sulking. She tugged the bottom of her shirt down until it covered most of her thighs and studiously avoided making eye contact with any of them.

Brad had managed to put on cutoffs and a tee shirt before coming into the den. He sat down next to Ashley on the couch. "Jarrad didn't mean anything. He was just teasing."

"Yeah, well, he didn't need to say that," Ashley mumbled, still directing her attention to the TV.

"He knows he screwed up. Just give him a chance. He would never do anything to hurt you. He really does like you a lot."

Ashley looked at Brad. "You really think so?"

"I do, so lighten up a little, huh."

Ashley looked down into her lap. She thought for a few seconds, then got up and walked over to the entertainment center. She turned off the TV and switched to a channel of dance music. The station was playing the song that she and Jarrad had ground their bodies to on Sunday. Instead of Jarrad though, she went to the couch and dragged Brad into the center of the room.

"I don't think that dancing to this is such a good idea," Brad remarked, "It's pretty much of a belly-rubber."

"Shush -- Just dance with me," Ashley said. She put her arms around Brad's neck and pulled him against her.

Brad wrapped his arms around Ashley, his hands cautiously clutching her buttocks. "I thought you didn't want to dance."

Ashley looked deep into Brad's eyes. "What I meant was I didn't want to dance for you guys, but I don't mind dancing with you... one at a time."

With his hands softly stroking Ashley's backside, Brad gently rubbed the head of his erection against Ashley's waist.

"I know this is supposed be really naughty, you being my step-brother and all, but it sure does feel good," Ashley whispered in his ear.

"It'd feel even better if you weren't wearing panties." Brad grinned and cupped his hands tightly around Ashley's butt cheeks, pulling her tightly against himself.

Ashley jerked her head back and looked directly into Brad's eyes. "I can't believe what I just heard you say. You really think it would be okay for me to dance with you... Jarrad... and George... without wearing any panties."

"Stop acting so insulted. You know you want to."

"I can't believe that you would even suggest such a thing."

"Hey, I'm okay with it."

Although the song was not quite ended, Ashley disengaged herself. She said, "Well, it's not going to happen." Leaving the room, she said to no one in particular, "I'll be right back. I need to make a quick stop. "

In the bathroom, Ashley tried to think through the situation. She was certain that even if the guys couldn't actually see her nipples, they would surely feel them when she pressed up against them while dancing.

Wearing only panties and a threadbare dress shirt around several guys was a significant step forward, but rubbing up against them while wearing so little? That really took guts. She hadn't danced with Jarrad yet today and she had never danced with George, but she was going to as soon as she got back. She was nervous about the prospect but thought, 'It's going to be fun, dancing with them while Brad watches.'

If it had been just Jarrad and George, if Brad had not been there, Ashley could probably have been talked out of her panties in short order. George was from out of town, so she didn't have to be too concerned about what he thought, and Jarrad liked her being naughty anyway. Him telling her girlfriends or parents, was not likely to happen.

Brad, though, was a real puzzle. Until recently his attitude toward her had been almost parental. Yes, he had been showing more tolerance toward and interest in her sexual antics, but he was still her step-brother, and she couldn't believe that he really wanted her to take her panties off -- well not with Jarrad and George there anyway. On the other hand, there was also no way Brad would ever tell anybody.

Ashley made her decision, but wondered as she left the bathroom, if it had been the right one. In the den, a song was just ending and another would soon begin. She took Jarrad by the hand and led him into the center of the room.

"I thought you didn't want to dance," he said.

"I was just upset with you wanting me to. It should have been my idea."

Jarrad gave Ashley a quizzical stare. "But I am forgiven, then?" he asked.

"Yeah, I suppose so." Ashley gave Jarrad a pleasant smile and put her arms around his neck as the music began.

Jarrad wrapped his arms around Ashley and pulled her tightly against his growing erection. His hands dropped from her waist and cupped her buttocks. "Wearing a thong, I see," he remarked as his hands kneaded Ashley's firm cheeks through the thin material of her shirt.

Ashley licked the inside of his ear and blew hot breath into it. "No... no thong," she whispered.

Startled by her response, Jarrad put his hands on Ashley's hips and pushed her far enough away that he could look into her eyes. He looked at her with disbelief. Then speaking aloud, but quietly so as not to be heard by Brad or George, "Uh... then you're not wearing any panties?"

Ashley grinned. "I was thinking you might like it."

Brad looked down at the throbbing bulge in his pants. "Uh, yeah... I guess I do," he said continuing the confidential tone of voice, "But what about Brad?" He looked across the room, at her stepbrother and George, deep in conversation. "I can't believe he doesn't care."

"He doesn't know," Ashley said quietly.

"Doesn't know?" Jarrad snapped back, "How could he not know?" Ashley stared at him but didn't respond. Brad continued, "Unless... unless you took them off when you went to the bathroom."

Ashley nodded while continuing to maintain eye contact.

"Oh shit," Jarrad said, "Brad is going to be furious when he finds out."

Ashley tightened her arms around Jarrad's neck and pressed her body against his. She whispered in his ear, "It was his idea."

Jarrad jerked his head back and put his face directly in front of Ashley's, their noses touching and lips only an inch or so apart. "Are you shitting?" he whispered.

As they moved slowly to the music, their noses still touching, Ashley said, "I couldn't believe it either, but he did suggest it."

"So he knows then."

"No, I told him there was no way I was going to do it."

"But you did."

"That's what took me so long in the bathroom. I was talking myself into it."

Nothing was said for a few seconds. They resumed a very clingy manner of dancing, her head on his shoulder, her arms around his neck, and his hands clutching her backside, grinding her against his hardened member.

"So you're going to be okay with me dancing like this with George and Brad," Ashley asked.

"As long as you are having fun I'm going to love it."

"So you like it when I'm acting slutty then."

Jarrad again pressed his face against hers. "No, not slutty... I like that you can act so proper and still be so sexy."

"And you don't think I'm just being a cock-tease."

"You can tease me for as long as you want." Jarrad clutched Ashley's butt and ground her into his hard-on. "I like your teasing, whatever you want to call it."

The song was ending. "So while I dance with Brad and George," Ashley teased, "You be thinking about when we go out again and how you want me to torment you." She broke away and motioned to George.

So far, it hadn't been too weird for Ashley. Being without panties while dancing with Jarrad was kind of fun anyway. The only thing that made it somewhat difficult was knowing she was being watched by Brad and George. Of course they did not yet know she was without panties.

Dancing with George was going to be her first big test. With her wearing nothing but a flimsy dress shirt, he would be able to feel her nipples against his breast. But the thought of having an almost stranger's hands on her barely covered ass was really making her nervous.

At least George was good-looking. The discomfort Ashley felt was not a fearful sort of nervous, just unease over the prospects of something out of the ordinary. It was kind of like she felt when she went on her first date. She knew it would be fun, but she was still apprehensive.

Ashley chose to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. As the music began she put her arms around George's neck and pulled their bodies together, making it easy for George to put his arms around her. She decided too that she wasn't going to do or say anything to discourage him from putting his hands on her ass.

"Jarrad told me you were the hottest girl he had ever known, but I had no idea I'd get lucky enough to dance with you."

"Well, I wanted to dance with you anyway, but I think Jarrad would be disappointed if I didn't. So tell me, how do you two know each other."

“Well, we pretty much grew up together. Jarrad and I were born on the same day, in the same hospital. Our parents met there and became friends. The two families have always been close so I guess it's only natural that we should be friends too.”

Ashley nodded her understanding as George's hands slid down and gripped her butt. Ashley had become used to having her ass played with while dancing, she had even come to enjoy it. Now however, without any panties, his hands seemed threatening.

George had already surmised that Ashley was braless, but he hadn't yet realized she was also without panties. "It surprises me a little," George continued, "that Jarrad actually wanted you to dance with me, you know... dressed the way you are."

Ashley sensed that George could tell the shirt was the only thing separating his hands from her bare butt. She held her breath as his fingers traced upward, feeling for the strap of a thong. She choked as he said, "Uh... you're not wearing any underwear, are you."

Ashley hesitated before answering. She was reluctant to confirm what he obviously knew. She finally replied, "Nooo," dragging it out in a plea for understanding. Ashley blushed and added with all the bravado she could muster, "That's not going to be a problem for you is it."

George saw in Ashley's eyes, the look of a deer that had been caught in the headlights. She obviously was not comfortable with the situation. He guessed correctly that this was a first for her, probably something Jarrad had talked her into. He determined not to make her any more uncomfortable than she already was.

George backed away some from his physical contact with Ashley. "I guess I shouldn't have opened my fat trap," he said.

Ashley pressed her body back against George's. "But then I would have been afraid you hadn't noticed."

George gently gripped Ashley's ass-cheeks. "Then you wanted me to notice."

Ashley put her mouth next to George's ear. "Of course," she whispered, "It wouldn't have been any fun if I thought you didn't know." She pressed herself against George's erection.

"But you were acting like something was wrong."

"Just a little scared is all... I mean like it is the first time I've done anything like this... But I'm getting there... I'll be okay."

"And it's not bothering you where my hands are... because if it is I can move them."

"You keep them on the outside of the shirt and I'll be okay." Ashley looked at George and smiled. "Might even like it a little."

Not much more was said before the song ended. As it ended though, George said, "I hope we get to dance again. Oh and by the way... This was a first for me too."

"I think we'll dance again," Ashley replied. "But right now I've got to see how my step-brother feels about the situation."

As the new number started and Brad walked toward her to take George's place, Ashley headed for the bathroom, saying to Brad, "Don't go away. I'll just be a few seconds."

In the bathroom, Ashley quickly dug her panties out of the hamper and pulled them on. She had been gone only a few seconds when she returned to dance with Brad.

"That was quick," he remarked.

"Yeah, I just needed to make a little adjustment."

Brad's hands were on Ashley's butt. He could feel the panties. He didn't know that Ashley hadn't been wearing them when she was dancing with Jarrad and George a few minutes earlier. "I'm sorry if I pissed you off with what I said, I just thought you might have more fun without your panties."

"Yeah, well maybe so, but I was uncomfortable enough... having so little on. And I'm not mad at you anyway. You were right. It would have been fun. But let me ask you -"

Brad suddenly turned on the caution light. "Yes?" he asked carefully.

"I know I said I didn't want to dance for you guys, but I might have changed my mind. What do you think... would you have a problem if I did?"

Brad stepped back and held his hands up. "Hey, I'm not your father," he said, "What you do is up to you."

"Yeah but you are my step-brother and I don't want to do anything to upset you."

Brad took Ashley in his arms again and resumed dancing. "Sunday, I got a little nervous, more for you than me though. There were a couple of guys here that I'm not sure can keep their mouth shut, but today... Jarrad is my best friend and he thinks the world of you. There is no way he would ever do anything to hurt you... And George... I don't know him that well but he doesn't live here anyway. Like I said, it's up to you. You do what you want, but I can tell you this -"


If you decide to, I can promise you won't hear any complaints from me."

Ashley looked into Brad's eyes. "So you'd want me to then?"

Brad stared back and replied very deliberately, "Like I said... It's up to you."

While they danced, Ashley thought about it. Jarrad and George would think she wasn't wearing any panties. That alone would be an incredible turn-on, for her and them. And Brad wouldn't be overly concerned because he didn't know she'd ever had them off.


Ashley decided to test her bravado again. When the song ended she went to the entertainment center and turned it to a channel that was more up-tempo, sort of an old-style disco sound. She danced to the center of the room and did so in a manner that made it clear she didn't want a partner.

Jarrad and George were standing to one side of the room, talking and waiting their turn to dance with her. As she started to dance, Jarrad nudged George and directed his attention to the center of the room. "This is going to be good," he said, "especially with her being commando."

With very little light coming from the windows, (it was still raining outside), they had turned on the spot-lights that back-lit the entertainment center. With Brad watching from the couch on the opposite wall, and Jarrad and his cousin near one end of the couch, Ashley was pretty much between them and the brightly lit alcove.

The shirt was thin and with the light silhouetting her body from behind, Ashley imagined that she looked almost naked to the three watching her. And although the vision frightened her, she liked the attention she was getting.

The panties she was wearing were flesh colored, meaning that Jarrad and George wouldn't immediately realize what Brad already knew -- that she was wearing panties. As she danced, Ashley grew more confident. She made eye contact with Brad as she clutched the topmost button of the shirt in one hand. Seeing that he was expressing no concern, she undid it.

Having that button open wasn't all that daring. It had probably been unbuttoned when she was sitting in the kitchen earlier. Still, loosening it while being watched by three pairs of eyes, did feel naughty.

Ashley raised her arms high above her head, raising the hem of the shirt, normally at mid-thigh, to even higher. It was still well below her panties, but exposed enough of her legs to have Brad thinking that it was a good thing she was wearing some. Jarrad and George, who still did not know that, stared even more intently.

Ashley wanted to carry the tease a little further. Recently she had become accustomed to being nearly naked around Brad. Jarrad had also seen most of what she had to offer. If it had been just the two of them, it would not have been all that big of a problem.

With George here though, it was a different matter. Ashley barely knew him. The presence of George raised serious questions about how Brad might react. More significantly she questioned her own nerve in the matter.

Ashley wanted to take it at least a notch further, but she had already pushed her boundaries quite considerably since getting out of bed that morning. It seemed as if she had reached the limit. There did however seem to be a way in which she could keep her options open.

She abruptly stopped dancing and turned in the direction of the bathroom. "Got to make a quick stop. Be right back," Ashley announced over her shoulder as she hastened from the room.

Jarrad and George, thinking she was still commando, dejectedly assumed that Ashley was going to the bathroom to put her panties on. Brad, not realizing she had ever taken them off, guessed she simply needed to take a pee. When Ashley returned to the den a few minutes later, the guys all assumed she was wearing panties, but... she had actually removed and left them in the bathroom.

Ashley immediately resumed dancing. She waved her arms over her head and bent and squatted, repeatedly raising the hem of her lone garment to the point of nearly exposing herself. The guys were ready to explode from the teasing they were getting, even though they assumed Ashley was wearing panties. For her part, she did nothing to change their thinking.

But Ashley's 'almost' flashes were not so much to tease the guys, as it was for her to build courage. As she danced, she flicked loose a couple more buttons. The shirt was being held together now, by two buttons only, one at her waist, the other a little lower. But Ashley had a plan, if Brad didn't go ballistic, and if she could get up the nerve.

She beckoned for Brad to join her. "I need someone to dance with me," Ashley said. Brad got up from the couch and gyrated toward Ashley, expecting to continue the uptempo dance apart from his stepsister. She surprised him though, by helping him to put his arms around her waist, then bumping their bodies together to the beat of the music.

Brad's hands dropped lower, where he should have been able to feel panties, but didn't. He was shocked. "You uh... took your panties off," he stammered.

Ashley put her hands between them and undid the last two buttons. She didn't open the shirt all the way, but she did open it a few inches, more at the top, and pressed her mostly exposed body against Brad's. Jarrad and George guessed that her bare tits were pressed against Brad's chest, but the shirt still hid the fact that she was also without panties.

Ashley put her arms around Brad's neck and looked directly at him. "Uh huh," she replied to his question, "Are you okay with it?"

"Uh, yeah," answered Brad, "But are you?"

Ashley was shaking. "Actually, I'm scared shitless, or couldn't you tell. But I'm okay... or at least I will be, if you're not going to get mad."

"No... I'm not going to get mad. It's your body. You do what you want with it."

Ashley pulled the shirt open a little more, still blocking all but Brad's view of her nudity. She leaned back, inviting him to look. "Do you like what I'm doing with it?"

"Well, I am your stepbrother, and I know it would be better if I didn't -" Brad studied Ashley. "But yes... yes I do," he replied.

Ashley closed the gap between them and continued grinding her body against Brad's until the song ended. As they broke apart, she pulled the shirt together and held it closed with one hand. As Brad turned toward the couch she motioned to Jarrad.

Speaking loudly enough to be heard over the music, Ashley said to George, "You're next, but first I need to get Jarrad's opinion on something."

"My opinion?" Jarrad asked as he joined Ashley in the center of the room.

Ashley positioned herself so that her back was pretty much to Brad and George, with Jarrad a foot or so in front of her. She turned loose of the shirt and let it fall open, leaving a sliver of bare flesh all the way down her front side. "I wanted to make sure you had a chance to say no, before I danced with George."

Jarrad noticeably gulped. "I see that you didn't put the panties back on," he said as he opened the shirt further. Ashley watched Jarrad's eyes as they examined her naked body. Then his arms went around her waist. He closed his hands on her bare cheeks and pulled her to him.

Ashley leaned back, successfully maintaining a slight separation between them. This was about as far as her imaginings had gone. She was now in uncharted waters. Still puzzled by Jarrad's reaction, she asked quite sincerely, "Do you think I should put them on?"

"Oh no! I just thought that was why you went to the bathroom."

"So you think it's okay then."

Jarrad ran his hands up the sides of Ashley's bare body. Taking hold of the shirt, he slipped it off her shoulders.

Ashley trapped the shirt with her arms and kept it from falling to the floor. She was startled by Jarrad's action. "What do you think you are doing?" she demanded.

"I was expressing my opinion," Jarrad replied evenly."

Beginning to think she had already gone too far, Ashley protested, "Well I'm not taking it off." Stretching her arms around Jarrad's neck she made sure the shirt could drop no further. "So dance with me... unless you'd rather I just danced with Brad and George."

Jarrad didn't answer. He grabbed hold of Ashley's butt-cheeks and resumed dancing. George's cell-phone rang, just loud enough to be heard above the music. George looked to see who was calling and shouted, "Quick, turn the music down. It's my mother."

Ashley unwound herself from Jarrad, shrugging the shirt back over her shoulders and closing it, while at the same time, stepping over to the entertainment center and turning it down.

"Yes, Mom," they heard George say. They could only hear his end of the conversation. "But right now… But I thought we weren't leaving until tomorrow morning… So we've got to then... I'll get Jarrad to bring me back... Yes, Mother, I'll be right there... Yes, okay, bye."

George turned dejectedly toward the others. "You're not going to believe this. Dad got a call. There's an emergency at the plant and he's got to get right back. We're leaving as soon as Jarrad can get me back to the house."

"Well, I certainly don't want to believe it," Jarrad snapped, "But if we must, we must."

Ashley was not too happy with the situation either. "You're coming back though," she said to Jarrad.

He looked longingly at the temptingly clad Ashley and said, "You know I want to, but probably not today." He added in explanation, "I promised my mother I would help her with some stuff as soon as George was gone. I'm sure she'll hide my keys until I'm done, and by then your dad will be home."

Ashley continued to hold the shirt closed as she followed Jarrad and George to the door. Opening it she implored, "Call me?"

"Sure," responded Jarrad, "But probably not until later tonight."

George spoke urgently to get a few words in before the door closed. "Jarrad was right. You are hot, and I'm coming back, real soon."

"You do that," Ashley said to George. "You owe me a dance."

"Right," said George as Jarrad closed the door in his face.

Back in the den, Ashley sat down next to Brad. Her shirt was still unbuttoned and she let it fall open a couple of inches. "It's probably best they had to leave when they did."

"How so?"

"I think Jarrad was wanting things to progress a little further than I was ready for."

"But you would have stopped him."

Ashley turned toward Brad. She studied his eyes as he tried to see past the edges of the shirt. "Probably not," she replied.

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