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Brad and Ashley, Part 6

Ashley goes for a night swim with three guys.
Ashley stepped out of the shower, naked and dripping wet. She grabbed a towel to dry herself while focusing on a most intriguing question: what would she wear? Ashley was preparing to join her stepbrother, Brad, and his best friend Jarrad. She expected that whatever she chose to wear, she wouldn't be wearing it long.

Ashley had spent the afternoon with the two of them at the family's backyard pool. She had been wearing a very daring, sort of bikini type, two-piece bathing suit, one her father would never have approved of, but that didn't really matter because he and her stepmother had gone into the city, leaving she and Brad alone. The parents weren't expected back until sometime tomorrow and Jarrad had been invited to spend the night.

It had been exciting to have two guys ogling her nearly naked body and even trying to talk her out of what little she was wearing. Ashley had been tempted to take the top off but decided to wait, at least until that evening. They were going to grill steaks in the backyard and she was sure they would go swimming after.

'Well, if the top were to disappear then,' she thought, 'That would be fun.' She cinched the towel loosely around herself and picked up the blow-dryer. She licked her lips as she imagined herself swimming topless with Jarrad and Brad.

Ashley was still a virgin and had no thoughts about that changing anytime soon, at least not tonight. She and Brad, now both eighteen, had stopped fighting and become more interested in playing sex games with each other. They had though, drawn some lines befitting their status as almost siblings.

The relationship with Brad's friend Jarrad though was quite different. Ashley and Jarrad had been on a date, he was eighteen too, and on a deserted beach she had gotten down to just her panties. If there had been a bed nearby, instead of just sand and bugs, she would have lost her virginity right there. Without Brad around to put a damper on her emotions, there was no way she could go for a night swim with Jarrad, much less take off her top, and still expect to remain a virgin. Ashley was counting on Brad to make sure things didn't go too far.

She ran a brush through her hair to take out the tangles; then putting it down, she stepped out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. Stopping in front of the dressing table, she turned loose of the towel and let it drop. Unless she intended to show up wearing what she was now wearing, which was nothing, she was going to have to make some decisions.

This was certainly not the time for modesty. It would just be the three of them, and in the privacy of her own backyard with it's eight foot fences all around. She was looking forward to pushing it a little, but she didn't want to come across as a slut either.

On the dressing table was the swimsuit she had worn that afternoon. If she had that on, she'd be ready for the pool without even having to change. The bottom was awfully skimpy though. She'd need something over it in order to be even halfway decent for supper. Ashley considered the top. It was not the typical triangles or bandeau type. It was a strip of cloth, five or six inches wide, bloused over her breasts and held in place by tiny shoulder straps. She would be almost bare, but the look would be more flirty than slutty.

She put the suit on, then looking in the mirror, she adjusted the top's straps such that the bottom of her breasts were almost visible. She rummaged through her drawers for the right thing to cover the bottom. She selected a tiny wrap-around skirt.

The skirt had really been intended as a beach coverup and was probably no more than twelve inches of pleated material. She wrapped it around herself and secured the single button that held it together. She pushed it down on her hips until it covered the tiny strip of material between her legs. She shifted it around until the gap below the button was positioned over the front of her left thigh. The bottom she wore was so tiny it looked as if she wasn't wearing anything under the skirt.

Ashley applied some neutral lip gloss, ran her fingers through her hair and took one last look in the mirror before heading for the backyard. She slid open the sliding glass door separating her bedroom from the backyard and came to an abrupt halt.

At the outdoor table, there were three guys, not just the two she had been expecting. The newcomer's back was toward her so she couldn't tell whether or not she knew him, much less who it actually was. She hesitated in the doorway, looking down at her nearly nothing attire and thinking she probably needed to change into something less revealing.

Why hadn't Brad or Jarrad informed her of the third. With the way she lately had been dressing at home when it was just she and Brad, sometimes even when Jarrad was there, surely they couldn't have been expecting her to be dressed as if for school. Jarrad might actually want her to run around half-dressed all the time, but Brad? When it was just the two of them at home alone, the less, the better, but when any of his friends were coming over, he showed concern. No way should he have failed to warn her.

Unless... unless the newcomer was someone she knew quite well – someone she might be comfortable with while not wearing a great deal. There was one maybe. She had even danced with him while wearing just a ragged old shirt – no bra and no panties. 'Oh my god, that was so hot!' she thought. But no, it couldn't be George, he didn't even live in town.

Whoever it was, Brad apparently wasn't worried about how she might be dressed, so maybe she shouldn't be either. Ashley was a bit nervous but concluded there was no reason for concern. It might even be kind of exciting, especially if the newcomer turned out to be a complete stranger. She stepped quietly into the backyard, took a deep breath to bolster her courage, pushed the door closed and walked briskly toward the table.

The newcomer turned at the sound of Ashley's approaching footsteps. She recognized him instantly. “George!” she exclaimed, “I thought you went home.”

All three were now looking in Ashley's direction, delighting in the fact that she hadn't gone ‘nunnish’ on them. “I uh, had,” George stammered, his eyes darting up and down. “I uh, drove my own car back today... so I could finish my stay.”

Ashley diverted her attention from George and toward Jarrad, trying to gage his reaction to her attire. While attempting to make eye contact with Jarrad, Ashley said to George “And Jarrad invited you to join us. Cool!”

Failing to make eye contact with Jarrad, Ashley turned toward Brad, who also was assessing how she had dressed. Brad looked up from his appraisal and saw Ashley's eyes on his. “Oh my God,” he mouthed, followed by a nod. Ashley grinned as she recognized his approval.

George continued talking, trying to appear oblivious to her manner of dress. Although she wasn't really listening, he did say something that caught her attention. “Say that again,” Ashley requested.

“It was really Brad who insisted I come over.” George was seated only two or three feet from where Ashley stood. He continued giving her a very deliberate elevator look.

Ashley nodded her understanding, then turned and headed toward the house to get the fixings for their supper. As she did, all three stared. “You said she owed you a dance,” Jarrad said to George, “Are you going to be upset if you don't get it.”

“If I never get the dance, this trip will still have been worth it,” George answered, his eyes fixed on Ashley as she went through the door into the kitchen.

When she returned, all eyes again turned in her direction. She was bare from the waist up, except for the flouncy crop top suspended teasingly over her breasts by two tiny shoulder straps. It may have been the same one she had worn at the pool earlier, but now Brad and Jarrad noticed, it was tied more like it had probably been intended to be tied, offering a tiny glimpse of both the upper and lower portions of her breasts.

Ashley set the uncooked steaks on the table and turned to George who still could not tear his eyes from her. “Will you please go to the kitchen and bring out the rest of the stuff. I left it sitting on the table.”

George looked up and locked eyes with Ashley. “Oh yes ma'am, be happy to.”

“Ashley... not ma'am,” she corrected. “Oh, and by the way,” she said as George again focused on the crop top, “I do like you looking.” Her lips formed a grin. “I'd be disappointed if you didn't.”

George's eyes jerked upward again to hers, “Yes ma'am... er Ashley, thank you,” he said as he turned for the house.

Dazzled by the expanse of bare flesh, Brad and Jarrad's eyes roamed over Ashley's body while she talked to George. When Ashley turned her attention toward them, she was flattered to see she still had their attention. “Of course that looking stuff goes for you two as well,” she said. Disappointed, but not really surprised, that her words did not command the same attention as her body, she raised her voice, pointed to her face and shouted, “Up here guys!

Jarrad and Brad reacted, almost in unison. “Huh...” they said looking up at Ashley's face.

“I really do love it that you guys want to look,” she began patiently, “But there are other things of importance...”

“Name one,” quipped Jarrad.

Ashley blushed as a wide grin spread across her face. “Well uh... I do need to know before he gets back - I'm okay with George being here if that's what we are doing.” She looked at Jarrad – he nodded. She looked at Brad – he nodded too. “You invited him so I presume he's staying the night?” she asked of Brad.

“Right,” he confirmed.

“Yeah, and the way we had it worked out,” Jarrad explained tongue in cheek, “Is that he would take the extra bed in Brad's room and I would sleep with you.” He grinned as he looked at Brad, then back at Ashley.

Ashley chose to continue the game. “Sleep,” she screeched in mock indignation, “If that's all you want to do you're going to have to find a different girl.”

Jarrad knew he had been had and backpedaled rapidly, “Uh, what I meant was -”

“We know what you meant,” interrupted Ashley, “And you know it's not going to happen, so cut the shit and tell me what you're really planning.”

“Well, uh, I guess he can -”

Brad jumped in, “We hadn't really thought all that much about it, but I guess he can stay in Mom and Dad's room.” Not waiting for a reaction, he turned to putting the steaks on the grill.


After she finished eating, Ashley stood. Her movement attracted the attention of the others at the table. She wet her lips and glanced from one to another of them while arranging her dishes and silver in a neat stack in front of her. Lowering her eyes to the table, she picked up the stack and turned to the dish-tub on the ground behind her chair.

As Ashley stooped to put the dishes in the tub, she felt eyes boring into her backside. The wrap-around she was wearing didn't even reach mid-thigh when she was upright, but when she was bent over it barely covered her ass, leaving the backs of her legs and thighs deliciously exposed.

“Kicked the bottom out of that one,” Jarrad remarked loudly. Seated to the right of where Ashley had been sitting, he had an unobstructed view as she bent to deposit the dishes.

George, who was sitting across the table and to the left of Ashley's vacated chair, was similarly treated to the tempting sight. His eyes sparkled as he nodded his acknowledgement.

Ashley's crop top was no longer playing its covering role. It hung loosely toward the ground, exposing her hardening nipples to the night air. Although she was quite sure no one could actually see anything, just the possibility that she might be exposing herself to Jarrad or George, sent shivers through her body.

As she stood and turned back toward the table, Brad's eyes locked on hers. She held his gaze as she sat down, trying to read his thoughts. “Sorry,” he said, “I haven't been very good company – not feeling up to par I guess.”

“You want to go to your room, maybe lay down awhile?” she asked. Ashley held her breath, hoping Brad would not desert her. With what she was wearing, she did not want to be left alone with Jarrad and George.

Jarrad waved his hand toward the house. “Yeah, go on,” he said, “We'll be okay without you.” 'For sure,' he added silently to himself.

George's thoughts hearkened back to the previous morning and his pulse quickened at the thought of how wild Ashley might be if her stepbrother wasn't there. “Yeah, do it!” he urged, “You need to take care of yourself.”

Brad hadn't been able to eat much and was feeling somewhat queasy, but he wasn't going to leave Ashley alone with Jarrad and George. “My God,” he thought, “Especially not the way she's dressed.” Brad responded, “No, no, I'll be fine.”

Ashley released the air she was holding in her lungs. She was anxious for a little play time but dressed as she was, she was rapidly becoming afraid she might have bitten off more than she could chew. Having Brad there to make sure things didn't get out of hand would be essential. “Put your dishes and garbage in the tub behind me. Someone needs to take it to the kitchen before the bugs get into it,” she said in a forceful manner.

“I guess that will be me,” Jarrad offered, sounding as if he were bravely volunteering for some dangerous mission, “Feast like this deserves proper payment.”

“So does anyone have any thoughts about what we should do for the rest of the evening?” Ashley asked. “And, before anyone mentions it, you guys taking turns dancing with me is not an option.”

“Well, then,” started George, “We could go for a swim.”

“That might be fun,” Ashley replied. She had been hoping for that one. “But, I'm going to have to change if we're going to do that. This top wasn't meant for swimming.”

Jarrad jumped in. “In a few minutes the sun will be gone and if we leave the pool lights off... well I don't see why it wouldn't be just fine.”

“There we go with Jarrad's dreams again,” Brad taunted.

“That is no dream,” Jarrad argued. He was pretty sure Ashley was looking for an excuse to stay as she was. “Tell me, Ashley, what difference is it going to make whether you wear that,” he hesitated, pointing in her direction, “or some other top.”

Ashley knew she was about to lose the argument. But that was what she wanted, wasn't it? It just had to look like she'd gotten talked into it. She lowered her voice and spoke carefully. “Well,” she dragged the word out, “the material in this top is thinner than my other tops...” She hesitated, then continued as if she were begging for agreement, “...and when it's wet, it's going to be a lot more revealing?” She looked around the table, knowing that now there was no chance they would let her change.

Jarrad spoke, pretending to downplay the significance of what she had said. “And in the dark... who's going to know?”

Ashley had her excuse. She could remain as she was. Still, she didn't want it to look like something she wanted to do. She sought her step-brother's approval. “Brad, is it okay with you if I don't change?”

“Well, Jarrad's probably right, it doesn't really make a lot of difference, but it's up to you sis. If you're okay with it you'll get no argument from me.” Brad shrugged his shoulders, emphasizing his 'don't care' attitude.

Ashley was pretty sure that with Brad there, it would be okay. “Alright then, I'll wear this top,” demurred Ashley.

“Okay!” exclaimed George, as he high-fived the air.

Jarrad thrust his jaw in the direction of George as if to say, “See, I told you we'd have fun tonight.”

Brad struggled to add a comment, “I, uh... yeah, sounds good to me... I might have to sit on the edge and watch though, but sure... swimming sounds good to me.”

Ashley guessed she was walking into a lion's den, but something about the danger of the situation thrilled her. She unbuttoned and dropped the skirt, revealing her bikini covered bottom as she headed for the pool. Over her shoulder she urged, “I'm going swimming and I don't want to be alone.”

“C'mon guys,” Jarrad coaxed unnecessarily, “Get those dishes into the tub. I don't want to keep the lady waiting.”

After putting his dishes into the tub, George followed Ashley discreetly into the pool, careful to keep a respectful distance. Brad perched on the edge with just his feet in the water. Both watched as Ashley waded slowly toward the deep end of the pool.

When the surface of the water reached the bottom of the crop-top, it began to lift it free of her breasts. She made a half-hearted attempt to push it down, smoothing the wet material over her breasts. It was no use. When Ashley took her hands away, the top floated back to the surface. The cool temperature of the water combined with the excitement of being so bare, hardened her nipples.

Brad and George watched as Ashley pretended to keep her top in place. She waded toward the side of the pool opposite Brad. Once again, she smoothed the flimsy material over her breasts, then rested her elbows on the edge and looked at him.

The top floated gradually back to the surface. Brad and George trained their eyes on the form of Ashley's breasts, dancing deliciously just below the surface of the water. Brad had to adjust his shorts as the sight of his step-sister sent blood rushing into his cock. Ashley felt the top float upward, but pretended not to notice.

Jarrad made a running dive from the end of the pool nearest the house, which was also the deep end. He swam under water to a spot just a few feet in front of Ashley. Surfacing he exclaimed, “You should go topless more often.”

“But I still have my top on,” Ashley protested, knowing full well it had crept up again and wasn't doing much to keep her covered.

“Not under water you don't,” he replied.

Ashley looked at Jarrad with an 'okay buster' type of look and began edging her way back toward the shallow end of the pool. In water only a little above her belly-button, the top was once again draped over her tits, only now it was wet and clung like a second skin.

Jarrad followed her from a few feet away. “You know,” he remarked calmly, “You were right. When that top is wet, it really is quite revealing, almost as if you aren't wearing anything at all.”

Ashley knew that her breasts, and especially her hardening nipples, were making a very tempting sight. “So what do you think I should do about it?” she asked in a manner making it clear that she wasn't overly concerned.

“You might take it off,” Jarrad replied matter-of-factly.

“You'd like that wouldn't you?” Ashley asked, trembling with excitement at the thought.

“And so would you,” Jarrad snapped. Ashley looked excitedly into Jarrad's eyes. He continued, “And so would George and so would Brad.”

“Brad,” Ashley implored, “Jarrad says you'd like to see me with my top off. Tell him it isn't so.” She really did want to take the top off but she needed to know she had her stepbrother's approval. She crossed her fingers.

“Well now,” Brad started with a 'shucks ma'am' style of speaking, “I'm just not so sure he isn't right.”

“So you think I should take it off too?” she asked hopefully.

“I didn't say that. I said I would like it if you did. I didn't say you should. That's up to you.”

Ashley felt excitement at the prospect of being topless with all of them at once. “So you'd be okay if I did take it off?” she asked in a manner suggesting his approval.

“If you want, go ahead,” Brad was sure that was what she wanted him to say.

Ashley uncrossed her fingers. “And I guess I don't need to ask you, do I, George?” Ashley sat down in the pool, the water just under her chin. Looking back and forth from Jarrad to George, she pushed the tiny straps off her shoulders and pulled her arms through them. With a little tug, she pulled the top down and over her nipples. With it now around her waist, she pulled the back of it around to the front and undid the hooks holding it together. Freed from her body she tossed the top to the pool deck. She smiled at Jarrad and asked, “Satisfied?”

The blood rushed to Jarrad's head, the little one. George who also had a ringside seat, reacted similarly. Her tits might still be below the surface of the water but they were bare and with her having tossed the top to the side of the pool there was no way she was planning to put it back on.

“You are going to stand up though aren't you?” Jarrad coaxed mildly, trying not to sound in the least accusatory.

“I'm not quite ready yet to have the three of you looking at me, all at the same time. I probably need to wait until it's darker.”

Ashley liked having the top off, but she was also feeling some minor embarrassment and looked questioningly at each of the guys, especially Brad, to see if there was any condemnation over what she had done.

Satisfied that there was none, and with all eyes still on her, she stood quickly, briefly exposing her breasts, then even more quickly did a surface dive and swam toward the deserted end of the pool.

Brad ran his fingers through his hair. He was pretty sure he had answered the way Ashley wanted. He needed to make sure though. He got up from his perch and walked to the deep end of the pool where Ashley was clinging to the edge. He squatted in front of her. Brad first looked at her, then away, then back again. He tried to speak, “I uh...” but couldn't and averted his eyes again.

In spite of Brad's concern over her bare breasts, Ashley was quite comfortable with the situation. She looked up at her stepbrother. “If you think you said something wrong, you didn't.” Her body was hidden from Brad's view by the edge of the pool. She pushed back a few inches, demonstrating her confidence in exposing herself. “Relax,” she said cheerily, “I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't wanted to. I just needed to know it was okay with you too.”

Brad looked at Ashley's bare breasts. “Then you're not uh...” He reluctantly tore his eyes away, looking again into hers, but with much less concern than he had a few minutes ago.

“No silly,” she said, still holding the edge, “But, I trust you to make sure I'm still a virgin when morning comes. I can count on that, can't I?”

“Of course,” Brad replied, “And that's a promise.”

After a glance toward George and Jarrad and noting their momentary inattention to her, Ashley lifted herself from the water and gave Brad a peck on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said, offering him a quick glimpse of her bare breasts before slipping back into the pool.

“Understood,” Brad said, eying her breasts just below the surface of the water.

It was getting dark and Ashley was feeling bolder. She turned loose of the pool deck and sprang away, her breasts dancing along the darkened surface of the water as she backstroked toward the center of the pool. Near the middle she stopped, her body hidden by water up to her shoulders. She waved to Jarrad and George who were watching from the shallow end. “Hi guys,” she teased.

As Jarrad and George waded toward Ashley, Brad slipped off the end of the pool and swam toward her. With her arms outstretched and hands skimming the surface of the water, looking to one side and pretending to ignore the stares of her approaching admirers, Ashley waded a few steps toward the shallower water until her bare nipples were even with the water's surface.

Brad came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, assuring her of his presence. Emboldened by what she hoped would also be protection, Ashley ventured a few more steps in the direction of Jarrad and George. She felt the night air on her exposed nipples and inhaled deeply. The excitement built within her as she looked the guys in the eyes.

Ashley whispered over her shoulder, “Having my top off is nice, but still a little scary.” She looked at Jarrad and George approaching. Ashley held her hand out, signaling the two of them not to come closer.

“Relax, Ashley, just enjoy,” Brad urged.

“You mean it?” questioned Ashley.

Brad put his mouth to her ear. “You wanted to do this, now have fun,” he said.

“I don't know if I can,” Ashley whispered.

“Relax,” he whispered in her ear, “I'm right here.” Brad was behind her, both hands on her shoulders. He spoke loud enough that Jarrad and George, a few feet away, could also hear. “Just close your eyes and lay back,” he said. “We'll all help you to float.” With head motions and eye movements, he signaled the other two to come a little closer. “We'll just hold you for a few minutes until you feel comfortable.”

Gently, Brad moved his hand from Ashley's shoulder toward the small of her back. “Deep breath,” he said as he pushed her body toward the surface of the water. “Go for it. I made a promise and I'll keep it,”

Ashley filled her lungs with air and let her body float upward. She glanced at Brad. She was nervous but also very excited.

“Just relax,” he whispered. He grasped her hand tightly.

Wanting to let herself go, Ashley floated as Brad supported her. With her breasts exposed to the night air, she felt the hands of Jarrad and George take hold of her legs and help her float.

Ashley kept her eyes closed. Her spate of nervous anxiety faded and a smile crossed her lips. “Oh yeah,” she cooed, “I think I could get used to this.” She was floating topless in the midst of Brad, Jarrad, and George.

As Ashley continued floating, three pairs of hands lightly caressed her bare skin. With her eyes closed, she tried to put names to each. The hands snaking up her thighs - probably Jarrad's; those tracing circles over her stomach and rib-cage, coming very near her bare breasts – hopefully George; and supporting her back and neck – definitely Brad.

A tongue flicked across one of her nipples. The hand that had been creeping up her thighs cupped the bikini covered spot between her legs. 'Oh, jesus, this is so good,' she thought.

Then reality hit. Her eyes snapped open. She jerked upright, then crouched low to submerge her bare breasts. “No way!” she snapped to no one in particular. She looked accusingly at each of them in turn. “And you, Brad,” she said to her step-brother, “You promised!”

“Lighten up a little,” Brad said softly, attempting to soothe his anxious step-sister. “No one was hurting you. We were just acknowledging that you are a beautiful woman.”

“Bu... but...” Ashley stammered.

“But nothing. Nothing was going to happen. I would have made sure of it,” Brad insisted.

Ashley hesitated and looked slowly at each of them as her anxiousness died away. “Yeah, well it was a bit more than I was expecting.” She stood slowly and carefully made her way toward Brad. She took hold of his hands and guided his arms around her, seeking comfort and assurance from him. She was able to get her arms around his neck while still maintaining a small degree of separation between them.

Brad leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I'm sorry we upset you, but it does appear that you are enjoying this.”

Ashley closed the distance between them, pressing her mid-section against Brad's. “It appears you're enjoying it too,” she said, rubbing herself teasingly against his erection. Then turning him loose, she made her way to George.

George beamed as Ashley waded the short distance from Brad to him. He fixated on her bare breasts, fully exposed in the waist deep water. His erection grew. She came close enough to speak confidentially. “That was your tongue wasn't it?” she asked with a wink and a smile.

”Uh yeah,” he admitted sheepishly. Ashley closed the gap between them. She pressed her body against George, feeling the bulge in his swim trunks grow in spite of the cool water in the pool.

“It felt really nice,” she whispered, locking her arms around his neck and forcing herself against his hard-on. Speechless, he nodded in agreement. “Nice,” she repeated, rubbing her body suggestively against his.

George was conflicted. Ashley was easily the sexiest girl he had ever known, and he was sure she expected him to make a move. Even with her bare breasts pressed against him though, he still remembered that Brad and Jarrad were also in the pool. He hesitated; wanting to be sure he made the right decision. George pressed his lips to Ashley's and held her tightly. She gasped as his hands slid from her waist and gripped her ass. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. Ashley sucked it in and ground her waist against his erection. Then she broke free and made her way to Jarrad.

“It's about damn time,” Jarrad said. Ashley was annoyed by his manner, but still aroused. She allowed herself to be caught up in his embrace. Jarrad was more aggressive with Ashley than George had been. When she was barely within arms' length, he grabbed her and pressed her against him. Ashley was not impressed by Jarrad's behavior, but she was too turned on to stop it.

Without warning, Jarrad slid a hand between her legs and pressed it against the crotch of her bikini, just as he had a few minutes before. Ashley gasped. Thinking she was being hurt, Brad stepped closer. “I'm okay,” she said, feeling Brad's presence behind her. “Really, I am,” she moaned, feeling Jarrad's continued assault on her sex.

Brad stepped back as Ashley grabbed his wrist. The rate of her breathing shot up and she let out a soft moan as Jarrad stroked the front of her bikini.

“Like last night,” Ashley whispered as she took her step-brother's hands. Her breathing turned to gasps and a moan escaped her lips as he caressed her breasts and toyed with her nipples.

“George,” she said breathlessly, motioning to him. George moved closer. Between breaths she stammered, “Kiss me like you did a minute ago.” He pressed his mouth to hers, intertwining their tongues while Jarrad stroked her bikini-covered sex and Brad toyed with her nipples.

Ashley's skin was electrified. Her breath was coming in short quick gasps. Never before had she felt so aroused. She closed her eyes, letting it sink in. She felt Brad's hands as they massaged her naked breasts. Although there was no penetration, she felt herself coming closer and closer to an orgasm as Jarrad's fingers deftly massaged her pussy through the fabric of her bikini.

However, of all the sensations her body was experiencing, the one that excited her most was the dance her tongue was doing with George's. It was intense, but oh so intimate.

Ashley's breathing was heavy, punctuated with gasps of pleasure. “This is not supposed to be happening,” she said to herself. Jarrad's fingers slipped under the edge of her bikini. “Oh my god,” Ashley moaned. Jarrad's fingers slid along her pussy lips; she pushed back against Brad's erection and ground her ass into it. “Oh jesus!” she screamed, as the world crashed around her.

With waves of pleasure washing through her she sucked vigorously on George's tongue and pressed Jarrad's hand tightly against her pussy. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, collapsing into Brad's arms.

Regaining her strength she stepped back and stared lovingly at the three of them. Their expressions though were those of a pack of hungry wolves who hadn't seen a meal in days. They all had their eyes locked on her. “It was fun for me too, a lot really, but we've got to stop.” She looked from one to the other of them. “Please,” she begged, “I'm just not ready for any more.”

Her pronouncement was met with a chorus of negatives. Even Brad, who had promised to protect her virginity, expressed displeasure over her stopping at this point.

“Please try to understand,” she pleaded, “That was already more than I was prepared for. Please?”

Ashley's plea was met with more moans of disappointment, but each of them also had a special fondness for her and wanted to respect her wishes. Individually, each nodded his ascent. They helped her out of the pool. She wrapped a towel around herself, blew them a kiss and turned for the house.


Ashley stood in the kitchen wearing cut-off shorts and a frilly top the morning after her swimming pool adventure. She was listening to a random pop music station and singing along while she made breakfast. She stopped abruptly as George came into the kitchen. He looked around, then at Ashley. “Those shorts sure aren't doing anything to hide her legs,” he thought, “And that blouse...

Ashley sensed that she was being inspected and guessed what George was looking for. Her nipples hardened as she imagined what he might be thinking. She smoothed out the front of the blouse, removing any doubt about whether or not there was anything underneath.

Right, no bra,” he said to himself, “Jesus, she is hot!” He tore his eyes away, not wanting her to know what he was thinking. He made eye contact with her and asked, “So, where is everybody? I thought I’d be the last one here.”

It was Ashley's turn to look. George's chest was bare. She had not noticed before how good he looked. He was wearing only the bottom to a pair of pajamas and the loose fabric covering his 'package' made his interest in her readily apparent.

She licked her lips as she replied, “They're still probably asleep, but just as well. I was hoping I'd have a chance to talk to you alone.” Turning back to the stove, she blushed slightly over the tent she had seen in George's pajamas.

George caught the look and hastily adjusted himself, making certain nothing had slipped out. “You wanted to talk to me,” he reminded her, as he stood by the table.

Ashley pointed to a stack of pancakes. “You think that's enough for the two of us? No telling about Brad and Jarrad.”

“Sure,” he replied. He helped Ashley get everything on the table then pulled her chair out before taking a seat himself.

Ashley smiled. “I see chivalry is not dead,” she observed.

George deadpanned, “Not yet, but it is scheduled for execution.”

Ashley smiled as she cut into her pancakes. Just as she was about to put a forkful into her mouth, she paused and turned serious. “About last night...” She put the food into her mouth.

“Yes...” George prompted.

Ashley put her fork on the table. She chewed, and then swallowed. Looking across at George she said, “What were you thinking last night... you know about me... my step-brother... uh, Jarrad... whatever?”

George likewise had taken a mouthful. He took his time chewing and swallowing while thinking about Ashley's question... and about the night before. “Well, I guess... I mean...” he began, “I can't imagine anything much hotter.”

“You liked it then?”

“Yeah, for sure, you uh...”

“Go on, you can say it.”

“Uh, you being topless... and making out with all of us at once... even having an orgasm, I mean, like that was so awesome. I mean... What am I supposed to say?”

Ashley tipped her head toward the table and looked up at George through the top of her eyes. “I guess what I want to know is... well, you know I'm sort of going with Jarrad...” She lifted her head. “I mean, we've only been on one date so far but I know I'm not seeing anybody else...” She shook her head.

“And I don't think he is either,” She hesitated, her eyes locked on George's.

“Right, go on,” he prompted, not blinking.

“Well uh... how do you think he felt... me being topless and all you guys playing with me and uh... Well, how do you think he felt?”

“Well I can't speak for him, but oh god, was I ever loving it... jesus, I thought you were going to swallow my tongue.”

His enthusiasm was contagious; Ashley was beaming. “So you liked it then. It didn't bother you that he had his hand between my legs or that Brad was playing with my tits – you were okay with all of that.”

“Well, yeah.” George was puzzled, not so much by what she was saying as by how she was saying it.

Ashley noted the look of confusion. “I mean, you didn't think I was just being a slut or something like that,” she asked more seriously.

Beginning to realize she was more concerned about his feelings than Jarrad's he hastily responded, “Oh no. No way. You were just having fun and so was I, er I mean we...” He tried to fix what he had said, “Uh, so were we... Well you know what I mean.” He looked anxiously across the table.

Ashley's face broke into a wide grin. “Yeah, I think I do know what you mean and I think you've answered my question.”

Brad and Jarrad stumbled into the room. “Sit down and have some coffee while we finish,” she said, “Then I'll make some pancakes for you sleep-all-day types.”

“You know why they don't send donkeys to school?” Jarrad asked George.

“No, why?” George dutifully replied.

“Because no one likes a smart ass,” he snapped, looking in Ashley's direction.

Brad stared daggers at his friend. “You keep that up bro' and we'll be lucky to get any breakfast at all.”

With a pleading look in Ashley's direction Jarrad demurred, “Um, sorry, I'll be good.”

Ashley and George exchanged looks as they finished their pancakes. As Ashley got up and turned from the table toward the stove, George was drawn to the sight of her butt tightly encased in very short cutoffs. Ashley looked back and caught him staring. She smiled. She liked that he liked looking.

Jarrad felt it necessary to remind everyone of the previous night. “You're a little over-dressed aren't you Ashley.” Everyone was startled by the crassness of the remark. Ashley chose to ignore it. George gave Jarrad an 'if-looks-could-kill' type of stare. Brad addressed it head-on. “That's out of line and you know it,” he said. “Wouldn't surprise me if she made you cook your own damn pancakes.”

Jarrad back-pedaled, “Yeah, you're right. That wasn't too cool, I guess.” He looked around. Brad and George were staring contemptuously. Ashley had her back to him. “Look, I'm sorry guys; I'll try to do better.” George and Brad each picked up their coffee cups with a 'we'll-see' type attitude.

Ashley flipped the last of the pancakes onto the serving plate. As she did so, she hesitated. She knew she ought to behave herself but she wasn't sure she wanted to. “George, can you give me a hand?” she asked without turning around.

Brad and Jarrad were talking football, about what was going to happen in the new season, and didn't notice George responding to Ashley's unnecessary request for help. She kept her back to the table, forcing George to come around to the other side of her, away from the table.

“You like this blouse, right?” Ashley quizzed.

George didn't know what was coming. He didn't know how to answer. “Uh, yeah...”

“Well, let’s say you at least like it when I'm not wearing a bra,” Ashley clarified.

“Uh, huh...” George attempted to stare through the blouse at the bare breasts beneath. “I guess you could say that,” he confirmed cautiously.

The top button, the one at the neck, was the only one undone. Ashley grasped the next one, part way down the swell of her breasts. “What would you think if I were to undo another button?”

George looked up, making eye contact. “Well sure, nothing wrong with that.” George watched as Ashley undid the button and spread the blouse. Ashley felt like she was being quite sexy but it seemed to her that George wasn't particularly impressed. For George, Ashley's additional exposure from having the second button undone was nothing special. He knew at least one girl back home that dressed like that almost every day - no bra and a couple of buttons undone. Yeah, it was kind of sexy but not especially so.

Ashley seemed to be waiting for George to say something, so he spoke slowly and carefully. “Now if you were to undo another button... well now, that might be interesting.” He looked up, making eye contact again.

“I'm not sure I can do that,” Ashley said. “I mean, like I'm going to have to bend over the table to serve the pancakes and well...” she paused, “And well, I don't think I could keep everything covered.”

“You don't really think any of us would complain, do you?”

Ashley was still not sure she was ready to do that. Last night was different. It had the benefit of courage that had been built up over an entire day. On the other hand, if George really thought it was okay, maybe she didn't really need all that much courage. She looked at George. “Sooo...” she began slowly, “You'd be okay with that... me showing my tits to Jarrad and Brad?”

“Well yeah... and to me too of course.”

Ashley looked over at the table and saw that Brad and Jarrad were still engrossed in their conversation.

She hesitantly undid the third button and after seeing George's beaming approval, even arranged the blouse such that her nipples were barely covered.

“Oh wow,” George said quietly as he stared at the bare flesh between Ashley's breasts.

She watched as George licked his lips and continued to stare. “You're sure you're going to be -”

“Huh?” he said jerking his eyes upward.

“What I want to know is,” Ashley repeated, “Are you sure you're going to be okay with me bending over the table like this to serve the pancakes?”

“Well shit yeah, no way would Jarrad or I bitch about that... and Brad may be your step-brother, but I don't see him complaining either.”

“Yeah, well okay, but... uh, what if I was your girlfriend, what would you think then?”

“Are you kidding? If I had a girlfriend like you... Well, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven.”

“So you don't care if I show off some, maybe even fool around a little?”

“Care? You think I drove two hours to see Jarrad? Of course I don't care. I love it!”

Ashley's eyes darted back and forth. She wasn't sure what to say next. “Grab that pot of coffee,” she said nervously, “Someone might need a refill.”

“Right, but wait till I'm sitting down. I want to see their reactions.”

“So that's all you want to see, huh?”

“Well uh... I guess -”

“That's okay,” Ashley chimed, a grin on her face, “I'm pretty sure I know what you mean.”

Once George was seated, Ashley served the pancakes. She bent over in front of Brad and put a couple of pancakes on his plate. He was talking to Jarrad but stopped in mid-sentence as Ashley's blouse dropped away, giving him an unobstructed close-up view of her nipples. “I think you're going to like these,” she said teasingly, leaving him to wonder if she meant the pancakes or her breasts.

She turned to Jarrad, giving him much the same view. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, “And I am stuck with pancakes for breakfast.”

“Yeah and you're lucky you're getting those,” Ashley said matter-of-factly as she served him the rest of the pancakes. Then, turning to George without raising up, she said sternly, “And what are you grinning at.” She held the position a couple of seconds, giving him time for a response but getting none, turned from the table and returned to the counter on the far side of the room.

She refilled her coffee cup and joined them at the table. She preempted any comments about the previous night or the show she had just put on by saying, “Brad, aren't Mom and Dad due home sometime soon?”

“I think so,” he said, cutting up the last pancake on his plate. “Why?”

“Well you know how Daddy is...” Ashley went on, “He doesn't like us having friends stay overnight without him knowing about it first. I forgot to ask. Did you think to ask?”

Brad knew that Ashley's dad had never expressed any such concern. He figured though that this was Ashley's way of clearing the decks and went along with her direction. “No, I forgot too,” he responded. Then turning to Jarrad and George, he said, “Finish your breakfast first guys, but then you're going to have to clear out so we can get the house straightened up before Mom and Dad get home.”

Ashley cleared the plates and watched as Brad, Jarrad, and George made their way out of the kitchen. Ashley grabbed George's wrist as he turned for the door. She dragged him over to the counter and opened the 'junk drawer'. She grabbed a sharpie and wrote her cell-phone number on his hand.

“Call me,” she instructed, “I know it's quite a distance, but I want to talk to you.”

“Two hours isn’t all that far,” he replied, pulling her to him. “I'll call,” he whispered, “For sure.”

Ashley gave George a short, but passion filled kiss, opening her mouth and sucking on his tongue, and then reluctantly pushed him toward the door.

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