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Brad and Ashley, Part 7

The 'look but don't touch rule' has to change.
“Brad, I need some help,” Ashley hollered from the door of her room. She was wearing a towel, open down the side, with, quite clearly, nothing under it. She hastily sat down at her dressing table and awaited her stepbrother's arrival.

“Shit,” Brad mumbled aloud, “Done something wrong with her computer again.” He was in the kitchen playing a game on his iPhone. “Yes,” he shouted, “I'll be right there.” He reluctantly ended the game and headed off to see what she needed.

It was the day after the 'pool party.' The visitors were gone, Mom and Dad had also come and gone, and Ashley and Brad were once again home alone. Over the last couple of years there had been a growing awareness between them of each other's bodies. Lately however, with both now eighteen and finished high school, Ashley, to Brad's delight, had become progressively more tempting in her dress and behavior around him and his friends.

“I can't get the lights to come on,” she said as Brad entered the room. He did a double take. It was not enough that she'd taken off her top in the pool last night and let him and his friends play with her nearly naked body. Now she had invited him into her room while wearing nothing but a towel, and even that was barely covering her.

Brad's cock sprang to attention. He tried desperately to keep his mind on the stated problem, but it was not easy with Ashley being nearly naked. The dressing table had six bulbs across the top of its mirror and all of them were out. Brad quickly surmised that the difficulty was not six burned out bulbs.

As he bent over Ashley's shoulder to toggle the switch, the towel she was wearing loosened and dropped to her lap. Without exercising a great deal of urgency, Ashley re-wrapped the towel around herself and cinched it under her arm.

Brad was quite sure that Ashley exposing herself to him had not been accidental. And while he had certainly enjoyed the sight of her bare tits, he could not however imagine why she had done it. Unless she really is an exhibitionist. And that could explain a whole lot of things.

Brad continued with the dressing table lights as if nothing had happened. “There's one more thing I can check,” he said. Brad looked behind the dressing table at the cord coming out the back. He was not surprised to find it lying loose on the floor. The lights came on in a blaze when he inserted the plug into the wall socket.

“So it was just unplugged then,” Ashley observed, “Molly must have done it when she was cleaning.”

Right except that Molly hasn't been here yet this week. Brad kept his thoughts to himself though, nodding as if agreeing with her.

For the next several days, it appeared to Brad that Ashley had forsaken modesty altogether, at least when the two of them were alone in the house. Sometimes she wore a t-shirt and panties, sometimes an old shirt or blouse with half the buttons missing or undone, no bra and likely no panties either.

Once she wore nothing but a half-bra and panties, and then there was the time she spent the whole day in nothing but a towel. Ashley always had an excuse for why she had to be dressed that way, or blew it off by saying she thought she was alone. Brad was sure neither was true, but continued to accept the rationales for Ashley's growing tendency to expose herself, much to his delight.


On Saturday of the week following the 'pool party', the parents were again gone to the city, leaving Brad and Ashley alone for the weekend. At lunch, Ashley was dressed in a somewhat revealing bikini and announced she would spend the afternoon by the pool, getting some sun.

A month or so ago, before Ashley's exhibitionist nature had become so obvious, the prospect of seeing her in a skimpy bikini would have been enough to have Brad at the pool as well. However, with Ashley's recent inclination for showing off, the bikini was almost boring. Brad went to his room instead.

He hadn’t been there long when Ashley rang his cell phone. “How 'bout coming out to the pool,” she said. “I have something I need to ask you.”

“You can't do it over the phone?”

“No, no, I need you to come out here.”

What now, he thought, but into the phone Brad said, “Okay, I'll be there in a minute.”

Brad found Ashley face down on a lounger a short distance from the house. Her top was off and laying on the deck beside her. She propped herself on her elbows as he approached. Brad pulled up a chair and stared at her bare breasts, her nipples only just barely concealed in the folds of the lounger cushions.

“If you can listen for a minute...” Ashley raised her voice, “Up here, Brad,” she shouted, pointing to her eyes, “I have something I need to ask you.”

Brad looked up. “I'm listening,” he said, then lowered his eyes and resumed the visual survey of her nearly naked body.

Ashley, hoping he was listening, at least a little, began slowly, “I've got a date tonight with Jarrad.”

“And...” Brad acknowledged without looking up.

“Well, I need some advice about it.”

Brad looked up, detecting the note of seriousness in her voice. Although his favorite thing of late was seeing his stepsister in little or no clothes, he was also strangely protective of her, especially as regards Jarrad. “If I can help, I will,” he assured her with a great deal of sincerity.

“I get the feeling I'm just arm candy,” Ashley said.

“And awfully nice arm candy at that,” he said, licking his lips and fixating again on her bare breasts.

“Brad!” she shouted, “I'm serious, I need your help.”

He looked up. “Yeah, well I tried to warn you about him ...”

Brad looked at his nearly naked stepsister, recalling the scene in the pool that night a week ago - him playing with her tits, George kissing her and Jarrad with his hand between her legs.

“And I should have listened,” she said, interrupting his fantasy, “It's just that tonight I'm sure he's expecting we're going to do it, especially after last week in the pool, but ...”

“But what?” Brad asked.

“Well I'm not sure I want to.”

“So stall him until you are ready.”

Ashley looked to the side. “I'm beginning to think though...” She looked back at Brad. “That I might not ever be ready.”

“Oh,” Brad snapped.

“I mean, uh, don't get me wrong, I think he's fun and I am liking all the attention he's paying me. It's just that he seems to be doing it more to impress others, like you and George, than to make me feel wanted.”

“And you think, say for instance George, would be any different?”

“Yeah, uh, at least I think so.”

Brad opened his mouth to respond but Ashley never gave him the chance.

“Like you and George seem really concerned about how I feel. With Jarrad it's more like he's keeping score or something.”

Brad was beginning to understand what was going on in Ashley's head, not why she had been such a tease lately, but at least that she was losing interest in Jarrad. “So, you got your sights set on somebody else?”

“I'm not sure. Maybe.”

“But not Jarrad anyway.”

“No, not Jarrad.”

Brad mulled it over a second or two before responding.

“Okay,” he began, “but you can still go out with him and have a good time, can't you?”

Ashley nodded.

“He'll take 'no' for an answer. He worries about what I'll do to him if he doesn't.” Brad hesitated, then added, “I don't think I'd say anything though about George or me if I were you.”

“Oh no, of course not,” she agreed. Ashley could see that Brad, at least partially, understood the problem.

Brad got up, licked his lips while mentally devouring his stepsister's tempting charms, then reluctantly made his way to the house.


The likelihood that Jarrad would be ‘the one’ was now virtually nil, but it didn't mean Ashley couldn't have fun on her date with him. Jarrad had told her there were no special plans when he called for the date. They would likely go for burgers and then try to hook up with some other kids, maybe go to a party.

Ashley settled on wearing an old pair of jeans and a torn sweatshirt. Rummaging through her underwear drawer, she recalled the pool party of a week or so before. Although it had been Brad and George who had been more in tune with her real feelings, it was Jarrad's hand between her legs that had gotten her so excited. She toyed with the thought of going without underwear but in the end decided that was not such a good idea.

Even before they had gotten out of the driveway though, Jarrad wanted to know if she was wearing any. It annoyed her that he asked that before inquiring after her well-being, or even that he had the nerve to ask. She smiled coyly though and replied, “I guess you'll just have to find out, won't you.”

In spite of starting on a sexual note, the date progressed in a rather plain fashion until somewhat later, at a party being held by someone whose parents were gone, at least for the night. The party was in a backyard where couples danced barefoot on the grass and took considerable liberties with their sexual behavior.

Seated on the ground, their backs to an outdoor planter, Jarrad and Ashley joined the others in taking advantage of the dark. She coaxed his hands inside her sweatshirt where he discovered the bra. Before he had a chance to express his displeasure though, Ashley pushed his hands away and whispered, “I'll fix it.”

Ashley reached under the sweatshirt, her hands behind her back, and unhooked the bra. She pulled the shoulder straps out the armholes of the shirt and around her arms and hands. Reaching under the sweatshirt she pulled the bra out and dropped it on the ground beside her. Jarrad quickly slid a hand under the shirt. “Wait,” she said, again pushing him away.

Ashley undid the buttons on her jeans, exposing the top of her bikini style panties. She slid down from her sitting position and stretched out on the grass. Raising her arms to Jarrad, she looked hastily at the couples on either side of them, then whispered, “I think we'll be okay.”

Jarrad bent over her and pressed his lips against hers. Ashley guided a hand of his under the sweatshirt and to the base of her breasts. Jarrad, not needing any further encouragement, cupped first one breast then the other, then rolled a bare nipple between his fingers while Ashley tried to swallow his tongue.

Nearby, couples were dancing on the grass to the heavy beat of music blasting from the house. One of the girls took off her shirt and danced in just her bra and jeans. Another, who quite obviously was not wearing a bra, completely unbuttoned her blouse, and threw her shoulders back until her tits were exposed to the night air, as well as to a few others who were watching.

Jarrad had an arm around Ashley's neck, smashing her lips against his. With his other hand he played with her breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples. With Ashley squirming under his touch, he pushed the shirt higher until the lower half of her breasts were exposed. He broke the kiss and moved his lips lower. Between gasps of pleasure, Ashley whispered, “Be careful.” She inclined her head toward a couple sitting nearby.

While teasingly biting a nipple, he slid his hand down her bare stomach and under the edge of her panties. Ashley grabbed Jerrad's wrist and pulled his hand from under her panties. Instead, though, she placed it on the outside of her panties but inside her jeans and between her legs.

The feel of Jerrad's fingers, massaging her sensitive button through the silky fabric of her panties, caused Ashley to wonder why she was denying herself what would certainly be an unforgettable experience. Her hips rose as the pleasure intensified. She looked to either side. One nearby couple was watching but Ashley wasn't sure she was bothered by it. In fact, she thought, it is kind of exciting.

Jarrad too liked the excitement of being watched, but he was also sure they would never get beyond foreplay without more privacy. “We need to get out of here,” he whispered urgently to a nodding Ashley.

He scooped up Ashley's discarded bra and yanked her to her feet. With a quick glance at the guy and girl who had been watching them, Ashley hastily tugged the sweatshirt over her bare breasts. Clasping Jarrad's hand she allowed herself to be led quickly to the car. With her free hand she held her unbuttoned jeans, preventing them from slipping any lower.

Once safely in the confines of the car Ashley hopped onto the center console, her legs straddling the gearshift handle. She was so closely wrapped around the shift lever that every movement of it brought her pleasure. When Jarrad wasn't shifting, his hand remained between her legs.

“How about the beach,” Jarrad suggested, his fingers pressing the seam of Ashley's jeans into her moist pussy as they sped away from the site of the party.

Ashley got scared. Jarrad's hands had worked her into an intense state of sexual arousal. Without anyone else around, she was certain she was about to do something she had desperately wanted to do a couple of weeks ago, but now was decidedly against.

“Let's go to the house,” she countered.

He knew her parents weren't home, but... “What about Brad,” he questioned.

“He won't bother us,” she lied, hoping he would buy the suggestion.

He did and continued toward her house. A few blocks from home Ashley slid off the console and doubled over in the right-hand seat. “Oh shit,” she agonized, “I shouldn't have had that wine. Pull over, quick.” As he slowed down, “No, no, don't stop, just get me home. I want my own bathroom.”

Ashley thrashed around, choking but keeping it down. As the car came to a stop in the driveway, she grabbed her bra, jumped out and ran for the door. Jarrad's hopes dashed, he watched as she let herself in the front door without even waving goodbye. He wondered, Is she really sick or is she just a tease?

“Wow!” Brad exclaimed as Ashley burst through the front door, “You’re home early.”

Spying her stepbrother on the couch, Ashley stepped cautiously into the den. “I wasn't having as much fun as I thought I would.”

Brad detected a faint odor of tobacco smoke. He knew that neither his stepsister nor Jarrad smoked and guessed they had been to a party. Some party, he thought, taking in her still unbuttoned jeans and the bra in her hand.

“But you're okay, not sick or anything?” He was guessing at the probability of a drink or two.

“No, no, I did have a couple of drinks... and I did make Jarrad think I was sick... but no, I really am okay.” Ashley looked down at what she held in her hand, and at her unbuttoned jeans. She let the bra fall to the the floor and feigned indifference as she buttoned her jeans.

Brad was stretched out on the couch watching a baseball game. He muted the television, sat up and looked at her. He was reading between the lines of what she was saying, and thinking about what she had just done. “Let me guess. Jarrad had a couple of drinks too, and didn't want to take no for an answer.”

Ashley lowered her eyes to the floor and nodded. “Something like that, although I'm not sure I actually said no. It was more like I was afraid I was going to say yes.” She looked up, her eyes pleading. “But you're not going to tell him, are you?”

“Tell him what?”

“That I wasn't really sick.”

“Of course not. You’re my sister – well actually stepsister – but that's still way more important than Jarrad.”

“You mean that?”

“Sure I mean it.”

Ashley leaned back in the chair. There was an awkward silence. After several seconds, she asked tentatively, “You wanna go for a swim?”

Brad looked at the eyes boring into him and tried to guess what she was thinking. He couldn't read her mind though. “Uhhh, sure,” he cautiously replied, “If you would like that, I guess I would too.”

Ashley's face lit up. “See you at the pool then.” She turned and bounded off toward her room.

Brad had not expected Ashley to be home so early and had been lounging in the den in just a pair of shorts. Seeing no need to dress any differently, he headed straight to the pool and dove in. While he waited, he considered flipping on the pool lights but reasoned that with them off, Ashley might at least get topless.

In her room, Ashley faced the challenge of what to wear. She couldn't think of a plausible excuse that would justify what she really wanted to do. Maybe it was time to acknowledge that what she really wanted was to feel Brad's hands and lips on her body and not just her breasts – other places too. Maybe she should admit that she might want even more.

Ashley approached the pool wearing a large beach towel, or at least that was what Brad could see. As she descended the concrete steps into the shallow end of the pool, she turned her back to him and tossed the towel toward the house. The towel was all that she was wearing.

Brad had an instant hard-on. He watched as Ashley slipped quickly into the water and squatted low enough that the three-foot deep water covered everything from her neck down. Brad stood in water a foot or so deeper and watched as Ashley duck-walked her way toward him.

About a foot from him, she stopped. By now, she was standing up straight in water that barely covered her shoulders. It was dark but Brad could still make out the outlines of her naked breasts below the surface of the water. She looked at him seriously. “Uh, I think we're going to need a new rule.”

Brad was not thrilled that his stepsister still thought they needed rules. He was looking forward to playing with her nipples again, like he had the other night with Jarrad and George there. He tensed and spoke with difficulty. “Uh, right. You mean the 'look, don't touch' one.”

“Uh, yeah, right... that one.” Ashley looked away. Brad braced himself. This was not going to be fun.

“How about if we make the rule, 'Ashley remains a virgin'.” She looked inquisitively at Brad who was wide-eyed in disbelief. “At least technically,” she added.

“Uh, yeah, sure!” Brad stammered, “I mean, like you are my stepsister after all...”

“Right,” Ashley said, cutting him off, “I mean, like we can't do anything we might regret later.” Her gaze flicked nervously from one of his eyes to the other and back.

“For sure.” Brad was still not sure how to take this.

There was quiet as they looked at each other. “I'm uh thinking...” Ashley hesitated, looking intently at her stepbrother. “I would like it if you kissed me... if you don't mind kissing your stepsister that is...”

Brad eagerly took Ashley's face in his hands and pressed their lips together. She pressed her naked body against him and sucked his tongue into her mouth. His arms went around her and his hands grasped her ass. She wedged a hand between them and popped the button on his shorts. Using both hands, she yanked them down. With her lips still locked on his, she maneuvered him toward the shallow end of the pool.

Ashley's back was against the side of the pool in waist-deep water. She pushed Brad's mouth down to her breasts. His hands rose to grip and fondle them, feeding one of her breasts into his mouth. He flicked at it with his tongue and gently teased the nipple with his teeth. He grasped her other breast in his hand and rolled the nipple between his fingertips.

Ashley's hands were wrapped around Brad's cock. She maneuvered them around until they had changed places, his back against the side of the pool. “Up on the edge,” she commanded. Brad complied.

Ashley inserted herself between his legs. She stuck her tongue out, licking along the sides of his pulsing dick. She moved slowly up and down, bathing his hardened shaft with her saliva. She withdrew her tongue and pressed her lips against the head of his cock. He lay back against the cold deck and moaned with pleasure.

She massaged his balls with one hand and stroked the base of his cock with the other. Ashley wrapped her fingers around his shaft and felt it pulse against her lips as she stroked it slowly.

She flicked the head of Brad's cock with her tongue. His hips bucked. Tightening her grip she closed her lips and pressed her mouth tightly against the crown. Ashley pressed downward, forcing the bulbous part of Brad's dick between her lips.

She tightened her lips around the head of his cock as her tongue teased the tip of it. Then relaxing her lips she let the head slip slowly out. Catching it as it was just about to spring free she closed her lips and again forced the crown between them.

Brad was pressed rigidly against the pool deck, his eyes tightly shut. “Oh, Jesus, that is so good,” he whispered. He took Ashley's hair in his hands and pressed his cock deep into her mouth and against the back of her throat. Slowly moving it in and out, he passionately fucked her mouth.

He pushed his cock deep inside Ashley's mouth as it exploded and shot hot cum down her throat, his hips bucking with each spurt. Ashley swallowed repeatedly to keep from drowning in the milky liquid. As the spasms subsided, she sensuously licked the remaining drops of cum from Brad's dick and swallowed it.

“Holy shit,” he gasped, “Where did you learn that?”

Ashley still held his throbbing member in her hand. “Not everything I learned at Robbie's was in books,” she said with a grin.

“You mean...”

“Of course. How do you think I spent so much time at his house and still remained a virgin?”

“However you learned it, I sure am glad we changed the rule.”

Ashley was tempted to throw the rule out completely. She had loved the feel and taste of Brad's cock in her mouth. She wanted to feel it between her legs as well. But he was her stepbrother and she couldn't let herself go.

“I am glad too that we changed the rule. And sometime soon I intend to find out what you learned with all those many girlfriends you've had. Right now though, I'm ready for bed.”

Ashley waded across the pool, climbed the stairs, picked up her towel and headed toward her room. Thoughts churned in Brad's head. Yeah, I sure am glad we changed the rule.


The next morning, Sunday, Brad and Ashley were still alone. It had been a late night and both slept in. The kitchen was deserted when Ashley got there. Wondering if she should fix breakfast for Brad too, or just herself, she called him on his cell phone. He had just gotten up and said he would be there shortly.

Earlier Ashley had debated with herself about what she should wear. Yes, she had been topless in the pool with three guys, even let them fool around a little. Yes, she had been naked with her stepbrother the night before, even given him a blow-job. But no, she wasn't ready to start running around the house with no clothes on... might never be ready. It seemed to her that some clothing was actually sexier than naked and Ashley was definitely into sexy.

Brad paused as he came into the kitchen, taking plenty of time for a thorough once-over of his stepsister. His eyes widened as he saw that Ashley was dressed in the same bra and panties she had worn for breakfast a time or two before.

“Based on your reaction the last time I was dressed this way,” Ashley offered, “I decided this had to be a repeater.”

“Yes,” Brad replied evenly, “A repeater.” The tent in his pajamas expressed considerably more excitement than his voice. Ashley considered his erection to be a compliment but was relieved that he didn't have a lot to say. Without any discussion about the previous night, the two went about the business of preparing breakfast as if it was perfectly normal for him to be wearing pajama bottoms and her, a bra and panties,

Except for what was related to the breakfast itself, neither said much of anything. Brad glanced at Ashley fairly often but didn't stare. He liked the way she was dressed and didn't want to do anything that might make her feel uncomfortable. She likewise didn't want to stare but was pleased that Brad's pajamas weren't doing much to hide his interest.

As Ashley got up to clear the table, the doorbell rang. “If that's Jarrad,” she instructed, “Tell him I'm still feeling sick.”

“Too early for him,” Brad said, getting up from the table, “But if it is, I'll make your excuses.”

At the door, Brad looked through the peephole and saw to his surprise that it was indeed Jarrad. He swung the door wide-open. “Wow!” he exclaimed, “You must have gotten up before breakfast.”

“Yeah, well,” Jarrad explained, “Ashley was acting kind of sick last night and I thought I better check on her.”

Brad understood that Ashley did not want to see Jarrad. However, Jarrad did sound genuinely concerned about her welfare. Brad felt he should take Ashley's temperature again, before turning Jarrad away.

“Excuse me a second,” Brad said, “Let me see how she's feeling.”

At the kitchen door, he spoke to Ashley in a low tone of voice. “It is Jarrad and he sounds sincere in his concern for you.”

“You don't think he'll try to stay long?”

“If it looks to me like you're ready for him to go, I'll get him out of here. Promise.”

“Invite him in then. I'll put some clothes on.”

“Uh, Right.” Brad had really been enjoying the way Ashley was dressed. But with Jarrad there? It was probably better that she not be wearing something so tempting. He turned and headed for the door.

Ashley stood in front of her closet door, looking at herself in its full-length mirror. Jesus, no wonder Brad was staring. This really is see-through. She pushed out her chest and turned a little to each side. I wonder what he would think if I stayed this way. Ashley cupped her tits and felt the nipples harden. My god that would be so hot, practically naked and both of them staring. She reached between her legs and felt the dampness forming. Jarrad will love it for sure. Brad should too. She turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Brad and Jarrad were seated at the kitchen table when Ashley made her appearance. “Holy shit!” Jarrad blurted. Brad stared in disbelief.

Ashley stopped in the doorway, basking in the attention. Jarrad's eyes locked onto the sight of her hardened nipples poking through the flimsy material of her bra. “If you feel half as good as you look,” he beamed, “You are feeling just fine!”

She looked at Brad. He hadn't said anything but he didn't look as if he was upset either. Blushing, Ashley turned back to Jarrad. “Well, uh, yes... I am feeling better, thank you.”

Jarrad continued his perusal of her near naked body. “Oh yes, I really do like this,” he said.

Ashley blushed even more. The prospect of hanging out with these two guys while wearing such skimpy underwear was even more exciting than she had imagined. She needed an excuse to keep it going a while. With Brad there it wasn't going to get out of hand. “I was about to watch a movie... if you guys want to join me... you might even like it.”

Jarrad's eyes lit up. Brad raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, sounds good to me, and I'm sure Jarrad would like that too.” He turned to Jarrad. “I mean, if you're planning on staying that long.” He gave Jarrad a look that said, “Watch it buddy!

Jarrad understood Brad's meaning and replied cautiously, “Yeah, that would be fun.”

In the den, Ashley stood at the TV screen and selected a movie she had been wanting to watch, one she hoped the guys would like too. Turning back to the couch, she found herself increasingly nervous about the situation she had created.

Jarrad was seated at one end of the couch, Brad at the other end, and the couch was where Ashley was intending to sit. It really was the best viewing place in the room and although there was plenty of room for three people to sit comfortably, being sandwiched between two eighteen year old males while wearing only a bra and panties was certain to invite some sexual shenanigans. But with Brad here too, it ought to be okay, maybe even a little fun. Ashley took a deep calming breath and sat down.

A few minutes into the movie, Jarrad slid close and put his arm around her, dangling his hand close to one of her breasts. Ashley patted the couch on the other side, the side toward Brad. He thought he understood what she wanted and slid over next to her.

Ashley took Brad's hand and placed it on her thigh, so close to her pussy he could feel the heat. She guided his fingers over the soft bare flesh of her inner thighs, right up to the edge of her damp panties.

Jarrad, from the outset, had little interest in the movie. He had other things on his mind. His fingers, already close to Ashley's breasts, closed on a nipple's protrusion through the bra. Ashley coyly brushed his hand away without taking her eyes from the movie. Jarrad, not to be deterred though, pursued another approach. Ashley caught her breath as his fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties.

Abandoning the movie, Ashley turned loose of Brad's hand and took Jarrad's wrist, gently extracting his fingertips from inside her panties. Brad watched closely, ready to intervene, but Ashley showed no sign of wanting or needing help.

Jarrad's hand, the one just removed from inside Ashley's panties, took hold of the front bra catch between her breasts.

“Persistent aren't you?” she said, not sounding though as if she really objected.

“You do want this undone, don't you?” he whispered.

Oh yes... but this really does need to be okay with Brad. She turned toward her stepbrother, eyebrows raised, seeking his approval.

Brad shrugged out an If that's what you want, who am I to complain.

Ashley turned back to Jarrad with a slight nod.

He undid the hook. The bra separated but clung to her breasts. Jarrad's fingertips trailed across her bare midriff, stopping at the edge of her panties. Ashley sighed.

She took hold of the bra cups and slid them from her breasts. Leaning forward she removed the bra entirely and flung it to the floor. Naked except for a pair of tiny bikini panties, Ashley reached out and took hold of one of Brad's hands, and one of Jarrad's hands. She placed one on each of her bare breasts, then closed her eyes and tossed her head back. Ashley emitted little sighs of pleasure and sucked in ever deepening breaths as the two played with her nipples.

Jarrad's free hand traced circles on her stomach, just above the waistband of her panties. As his fingertips moved under the edge of them, Ashley softly said, “No don't, I'm not ready for that.” Jarrad, ignoring her plea, took hold of the waistband of her panties and began to slide them down. “No, please,” she begged, but Jarrad paid no attention to the request. “Stop, no, I don't want them off!” she screeched.

Alerted by the panic in his stepsister's voice, Brad lunged toward Jarrad, pushing him back against the coffee table. Ashley jumped up, jerked her panties over her hips and ran from the room.

Brad stood over Jarrad, fists clenched, face red with rage. “You have got to be out of your fucking mind,” he charged. Jarrad's arm was up, covering his face. Brad continued, “She might want to play, but that doesn't mean she's ready to have her panties off too!”

“But... but...”

“But nothing, when she decides that, I'm sure she'll let you know. For now though, I think you just need to get the hell out of here.”

“Okay, okay.” Jarrad backed toward the door, his arms still raised protectively in front of his face.

“And don't come back until you learn how to behave.” Brad's fists remained clenched until Jarrad was out the door. He took a deep breath, tried to relax himself, then walked down the hall to Ashley's room.

Outside her closed door, he stopped and knocked. “Jarrad is gone,” he said, “Can we talk.”

“It's unlocked,” she replied, “Come on in.”

Ashley was lying face down on her bed, still dressed in only her panties. Brad tried his best to ignore the tempting sight. “I'm sorry,” he offered.

“For what, I'm the one who started it.”

“Jarrad still doesn't get it,” Brad said as his eyes traversed his stepsister's nearly naked body. “You know he really does like you, but he isn't willing to accept that you're just not dying to spread your legs for him.”

“Yeah, well I'm not doing a very good job of letting him know that either.” Ashley turned over and locked her hands behind her head, her bare tits deliciously displayed. “I mean, like what if George had been here? What if he had seen how I behaved? What would he have thought?”

“I can't tell you for sure what he would think...” Brad studied his stepsister's body. Her tits were bare and her panties weren't covering much. “But unless I'm mistaken, he has only seen you twice and both times you were fooling around with more than just him.” He licked his lips, recalling the excitement he had felt each time, that morning too. “He’s calling you, isn't he?”

“Uh huh, but how did you know?”

“I guessed... I saw the way the two of you were looking at each other before he left the last time.”

“It was that obvious?”

“Yes and what else was obvious was that he not only didn't have any objections, but might have even liked the way you were acting with the three of us.”

“So you think today might not freak him out.”

“I would guess his only reaction to it will be disappointment at not being here.”

Ashley's cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID, then put the phone down and opened her arms to her stepbrother. As the phone continued to ring, Brad pressed his lips lightly to each of Ashley's bare breasts, then pushed his tongue into her mouth for a quick kiss.

Pushing him gently away, Ashley said, “It's George. I hope you're right.” As she tapped the screen to answer the call, she put a finger to her lips and motioned Brad out the door.

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