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Brad and Ashley, Part 8

Can Brad benefit from Ashley's date with George?
George had seen her topless, even kissed her while Jarrad had his hand between her legs. Brad had been there too, his fingers playing with her bare nipples. She had been in the backyard pool with her stepbrother and two of his friends. The bottom of a string bikini was all she had been wearing.

Ashley and Brad had been thrown together a few years earlier when his mother had married her father. They were now in the den awaiting the arrival of George. Ashley was finally going on an actual date with him. Brad turned from the television. While giving his attractive stepsister the once-over he asked, “Well, are you ready for your big date?”

“I don't think I would describe it as a big date,” she said, “But, yes, I think I'm ready.”

“Well, it seems to me... considering the circumstances... I mean you and Jarrad having been on a couple of dates... and you and he having had some close encounters of the sexual kind -”

“Oh for christ's sake, say it,” demanded Ashley.

“Yeah, well, he thinks you guys are sort of going together. But tonight, you’ve got a date with a friend of his who lives two hours away and Jarrad doesn't even know about it.”

“And I want to keep it that way.”

“Hey, take it easy. I'm not going to tell.”

“You’d better not.”

“What, you think I'm crazy? I'm going to tell my best friend I let his buddy George stay at our house so he could go out with you?”

“Look, I'm sorry I got upset. I really do appreciate you allowing George to stay with us. I mean there is no way we could go on a date if he had to stay at Jarrad's.”

“Yeah, don't worry about it. So what are you guys going to do?”

“I'm not sure. That's why I'm dressed the way I am.”

“Yeah, well I was kinda wondering about that. I mean I don't think he's ever seen you wearing so many clothes.” Brad turned his head and threw his hands up to protect his face, as if he expected Ashley to throw something at him.

Ashley didn't throw anything. She did turn red from embarrassment though. What Brad had said was true, and he was also right that this was a big date, Yes, it was a big date.

“So whaddaya call that... what you're wearing I mean.”

“Oh, uh... well I guess you can tell I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts. But, what I'm wearing over it... I guess you'd call it a sweater-dress.”

“Yeah, the sweater-dress, I don't think I've ever seen that before.”

“You probably haven't. I think I just wore it once before. I don't really like it much but it seemed like the right thing this time.”

Brad and Ashley had not gotten along all that well during their first few years but now that they were both eighteen, hormonal urges had pretty much overcome any differences they had had. Brad was imagining what Ashley might look like in just the sweater-dress. Of course, she'd have to have more buttons done, especially a few below the waist. “You wearing any underwear,” he asked.

Ashley grinned. “I'm not sure that's any of your business,” she teased.

Brad knew Ashley wasn't really upset by his question but he pretended to back it down some, “You don't have to answer, I was just curious is all. I was thinking that sweater thing would be really sexy if you weren't wearing anything under it.”

Ashley was still grinning, maybe even flirting just a bit. “You think I should go on a date like that? Just the sweater and no underwear?” Ashley liked the idea, even if she didn't think she could ever do it.

“Well yeah, if the date was with me,” Brad replied. Although any love existing between them was still pretty much of the sibling variety, the sexual vibes between them had become pretty hot. Yeah, Ashley thought, if my date was with Brad, that would be fun. “Too bad we're related, huh. Well at least sorta related,” she teased.

“Yeah... but uh... So why did you wear that?”

“Well it is kind of tasteful, don't you think?” Brad nodded his answer as Ashley continued, “If it looks likely that I'll run into some of Daddy's friends, I can do up a few more buttons and look real proper. I could even button it up all the way and go to church, not that I think that's likely to happen.”

“That's for sure.” Brad interjected.

“On the other hand, if we end up some place where there's a bunch of kids our age, I can take the sweater off and just wear the t-shirt and shorts.”

“Uh huh... yeah... so -”

“And before you ask again, yes I'm wearing panties... but no... I'm not wearing a bra.”

The doorbell rang. “That's George,” said Ashley, “I'm going to my room – don't want him to know I've been waiting.”

“Right,” Brad replied, “I'll get the door and get his gear situated in my room. I'll holler at you when we're done.”

Brad went to the door and Ashley returned to her room. She didn't have to wait long before Brad called to her. As she entered the den, Brad remarked to George, “She looks like she's going to the mall. Did you promise to take her shopping or something stupid like that?”

George grinned at the joke. “No,” he said, “We're not going to the mall but if you don't mind we should get going.” George crossed the room and ushered Ashley out the door and toward the car.

At the door of the car though, George stopped abruptly and said, “Hi, Ashley.”

“Hi, to you too, George,” Ashley responded cheerily, and then laughed a little, “I was wondering if you were going to speak to me tonight.”

“I'm just nervous is all.”

With Ashley still looking very agreeably at him, George opened the car door and helped her in. “So, where are we going,” Ashley asked as they pulled out the drive.

“Exit Inn,” George replied.

“Exit Inn? Over by the college?”

“That's the one.”

“But that's a night-club... a bar... How do we get in?”

“Only have to be 18. You do have your driver's license with you, don't you?”

“Yes, but how come not 21?”

“We can get in. We just can't drink.”

“Oh, wow. And just how did you happen to know that?”

“One of the colleges I was considering. The guy that showed me around campus told me about it.”

“But it's summer. You sure they're open?”

“Uh huh. I called yesterday. They've even got a band tonight.”

“Great! I was hoping we would get to dance. I think I still owe you one.”

“You do but I don't imagine it will be as much fun as the one I would've gotten at your house, but I am still planning to collect.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I am wearing a few more clothes tonight, but...”

“But what?”

“Uh nothing. I was just thinking. You said on the phone that the reason Jarrad had brought you over was because you insisted, after he bragged about his date with me.”

“Uh huh.”

“So what did he tell you?”

“He told me about the skirt you were wearing and how you almost caused him to wreck the car.”

“Caused him to wreck the car?”

“Well, almost he said.” George looked over as Ashley drew her legs up against the seat.

“That's all I did and he said I almost caused him to have a wreck?”

George focused on the road ahead. “Yeah, well, I just about had a wreck, just now, when you did that... and you're wearing shorts, not a skirt that's practically around your waist... or at least that's the way he described it.”

“Well, I might have pulled it up in order to get in the car and maybe forgot to pull it back down.”


“Yeah forgot.” Ashley pretended anger, like she was arguing, defending herself. Then she cracked a smile and said, “Well... maybe I forgot on purpose... but I wasn't trying to cause a wreck.”

“Hey... with legs like yours... and a short skirt or shorts like you're wearing tonight... especially with that sweater thing all unbuttoned... you need to be careful. You could cause a lot of things to happen.”

Ashley grinned suggestively, “Think so?”

George did his best to ignore the tease. Several seconds went by before Ashley spoke again. “So what else did he tell you?”

“Huh,” George said, glancing over at the display of legs, “Oh, about the date you mean?”


“Well, he did tell me that you two didn't do it and that's a pretty major admission coming from him.”

“I suppose so. Speaking of which... You never did tell me what you thought about my little altercation with him last Sunday, or are we not supposed to talk about that?”

“Look, what can I say? I practically grew up with him.”

“Yeah, right, but uh... you're not upset with me over it?”

“Upset? With you? Why should I be upset with you?”

“I mean like, I did sit down with two guys with nothing on but a bra and panties. That doesn't upset you?”

“Well I suppose it should but actually that's what I like most about you – that you would do something like that. So no, it doesn't upset me, not if that's what you wanted to do.”

“But then I took the bra off. Well, actually Jarrad helped me... but I told him it was okay.”

“So hot!”

“And then I let him and Brad play with my tits.”

“And I had to miss out.”

“Yeah, but... it doesn't bother you?”

“Well, I mean I wish I had been there, but otherwise... No, I can't see any reason why I should be upset.”

“Yeah, that’s what you said on the phone but I didn't really believe you.”

“Well I'm here aren't I?”

“So you really think it was okay?”

“Well Jarrad did have his hand inside your panties, trying to force you into something you didn't want to do.”

“But on the phone you suddenly got real quiet when I told you about it.”

“Yeah right, well uh... I just about creamed my jeans... and I uh didn't want you to know how horny I was getting, just thinking about it.”

Ashley slapped her hand across her mouth and turned to look head-on at George. “Huh?”

“Look, I'm not sure I can explain, I just know that right at that moment, I wanted you so bad I just couldn't say a thing.”

“Oh jesus, and I was worrying that I might not ever hear from you again after telling you about it.”

They pulled into the parking lot of the Exit Inn. As the car came to a stop, George reached over, pulled Ashley's face to him and violently crushed her mouth against his. After a few seconds of mutual tongue sucking, she jerked away and said, “C'mon, let’s go in. I think this is going to be a fun night.”


There was a burly guy at the door checking proof and collecting covers. He taped wristbands on them with bold letters that said, ‘UNDERAGE’. He cautioned them to leave them on. “If you rip them off,” he said, “You have to pay another cover charge in order to stay.” Then he softened. He pointed to an empty booth on the other side of the dance floor and suggested they sit there. “We only allow couples to sit in those circular booths,” he said, “I think you'll like it.”

George and Ashley took his suggestion. On the opposite side of the dance floor from the booths and the side opposite the bandstand was the main part of the nightclub with lots of tables and chairs. It looked like the place could easily seat a couple hundred or more but it was summer and tonight there was maybe fifty at most, including those seated at the bar.

The waitress insisted on seeing their wristbands and then would only let them buy soft drinks. The band had just started and was playing a few faster numbers. There was only a half dozen or so dancing. Most of them seemed several years older, probably graduate students that had stayed through the summer.

The band eventually played something slower and when they did, George asked Ashley to dance. She shrugged off the sweater dress and in t-shirt and shorts followed him to the middle of the dance floor. He stopped, and Ashley put her hands around his neck. He put his hands around her backside. She pressed against him but was relieved that his excitement was still rather subdued. Considering what they had already done together, this was kind of ho-hum but both thought it kind of nice.

Ashley, however, was not about to let it remain sedate very long. She rubbed her breasts against George's chest to make sure he knew she wasn't wearing a bra. Then she reached behind herself and took hold of George's hands. She pushed them lower until they were on the backs of her bare thighs.

George didn't need any more hints. He slid his hands slowly upward, pushing the material of her shorts up at the same time. He thought they were probably being watched by two or three of the guys sitting around the dance floor. Ashley didn't seem concerned so he kept pushing his hands upward, baring more and more of her ass-cheeks as the loose, lower part of her shorts got stretched upward.

With his hands solidly gripping the bare lower part of her ass and his fingers toying with the edge of her panties, Ashley felt his erection harden. She wrapped her arms around his neck and poured hot breath into his ear while rubbing herself against his cock.

When Ashley faced a certain section of the tables, she noticed a guy sitting by himself that was watching them intently. She determined that he definitely was a stranger and not someone she knew. Ashley couldn't tell whether or not George was aware they were being watched, but she did realize how exposed she had become. She became embarrassed and steered George to a darker part of the dance-floor.

As the band continued through the next couple of numbers, the gentle rubbing of their bodies gave way to a steady grind and Ashley became less concerned about being watched. Both were breathing heavily by the time the band switched into something more up-tempo. George released his grip on her butt and taking her by the arm, steered her in the direction of their seats.

As they started to sit down, Ashley saw the waitress approaching their table. She grabbed the sweater-dress and said, “Order me another coke.” Ashley picked up her purse and added, “Be right back.”

George watched in fascination when Ashley returned from the restroom. She wandered through the tables on the other side of dance-floor, passing close to several that were all male. Table after table stopped whatever they were saying or doing, to look up as she passed by. He could see that she was wearing the sweater-dress again and from the looks she was getting, he guessed not much else.

When she reached their booth, George could see that she was no longer wearing the t-shirt. The sweater-dress was really a stretchy gray flannel that had buttons all the way down its front side. Ashley had left the top several buttons undone, making it clear that the t-shirt was no longer there but also suggesting that she probably wasn't wearing a bra. The tightness of her dress furthered that suggestion with the prominence it gave to her nipples.

The dress did come down almost to her knees but Ashley had the bottom buttons undone nearly to her crotch, providing a seductive glimpse of the insides of her thighs as she walked. George was surprised that she had not attracted even more attention than she had.

As the band began another block of slow songs, Ashley jumped up from the table, grabbed George's hand and pulled him toward the dance-floor. “C'mon, we need to dance some more,” she urged.

“Uh yeah... right,” he replied, as he got up from the table. When they reached the dance-floor, George and Ashley embraced in a slow sexy dance. His hands went to the backs of her thighs but with the length of the dress and the buttons being in the front he was unable to get his hands on bare flesh. He instead let his hands roam over her backside.

“I see you at least left the panties on.”

“Yeah, I think that ever since that time I ditched them while dancing with you guys, I have been kind of attached to them.”

“Well, this sweater-dress, or whatever you call it you're wearing, is plenty exciting, even with the panties.”

“I thought you might like it.”

George scanned the tables. “You're still being watched, you know.”

“Uh huh.”

“So you like being watched?”

“It's okay.” Ashley pulled her head back from his shoulder and put her face directly in front of George's.

“And how about you, are you okay with me attracting the attention of other guys?”

George gripped Ashley's butt firmly and pulled her tightly against his throbbing cock. “I think you are,” she said grinning, and then returned her head to his shoulder.


As the band switched again to some faster numbers, George and Ashley left the dance-floor. On the way to the table Ashley said, “I think I'm ready to go while we've still got time for a swim... If you want to, that is.” George confirmed that he would like that.

They had been paying for the drinks and tipping the waitress as the evening went along so there was nothing they needed to do before leaving. As they picked up their belongings and headed for the door, George asked, “You going to wear that same outfit you wore the last time I was here?”

As they walked out of the club, Ashley put her arm around George's waist and said, “I guess you mean the top. Yeah, maybe... If you want me to.”

“Yeah I do want, that would be terrific,” he said as he opened the car door for her. Ashley initially sat down in the car with her feet still on the ground. She swung her left leg into the car, causing the unbuttoned lower part of her dress to split open, baring her thighs all the way to her panties. “Oops,” she said, looking down at her bare legs.

George gasped, his eyes bugging out of his head at the sight.

“I guess I should be more careful,” Ashley said as she swung the other leg into the car. In spite of her remark, she did nothing to cover her bare legs. George remained staring as she pulled the door closed.

George stood there momentarily, then shook his head and walked around to his side of the car. As he slid under the wheel, he looked to the passenger seat. Ashley's legs remained uncovered.

As George started the car and pulled onto the highway, Ashley continued to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Without looking away from the road, he resumed their earlier conversation, suggesting, “We should get Brad to join us too.”

“I don't think he'll want to,” Ashley replied, looking over at George to make sure he was paying attention to the road. “He's got a new computer game he'd rather be playing.”

“You seem pretty sure of that,” George remarked.

“I am,” Ashley confirmed as she lowered the seat back a few notches.

George glanced at his passenger, then quickly back to the road. With her legs bare and even a bit of panty showing, she looked incredibly seductive but he had to keep his eyes on the road. “So it'd be a waste of time for me to even suggest it to him?” he asked.

Ashley's eyes were closed. “Something like that,” she said dreamily.

George took another quick peek. “It'll probably be better, just the two of us anyway.”

“Yeah, that's sort of what I was thinking too,” Ashley responded without opening her eyes.

As he drove, George concluded that Ashley had probably said something or other to Brad to make sure he and Ashley would be alone. That could open the door to greater intimacy. On the other hand, George wasn't aware that the presence of a third or even a fourth would do anything to inhibit Ashley. In fact, he suspected, it might actually be a turn-on for her.

At the house, Ashley opened the car door for herself and led George into the house. She headed straight for her room and pointed George toward Brad's. “You can borrow some jams from Brad if you didn't bring any swim-wear yourself. Meet you at the pool.”

“Right,” acknowledged George as he headed down the hall.

Ashley pulled the flouncy top out from where she had hidden it from her stepmother, under the other bikinis in her drawer. Then she rummaged around to find the bottom she had bought to go with it. She found it, also hidden under other things, where hopefully Brad's mother would not see it.

Like the top, it was unstructured and made of some flimsy material. It had big leg holes, like running shorts, except that the waist was much lower, intended to hang on the hips like a bikini might, and it had no lining. It was meant strictly for playtime.

Ashley wrapped a towel around herself and went through the sliding-glass door into the backyard. George was just coming out of Brad's room. “You were right,” he said, “Brad was into some new game alright.” As they reached poolside, Ashley let the towel drop and George saw what she was wearing.

“Holy shit,” he exclaimed, taking in the whole picture, “And I thought the top was hot.”

Ashley turned a bit, giving him a more complete look. “I thought you might like this,” she said. George took her by the hand and led her down the steps at the shallow end of the pool.

When she was dressing, Ashley had pushed the bottom down her hips until it was barely covering her love button. The top, just a piece of light material hanging loosely over her otherwise bare breasts, along with the looseness and large leg holes of the bottom, were an unambiguous invitation to explore. As they descended the stairway, a light breeze played with the flouncy crop top, enough to offer brief glimpses of the lower slope of her breasts. George was thinking he must have died and gone to heaven.

At the bottom of the stairs, Ashley took the lead. Continuing to hold George's hand, she led him toward the deeper end of the pool. When they reached a point where both of their waists were under water, she stopped and put her arms around his neck. George bent slightly and pressed his lips to hers.

While George's tongue worked at tickling Ashley's tonsils his hands encircled her backside. With their mid-sections pressed firmly together, George's hands slipped through the generous leg-holes and toyed with Ashley's bare butt. As his busy fingers crept ever closer to her secret passage, Ashley sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth.

When George's fingers sought to part the folds of her pussy lips, Ashley gently took hold of his hands and led them under her top, placing them atop her bare breasts. With an encouraging smile on her lips she said, “You wanted me to wear this top – so take advantage of it.”

As he caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers, Ashley snaked a hand between them and rubbed it lightly over the front of his jams. George surmised from Ashley's assault on his erection that when she had removed his hands from between her legs, she probably had not been saying 'no', just 'not yet'.

Ashley's other hand, the one not tracing George's cock through the confines of his jams, unsnapped and unzipped him and attempted to push the jams down over his hips. When the task was joined by her other hand, the jams dropped to his ankles and both of her hands excitedly circled George's bare erection.

Ashley's unrelenting oral assault on his tongue kept George from crying out over the wondrous feel of her hands on his cock. Ashley tugged his member through the leg holes in her bottom and pressed it against her pussy lips. If George had had any doubts about the direction this night was going to take, they were now completely dispelled.

George was certainly excited by what Ashley seemed intent on doing but he also knew, even if she did not, that while sexual play in a pool was great fun, penetration could actually be quite painful. He led her arms once again around his neck and gripped her butt in his hands. Urging her to wrap her legs around his body, he walked her backward to the side of the pool.

George tightened his grip on Ashley's butt and lifted her to the tiled edge of the pool. She grabbed his hair and jammed his head between her legs. There would be no need to remove her bottoms – the leg-holes were plenty large enough to permit what George had in mind. Pushing the flimsy fabric aside with his nose, he inserted his tongue between the folds of her pussy. Ashley's juices bathed his face as he pressed his tongue into her depths.

Her hips bucked and her fists beat on George's head as Ashley demanded more. She wrapped her legs around his head and drew him in deeper as little screams escaped between her quickening breaths. The intensity escalated rapidly, ultimately erupting in a low guttural scream punctuated by her pushing his head away from her sensitive inner core.

As Ashley shuddered and tried to slow her breathing, George carefully planted kisses on her inner thighs and nursed the sore roots of his tongue.

Oh, jesus,” she exclaimed while trying to calm herself. Struggling to speak she said, “If that was the appetizer, I can't wait for the main course.”

George was still savoring the taste of Ashley's inner juices. He licked his lips. “Neither can I.”

George took Ashley's legs from around his neck. He dragged himself out of the water and onto the deck of the pool. He sat down next to her.

“The recliner on the other side of the pool – it's big enough for both of us.” Ashley was still lying on her back. She looked up at George. “How about it. Want to?” she asked.

George bent over and kissed her. “Sounds good,” he responded. They got up and made their way to the other side of the pool where they sat on the recliner and kissed.

Ashley could taste herself on his lips. She had regained her strength and was anxious for more. She pushed George back into the recliner and wrapped her hand around his cock. She stroked it lightly, spreading the pre-cum along its length. George's cock throbbed in her hand and she wanted it inside her.

She had made up her mind – George was to be the first. It wasn't that she was actually in love with him or that she even envisioned a long-term relationship with him. In fact, other than being an absolute hunk, his major attraction was that she didn't expect to be seeing him anytime soon, and maybe never again.

Ashley straddled George, sitting on his thighs, his cock standing rigidly in front of her. Steadying herself with one hand, she took his dick in the other and put it between her legs. She pressed the head of it against the entrance to her inner sanctum. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and sat down slowly until the full length of George's cock was inside her.

She sighed and moaned softly, “Oh my god, that is sooo good.” She leaned forward and kissed George softly on the lips as her hips began to move slowly up and down. Their fluids were like a high viscosity lubricant, allowing George's cock to slide in and out effortlessly. Ashley would rise up until just the head of his cock was inside her, and then slowly sit down until she had its full length deep within her. She caught her breath as George cupped her breasts.

The walls of Ashley's insides were wrapped around George's throbbing member. All other thoughts were blocked from their minds as his cock moved slowly in and out of her.

Their pace gradually increased, providing each with more delirious sensations. George's mouth was open and with each thrust, he let out a low guttural sound. Ashley's breaths became shorter, the pace of her breathing matching the accelerating motion of her body. As she repeatedly plunged George's cock into her, she punctuated the motion with a cry of delight.

George began to shake. His ball sack tightened and he cried out as a thunderous orgasm washed over him.

His hot sperm shot into Ashley, triggering the start of her own release. She clenched her muscles tightly, moaned and shook uncontrollably as George's seed drained into her.

She collapsed on top of him. She wanted to keep George inside her, but as he became flaccid, he popped out. The two lay there, completely spent, George's hands now grasping her naked butt.

After several minutes had passed, Ashley finally broke the silence. “So this is the only time we're going to get to do this, huh?”

“Uh huh. Too bad isn't it?”

“Yeah, this was fun.”

“I thought so too.”

“You know,” Ashley began carefully, “I really would like to have you spend the night in my bed, wake up just like this, but there's a problem.”

“You mean with Brad.”

“Right, with Brad. And it's not that I'm going to keep this from him, I won't.”

“But you want to tell him yourself, not have him learn by seeing me stumble out of your bedroom in the morning.”

“Right... I'll tell him tomorrow... after you're gone.”

“Speaking of which, I hate to, but I need to leave pretty early in the morning.”

“That's okay, I'm just glad you came at all.”

“Me too. Will I see you before I leave?”

“How about eight for breakfast?”

“Works for me.”

Ashley gave George a quick kiss, picked up her two bits of clothing and the towel she'd come out of her room with and turned for the house. George looked after her, sure now that he really had died and gone to heaven.


“Kind of over-dressed aren't you,” Brad asked of Ashley as he arrived for breakfast. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a cotton print button-up blouse.

“Well, we did have company,” Ashley replied sharply.

“Oh yeah, I should have remembered,” Brad countered sarcastically, “That was why I had to stay in my room last night.”

“That is not fair! You know that was just so his being here would be more like a date.”

“Right, except that now, I suspect that 'stepbrother' means strictly 'stepbrother'.”

“Oh wow, that is so wrong -”

“Wait!” Brad's anger was replaced by a different sort of emotion – confusion. “You said did have? You mean he's gone already?”

“Uh huh, had to get home to finish packing.”


“Yep, moving to California.”

“No, really? So last night then...”

“A one night stand. But I knew that. It's part of why I asked him to come.”

“Huh? You knew? Now I am confused.”

She put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him. “Give it time, you'll understand.”

Ashley knew what she wanted to have happen, but she didn't want to come right out and say it. When they had finished eating, she said, “You pick up the table and put stuff in the dishwasher, I'm going to take a shower.”

“Right,” Brad said, still trying to understand. Why would she go on a first date with someone she knew she would never see again? And why was she so intent on keeping me from joining them?

In her room, Ashley hastily stripped and wrapped a large towel around her naked body. She never even went near her bathroom, heading instead back to the other end of the house. At the entrance to the kitchen she stopped, stepping into the doorway enough so Brad could see what she was wearing, or more to point, what she was not wearing . She held the towel loosely about her body as she announced, “I'm going to use the shower on the other side of the den.”

Brad stopped what he was doing and looked in her direction, wide-eyed at how she was attired. Upon regaining his composure, he said, “Oh yeah, the one with the door to the pool... the one we haven't used in months.”

As Brad continued to stare, Ashley allowed the towel to slip down until it barely concealed her nipples. “Right, I need to use it today,” Ashley replied. “There's something wrong with mine,” she lied. Then as she turned her back on him, she pulled the towel up to her chin, completely exposing the backs of her legs, even an inch or so of her bare butt.

Gawking at the tantalizing sight, Brad finally had the sense to respond, “Yeah, that one should work okay,” but Ashley was already out of earshot.

No way could she be hotter, even if she was totally nude. And she likes me looking! Brad quickly locked in on the same thought Ashley was hoping he would. If I'm in the den watching television... she's going to stop and talk to me... and fidget with that towel... knowing she's turning me on... holy shit! He hastily loaded the dishwasher and headed for the den.

When Ashley finished her shower, she only partially toweled off, leaving her body moist, and wrapped the damp towel around herself. She opened the door to the bathroom and stepped into the den. As she had hoped, Brad was seated on the couch watching TV.

He looked in her direction as she came across the room. “What are you watching,” Ashley asked, blocking his view to the TV. As she stood in front of Brad she made a show of adjusting the towel, releasing the cinch she had made under her arm, then redoing it while keeping her nipples barely hidden.

Brad knew she was doing it on purpose and that she loved to have him watching. He stared, saying nothing until the towel was retied. “A Sunday talk show,” he eventually replied. “You can join me if you want,” he added hopefully.

Ashley blushed. “Yeah, well I need to dry my hair and I probably ought to get dressed first, don't you think?”

Brad looked Ashley over carefully before speaking. Her hair and body were still damp from the shower. “Your hair looks fine,” he said. Then rubbing his hand across the front of his pajamas, added, “You could stay the way you are.”

That was the response Ashley had been hoping for. She cinched the towel a little tighter. “Well, the towel is kind of damp... but if you think it won't hurt the couch... well, I suppose I could fix my hair later.”

Brad patted the space on the couch next to him, motioning Ashley to sit down. As she sank into the deep cushions of the couch, the towel, which had hung almost to her knees when she was standing, rode up, exposing most of her thighs. She fidgeted some more with the towel, eliminating any remaining interest Brad might have had in the television.

Brad cautiously put his arm around Ashley's bare shoulders. Both looked to the front of his pajama bottoms as his erection gained prominence.

Ashley turned her face to Brad's. “You know that rule we had?”

“Uh... the one about you staying a virgin?”

“Right. Doesn't mean anything anymore.”

“You mean... you and George?” Had he really been released from his obligation to protect his stepsister's virginity?

“Uh huh.” Ashley studied Brad's face. “Not mad are you?”

Brad's face lit up at the realization. “No, of course not but... and you knew you'd likely never see him again?”

“Uh huh.” Ashley stared at her stepbrother, trying to guess his thoughts, hoping that he was as pleased as she to have the emotional roadblock of her virginity removed.

For several seconds, Brad didn't say anything. He just stared back. Eventually he opened his mouth. “Uh so... what's the new rule?”

Ashley stuck a thumb in the top of the towel and pulled it loose. She looked down at her bare breasts, then tucked a leg under herself, opening the vee between her legs to Brad's open-mouthed stare. She turned and flung a leg over Brad's and pressed her bare pussy against the tent in his pajamas. Ashley brushed her nipples against Brad's lips, then bent and lowered her face to his, her mouth just inches from Brad's.

“No rules,” she whispered as she pressed her lips against his.

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