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Bread Love

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I got more than I bargained for on a bread making course
I was complaining to my friends that I just wasn't able to find the right sort of woman and they told me that I just wasn't looking in the right places. If you want a classy lady to have to be a bit more classy yourself they told me. One of the things they said would look good would be if I could cook and bake. To this end they clubbed together and booked me on a bread making course.

I have to be honest, I didn't think this would get me anywhere but as it was already paid for I thought it would be churlish not to go. The course was for small groups of up to 4 people and when I got to the house, found that it looked really nice and actually a bit posh. I was met at the door by an attractive and very friendly woman who introduced herself as Mary, the teacher on this course. She offered me some coffee and started talking about what we would be doing on the course when she took a call. It seems that a couple who were supposed to be on the same course had had a minor car accident on the way and now couldn't make it. "Looks like it's one to one training for you then," she said.

Mary must have been in her late 20s or early 30s, very chatty and enthusiastic but also pretty hot. She was fairly tall, about 5'9", had longish strawberry blonde hair, nice figure and a particularly nice bum. She was wearing a white shirt and jeans plus an apron.

She had arranged some mixing bowls and bags of flour on the kitchen table and gestured for me to come over so we could begin. She started telling me about how wonderful it was to make your own bread and how earthy it was to get your hands doughy and just how fun it was to get a bit messy. I told her how my friends thought it would make me a better prospect and impress a woman if I could bake her bread. She asked if this meant that I was single and I smiled and said that yes it did. It was at this point that I felt a bit of a spark between us and was keen to see where it would lead.

We mixed the flour, salt, yeast and then slowly added the water. Mary encouraged me to use my hands rather than a wooden spoon. We then emptied the dough out and she demonstrated how to knead. She really put lots of effort and I have to say that I found it quite sexy watching her exert herself. It was then my turn to have a go and it was now that I realised that while I had watched Mary I hadn't really been concentrating on the kneading and I was really making a hash of it. 'Stop!' she said. 'Do you want me to come and show you what to do?'

'Sure' I replied.

Mary came over to my side of the table and stood next to me. She put her hands over mine and together we kneaded the dough by picking it up, slapping it down and folding it over. With her hands on mine and with our hips touching I had an electric thrill go through me and a tingle of excitement in my belly. After a minute or so, she looked up at me and told me that I was getting the hang of it, but her smile and the look in her eyes told me our touching was also turning her on too.

A little later she said the dough was ready and we placed it in a bowl to prove for an hour. 'So what do we do now?' I said.

'It's time to relax' she said and put out a still floury finger and playfully dabbed it on my nose.

I laughed and said, 'Right, if that's the game...' and grabbed her to me and placed two of my own floury hands on her bum leaving hand shaped flour prints.

She grabbed me back and using one hand on the back of my head kissed me. 'Wow!' I thought. I kissed her back and held her tightly to me, feeling her breasts against my chest. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and she started to make a wonderful 'mmmm' sound. She sounded very turned on and I was getting pretty hard.

After kissing and groping for a few minutes, I picked Mary up and sat her on the kitchen table. I slipped off her apron, unbuckled her belt and undid her trousers, pulling them down and then off. Looking into her eyes I ran my tongue up her inner thigh and ran it along the edge of her knickers, teasing her slightly. I hooked a finger into her gusset and played with removing them. I could see she was desperate for me to go further but I liked teasing her. I then quickly pulled the gusset to one side and plunged my tongue along and inside her labia. Finding her clitoris, I started rubbing my tongue in little circles.

Her hand was in my hair and I could hear her muttering quietly, 'yes, yes...' After a few minutes I pushed a finger inside her and she said, 'Hmmm, that's it! ' I continued licking and slowly pumping at first one finger, then two until I could hear Mary coming to a crescendo and gasping 'I'm gonna cum...' and then making a delicious sounding moan. I continued to gently push my fingers in and out, giving the odd lick to her clit while she recovered.

'That's a pretty amazing tongue you've got there' she said. 'I think it's your turn now'. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her breasts out of the cups of her bra but without taking it off. I was desperate to get my hands on them but before I could, she got onto her knees before me and unzipped the fly on my jeans. Some of my pre-cum had made a damp patch in my jockey shorts. She reached in and took out my hard cock and pulling back my foreskin gave a lick right up the shaft. While holding the base she then took the head of my cock into her mouth and then moved rhythmically up and down on it giving me the most wonderful feeling. I was finding the whole situation fantastically sexy and didn't want it to end.

Before it got too far, I pulled myself out of her mouth and helped Mary to her feet and then bent her over the table. We were both by now covered in patches of flour on our bodies and in our hair but it didn't seem to matter right now. Her arse was really peachy and only turned me on more as I spread her cheeks slightly before aiming the tip of my cock into her vagina. I pushed it inside feeling that delicious warm wetness. I started pumping, slowly at first, but getting quicker and found myself so turned on hearing Mary moan encouragement to me.

Feeling I was near the end I really started to go in hard, my body slapping against hers. 'I want to come on your tits', I gasped and pulled out. She turned round and offered me her breasts and with a couple more strokes from my hand, my hot cum was all over her flour covered tits. 'That was pretty amazing' I said.

We cleaned ourselves up a bit, grinning at each other. We finished making the bread but not before Mary insisted that we go again before I left.

I'm now a bit more convinced of the virtues of baking these days but every time I make bread now, my thoughts are rarely about the dough.

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