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Breaking In Elizabeth - Part 2

Breaking In Elizabeth - Part 2

I throw the driver a fifty, and tell him to keep the change. At this point, I'm not interested in waiting for it. All I want to do is get inside and have my way with her. Hang on, what have I become suddenly? This is not who I am. I'm not one of “those” guys who goes home with just anyone. I barely know this girl. Where are my morals, my respect for her? I don’t just hop into bed with people like this... Oh fuck it, I can make an exception this time. She was the one who came onto me. Yeah, so that makes it ok...

As I step on the lawn, the cold night air passes though my thin suit pants, sharply turning my precum soaked underwear bitterly cold. It’s like an ice cube has been dropped inside them and it’s quite uncomfortable, and I make an adjustment to move my cock away from the wetness. It’s a stark reminder of how incredibly turned on I must have been, and my mind briefly casts back to the ride home.

Elizabeth approaches the front door, and in the dim light of a distant street lamp, I can see, and hear her rummaging through her bag to find her keys as I walk up the pathway. I slip my cold hands into my pockets as I approach her by the door, and I find her panties that I had placed in there on the way home. I pull them out and can’t resist putting them to my face, desperate to smell her scent. With a long, slow breath inwards, I inhale her.

Fuuucking hellll,” I sigh.

“What’s the matter?” she says.

“This.” And while she is still fumbles through her bag for those keys, I reach around the front of her and hold her damp knickers to her face.

“Fuck, you smell so good, don’t you?” I whisper in her ear.

She takes a long deep breath, almost involuntarily, as if the feeling of me pressed into her and the scent of her damp knickers is too much. Her head falls back onto my shoulder. I can see and feel her reaction, so I instinctively reach my other hand around her stomach. I feel my way between the lapels of my suit coat which hangs loosely from her shoulders.

With my fingers pointing downwards, I slide my hand down the outside of her skin tight dress until I can feel the top of her slit through the thin fabric. Her breathing quickens and I press my middle finger between her plump pussy lips, feeling for her clit, and my cock hardens against her cheeks. Within moments, I can feel it engorging deep beneath her folds, feeling it popping, flicking back and forth under my fingertip as I rub it in circles and figure eights as she pushes her needy pussy against me.

“Oh fuck!! Okay, okay, stop. Not out here, someone will see us. I found the keys,” she giggles.

“About time. I thought I was going to have to have my way with you out here in the freezing cold.” I laugh through a slightly chattering jaw.

“Oh you’re a smart ass,” she snaps, turning to kiss me as my hand retreats from between her thighs.

With no knickers on, her wetness has drenched the front of her dress and onto my fingers and I can’t help but suck the small amount of fluid from them. She tastes so fucking good, and I really can’t get enough of her. I have all but known her a handful of hours and I have never desired anyone as much as I do her right now. She seems like this freakish perfect package, what guys dream about, what I have dreamed about. I'm about to walk through her front door, which she finally opens after what seemed like a hunt for the holy grail with those damn keys.

We step inside. Elizabeth clumsily runs her hand up and down a door opening in a drunken search for the light switch. The hallway light comes on. Once my eyes adjust to the sudden change in light, I see a doorway into what looks like the kitchen, and as I pan to my right, a tall spiral staircase catches my attention.

“Wow. Nice place.”

She smiles with a slight giggle as she places her keys on a small table against a wall in the hall, and with the lights now on. I can’t keep my eyes off her. Everything she does is sexy. She just oozes beauty. The way she moves is just captivating. Her perfume, her natural scent, and the way she tastes is just… I can’t even describe it. She catches me, staring at her, totally captivated.

“What?” she turns to me and says.

“Oh nothing. No, something. Everything. Do you have any idea how amazing you are?” I say to her with my face in my hands.

“Oh you’re just wasted, you won’t be saying that when you see me in the morning.” she laughs.

“And why am I here? I don’t ever do this kind of thing. EVER!” I confess to her.

I take a few cautious steps towards her. With her heels off, she is much shorter than I anticipated. I run my nervous fingers through her hair and place my hand behind her neck. I lean down and push my lips against hers. She kisses me back with a fiery, intense passion like she wants to feed on me. Her tongue brushes the inside of my top lip before gently biting my lower. I have never felt that need directed at me before and it just fuels my desire for her even more.

I force her backwards through the kitchen door, both of us taking tiny steps, mine to avoid walking on her bare manicured toes. She blindly reaches for another switch and the kitchen lights up. We continue backwards, my hands on her hips to hold her up, and to hold her against me until we bump into the dining table. We both laugh and smile through our kiss, but our union is not broken.

Her hand reaches for the ever increasing bulge in my pants and I moan into her mouth as she squeezes and massages my throbbing cock through my suit. The tip tingles, to a point of almost feeling numb, and I can feel the precum flowing into my underwear. I slip my coat from her shoulders, exposing her milky skin. I cup her gorgeous face in my hands.

The texture of her skin is like silk. I slowly slide my hands from her cheeks and down the sides of her neck, resting them on her shoulders. I move my hand back to her neck, my thumb tracing her jaw line. My other hand holding her wrist firmly at her side. I lean into her again, kissing her with a blend of lust, need and loving respect. I want her to feel that, feel that I care for her, that I'm not here just to get lucky. Things are about to spiral out of control for both of us, so I want her to feel what she already means to me before my carnal instincts take over.

“Turn around!” I command. My voice hoarse, throaty and tired from talking loudly over the noise in the restaurant. I can’t contain my need any longer and something about her tells me she has a dirty side that I need to explore.

She turns away slowly, never breaking eye contact, my hand holding her wrist that is now gently twisted behind her back. With her pelvis against the table edge, and my body pegging her to it, I place my hand between her shoulders and bend her over the table. She never once breaks our gaze and she has this steely look in her eyes, but it’s not fear. It’s something much darker, animalistic.

“Ohh fuck yes!!” she groans through gritted teeth.

“God yes. She likes to be controlled a little,” I think to myself. I am relieved that I have not made a wrong move to this point. I push down on her, holding her in a somewhat vulnerable position. With her body now pressed against the wooden surface of the table, I pull her other hand behind her back and pin them at the wrists. I run my free hand up the inside of her leg and over her ass cheek, my thumb catching on the hem of her dress, fingertips brushing her now exposed, smooth wet cunt. She is literally foaming, and I can feel my hand that’s holding her down rise and fall with her every breath, and I can smell her womanly vapours.

“I want your ass!!” I growl.

“Oh god yes, lick my ass,” she whimpers, almost a cry of want and total submission.

I release her hands and grab the bottom of her dress, urgently pulling it the rest of the way up as far as I can. Her peachy ass wobbles, as the tightly stretched material that cupped under it, lets go. I can not help but slap its' white flesh and bite its' sting.

“Oh fucking hell,” she screams. Even my hand stung. I didn’t mean to slap her ass that hard, but all it seemed to do was drive her crazy.

I get down on my knees behind her with my heart racing, and my hands shaking from excitement. I place my open hands on the pale, white skin of her ass, and I use my thumbs to pry her apart at the base of her cheeks. Her pussy is glistening, and a small pearl of her arousal dangles like a tear drop between her lips. With my outstretched tongue, I lap it up and lick her in one long slow and deliberate motion from her pussy to the top of her ass. Her cries and moans do nothing but urge me to continue, a hand letting go of her and reaching for my aching dick as I go between licking her foaming cunt to her tight asshole.

I run a single finger down her crack and between the sopping folds of her pussy, then rake the back of my finger, using my knuckles to increase the sensation, in the reverse direction. She pushes back as I get close to her opening, attempting to force my fingers inside her.

“Please, please finger me. I need you to stretch my hole. Fill it!!” she begs.

With one finger already drenched in her fluids, I use another in the same fashion. The tip from back to front, and then the knuckles of my finger dragging back. I gently use the wet tips to probe for her opening as my tongue teases her ass. With my tips on the threshold of her core, she pushes back. She is so tight, but so wet that it requires little effort to slip inside her.

“Oh fuck yes. Please, fuck me. Finger my tight hole. Don’t fucking stop.”

Her cries and demands have me squeezing my dick and I have to stop before I cum. I'm blinded by a range of emotions that you usually have to deal with just one at a time. Lust and desire, need and want, how the hell did I get here, and I'm absolutely breathless. My hand plunges in and out of her. The squelching sounds have me moaning and the walls of her pussy grow tighter with every stroke. I bear down on the front of her hole and within seconds, it hits me.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! I'm going to cum... keep going, keep going!!”

Elizabeth’s pussy chokes my fingers and small stream of liquid quirts from her folds onto the back of my fingers and hand. Her cream and juices drip from her hole and her whole body is shaking. Her trembling legs no longer able to hold her up, she falls to her knees in front of me. I wrap my arms around her, stopping her from falling any further. Her body still convulsing as I hold her tightly.

“What the fuck was that. What did you do to me?” she says, turning and looking up at me.

Her breathing ragged and irregular, I lean in and kiss her. My arms are still tightly wrapped around her shaking frame. It takes a few minutes, but she finds the strength to stand up, and I assist her still partially limp body to its feet. She reaches for my belt buckle, and clumsily releases it, pulling it through the belt loops of my pants. She pulls apart the clasp above my fly and rips the zipper down, pulling my pants from my hips. My precum drenched briefs are next, and the sight of them, and how wet they are have her biting her lip. She pulls them down and my semi erect cock springs from its confines.

Elizabeth drops to her knees, and with what feels like the blink of an eye, I feel her hot, wet mouth take me whole. I do not stay that way very long, as the stroking of her mouth, and hands, have my cock hardening and lengthening with every stroke, and plunge of me into her mouth.

As my cock reaches is full hardened length, she struggles to take every inch of me. That doesn’t stop her, and the feeling of her pushing my cock as far down her throat as she could is almost too much to take. I feel her tight lips catch the underside of my bulbous head, and her tongue circling me. I run both hands through her hair, gathering it at the back of her head, holding her there as I take over and fuck her beautiful face. Her moans, groans, and the humming vibrations have me on edge and I pull myself from her.

“What are you doing? Keep fucking my mouth. Make me gag on you,” she orders.

I am not one to argue, but the day’s events, the constant teasing and aching, I am not sure I can take much more. I need to be inside her, and knowing what that felt like with my fingers, I know that once I enter her, I need to give her everything I have. I am not sure how much I'm going to be able handle.

“No, let me fuck you. I can’t take much more of this. You have been driving me to the brink of cumming all day. Now get your ass on that table, and lie back for me.”

With that same steely gaze, she looks up at me, slowly stands up, and gently strokes my cock as we kiss. I lift her onto the table, raising her legs in the air. Our gaze not once broken, until I lean down between her thighs. I have to taste her once more, and it will give me a chance to regain my composure.

I kiss and nibble the insides of her thighs, my eyes are fixed on her blossomed sex. I gently blow a soft breath across her wet lips, and with her legs in the air, I see her ass and pussy clinch. A raspy groan echoes between cold the walls of the kitchen. With her lips so swollen and engorged, I can see right into her soul. I push my tongue inside her, fucking her with my mouth, drinking her, lapping at her.

“Oh fucking hell you taste so good.” My mouth feeds on her.

I suck her clit between my lips, like I am giving her a blow job. My tongue teases what is inside my mouth. My hands reach up, and I rip her dress down from the top so all it covers is her midriff. Her voluptuous tits spill from the cups, and my needy hands massage them, gently pinching and pulling on her shrivelled nipples. I can tell she is close to cumming, so I stand up and give my cock a few strokes to fully harden it. After a few slaps on her clit, and teasing her opening, I gently glide every inch of me between her pink folds.

“Holy shit you’re so tight,” I yell.

“Just fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, fuck me like you hate me,” she demands.

With her legs wrapped around me, I lean over her, holding myself up with one arm. The other arm goes between gently choking her to holding her face against mine, to squeezing her breasts. My mouth sucks her nipples, and my teeth bite and pull at them. My cock works in and out of her as fast as I can, the need to cum is almost impossible to ignore. She just feels so good.

“Cum for me, cum on me. Squirt your cum all over my pussy!” she shrieks as her fingers work her swollen lips.

That is all it takes, I can not hold off any longer. She is starting to cum again, and the tightness I feel around my dick pushes me over the edge. She pushes me out of her as she gushes her liquid over me. My hand works my cock as I start to cum myself, aiming the streams of cum at her pussy, while she rubs out her orgasm. It is the most erotic thing I have ever seen, a woman massaging my cum into her sex. It heightens the intensity of my own orgasm.

Exhausted, I slump my body over hers. Copious amounts of body fluids lie between us and drip on the kitchen floor. I press my lips against hers, and kiss her like we have been lovers forever.

“I guess we better clean this mess up huh? We won’t be in any shape to do it tomorrow,” she giggles.

“Are you sure is okay I stay the night? I can get a cab home,” I offer.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere. You’re staying here tonight, with me,” she says, with a wink and a smile.

After mopping up our mess and cleaning ourselves up, Elizabeth hands me a hanger for my suit. I hook the hanger over a door handle and we head up to bed. Walking the stairs behind her, I gave her a little tap on the ass.

“So, did you enjoy your first day at the races?”

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