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Breaking our routine

Our sex lives revive
Over the last few years, we'd unconsciously fallen into a routine. We married young and were quite sexually inexperienced. My wife was my first sexual partner and I was her second. During our courtship and engagement we learnt, one might say, quite quickly. Many places and positions were thoroughly exploited!

However, the speedy arrival of two children, the first of whom was born ten months after we married, and the necessity to earn a living gradually took over our lives. We were still very attracted to each other but, as has been said by many, other matters took precedence and our sexual desires and mutual lust became secondary. They were allocated to that time before we fell asleep, almost invariably tired.

Yesterday, in a rare turn of events, her parents had invited the children to stay with them for the week-end and so, for the first time, we were on our own Friday evening. Strangely, we were a little shy with each other and after a pleasant but slightly subdued evening, we retired to bed and had sex in our usual way, even to the extent of washing each other (another routine we'd adopted) before settling comfortably against each other to sleep.

Even though it is Saturday, I woke early and was immediately aware that I had a very hard, almost painful erection. For some reason, this was a regular occurrence for me even when I had a draining session the previous evening. My hand wandered down to stroke myself prior to turning to my wife, mentally looking forward to a relaxed and prolonged fuck. Then, almost like a light bulb coming on, I realised I wanted something different and I knew exactly what!

I eased myself quietly out of the bed, even though it was unlikely she would waken as I normally rose first in order to take the children to school on my way to work. Standing, I was able for the first time in years to look down at my wife's slumbering form. As is her wont, she rolled onto her back and, because it was quite warm in the room, I could slip the sheet off her and drink in her shape. My eyes drifted over her naked body, taking in the globes of her breasts, across the nearly flat stomach and, much to my delight, the lips of her vulva. When she'd moved, her legs had parted so my access to her labia was easier than I'd envisaged. My plan could commence.

Moving back onto the bed, which only caused an incoherent murmur from her, I got between her legs. Quickly I slipped hands under her bottom and clamped my mouth to her pussy, probing into the folds. I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt her hands on each side of my head as she tried to lift me away. Previously I would have let her do this and slid my shaft, willingly, into her. However, she was trapped !

I continued lapping, probing with my tongue and, very, very, gently, nipping at her clitoris which was still a little swollen from last night. Her hands relaxed and I started to hear mews of pleasure. I eased away slightly and was able to see the beginnings of the undulations of her stomach muscles as her arousal grew.

Returning to my task, I slid a hand away from her buttock and, using one finger only, I slid it, millimetre by millimetre into her. The mews were changing to short pants. I curled the finger up and found that oh so sensitive spot. The pants changed to gasps, my tongue and lips kept tormenting her. One finger became two and then three.

The gasps became vocal, guttural, meaningless words. I increased the movements of fingers and tongue. Her words became clear : "I'm cumming, I'm cuuuuummmming, Oh, god, don't stop".

I didn't and in a moment my hand was drenched with her juices and her body shook with the spasms of her orgasm.

I slowed my movements letting her senses settle. As her breathing slowed a little, I trailed my tongue up her belly, briefly nibbling each very hard nipple as I maneouvred myself into position. I didn't need to guide my cock into her, I was desperate to feel that slick, velvety sensation that I knew to be there and she was so wet, no resistance was met. Entry was almost too much, too good, the entrance giving enough resistance to slide my foreskin completely back and bring the very sensitive head into highly stimulating contact with her insides. I struggled to stop myself thrusting. I wanted, if possible, to feel each of those inner muscles tightening on my shaft. To distract myself, I planted a very wet kiss on her slightly open mouth.

Taken by surprise as I didn't usually do this after being between her legs, she pushed me away, a little. Then, I think the stretching my cock was giving to her insides and the heady taste of her own juices, overrode anything else and her hands gripped my buttocks and pulled me deep into her.

Our groans were in unison as my balls slapped her thighs, our arousal levels escalated and we gave ourselves over to our mutual desire to thrust hard against each. Soon, our bodies were slick with sweat, our breathing was coming in gasps, we could hear each other's grunts. We didn't want it to stop but stop we did. I held my body away from her and looked down. We grinned at each other. Our shyness had certainly disappeared.

Then, I'm not sure who was first, but we had to finish what we'd started. Her legs clamped onto my calves, my arms hooked under her shoulders, my face was buried in her neck and we raced toward our mutual goals. All our inhibitions were shed as we shouted our pleasure. I felt the pumping and spurting of my semen, my thrusts became even more urgent and spasmodic as I emptied my balls. That triggered her second orgasm of the morning and I feebly tried to keep thrusting as her convulsions of climax coursed through her body.

We lay, sweaty, sticky and spent in each other's arms. As our breathing slowed, I had one last thing I wanted to do.

I slid slowly down her body, hearing, in the distance, a muted "What are you up to now ?"

She soon found out as I started kissing and licking her clean. She was awash between her legs with a heady mixture of her juices and my semen. I had a vasectomy many years ago and thus we didn't have to concern ourselves with condoms.

Feeling a little intoxicated from the taste and aroma, I headed back up her body and, before she could resist, planted an extremely messy kiss full on her mouth. For a moment, I thought she was shocked and then her lips parted and we kissed deeply and sensually.

I was a little lost in the pleasure of our kisses and re-awakening of our eroticism and it took me a moment to realise that she was on her way down me ! Next minute, I felt her mouth on my slowly hardening penis. This was a real pleasure for me as until that moment, she'd never taken me in her mouth after I'd ejaculated.

Let our renaissance continue. Nearly two days are still left.

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