Breaking the ice

By Onizuka

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Patience can be rewarded.
I let out a long sigh as I closed the front door of the bar. It was three thirty in the morning and obviously, this Friday was a busy one. Working in a bar can be a pain in the ass during weekends, especially long weekends. I am a manager at a bar near a college campus. Let me tell you that those college kids sure can drink and party but when it starts to get late, they become crazy because they are intoxicated. Funny when you think I could be a senior in a University but I decided to work in the bar that my Uncle Sam owns.

Oh yeah I forgot, my name is Derek and I am 22, I have the luck of having sharp blue eyes and dark brown hair that seems to defy the laws of gravity. Impossible to have a haircut, so I shave them daily.I am 6 feet tall and my shoulders are larger than my hips. I mean I am well built, I am no Vin diesel but I have no problems wearing tight clothes and I am very comfortable walking without any shirt anywhere, but it’s useless since I wear baggy clothes with way too large shirts of my favorite heavy metal bands. At work, it is different; I wear tight shirt that shows my tribal tattoo and biceps that are not bigger than my head, but well defined. I guess I am not that bad looking since tonight I had 3 invitation to a motel and 5 phone numbers, and a lot of tips, girls seems to like me and guys seems to respect me because I don’t hit on their girlfriends.

After locking the door I made my way toward the bar to clean up a bit and to count the cash. In my way over there, I noticed a girl looking down coming out from the restroom. I shook my head and looked at her, she looked up and saw me. She gave me a shy smile and walked towards me. By the look in her face, I knew she was up to something.

Oh yeah sorry, this is Marianne, she is a waitress here and also a bombshell. The only problem is that she doesn’t seem to know or care. She was about 5 feet and 6 inches tall, long straight blond hair that went all the way down to her waist line. Her waist line was not very large, her ass was incredibly round and seemed firm. I could see a tribal tattoo on her lower back each time she bent forward to serve a customer, which gave me a very good view of the perfect shaped ass. She has a flat stomach and her breasts were round and, them too seemed to be firm. Well from the cleavage point of view.

Gorgeous Marianne looked at me with a soft grin, sign that she was tired. She tilted her head as she set her green eyes in mines. Nothing was said from her as I walked behind the bar to start counting the cash. I felt a hand around my waist and a head on my shoulder. I smiled knowing that she was just leaning on me, but I felt her soft breasts pressed against the side of my arm and against my back.

I licked my lips has I continued to count the cash. I felt a bit uncomfortable as her arm tighten pressing me closer to her, but I act like it was natural, and went on with the counting. My dick on the other hand, was starting to get a mind of his own and decided that it was time for him to grow up. I began to feel very uncomfortable, since I was wearing a tight pair of jeans. I couldn’t look at her because I knew that the dick growing would turn into a massive hard on.

You have to understand that I am a single guy since my girlfriend of 5 years decided to tell me that she was a lesbian, I personally have nothing against that but it was hard on the ego, thinking that I wasn’t unable to satisfy a girl, so since then beside Jenna Jameson, Kleenex and my right hand, I didn’t have no sexual intercourse at all, not even a deep kiss.

Also, dating customer, was against my own rules, I mean yeah, I could get laid but that’s not what I wanted. In this place, it would be too easy since the girls were drunk. Doing a drunk girl wasn’t my style.

I I shivered as I felt her soft breath on the side of my neck. Then, her soft set of lips, the money fell on the bar as those lips covered the side of my neck. Her lips went to the back of my neck and her hand moved slowly on my sides as she slowly moved behind me, nibbling and kissing the back of my neck.

Her soft hands, moved in front to me and slowly, they started to unbutton my shirt. She started down to move up but she decided to stop half way to slide her soft hand underneath my shirt. I felt her cold hands sliding gently and softly against my skin, caressing my stomach, my ribs and my chest, she gently rubbed my nipples with her thumbs, Pressed her self closer, making her breasts press against my back. She then decided to nibble on my left ear as she resumed to work on the buttons of my shirt.
My eyes were close and my mind was on the verge on going crazy. That moment was so incredible that I came to the conclusion that I was better to shut up and go with the flow. My now hard and fully erect cock agreed with that. After my shirt was unbuttoned and removed, I felt her lips on my back and along my spine. She started to kiss and lick just a bit up from the waistband of my jeans and her hands moved forwards to caress my cock over my jeans, Making me shiver like I was in Alaska during winter.

I heard a soft chuckle and I felt ashamed. When Marianne said “Yummy”, I instantly felt better, especially when her expert finger unbuttoned my jeans and slid down my zipper. She took my jeans down to my ankle and made me turn around. When I turned I saw that she was down on her knees and looked up at me with her angelic and soft smile. She giggled, when the tip of my now fully hard rock cock almost slaped her right cheek.

Marianne started to kiss the tip of my dick over the fabric of the thin material of my boxers. I had to lean my back against the bar and set my hands on it so I wouldn’t fall. She helped me remove my jeans and slid down my boxers to remove them as well, same time she took the shoes and the socks as well.

She licked her lips, looked at my erect cock and looked up at me with a grin. She wrapped her delicate and soft fingers around the shaft and landed a soft and wet kiss on the tip of the head. That action alone made me shiver and I tought I was gonna explode and shoot my load all over her face. She giggled at my reaction and started to lick on the side of the shaft.

“Ahhh!” Was all I could say. She kissed the base of my shaft and used the tip of her tongue on my freshly shaved balls. Her tongue moved so slowly and so teasingly up towards the head that I thought I would cum right there on her perfect face for the second time. I was sure that at the next shiver I'd unload everything out.

She tilted her head and looked at me. The Marianne  licked her lips teasingly and used the tip of her tongue several time on the purple head, just like a kitten. She then took my cock between her lucious lips.

“Ahhh Shit!” was about all I could say when I felt the warmth of her mouth moving up and down my almost 7 inches shaft.
          “Hmmm” She said. The vibration on my cock while she made that noise made me moan like crazy and made my knees weak.

“Shit Marianne I am cumin” I said unable to stand the delightful sensation. Her only response was to bop her head faster and make her hand move up and down my shaft even faster. I let out a loud moan that sounded more like a groan as I shot my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed everything, Every drop that I was unloading. To keep my balance I had to put a hand on her small shoulders or else, I would end up falling down and lost the pleasure of her soft and full lips on my cock.

When she was done, my cock was still hard, not as hard as it was but it sure wasn’t limp. Marianne licked her lips and smiled to me.

“I finally got the guts to do that” She said to me as she stood up, her face a few inches from mine.

“Oh and you think that It will stop there?” I asked playfully.

“Hmmm I don’t know but I hope not” She replied teasingly.
Her right hand was stroking my shaft as I pressed my lips on hers and kissed her. She was moaning softly into the kiss as I instinctively moved my hands to cup her ass. Now I knew that her ass was perfect and firm.

I lift the hem of her shirt and looked at her with a smirk and moved it up. She actually raised her arm to help me, and it seemed to me that she was in a hurry. She was wearing a pink bra that were holding her, I’d say 34 C cup breasts. I smiled softly and started to kiss her cleavage softly, she threw her head back and a soft and quiet moan escaped from her lip. I undid her bra and pushed her down softly on the bar. I took off the bra and toss it on the floor, on top of my own clothes.

Her breasts were perfectly shaped, not too round and firm as her ass was. Her nipples were the size of a quarter and in a shade of pink I had never seen before. Then again she was my second one that wasn't on a DVD or on the net. I slowly unzipped her pants and undid the button to have a better chance to take them off. She raised her hips as I slid down her pants and pink panties at the same time. As you can see, I was kind of in a hurry.

I looked at her and she bit her lips as I started to run my fingertips on her body. Against her warm and soft skin, my fingers trailed from her navel up to move on her breasts, then down very slowly to her inner thighs. My finger exploring  made her part her legs slightly. I moved my hands upward a bit to caress the area that was supposed to be cover with hair, to my surprise, it was neatly shaved.
I ran down two fingers against the entrance and pressed my fingers against her clitoris. She let out a soft and barely audible moan that meant to me that I was on the right track. I grinned and took her ankles to turns her a bit so I could get between her legs, I knelt down and started to kiss her inner thighs. Moving my tongue towards her pussy, I smiled and started to lick between her lower lips, God, it’s been so long since I ate a pussy and the sound of her moans, I was rock hard once again.

Marianne moaned louder than before and that almost made me shoot my load for the second time of the night. That wouldn't have been good since I was kneeling down in front of the open door were we put the beer mugs.

“I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing.”

“Oh fuck Derek your doing a freaking good job”

I smiled and went back down  once more. I parted her pussy lips with two fingers and started to lick her clitoris, my free hand moved up to trail my nails on her tummy. Her hands were pulling my head to make sure I stayed in place while she was moaning and almost screaming.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck Derek, yes, yes Oh God”

“God? “ I said with a grin.

“Oh fuck off Baby and move that sweet tongue of yours!” She said hungrily.

I blew her a kiss and moved my tongue back and faster until she was screaming and grinding her pussy against my face. She dug her nails into my shoulders and came hard, harder than my previous girlfriend.

“yes, yes, yes oh fuck ahhhhhhhh yes”

My tongue moved faster and faster and I inserted a finger inside her pussy and moved it around witch made her scream louder.

“Oh Derek , God Derek” She said, he lift her head looking at me.

“Are you all right Marianne?”
She was shaking and moaning. I must have looked puzzled because she gave me a soft smileWhen I stoppe. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly. She then placed her head against my chest. Her breathing was heavy and she kissed my chin.

I tought, wow, I was good! thanks to Peter North and the likes of him for their lessons. I had a little satisfied grin that Marianne kissed before she kissed my lips in a long kiss.

“God Derek, you are the best pussy eater I ever had” She said softly as she kissed my chin.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her.

“You know what Derek?” She asked.

“No what?”

“How about you take that big thing and slide it into my pussy? You know the dripping part of my anatomy that you gave such sweet attention?” She said while she freed a hand to start stroking my still rock hard cock, that was almost dripping of pre cum.

Wasn’t an answer to that question irrelevant? I smiled and lifted her. I turned her around and made her stand. I pressed on her back so she laid her boobs against the bar. She knew what was coming and she moved to spread her legs and bent her knees slightly to give me the best view possible of her round ass that she was wiggling teasingly. I just had to spank it.

“Yipes” She said in a giggle.

I had to grin once again. I took my cock in my right hand and moved it forward her pussy entrance. Knees bended and hips thrusting forward, the pre cum was helping my cock to slide between her ass cheeks.

“Erm, Derek? Maybe one day I will let you enjoy fucking my ass but not tonight” She said looking back at me with a grin.

“sorry… sorry” I said still struggling a bit.

Marianne moved a hand between her legs and gave me a hand by guiding my cock to the promise land. The sensation, the warmth and the tightness almost made me cum right there. I had miss that sensation for way too long.

“Hmmm, you feel good, go slowly at the beginning, and enjoy it, from what I saw from how you made me cum with you mouth, you’ll probably pound me hard until I break” She said winking.
Well I didn't planned to, If I was to move to fast, I would cum right there in a minute.

My hands were roaming on her back, her ass and the side of her boobs that were still pressed on the bar. My hips moved slowly like she asked me and God that felt good.

She moaned softly as her hips pushed slowly and softly backward against me. I moved a hand under her against her tummy and moved her up a bit. She then hold herself with her elbows on t he bar. I started to move a bit faster, following the pace she was setting. My hands were playing with her erected nipples. We both moaned and the pace became faster and faster. The sound of the two bodies slapping against one another became louder.

I moved her up a bit closer and held her with my right hand between her soft and round boobs, and my left hand moved down to rub her clitoris while my dick moved faster in and out of her tight pussy. I heard a loud moan and felt her bending forward to hold herself on the bar.

“Oh Fuck Derek it feels so good” She said almost in ecstasy.

My hands moved to grab the side of her butt and I started to move faster, literally ramming my cock inside her now dripping pussy.

“Oh yes, Oh yes harder” She almost begged. But I couldn’t go any harder than that.

“Oh Derek I’m cuming, Oh fuck I’m cuming” She pleaded

“Oh Marianne, Don’t do that ah shit” I was cuming as hard as her. I didn’t know why or how she could made her pussy tighter but that was more than I could take and we both came like crazy.

My body was limp against her back and we were both breathing heavily. I could feel her heartbeat, but I wasn’t sure if it washer or my own.

“You know Marianne, there is other ways to ask a guy out.” I said with a grin.

“ Hmm is that so? You know Derek, you shouldn’t be good like that at fucking”

“Huh? Why is that? Beside I am not that good, you my second one”

“Oh trust me, yes you are that good and because I will get addicted to that” She said with a soft chuckle.

“Cool we will be two” I kissed her back as I stood up and looked at her ass. She turned to face me, and looked down at my still erect cock.

“Damn Derek, you’re on fire!”

I guess I was but since I had to clean and lock the place we did it only three time mores. I need to remember to thank all the porno I watched, specially before Il' throw them in the garbage, or hide it, maybe there is more things I could learn, who knows.