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Bringing Online to Life

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She never expected to meet him in real life...

Did You really just call me to meet up with You? Early on that wasn't an option... I didn't realize the boundaries had changed. On the phone I agreed without hesitation. Now, sitting in the parking lot of your hotel, I'm not sure. What will this change? Online, You are pleased with me. Will I please You in person? Then again, maybe nothing will happen. We can just hang out and talk and nothing happen. ''I'm in town. It would be lovely to meet, finally. Come have a glass of wine or a bite to eat with me.''

After struggling over what to wear, I just settle on 'me', - jeans and a blouse and sandals. Driving to the hotel, my mind is racing as fast as I'm driving, a million fantasies in my head. Am I really here... am I really walking thru the lobby and waiting for the elevator... walking from the elevator to your door... raising my hand to knock? Before I can, You open the door and smile, ''How long were you going to stand there?'' Looking into Your eyes and then away, I smile nervously and whisper ''hi''.

You step aside motioning me into Your room, and I step in feeling like I am stepping into another world, Your world. It's a standard room, but it's Your room. I feel Your hands on my shoulders leading me in and offering me a seat at the table in the corner. Before I sit You turn me to face You, and gently pull me into a hug. Am I really this close to You?. Kicking off my sandals, we sit down facing each other while you pour us both a glass of wine. ''You look nervous'' handing me my glass. I don't want to drink too quick, but my throat is parched, my lips dry. ''yes and.. no.. maybe... '' I smile at You.

We chat, about your work, the city, the weather.... and other things, I can't remember. But slowly with Your warmth and humor I begin to relax. The bottle is nearly empty, and I excuse myself to the restroom. When I come out, You are standing next to the bed... looking towards me. Suddenly my insides are cold, not with fear, sort of an unknown expectation. You hold Your hand out to me and I take it... ''I thought we might just talk tonight, but perhaps My pet is wanting more?''

Looking at You I nod, but You tell me, ''Use your words''. Words. Words I've wanted to say to You for months now....''yes Sir''. You hold my face and bend Yours to mine and kiss me. Slowly, passionately and long. Your tongue tastes sweet from the wine, and probes my mouth as if seeking out all the secrets I could never speak. Letting go of me You step back, ''Undress for Me''.

This is it, my chance to prove myself beyond words on a computer screen. Looking down, I step out of my sandals and begin to unbutton my jeans. ''Don't look down. Look at Me'' you command. Raising my eyes, I look directly at You while sliding my jeans over my hips and letting them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I unbutton my blouse, and it slips off my shoulders and also drops to the floor.

Hesitating, watching Your face, You nod at me to go on. Reaching behind I unhook my black lace bra and drop it allowing my breasts to hang free. Then I'm pushing the matching underwear over my hips and down my legs, stepping out of them to leave them on the floor with the rest of my clothing. My hands at my sides, I think I should know what do, where to put them, looking at you imploringly for direction.

“Turn and face away from me” I obey and stand there, waiting. I can sense you moving around behind me but I don't know what you are doing. And then I can feel You behind me. Hands on my hips you pull me close into you and I feel your hardness pressing into the crack of my ass.

You're close behind me, lips grazing my ear. "Did you expect this? For Me to call you?" As I answer, you are slipping something silky over my eyes, "no, Sir. I never expected this." You tie a knot behind my head and gather my hair in Your hands. Gently You run Your fingers through my hair like You are combing it, then quickly my hair is in Your fist and You are pulling my head backwards. I stumble slightly but with Your other hand in the small of my back, You steady my feet. My mouth opens in surprise and before I can react, Your mouth is over mine, Your tongue urgent in it's exploration,

Turning me into Your body, Your hands gently on my shoulders push me to my knees. No command needed, I know what is expected here. My lips part in anticipation, Your thumb strokes my lower lip and then pushes into my mouth, pressing down on my tongue, opening my mouth further. Closing my lips around Your finger, I hold it with my teeth just a second. "Insolent, pet" You push hard at my mouth and I let go. Your hand moves to my cheek and I press into your palm, revelling in Your firm caress.

"Open your mouth and offer Me your tongue"... I do and I feel the soft head of Your cock rest on my tongue. You slide along my tongue, a slow rhythmic advance and retreat. Hands holding the sides of my face, You moan lightly and go deeper with each forward motion. ''Suck Me my little one”.

Wiping my lips with Your tangy pre cum, I wrap them around the tip of Your cock. Sliding my lips downward, bathing Your shaft I listen to Your breathing grow heavier. I suck as I pull my head away. Drawing You deep into my mouth again, trace the veins of Your hard cock with my tongue. And Your hands, one on the back of my head, one entwined in my hair, urge me on. Pulling my head down and pushing Your hips forward, and I can hear in Your breathing how close You are. And then You stop. "Not yet"

Sliding from my lips, You urge me to my feet. And then You aren't next to me at all. Standing alone, feeling suddenly naked and lost, "What?" I quietly ask, "Where are You?" You don't answer, and I listen for any noise beyond the hum of the air conditioner, which reminds me that I feel chilly. My skin gets goose bumps, and my nipples are painfully hard and then I feel cold glass pressed against my lips.

"I thought you might be thirsty." You help me to drink wine from the glass and allow some to drip onto my breasts. Your tongue is warm as You lick the cold liquid from skin. Taking my hand You lead me to the bed and I sense you sitting down. Hands on my hips, pulling me in close, suddenly Your lips at my mons. Without any command I spread my legs and You spread my lips. Tongue dragging along my moist slit, causing me moan aloud. Using Your tongue to tease my clit, Your move Your fingers into me. Two stroking my insides, then three, more forcefully. Without shame I move in rhythm with You, one hand holding Your head against me. With the other I pull off the blindfold and let it fall to the floor. Watching You, watching Your face, wondering how You will react, and did You even realize. You answer my tiny act of rebellion with a smack on my ass.

Pulling Your fingers from me, causing me to cry out in frustration, You lean back and pull me onto Your lap. "Fuck Me how much you want Me''. There is no hesitation as I straddle Your hard cock and lower my hips down until I have all of You within me. Holding on to Your shoulders I rock my hips. Side to side... forward and back... pressing into you and lifting away.... faster and harder. My legs tense and muscles tighten. "Cum now, Now!"

"Mmmmmm... yessss. Yes!! oooh fuck!!!" And my climax comes to me, slow waves at first, then faster, each sensation more powerful than the one before. And as it fades, my movements slow. My face in Your neck, breathing in every scent.

Your hands holding my head close to yours. "Finish me, use your mouth". I climb off Your lap and sink back to my knees. Your cock is shiny with my juices, and my hunger seems insatiable. Taking You into my mouth, I lick and suck Your beautiful, in my mind seeing all those times I watched You on the cam, wanting to be there to taste You. Now I was here, and You were pushing on my head forcefully, encouraging me with the sounds You made, taking You deeper than I thought I could. Your cock jabs at my throat, and I feel you tighten. "Mmmmm... are you ready? Take all of me".. and You hold my head pressed into You, pouring Yourself down my throat. I've barely swallowed, and You are kissing me and pulling me back up onto the bed. You lay back and draw me down into your arms.

We lay there, quietly. And when Your breathing is steady I look over to find You sleeping. I slip from Your arms and quietly dress. Grabbing the wine cork I leave, pulling the door softly behind me.

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