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Brother's gonna be pissed

“Mom, Dad I’m home!”

“Kara come on in, you won’t guess who’s...”


I ran into the living room, and jumped my brother, he grabbed on tight thank God or we would have both busted our asses.


I threw questions at him left and right while everyone just laughed at me. Let me introduce myself I’m Kara Marie, I’m eighteen and a total brothers girl. I have waist length auburn wavy hair, perky 36d breasts, a tapered athletes body, long lean legs and I’m proud of it damn it! My brother and his best friend Joshua went for a year of school in Europe and just got back. I guessed Josh was at his house with family, the two of them have been inseparable for as long as I can remember.

“Hey bugaboo, we just got in like an hour ago we wanted to surprise everyone. You’ve grown up bug!”

He’s called me bug or some derivative of bug ever since I was little I’m the only girl he knows that isn’t afraid of bugs. I used to play with them when I was younger.

“Yes I did, what did you expect little scrawny me forever?”

“I would have liked that, now I’m gonna have to beat guys up for looking at you.”

We chatted up for a while until mom and dad told Parker to go get settled. I went up to my room also to put my bags down; I had just got home from spending the night at my friend’s house. Wait till I told her that Park was back she’s going to flip, she’s been in love with him since she was sixteen and they were dating before he left. Parker is three years older than me both him and Josh had birthday’s about three days apart. While I was cleaning up a bit Park’s head came in my room.

“Hey bug, Josh is coming over in a few for some pool action you want in?”

“Duh it’s my pool! I’m calling Lina over anyway so fine whatever.”

“Our pool bug, sure bring her over too.” His funny smile let me know exactly where his thoughts were heading.

“Man is she gonna be surprised.”

“I know, I can’t wait to see her either.”

“Go get out, I’m gonna change into my suit.”

He threw a pillow at me and left laughing.


That just made him laugh harder as he went down the stairs. I went to my dresser and picked out my favorite bandeau bikini. It was a strapless top with a knot in the middle, it started out blue on one end and faded into a darker purple towards the other, the panties were the same design, low-cut and tight. By the time I made my way downstairs after texting Kat her name is (Katalina hence the Kat and Lina nicknames) and Josh was already there. I made my way to the pool and threw the pillow back at Parker. When Josh saw me he literally gaped, his face was priceless, and I’ve had a crush on him forever now it’s my turn to tease. I knew he would never do anything because of how close he is to my brother and I’m “off limits” to his friends so I wouldn’t do anything either.

“What? Like what you see Turner?”

I smirked at him and threw a playful kiss and jumped into the pool just as Lina walked up to the backyard gate! She ran into Parker’s arms and it was too cute. She jumped in the water and played around with me while the guys watched; they jumped in after a while and started goofing around with us. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that Josh took advantage of every moment he had to brush up against me or grab me, little did I know that it also didn’t go unnoticed by my brother.

“Josh come here.”

They abandoned the pool and went to the corner to talk, I couldn’t figure out why so I just kept it rolling in the pool with Lina. When they came back things went back to normal except that Josh wasn’t so touchy with me, at least not when my brother was looking anyway. My parents had plans that night, so they left for a weekend out with the neighbors and we had the house to ourselves. Parker and Kat made plans so they went to get ready and left but not after another secret chat between the boys. I was still in my bikini when Joshua came back after my brother and Kat left he sat next to me on the couch and we watched TV for some time. This movie was on and it was soon getting steamy I knew it was now or never so I decided to give things a go with Josh.

I started by laying my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me, nothing we haven’t done before but never alone. I drew patterns into his flat stomach seeing as he still had no shirt on and I could feel him shiver and his breath hitch. His arm tightened momentarily on my shoulder then he let go, I got closer and rubbed myself a bit on him “trying to get comfortable”. From my position I could see a bulge forming in his swim trunks, which he tried to hide by fidgeting, which only made it worse.

“Want something to eat Josh?” he sighed noticeably relieved and nodded. I walk into the kitchen and started going through the cabinets, finding that what I was looking for was out of my reach.



“Can you come and help me with something please?”

When he walked in the kitchen I was still stretching up trying to get a box of pasta out of the cabinet. Body bare for him to see, he walked up behind me and I could feel the heat rolling off of his body, his breath on my neck and my pussy started to cream for him. He pressed up against my body and asked me in my ear. . .

“What is it that you need?”

I almost fainted right there, he sounded so sexy and husky. His hands grabbed my waist and I swear my skin burned from that touch alone. I turned around and there he was in all of his glory, standing so close to my body that I could all but smell the lingering scent of his aftershave.

“I…uh I need the box of pasta from u-up there.” I went to move out of his way but he just grabbed on tighter as he pulled the box down not once looking away from my face and lips. My tongue darted out and I licked my lips feeling dry all of a sudden and he groaned as if in pain.

“You have no idea what that does to me,” he said

“Why don’t you tell me then?”

“If your brother was to find out, he already told me off earlier about my not so brotherly reaction to you.”

“So that was what that was about.”

His hands massaging my sides kept going up over my ribs playing with the bottom of my bikini top.

“He doesn’t have to find out,” I press closer to him and his hands flirt up and down over my breast. He’s quite a bit taller than me so he picks me up and sits me on the countertop, places my legs around his hips.

“Screw it!”

He grabbed my face and kissed the hell out of me. His tongue looking for entrance to my mouth, which I denied him. He growled and bit my lip, which gave him the entrance he wanted. Our tongues battled for dominance, a battle that Josh won, his hands slid under my ass and he picked me up walking us over to the couch. I stood in front of him and slowly untied my bikini top, as it fell to the floor he got back up towering over me and brushed his hand against a erect nipple causing me to moan and shiver.

"You like that don't you, me touching you this way?"

"Yess, please don't stop."

"I don't intend to for a long time."

He took a nipple into his mouth, nipping and licking making me moan as his hands ran farther south. My hands holding him to my chest as he switched between nipples giving each the same torturously delicious treatment. His hands pushed my bottoms own and stood up again to look at me.

"I've been waiting for this for years."

"What about Parker? He's gonna be angry about this." He brushed his hand over my nipple and pinched it.

"Is that gonna stop you now?" he whispered into my ear.

"Noo," I moaned out.

"Good me neither."

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