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Building #306

A surprising location for great sex.
"How did you get us in here?" you asked as we drove past the large, fenced, gates of the old, N.A.S.A. compound.
 "I have a cousin that still works in this section, although most of it was closed down when they built the new section a few years back. He sort of let me borrow his swipe card."

"So where are we going?" you asked.

 "To building #306. I have a surprise for you."

You gave me that dirty, funny look. You remembered how my surprises can turn out.

"Here we are."

 I led you out of the car and to a side door. Once there, I slid the card through the slot. There was a clicking sound, and a red light above the door turned green. I then opened the door.

Inside were all kinds of computer and electrical equipment surrounding what appeared to be a smaller room. That room had thick, glass windows and a large, sealed, metal door. Moving closer and peering through the windows, you observed the room. It was padded in white from floor to ceiling with several foam covered hand grips at various locations.

Walking over to a large computer board, I typed in a few codes, pushed a few buttons, and flipped a couple of toggle switches. There was a loud sucking sound as air was released from around the large, metal door. The small room's lights flickered on, and the door slowly swung open.

It reminded you of a science fiction movie. You half expected the Incredible Hulk to come running out.

"Step in with me," I said, laughing at the apprehension on your face. "Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. I have been in here several times with Matt. I've been their guinea pig, since the 'official' astronauts began using the new section."

"What does it do?" you asked.

 I closed the door, sealing us in. Then I began punching some buttons on a keypad.

"Close your eyes, Darling. You shall soon see."

 There was a loud whir coupled with a sound like a tire being punctured. You gripped my hand tightly.

 As suddenly as it had started, it got quiet. You began to feel light. No, lighter, as if you were floating on air? You opened your eyes in shock.

 "Oh shit," you said. "I'm floating! We're floating!"

I looked in your eyes, grinning like a mule. "It's an anti-gravity room. Cool huh?"

You looked back at me smiling. "Holy Shit," you said. "I can't believe it."

I pulled myself to you, wrapping my strong arms around your waist. Moving the floating hair from your eyes, I leaned down to kiss your beautiful lips. I kissed you deeper, then harder as our bodies spun in slow circles. I could feel the excitement swimming within your flesh.

We pulled at each others clothes. A shirt here, a pair of pants, a sock, they each came off, revolving around us like small moons. Naked, I rolled around your body, taking in all of your impressive curves. From time to time, we would brush then bounce off the padded walls.

With no gravity, your breasts stood straight out making them appear even larger than normal. I was able to kiss all around your body, like wrapping a string, till my lips reached those stunningly, peaked nipples. I closed my eyes, feeling the wonderful texture of their swollen tips on my tongue.

Your hand reached out to touch something. My hard manhood pulsated in your grip. You easily rubbed it against your naked thigh. The tip made a wet track along your skin.

I spun around. Holding your firm ass in my hands, I licked my way up your belly to reach your soft mound. I explored your sex as you explored mine in almost a standing 69 (except for the fact that we were floating in the air).

It was frustrating at first, kind of difficult, but I found a way to meet the thrust of your snug, wet, lips upon my engorged shaft. Your legs easily spread open in a Y, giving me all access to your sweet, tender openings. The liquid seemed to hang there, then dripped up to my tongue. I licked my finger, slipping the invading digit into the oval opening of your backside. Your wet sex clamped down on my tongue, and I felt the intense moans shiver from your body and run down the length of my rod.

We released each other and rolled back, face to face.

"Okay," I said. "Now what we do is push off, then as soon as you hit the wall push yourself hard, back towards me."


 "You'll see," I smiled. "Ready, 1...2....3!"

Off we went in different directions.

We hit the padded walls, pushed, then we were instantly flying back to one another. I reached out for your legs, spreading them outward as we came together. My hard, solid rod was coming at your open sex like a ballistic missile.

You figured it out and leaned back. I reached out for your ass and easily drove into your depths. Your tight canal swallowed me whole, taking my hardness into your moist grip of pleasure.

This was amazing. We formed a T-shape. I stood in mid-air holding you by the hips and thrusting into your body. I watched your breasts float to and fro. It felt so good. We could do any position, perfectly.

I felt the need to thrust harder, so I adjusted us back around. This time, my legs were across your body and yours were across mine. The scissor like maneuver I had only seen between two women in porn films. I grabbed your ankle at my chest, and you grabbed mine between your firm breasts. As we pulled, it pressed our loins together, forcing my shaft to inject deeper into your core. At the same time, my inner thighs brushed against your sensitive, swollen clit.


Our moans reverberated against the padded walls to be thrown back at us, twofold.

I softly kissed your smooth calves as harder and faster our bodies slapped together. We rolled, tumbled, and turned in the air, bouncing gently off walls and ceilings. We no longer knew which way was which. We could only think about the euphoria that gathered within our flesh.

We began to tingle deep within. My manhood was expanding inside you. The surge of hot liquid was banging at the gates. Release would be soon. I closed my eyes, biting my lip.

I knew the time was coming. You were grinding your body back to mine. Your hands reached out for whatever grip they could get. My thighs, my buttocks, anything to pull me deeper inside you. The jerks began, slow at first, then picking up speed. Your orgasm was closing the distance.

I relaxed and let the lust overtake me. The flood of warm liquid pulsed out of my lurching shaft. I wondered how it felt, jumping and dancing inside you as we spun wildly about the room. Wave after wave of the unspeakable pleasure consumed us.

Somehow, while still inside you, we drifted back, face to face. My hands cradled your beautiful face, kissing, then kissing you more. I smelled your sex from my mustache. It lingered on your cheeks as well. I licked it off, rubbed it on, then licked it off again.

Your taste never ceased to make me hard.

You could feel me, twitching, stirring.

We began to float and roll around once more, as if in space, in endless bliss.

I wondered if this was how the world really began, the real Big Bang Theory.

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