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Building Arousal

Building Arousal

An accidental flashing leads to something else...
"Amy, we're leaving!" I heard faintly through a heavy sleep. "Amy?" My mum was shouting up the stairs at me. My eyes quickly opened, and I was as alert as I could be, still half asleep.

"Yeah okay..." I shouted back.

"Don't forget that the builders are here working outside the house!"

"Yeah okay," I answered again.

"We'll be out all day, bye!" I heard the front door slam shut and I looked over to my phone. It was 10:30 and I was supposed to be meeting a friend in town at 13:00. This was too early for a seventeen year old to get up. I immediately fell back to sleep.

I woke again at midday. Slowly. Dragging my limp body out of bed, I went into the bathroom to wee and shower. Afterwards, I returned to my bedroom; the towel was draped across my entire body. I had drip dried and had towelled off the majority of my wet hair.

I like to apply my make-up before I put any clothes on, and so I threw the towel onto my unmade bed. Reaching for my side draw I pulled out my hair dryer and plugged it in by the window of my room, which was too dark to even see myself properly in the mirror. Before turning the hair dryer on I whipped back both curtains and briskly pulled down on the chord of my blinds to let the light into my room.

It was in this moment that my mind kicked itself into gear and reminded me that the builders had scaffolding up outside my bedroom window, but it was too late. The blind was wide open showing my naked body for the world to see and I let out a small yelp. Outside the window stood a builder in his mid thirties, practically eye level with my chest.

I froze for what felt like two hours but what must have only been two seconds. In that time he had seen enough of me, I hastily grabbed both curtains and swiped them shut, standing there holding onto them with a mix of embarrassment and excitement rushing through my mind and body.

After standing there for a few minutes not really knowing how I could go outside and face them I plucked up the courage to apply my make-up and get dressed.

As I opened the front door to leave, one of the builders was stood only a few feet away from me, it wasn't the one who had seen me but I knew he would have no doubt told all three of them that he had. I turned around to lock the door behind me.

"Oh, all right love?" The older of them who stood a few feet away asked.

"Yeah not bad thanks!" I replied with a slight smile.

"You out for the day then?"

"I think I'll be back late afternoon." I replied, anxious as to whether he knew.

"Okay then, no problem. We should be done here by about 3ish, although one of us might still need to hang around after that, probably Josh..."

"Which ones Josh?" I asked inquisitively.

"That fella over there!" He pointed down the drive at the man who had seen me through the window.

"Okay..." I said as I walked down the drive, trying my best to avoid him. I was just at the bottom when I heard him speak.

"Excuse me..." I carried on walking. "Excuse me!" I had to turn around.

"Yes...?" He walked closer to me.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for seeing what I saw of you before... through your window, didn't mean for that to happen, obviously" There was a pause from my side of the conversation. I didn't know what to say. I could have told him that it was actually a thrill for a stranger to see me naked in my own home, but that would be a very odd thing to say. So I just smiled.

"Let's just pretend that it never happened."

"That's fine by me!" he said smiling.

"Bye then..." I turned to walk away.

"I'll probably see you later actually. If you're back before five that is!" I turned back and gave him a slight wink before I carried on walking.

It was all I could think about for the rest of the day. I kept looking at my watch whilst out with my friends. It got to three in the afternoon and I promptly left the girls to get back home.

As I turned the corner to my drive there was no one around and both vans had gone. My heart sank. Approaching the back of the house for one last look my eyes immediately locked with his.

"Hi! You're back!" He shouted.

"Hello," I said smiling. "Yeah just got back now."

"Ahh okay. The rest of them have left for the day but I'll probably be here till around five finishing off..."

"No problem, I'll be inside." I turned back and went inside the house. I had butterflies in my tummy and I didn't know why. My hands were trembling and I could feel a hot sensation between my legs.

With a sudden urge of madness I dumped my handbag in the hallway and ran upstairs to my bedroom. Closing the blinds 3/4 of the way down I pulled the curtains to, making sure that a creek of light shone through into my room. I knew he would be able to see in.

I kicked off my flats and carefully placed my necklace, rings and bracelets on my side table. I eased gently out of my pleated skirt and let it drop to my ankles, flicking it away from myself as I unbuttoned my Chiffon blouse. Standing there in my underwear I decided to go the whole way and fully strip down to my smooth naked body. I could feel my heart pounding so loudly. 

I crawled onto the bed and plumped the pillows against my headboard as I rested my dark auburn hair into them. I warmed my left hand into my bare chest and kneaded my firm breasts, circling my middle finger around my hardening tits. My right hand was busy between my wide open thighs, caressing my moist lips. Dragging both fingers through them, feeling my soft, waxed mound. Arching my entire hand over my front rump, downwards; sinking two fingers into my now sopping pussy.

My feet shifted against the sheets of my bed as both legs writhed from side to side in pleasure. My moans were soft and gentle as I continued to give myself unbelievable sensations. My eyes drifted subtly to the window, I could see through the crack of light that Josh was watching on carefully.

I held in my wry smile and looked away subtly, I carried on groping at my own beautiful body. I circled my clit and could feel the heat of my body growing as my orgasm built, I was so close. My moans grew louder and louder until I was vigorously shaking my clitoris. My cunt exploded and my cum oozed out gently onto my hand, spreading down the inside of my leg.

Before I had enough time to enjoy myself I heard a banging from downstairs. I froze, Not knowing if I had actually heard it. My eyes glanced over to the window, He wasn't there. The door rattled again.

I jumped off the bed in a flash, grabbed my red silk nightie; threw it onto myself and tied it loosely as I rushed downstairs. Before I got to the door I checked my hair in the mirror, It was still bouncing with life and curls. I opened the front door.

"Hey, is there any chance of me getting a brew?" He asked. I was taken back. He didn't show any signs of interest in what had just happened.

"Erm, yeah okay that's fine. Do you want me to make it for you?" I asked.

"No, it's okay I'll make it myself if that's alright?"

"Yeah, okay" I said smiling. "Come in!" I invited him inside and pointed him to the kitchen "There you go..."

"Thanks, hope you don't mind, it's just that I've been on it all day!" He said

"No it's fine. I bet you're knackered!" I said following him into the kitchen. I was second guessing whether he had actually seen me masturbating myself into oblivion.

"Yeah..." He switched the kettle on "Where are the mugs?"

"Up there in the left hand cupboard" I said with a smile. "I'll get you a tea bag" I opened the cupboard behind me, standing on my tip toes. The gown was slightly short on the bottom and so I knew that if he was looking he would get a naughty glance of my cheeks, I was loving the tease. It was giving me a fire in my stomach and a tingling in my pussy.

"Cheers," I heard him say

"Do you take sugar?"

"No thanks!"

"Okay," I said walking over to the fridge to get the milk.

"What's with the costume change by the way?" He asked as the kettle finished boiling. I turned around and placed the milk by his mug laughing.

"Why do you not like it?" I asked cheekily, lifting the ends of the gown up carefully as I twirled from side to side, revealing a little too much leg.

"No, I think it's a very nice, erm... What is it anyway?" He asked with a laugh.

"It's a nightie! Have you never seen a nightie before?!" I quipped in jest.

"Of course I have!" He said jokingly "What is it even made of anyway?" He asked extending his hand out to touch the fabric that clung to my hips. He gripped it gently and tugged it away from me with his thumb and forefinger.

"Erm, I don't remember saying you could touch it!" I said grinning.

"What is it?"

"It's silk!"

"Oh I see, how fancy! It's very flimsy material anyway" He moved both hands back and placed them on the kitchen worktop.

"That's because it's silk..." I said laughing. "Anyway, I think you were making tea before you starting having a go at my dress sense!" He laughed and poured the water into the mug. I could feel myself getting incredibly wet, the adrenaline pulsed through me. I wanted to be fucked.

"Where are the teaspo..." He turned to ask before he stared intently at my legs. I was confused, my eyes dropped down to see what he was staring at.

A thick bead of pre-cum was dribbling slowly down the inside of my thigh towards my knee. I didn't know what to do. My heart pounded and my cheeks flushed to what felt like the colour of tomatoes. I felt white adrenaline in my tummy. I looked up.

"That, erm" I struggled to say anything. He looked straight into my eyes. "That. Would, be. My..." His mouth gave way slightly and let out a subtle smirk. "... Cum..."

"Your cum...?" He asked naively.

"That would be my cum" I repeated.

"Oh I see. And why would you have cum dripping down your leg?"

"Because, I was horny... And I came..." There was silence.

"You mean to tell me that if I were to look underneath that nightie of yours that you wouldn't be wearing anything underneath?" He asked with an innocent tone. I nodded. "Well!... Do you mind if I take a look?"

"No..." I shook my head cunningly. He stepped forward towards me slowly and brought his hand out onto my shoulder. He stood about a foot taller than me. His finger eased down the side of my gown and slipped under the seam, where my collar bone lay. He brought his head forward and pulled slightly on the fabric, his eyes gazing downwards into the darkness of my naked body. I looked up at him and ran my tongue carefully over my top lip.

Stepping backwards away from him, I turned around and put my hands on the kitchen worktop, slowly stepping both legs to either side of me, hip length apart. His hands played with my curves. The silk ran down my sides, making me shiver. I turned my head to watch as he hoisted my nightie over the arch of my bottom, it rested neatly on the crook of my back. My tight, swelling pussy lips were puckered, ready for him to have his way with me.

"Mmmm, fuck," he moaned under his breath. It made me lust for his cock inside my holes.

He squeezed my arse cheek firmly with his left hand as his right hand scooped slowly around my inner thighs, grazing my moist pussy lips. his squeezed again, harder this time. Making me groan with pleasure. His index finger parted my lips and sank slowly into me.

"Oh shit" I whispered.

Bringing his hand out from between my legs, he held my mouth. I extended my tongue and sucked my juices from his finger. As I enjoyed the taste of myself I heard him unzip his flies and rustle his pants to his ankles, kicking them away to one side. He pressed himself against my back entrance, I could feel his boxers nestling against my bare skin. I began to flush and swung my hair around to one side to get a better look at him. He grinned, I bit my lips and he turned my head around as I felt his thick hard cock slide against my cunt.

He rubbed his hardened head firmly against my entrance, my lips wrapped around him in a wet embrace. His free hand came around to my front and swiftly pulled at the belt that held my gown together. The fabric eased away and loosened, freeing my chest.

My breasts are big, but the coldness of the kitchen worktop made my body tight and cool; my tits were hardened and my bosoms were pert. I felt his hand reach around and grope at them, I moaned quietly as he did.

Before I had chance to realize, he had thrust himself deep inside me with one sudden motion; my back arched vigorously even more and I gave a slight yelp. His hands ran through my hair as he tussled with my head. I could feel myself building already.

"You like that?" He asked.


"Is this what you wanted? I saw what you were doing with your tight little pussy... Tempting me in." My heart raced. Knowing he had seen me made my skin shudder with pleasure. I longed for him even more.

"Oh yeah? did you like it?" I asked, my breathing becoming laboured.

With that, he began thrusting; thick hard strokes into my dripping pussy. I flung my hair back once again, my head facing down towards the counter, my body banging against the cupboards.

"Ohhhh fuck!" I exclaimed. "Oh yes, fuck me hard! I want it..."

He gripped hold of my love handles and drove himself into places I never thought a cock could go. My cheeks blushed again and I turned around to see him getting an eye full of my bare arse shaking against his thighs, his mouth gaping with satisfaction.

I brought a hand off the counter and gripped at his hard leg, his strokes we're incessant. My hand drifted down between my own legs and I began caressing my clit. I was so wet. My pre-cum dribbled down either side of my legs. My orgasm got closer with each thrust.

I reached around further and felt his rock hard shaft slipping in and out of me. Soon both his hands were finding something new to hold on to, they slid up around my waist and up to my chest where he held on to both breasts. They filled each of his hands as his thrusts became slower and deeper. My nightie rode down off my back and draped over his cock as he continued to fuck me gently, the silk rubbed against my legs and bottom. I circled my clit.

"Mmmm..." I moaned as his head dug into my folds.

"Yeah baby, ohh fuck! You feel so good!"

My orgasm was so close. I was about to explode at any minute. The feeling of this stranger inside me in my own home felt dark and dangerous. I had wanted to feel devious. I wanted to be used. My orgasm grew closer. His thick, slippery erection greased it's way in and out of me for a few more tough strokes before I had both palms flat out on the counter in front of me. I was cumming.

My cunt tensed around his shaft, I backed my rear into him and kept him deep inside me as I felt an explosion of satisfaction inside my tummy. He continued to thrust as I screeched with pleasure.

He knew I had cum and was loving it. I could feel his lustful hands feeling at my flesh. He caressed my hips and tits, pulling himself out of me and circling his tough, wet head around my clitoris. 

I turned around to face him. He had unbuttoned his shirt midway through, his chest was defined by his strong pecs which outlined around the top of his hard stomach. I dropped immediately to my knees as if I were worshipping his manhood. My toned legs were equidistant to his. The nightie draped against the floorboards of the kitchen like a cape, the sides only just covered my bare chest as it ran down over my large bosoms.

His cock stood tall and jolted with excitement as he held on the kitchen worktop from behind. I brought my hands upwards and held on to his wide thighs as I lowered my mouth over his pulsing head, my tongue outstretched to welcome his salty embrace. He was inside my mouth. I took a few sucks before looking up to catch his reaction. I could see that he was fit to burst.

"Oh, shit baby!" He growled. I released him with a pop.

"Hmmm" I smirked and grinned as he longed to be back inside my mouth.

"Suck me with that gorgeous little mouth..." I wet my lips with my tongue and let his manhood slide down my throat with one sinking motion. "Ohhhhh fuck!" He muttered.

I gargled slightly on his dick and slipped him in and out of my throat, I could taste the sex. I was loving it. So was he, his hands gripped lightly at my hair and guided my lips around his swollen head with each passing stroke.

Running my arms upwards, I caressed his hard stomach with my fingertips as my head jolted backwards and forwards around him. His groans got louder and louder as I sucked him in deeper and deeper, my mouth grew wetter and wetter. I trail of saliva strung down onto the floor from my lips and chin, his growling got deeper and more laboured.

I looked up at him with naive eyes and watched as his hands gripped tightly around the edges of the kitchen counter. He looked down at me and I placed both hands behind my back as he released his gloopy load onto the base of my tongue which wrapped around his shaft. He fired a few more spurts of his hot juice into the back of my throat. I felt it slide down slowly.

He began to pull out from my mouth and stifled his gratification with a couple of grunts as his throbbing cock pushed the last of his spunk out into my open mouth. A clumpy mass of cum oozed out onto my lower lip and dribbled down onto my bare tits, rounding off around the underside. I smudged it into my skin with the palm of my hand as he had landed some over my left cheek, it began to trickle towards my jaw line and dropped down onto my nightie which was now falling off my shoulders, leaving me almost completely nude.

Watching me, he massaged himself gently. I tipped my head back slightly and joyfully swallowed his warm jizz. Bringing a hand up I gripped the base of his manhood as I licked him clean. He looked on grinning, stroking my hair. I looked up at him with my tongue in my cheek.

"Any chance I could come back and finish that job of tomorrow?" He asked suggestively.

"Definitely..." I said as I rubbed his stiff rod. "Maybe tomorrow there could be a problem with the back entrance?" He sniggered and I lowered my mouth back over his softening cock.

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