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Bunkbed Sex in New York

Two travellers meet for the first time and really let themselves go in New York
This is a true story that happened back in the summer of 2009. I had spent the summer traveling over the USA coaching at different camps over the west coast. I am 23 years old and live in England but was enjoying myself in America ''living the dream'' as they say, but it all came true when me and two friends headed across to New York City on our 2 week break over the independence holidays.
We stayed in a standard hostel in Harlem.
The place was vibrant with young guys and girls ranging from 18 years old up to 25 years at most. Myself and my two friends decided to head up to the rooftop with a crate of beers and really take in the mood of NYC. On the rooftop were about 30 people just chilling out with beers, sunbathing, chatting about their trips over the US as it consisted of many different nationalities that seemed to all have been doing some sort of camp somewhere in the USA.
As the night progressed, can after can of beer, up comes 2 girls...At the front, a petite girl , gorgeous body,with curves to die for! She had wavy brown hair and instantly I felt cock harden slightly as I imagined her luscious lips wrapped around my bulging cock. I quickly snapped out of it as they began to walk over and introduce themselves.
Her name was Maria, she smiled as she introduced herself to each one of us and slightly lent over to shake my friends- I got an eyeful as her top lowered and the view of her cleavage quickly made my cock harden once more!
The chat continued into the night as I continued to daydream about having my lips around her amazing boobs and the image of watching her moan as she takes me deep inside her! At times I think I may have starred at her at little too long as she caught me off guard on many occasions but as more beers were drunk the less I seemed to worry about being caught staring at her legs or her amazing breasts!
Then came the bombshell....Maria had returned from the bathroom but rather than sitting back with her friend opposite me she decided to find a nice little spot next to myself. She playfully teases me about having a few too many beers and harmfully places her hand onto my thigh. My cock became instantly hard as it grew down the inside of my thigh. As the rest of the group became lost in conversation she whispered into my ear..
"I saw you looking at my breasts."
I stumbled and stuttered as I tried to respond, she continues...
"You like what you see?"
Her hand slowly moves up my thigh and tightly squeezes the inside of my leg as my cock grows harder and feels almost ready to explode! 
I replied with a stuttered voice...
"Its, its, its hard not to stare Maria." She leans for over to my ear and her hand moves further across my shorts, she whispers...
"Hmmm it must be hard for you" as she quickly squeezes the bulge in my shorts so no one catches her touching me. I moan under my breath as I long for her to take me in her hand and make me cum right there and then!! She again whispers into my ear...
"I am so wet for you right now, I need to feel that cock inside my wet pussy!" She moans into my ear, wow I think to myself. If she continues I'm going to cum in front of everybody if we don't go downstairs soon!

She then whispers...
 "Follow me downstairs, room 106, but say your going to the bathroom."
She politely excuses herself from the group and says she is off to sleep. She hugs each of us but she prolongs her hug with her friend as she is opposite myself. Her skirt slowly rides up her side as I get a glimpse of her red panties and then as she spread her legs to get up I see that her panties are soaking from her wet pussy! She walks off and her ass wags as I imagine sliding my cock in her from behind!

Five minutes pass and I decide to follow and excuse myself from the group as the beers have caught up with me! I walk myself to the elevator and prepare myself for the night ahead!
I lightly knock at the door, which has been slightly left ajar. I walk into the room and to my surprise in front of me was a bunk bed, with a girl asleep on the bottom bunk. I looked at Maria shocked as she lay on the top bed signals for me to join her! I climb onto the bed and instantly express my concerns with her friend being asleep on the bottom bunk! Maria puts her finger on my lips, then lowers her hand down to grab mine. She guides my hand up the inside of her thigh and makes me feel her dripping wet panties. I suddenly forget that her friend is below and begin to kiss her luscious lips and I feel my cock grow once more. She moans in my hear so quietly as I continue to rub her crotch as she begins to thrust herself harder onto my fingers.
"Mmmmmmm, harder baby, harder!"
She begins to moan louder as I can feel her orgasm building but I pull my fingers away to make her wait longer for me! I pull her up from her back and begin to kiss her neck then slowly down to her breasts. I unclasp her bra and let her boobs free and wow they sit perfectly and I thrust my tongue over her nipples as she raises her back and moans for more. I begin to work down her body making sure I kiss every single inch of her stomach. I lower myself further and quickly brush past her pussy and down her thigh....
"Lick me mmmmm please taste my wet pussy now"
I pull down her panties and simply cant take anymore! I dive my lips into her soaking pussy and tastes her juices. The taste of cum around my lips turns me on so much. I can feel my cock dripping as it gaggs to be inside of her!
"Ooooohhh hmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm make me cum, MAKE ME CUM!" she grabs my head and begins forcing my tongue deeper inside her and making me lick her clit so hard!
"Ooooooo im gonna cummmm lick me, lick me!!! I'm cummingggggggg ahhhhhhhh!"
Her cum drips over my lips as her orgasm subsides! she quickly sits up and begins to kiss me so that she can taste her wet pussy juices all around her lips!
She sits up and forces me to lay down on the bed. She begins to rip off my shorts and boxers as my cock springs free and already dripping with cum!
She bites her lip and begins to taste my dripping cum and she moans as it hits her taste buds. A wave of pleasure rides up my entire body and she begins to take my cock inside her mouth inch by inch! She moves her mouth up and down my cock as her tongue licks at the tip. My orgasm begins to build as I moan for more and faster!
Maria suddenly stops and sits up.....
"FUCK ME! I want you to fuck me right now!!"
She holds my cock up with her hand and brings one leg over my body so that she is straddling me but only the tip of my cock is touching her dripping pussy! 
"Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm"
As she feels my cock begin to enter her! she takes me inch by inch but pulls herself up and she then takes another inch of me. I grab her ass and force her to take my entire length deep inside her!!
"Oooooooohhhhh you feel fucking amazing!!!""
She begins to bounce up and down the full length of my cock!!
As she does this the bed begins to squeak and our moans get louder, but then I hear the girl from underneath begin to move as if she has woke up!
"Shit I completely forgot she was below us" I thought to myself!
The girl complains as we have woke her and naturally looks up to the top bed to see what all the racket is about....Not expecting to find her friend Maria sat on top of my cock! she looks ridiculously embarrassed and jumps straight back into bed and continues to complain that we had woke her!!
"Lets go into the bathroom and finish up Maria, then I can fuck you much harder!"
She places her finger onto my lips and slowly rides me holding back her moans.
" I cant take anymore I need to fuck you harder" 
I grab her ass and slide her off my cock, jump down off the bunk bed and into the bathroom, a room opposite. she follows and instantly takes my cock into her mouth as I lock the door. Knowing full well that the girl below would have received a massive eyeful!
I grab her arms, pull her away from my cock and turn her around and bend her over so that her soaking wet pussy is starring straight at my cock.
"Make me scream!!! mmmmmm, make me cum again!"
I thrust my rock hard cock deep inside her pussy and she screams in ecstasy. As I fuck her I lean over and feel her tits bouncing everywhere as I begin to squeeze one of them with my cock sliding in and out of her. Im literally stood as she bounces her pussy on my cock and screams as her second orgasm begins to hit!
"Im cumminggggg!!!!!!!!!!" She screams as I fuck her hard and I feel her pussy muscles contract around my cock as her juices flow onto me!! 
Her screaming and the feeling of her cum all over me sends me over the edge as I feel my orgasm building. I fuck her harder to the point of no return
"Im cummingggg maria!!!!" She pulls off my cock turns round and opens her mouth as my cum squirts all over her face and drips slowly into her mouth! She licks all around her and then takes me into her making sure she tastes every single bit of my cum...
We quietly got dressed and I returned to my room after exchanging numbers. From what she tells me, the girl beneath her bunk didn't talk to her for the next three days because we woke her but really I always wondered if she actually enjoyed listening to us fucking above!
We are still in contact to this day and one day we will meet again to relive that night once more I hope!

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