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Burned In My Memory

Alec and Amy discover uncontrolable lust after 16 years apart

Alec and Amy had known each other in high school. They had both gone to college and moved on to adult lives. What Alec didn’t know was that Amy had fallen madly in love with him in high school and had never recovered from it. She was a year behind him and had not developed physically, while he was a stud upperclassman on his way to college and success. As their lives went in different directions, she kept up with his every move, hoping that someday she would connect with him again.

That opportunity had presented itself several weeks ago when they both attended a party. Amy knew him at once and he had no clue who she was. She had no trouble seducing Alec and within days was enjoying the wild, erotic relationship with him that she had always wanted.

One afternoon they had met for lunch. Both of them had been so excited and sexually aroused that they made excuses to avoid going back to work, ending up in Alec’s apartment, drinking wine and talking about their past.

Amy was telling Alec about her years in college. “I told my roommate about the time in the girls bathroom when Dawn was telling about you going down on her and how hot I got and how I put my hand down in my panties and put my fingers inside my pussy just thinking about you and Dawn. Then I told her about the time I actually saw the two of you having sex and …”

Alec interrupted her saying, “When did you see Dawn and me having sex? You never told me about that.”

Amy looked at him for a second and then said, “Well, no. I guess I haven’t. Would you like for me to tell you about it now?”

“Yes I certainly would,” Alec said, trying to imagine how she could ever have seen them together outside school.

“Do you remember that Dawn had a pool in her backyard? And do you ever remember having sex with Dawn in her back yard?” she asked.

“Probably more than once, as I recall,” he said.

“There was one more incident in the ladies room,” Amy confessed. “Just like the first time, I was in one of the stalls when Dawn and Alison came into the room. I ducked back into the stall and just listened. They were jabbering about this and that and were talking about the two them bringing their dates – that would have been you and Bobby – over to Dawn’s house that night to swim and soak in the hot tub,” Amy told him.

“Alison asked Dawn if she was going to have sex with you and Dawn said that she probably would if her parents weren’t too close. Then Dawn asked Alison if she and Bobby would like to watch. When Alison got excited and said ‘yes,’ Dawn said she would do it if Alison and Bobby would fuck and let her watch,” Amy recalled.

“I can tell you, Alec, I was getting excited all over again, but didn’t make a sound. I wanted to hear every word they had to say. Dawn told Alison that she and Bobby should stay in the tub and she would take you over by her little sister’s playhouse and ‘do you’ over there. Then when you guys were through, you would get back in the hot tub and they could go over by the playhouse and ‘do it.’ That’s when I came up with my plan,” Amy told him with a smile.

“What plan,” Alec asked.

Amy grinned and told him, “I decided that I just had to see you naked. I wanted to see your cock. So I decided that I would find some way to watch. Early that evening I drove over to Dawn’s neighborhood and found her house. When it was dark I found a way to get into her backyard without being seen. After I got back there I found what she referred to as her little sister’s playhouse. I discovered that I could get inside the little house without being cramped and situated myself with my face close to a window. There were some blankets inside the little house so I just made myself comfortable and hoped that when you guys showed up you wouldn’t be able to see me. I was nervous and scared, but I was also excited.”

Amy shifted her position a little and then continued her story, “I think that I went to sleep when a noise woke me up. I peeked out the little window just in time to see you and Dawn stepping into the hot tub. Then Alison and Bobby got in. I lay there very quietly hoping you couldn’t see me. After about 15 minutes I felt fairly comfortable that it was dark where I was and no one was going to spot me.”

“It was about then that I noticed that Dawn was kissing on your ear and whispering to you and you kept glancing toward the house. Since I already knew Dawn’s plan I assumed that she was suggesting that the two of you get out of the tub. A little more time passed and Dawn got out of the tub by herself and walked very close to the playhouse. I could see her very well and could also hear her. She was telling you to get out and come to her. You said something about you were afraid that her parents would look out and see. She said that you were silly and that she had already checked and that they couldn’t see where she was. Then she said that she would prove it and took off the top of her suit.”

“I could see that your eyes were glued to her. I could also tell that Alison and Bobby were watching. Then Dawn slipped the rest of her suit off and was standing there completely naked. She started rubbing her hands over her breasts and said that you should join her,” Amy recalled. “Pretty soon you hopped out of the hot tub and walked over to her. I decided that you were more interested in her naked body than you were in her parents.”

“When you reached Dawn she dropped down on her knees and pulled your trunks down. I almost made a noise when I saw your cock. It was so hard and angry looking. I could see something shinny on the end. Dawn took the head of your dick into her mouth. I wanted to run over to her and pull her away so that I could do it, but I stayed quiet,” Amy told her story. “I was certain that I could do a better job.”

She continued, “Then you pulled Dawn up on her feet and pushed her over to the playhouse. The two of you were just inches from my face. You pushed Dawn forward so that her arms were resting on the roof of the playhouse and she was leaning forward. I was looking out between her legs when you pushed your cock inside her. My face was so close that I could smell both of you,” she said.

Alec thought that Amy was lost in her memory, excited to be reliving the moment.

“I was so excited that I had my hand inside my panties and was rubbing myself before I knew what I was doing,” Amy continued. “You were shoving your cock inside her and pulling it out. When you pulled out I could see it shinning from Dawn’s wetness and I could hear her moaning while you were grunting.”

“Then you started pumping really hard and fast. The faster you pumped the faster I rubbed myself. Your balls were waving back and forth and I could hear your skin slapping against Dawn’s ass as you slammed into her. Then suddenly you pulled out of her and pushed your cock along the outside of her slit and started to cum. I was startled because I had never seen a man cum before,” Amy told him as if she was in a dream world.

“It shot out of you like a rocket and pulsed several times before you moaned and collapsed on Dawn’s back,” Amy said, “I didn’t move even though I must have had my fingers at least two inches up inside my dripping wet pussy. I watched breathlessly as the two of you slowly got up and put your swimsuits back on and walked back to the hot tub. As you walked away I felt something on my cheek. I put my fingers up and found it was a drop of your cum. It had shot through the window and a little was on my cheek and a little on my blouse. I wiped it up it up with my finger and put it into my mouth. It tasted so good that I began to hate Dawn.”

Alec could see that Amy’s skin was flushed as she continued to talk. “When the two of you got back into the tub, Alison said something about how sexy you two were to watch and suggested to Bobby that the two of them should return the favor and put on a show. Bobby quickly climbed out of the tub and walked close to the playhouse and lay down in the grass on his back. He looked back toward the tub and said to Alison, “OK. I’m ready … It’s your turn now.”

“Alison got out of the tub and walked slowly over to Bobby. She took a quick look at the house and then moved to a position with one foot on each side of Bobby’s chest. Water was dripping down on him from her suit. She reached back and untied the top of her two piece suit and tossed it onto the top of the playhouse. With her back toward the tub she took her bottoms off and tossed them next to her top. She slowly turned so that you and Dawn could get a full look at her.”

Amy looked into Alec’s eyes and said, “I have to admit that she had a great body. She looked down at Bobby and noticed that he had a very large bulge in his trunks. She spread her legs apart so that he was looking straight up into her pussy and she asked him what he saw. He told her that he would like a closer look and she gave him one. She squatted down so that her pussy was about two inches from his mouth. From my position I could see that her pussy lips were puffy and pulled apart.”

“Bobby lifted his head slightly and ran his tongue along her slit and continued to do that for a while. I could see that Alison was looking at you and Dawn and I think that she was probably twisting her nipples. Finally Bobby reached up and pulled her down on his face. His nose was about an inch from her rosebud and I could hear him making slurping sounds and I assure you that I was mesmerized by what they were doing.” Amy took a sip of wine and continued, “Then she started grabbing for his cock like a parched man reaching for water. As soon as she had managed to get his cock out of his trunks she dove down on top of it and began bobbing her head up and down.”

Again Amy shifted her position. Each time she moved her skirt moved a little higher up her legs. Alec was getting very excited listening to her tell the story even though he remembered it almost as well as Amy was telling it. Just listening to her tell it had him hard as a rock. He couldn’t decide if he wanted her to continue with the story or to stop so that he could rip her clothes off.

While he was thinking, she continued. “After just a few seconds, Bobby pushed her up and he rolled out from under her. Leaving her on her hands and knees he moved behind her and said softly, ‘Now I’m gonna fuck you like a dog.’ He said it so softly that I’m certain you couldn’t hear him in the tub, but I could. It was very exciting to see and hear. As he positioned himself on his knees behind her I could see that her pussy lips were more swollen and very wet. He held his cock and moved it up and down her slit. Alison dropped her head down and almost hissed at him as she said, ‘damn you Bobby. Push it in now!’ He backed off just a little and rammed it into her.”

Amy recalled, “Alison’s head shot straight up and she gasped. She was so loud that I looked out my window to see if anyone heard her. That’s when I noticed that Dawn was sitting very near to you, watching the mating couple intensely and rubbing her palm across your chest. I looked back at Bobby when I heard the sounds of their fucking. My panties were so wet that I thought that maybe I had wet myself. He just kept ramming into her. He had his hands on her hips and was pushing her forward and pulling her back.”

When I looked back at you and Dawn I saw her hand slid down your chest and below the water. I thought that maybe she had grabbed your cock and was jerking you off when I saw that she had taken your hand and put it between her legs. It looked by the way she moved that while she was watching Alison and Bobby she had spread her legs and was getting you to do it to her.”

Alec did remember what happened that night. How could he ever forget? And Amy was absolutely correct. Dawn had become so excited watching Alison and Bobby that she had pulled the bottoms of her swimsuit off, grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers into her pussy. He remembered wanting to get into a position to give her a better finger-fuck, but not wanting to look obvious if her parents should look out the window. He said to Amy, “I think I remember this. What happened next?”

Amy continued her story with a far-away look on her beautiful face. “I remember turning my eyes back to Bobby when I heard him start to make a groaning sound. He had slowed his pumping to long deep thrusts. Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of her and began to shoot his load on her ass. He held it in his hand and shot gush after gush of cum onto her ass. His juice was running down the crack of her ass.”

She remembered, “Bobby moved his cock over and began to run it up and down the crack of her butt in all of that hot cum. Alison’s head was down and she was making sort of a whimpering sound. Then I heard Bobby say, ‘I know what you want now.’ He moved his dickhead that was covered in cum over to her rosebud and gave it a push. I was so close to them that I could actually see the head of his cock disappear in her asshole.”

Amy looked at Alec and said very honestly, “The idea of taking a cock in the ass had never occurred to me, but at the moment it was incredibly erotic. His cock must have still been fairly hard because after he pushed the head inside her, Alison pushed back on him and it was obvious that she wanted more. Again he grabbed her hips and pushed his cock deeper inside of her. It was so well lubricated that it slid in easily. I could see Alison’s face and it was very clear that she liked what was happening and she began to push and pull her ass to make him give her more. Their actions had me spellbound.”

“I have no idea what you and Dawn were doing because I couldn’t take my eyes off Alison. It looked to me like she was enjoying this more than the regular kind of sex. She put one of her hands down around her clit and within just a few seconds starting making noises like she was having an orgasm. Then she slumped forward and lay on the grass. Bobby dropped down beside her and they lay side by side still breathing very hard and sweating like they had run five miles. To tell you the truth, I felt as tired as they must have been. I lay back and could feel my own heavy breathing. Within a few minutes I fell asleep.”

“When I woke up, all of you were gone. I quietly moved out of my hiding place and made my way back to my car without being spotted by any of Dawn’s neighbors,” Amy said as she concluded her story. She stopped talking and looked at Alec and asked him, “Do you remember that night?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied. “But I certainly had no idea that anyone was watching. I remember that I was unbelievably nervous. Dawn’s parents were in the house and they had a habit of checking up on us from time to time. I remember that when Alison and bobby had finished, Dawn wanted to have sex right there in the hot tub, but I was just too nervous. So we got out of the tub and left to go to our favorite parking spot.”

He recalled, “Dawn was so worked up that she was completely naked by the time we reached our special place and was masturbating. I don’t think I ever saw her doing that before or after that night. I think that she had cum twice by the time I turned the car engine off. I remember that I got in the backseat of my car and I was sitting there trying to get my pants off when she came over the front seat and got on top of me. She started fucking me like I had never seen her do it before. It was like I wasn’t even there. It was more like she was just using my body. My car was actually moving back and forth. She was moaning so loud that I became nervous again that someone was going to hear. It was really wild, but I know that she enjoyed it more than I did.”

Alec knew that it was never a good idea to tell one woman about having sex with another woman, but he just had a feeling that Amy wanted to hear what he was saying.

As she had been talking Alec had refilled their wine glasses from time to time. He got up and walked into the kitchen with the now empty bottle. “How ‘bout I open another bottle?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said as she got off of the couch and walked over to look out of his sliding glass door. Alec could see her as he found another bottle of Merlot and began to open it. He was admiring how beautiful she was as he began to twist in the corkscrew. Amy had her back to him with her legs spread slightly apart. He was admiring her legs when he noticed that she was slowly pulling her skirt up. When her ass was completely exposed and without turning around she said, “Alec. Will you do something for me?”

He stood there motionless watching her. Her legs were far enough apart that he could see the puffy lips of her pussy. He could see that they were shinny and moist. He answered, “I’ll do anything for you, Amy.”

She again paused a few seconds and continued to hold her skirt up, gently swaying from side to side. “Alec,” she said again, “I want you to fuck me the way that Bobby fucked Alison 16 years ago. Will you do that for me?” She still didn’t turn around. “Alec,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about the way they fucked for all these years and I’ve thought about you doing it to me. Will you?”

Without saying a word Alec put the wine bottle down and slowly walked up behind Amy. He put one hand on each of her ass cheeks and squeezed slightly. He put his lips against her neck and kissed her. He turned her around, took her by the hand and walked her back to his bedroom. When he reached the side of his bed he turned and undressed her. Without speaking he undressed himself. They were both naked and facing each other. His cock was straight and hard and her nipples were erect. He turned her to face his bed and stood behind her, his cock pressing against her ass. He leaned to her and said, “We don’t have any grass, so these sheets will have to do.”

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