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Bus Route Four

A bus route would let me know a stranger a way I've never knew.
Everyday I would ride bus route four home from work. I would get on the bus at the same time everyday give or take a few minutes. A couple of times I have came out and the bus was pulling off and as a ran after it the bus would stop and I would get on from the back. I admit this bus driver was the sexiest bus driver I had ever seen. As he rode me home everyday I would just think about what his life was like after he got off the bus. One day I was early getting off work and as he pulled up I finally got on the bus, but this time from the front. There he was staring at me with his soft brown eyes and his luscious lips. I tried not to stare and go straight to my seat but it took some time. Right as I was about to go towards the back of the bus he tapped me and asked me what my name was.

"My name is Bella." I said as I returned to my seat.

All I could think about was why he wondered my name, had he been staring at me the way I had been staring at him. As the days went on he learned my name and I learned his, which by the way is Jon, we even learned about our jobs and personal life. I started sitting closer to the front of the bus and we would converse the entire ride home. One Friday as I was getting off the bus he asked me could we go out one day.

"Sure why not." I said.

We had plans the following day and the date was a normal first date. We asked about each other's past, present, and future lives. I didn't hear from him after that so I assumed he was not as interested in me as I was with him. I looked forward to Monday so I could ask him why he hadn't called. He wasn't driving the bus so I began to question was he trying to avoid me. The day after he still wasn't driving the bus but the driver handed me a note. I was curious and as I read it the note was from Jon and it told me to meet him at the bus station later that night.

While getting ready I didn't know how I should be dressed so I went casual but put on my sexy lingerie just to make myself feel sexy. I arrived at the bus station and nobody was there so I believed he had stood me up. As I was walking away I heard a honk, I walked to the bus it came from and the door opened and there Jon was looking sexier than I had ever seen him. He explained to me that he had been avoiding me but not for the reason I believed. He explained his fantasy about taking me right on the bus since the day he had first seen me and how if he saw me again he couldn't control himself. I asked him then why now. He said the only place he could control himself is on the bus. So I leaned in and as I did he grabbed me and kissed me with the most passion I have ever been kissed with. I stood back and his eyes told it all he wanted me right then and there but I knew I should not do that. I went to sit at one of the seats.

"Was the kiss a bad thing to do?" I asked.

He never answered he just stood up, walked towards me and all I could see is the moon light shining in on the dark bus and I saw his eyes. They told a story they told me he was coming after me and my pussy couldn't resist.

I had been so wet from all the thoughts I had about him and wondering were they about to come true. He came in front of me pulled my underwear down under my dress took them off, lifted my dress up and next I felt a wet fat tongue on the outside of my pussy and all I could do was take a deep breath. He kept going for what felt like hours I came twice. He came up and kissed me again but then he got up and walked to the back of the bus I seen him pull his pants down and I knew what he wanted and I wasn't scared to do it either. I walked back there and I sucked his dick until he could not take it anymore. Next thing I know clothes were being ripped off and hair was being pulled. He turned me over and shoved his penis in my tight wet pussy and I could not help but yell.

I am normally quiet but with him I could not be, I did not want to be quiet, I wanted him to know I was his and this had been on my mind. He kept going in and out round and round I kept screaming. He then took my waist and flipped me right on his dick and I rode him until I saw him squirm his eyes and lips were telling me he could not take it and I was ready to give in myself. He lifted me up I grabbed the bus rail and he took me right there standing up thrusting his penis deeper and deeper inside my pussy and I came all over him. He then laid me down and licked it all up. Bus Route Four was my favorite bus of all time. The bus driver was now in the hall of fame.

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