Bus Stop

By syzygy

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When I meet her on the bus, she sees my hard cock. I'm embarrassed, she smiles and licks her lips.
I saw her across the parking lot sitting inside the M23 bus, impossibly long legs in white stockings, the top of which peeked below her short red skirt. She had on a white shirt unbuttoned just a tad too far, showing a hint of her black bra. She had long blond hair and killer blue eyes.

I hurried across the lot to stand next to her. As I took my place standing over where she was seated, my hard cock was clearly visible through my pants. I was embarrassed until she saw it at eye level, looked at me and smiled. My cock throbbed.

"Like what you see?" she asked as she looked away from my cock and into my eyes. I couldn't tell if she was offended or not. 

Sheepishly I said, "I'm sorry. You're just very hot."

She smiled. "It's okay. I get it a lot."

"I bet." I got a little bolder. "So. You like what you see?"

She said nothing but licked her lips slightly, and I had a vision of her on her knees sucking my cock. I was uncomfortably hard.

"Poor baby," she said, laughing, "I'll turn away so you can adjust yourself." As I grabbed hold of my cock to adjust myself she leaned down to adjust her shoe, giving me a clear view of her barely contained tits. The dark edge of her nipples peeked over the edge of her bra. She straightened back up, then recrossed her legs so that the tops of her stockings were visible. She was incredibly hot, and just radiating sex.

She smiled at me brightly and said, "So what's your story?" We talked for a bit. I could see right inside her blouse as we talked, and she knew it.

Out of the blue she asked, "Do you get high?"

I said, "Yeah."

"Let's get off at the next stop," she cooed. She eyed my cock openly and then stood up, brushing my balls with her fingers as she stood, lightly cupping them, and then running them surreptitiously up the shaft of my cock before heading for the door. As we stood in line to get out I pressed against her. The bus hit a bump and she fell back into me, grinding her ass against my cock as she did.

We got off the bus and she lead me into the alley, pulled out a joint and lit it. We passed it back and forth.

"Why'd you pick me to share a joint with?"

"You're cute. And your cock was hard."

"Do you like hard cock?"

She seemed on the verge of being offended. "Hey. I don't do this all the time. I'm a good girl most of the time." She smiled at me. "But every once in a while I feel dirty. I wanna be dirty. I wanna be a slut."

"I'll be dirty with you baby."

"I know you will," she said confidently. Then she whispered, "And yes, I like hard cock." Her fingers began to brush my jeans. "So what do you like?"

I was honest. "I love to lick pussies." 

"Tell me how you'd lick my pussy." She was running her finger along the shaft of my cock now, through my jeans.

"I'd slowly lick your pussy lips until you started to get wet." 

"I'm already wet," she whispered.

"Then I'd suck on your pussy lips til they were red and hot. I'd stick my tongue into your pussy and fuck you with my tongue. I'd work my way up to your clit and begin to flick it with my tongue."

"Do you like shaved pussy?"

"I love shaved pussy."

"Sounds like you're in luck."

We were both pretty high by then. "Let me lick your pussy," I said as I pressed her against the wall, my lips at her ear, my hand snaking its way into her dress, as she began to rub my cock through my pants.

I whispered, "Let me lick it. Let me suck on your pussy baby. I wanna lick your smooth little pussy." I began to rub her already wet panties.

"Tell me more baby. I like to hear you talk dirty. Beg to lick my pussy." 

"Let me lick it baby. Let me lick and suck on your sweet little pussy til you cum. I wanna make you cum baby." I slid my finger past her panties and into her incredibly wet pussy. She was hot and tight.

"I wanna lick and fuck you til you cum."

"Ladies first," she said. She dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock. She rubbed it against the side of her face, then moved down to my balls. She licked and sucked on my balls while she stroked my cock.

She slowly licked her way up to the throbbing head before taking it in her mouth. She played with the head with her tongue before taking me deeper, and then she began to work it, swallowing deep and then pulling back so only the head was between her lips. Her tits were now falling out of her bra and pushed tight against her blouse, her hard nipples visible. She hiked up her dress and began running her finger along her pussy, clearly visible inside her tight panties. 

I was gonna cum soon, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, leaving a trail of spit and pre-cum. I rested the head of it against her lips.

She grabbed hold of it and said, "I am so wet baby." Her other hand was now inside her panties, rubbing her pussy slowly. "Lick my pussy baby. You like it shaved don't you? You like to lick it. Make me cum baby."

I tossed her against the dumpster and bent her over as she pulled her dress up over her hot little ass.

"Push my panties aside. I love to fuck with my panties on."

I knelt down, pulled her panties aside, and began to lick her slick shaved pussy. She was very wet, and her juices covered her pussy and ass so they were hot and slick.

"Oh yeah, lick it baby. Does that get your cock hard? Does it make you hard to lick me?"

I did just as I said I would, sucking on her pussy lips, running my tongue along the crack of her pussy and then pushing my tongue in as deep as I could. I began flicking her clit with my tongue and she began to buck.

"Oh baby, now my ass. Now lick my ass."

I made my way up her pussy with my tongue slowly, working my way to her tight little ass. I tongued the rim or her tight little ass, then stuck it inside. I began to fuck her asshole with my tongue a­s I slid two fingers into her hot swollen pussy, teasing at first and then all the way in, deep. She moaned deeply.

I began to finger fuck her as I tongued her ass. 

"Oh yeah, baby, fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Oh God. Oh fuck. Oh I'm cumming baby. Make me cum baby. Oh I'm cuming."

Her pussy squeezed my fingers hard as she thrust her asshole against my tongue as she moaned low and came. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and slid up behind her, putting my fingers in her mouth. She licked her pussy juices off my fingers while I slid my hard cock against her pussy and ass. I was bursting. "Do you feel dirty now baby? Are you a dirty girl now?"

"Yes. Fuck me like a slut." 

I slid my cock into her dripping pussy, so wet I was all the way inside her in just a few strokes. I held my cock deep inside her as I asked, "Do you want me to fuck you hard?


"Say it."

"Fuck me hard," she begged, and just as she said it I began to fuck her as hard as I could, slamming her against the medal, her moaning with each thrust. We were loud, but I didn't care who heard.

"Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder."

Soon I was close to cumming again, so I abruptly pulled out and ran the head of my cock along the crack of her pussy. She flattened against the dumpster lid and stuck her ass up toward me. Her skin was slick with pussy juice and cum. She pulled over her ass by now, and she had two fingers deep in her pussy. Her shirt and bra pulled low so her perky tits and hard nipples were visible. 

She reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheek, red fingernail clawing her ass, and said, "Take my ass baby. Fuck me up the ass like a slut. I need your cock in my ass." 

I slid the head of my cock along the crack of her pussy, then slid it against her asshole. She gasped. I began to slide the head of my cock into her tight wet little asshole. She began to moan low. As I began to push my cock deeper into her ass she rose up to push against my cock. 

"I need it baby. Fuck me baby. Give it to me. Give me your cock."

Soon I was fucking her ass with slow deep strokes, filling her all the way before pulling nearly all the way out. 

"Oh take it. I wanna fill your ass with cock. Take my cock. Take it." I was fucking her harder now, and she was pushing against me with every stroke, taking it all. I could feel my cock filling with cum.

I'm gonna cum baby. Take my cum baby. Take my hot cum."

Her ass tightened around my cock as I continued to fuck her hard.

"Oh yes, oh I'm gonna cum too. Fill my ass with cum. I want your hot cum."

I shot my load deep inside her ass, thrusting my cock as deep as I could as she ground herself into my cock, her back arching, her hair flying. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh god." We lay collapsed on the roof of the dumpster, catching our breath.

I pulled my cock out of her. Cum leaked out of her ass and dripped down along the crack of her pussy. 

I zipped my pants, she put her panties and dress back into place, adjusted her bra and shirt.

"Can I see you again sometime?" I said.

"As long as you lick my pussy. M23 bus. I get on at 5:10 Monday through Friday." She put her panties in her purse.

"When do you get off?"

"That's for you to find out," she said, smiling, and turned and walked down the alleyway. I watched her sway her tight little ass as she walked away, her stockings torn, her dress all askew, her hair disheveled.

I can't wait for work to end tomorrow.