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Business of Pleasure- Part 1

When sex is your job, is it business or pleasure?
Aurora gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She was tall and slender, blessed with the genes of a long-limbed family. Her golden skin radiated and her deep, mahogany hair was styled up in a loose bun- a few strands of her hair escaping to fall close to her neck. She didn't wear much make up, but she didn't need to either; her features were flawless. A little mascara to extend her eyelashes, and a little eyeliner to frame her eyes.

Aurora cocked her head and narrowed her eyes at her image in the mirror. On second thoughts, I should leave my hair down. She pulled the elastic gently out of her hair and her hair fell gently over her shoulders and cascaded down to just above her waist. She knew that most men liked having hair to grip when in the throes of passion.

She went to take her position on the luxurious King-sized bed, propping herself up on the pillows and crossing her right leg over her left. Wearing only a small red slip and black, lacy panties, she knew it wouldn't take long for him to undress her. Her thoughts started wandering again and she remembered what Miss V (the brothel mistress) had told her about her client...

"Aurora, I want you to pull out all the stops tonight. You have a very special client who paid a large amount for you, and refused to have any other girls."

Aurora wondered what kind of man he was. At the age of 24, she had seen many kinds of men; single men, married men, men who were virgins. But in the end, they were all the same. They all paid their price and used her body like a possession until they were spent.

Aurora used to enjoy sex. She used to find a thrill in feeling a man's long, hard shaft slide into her.. But now, sex had been reduced to a short in-and-out and she would have to fake orgasms often to please her clients.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sound at the door and she composed herself while she watched the door handle turn, waiting expectantly. A tall man stepped around the door, into the room, and Aurora didn't have to fake the expression of hunger on her face.
He was tall and had pale skin. His eyes were a pale green which harmonized with the chestnut brown of his hair. His shoulders were broad and his button-up shirt pulled tight over his chest where his muscles strained against the fabric.

His eyes took her in slowly.. Moving from her face to her collarbone, down to her well-sized breasts and over her thighs.. Aurora felt herself shudder under his gaze. She unfolded her legs, offering him a small peek of her lacy panties, and moved off the bed. She walked gracefully toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hello," she breathed. "My name is Aurora. It's a pleasure to meet you"
He gave a small laugh at her pun and the tension in his shoulders released. "Hello, Aurora. I'm Alex. It's.. uh.. a- lovely to meet you, too". His face flushed a little and she moved her hands down his arms, grasping his hands with hers and leading him to the bed. Before pulling him down, though, she moved her fingers to his buttons and started to slowly unbutton his shirt.

"Tell me about yourself, Alex," she murmured, trying to relax him.
She only had two buttons left and she started to kiss his neck.. Pressing her lips softly against his skin and sliding her tongue across gently.
"Well, I'm a businessman. I travel to quite a few places around the world and-". His next words were cut off as Aurora started biting his neck seductively, his shirt cast to the floor and her hand grazing against the bulge in his pants. Aurora unbuckled his belt and pulled it off smoothly, moving her fingers to the button and zip of his pants. Alex groaned softly as her fingers pressed against his dick and he moved his hands to her breasts, massaging them gently and pinching her hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

Aurora gasped as he pinched her and his grip became a little harder as he started tugging and pulling at her nipples through the thin material of her slip. She pushed his pants down his legs and frantically pulled his briefs down to his ankles, too, wanting to see his dick..

Alex pulled her slip up and over her head and moved her gently down onto the bed. He pressed two fingers against her panties and felt them slide between her lips. His fingertips were engulfed by her pussy lips and he could feel her hot juices seep through her lace onto his fingertips. He groaned again and pressed his fingertips gently against her entrance, loving the way she moaned and clung tightly onto him. Her lips moved to his neck again and she was kissing him wildly, passionately. The desire behind her kiss unmistakable.

Aurora cried out in frustration and moved his hands away so that she could pull her panties off and throw them to the ground, not being able to withstand the feel of the rough lace against her slit without orgasming. She could feel how hot she was already, how wet her pussy was from his touch. She knew that as shy as he seemed, he knew a woman's body. A prostitute should never orgasm first, so she kept having to fight the feeling inside her to arch her back and let him please her. She rolled him so that he was under her and she started to kiss down his body teasingly, leaving a small wet trail of kisses down from his neck to his chest, to his stomach..

Aurora moved off the bed and knelt on the ground next to Alex. He sat up expectantly and she moved her hand around his long, hard shaft. Her eyes widening at its sheer size. She began to stroke him up and down slowly.. Tightening her grip every time she moved her hand up and relaxing it as she moved it down. She kept moving her hand up and down, up and down, feeling him begin to throb in her hand. He moved his hand to her hair and groaned her name loudly as she stroked him, his eyes closed. He felt something hot, tight and wet slide over his dick head and he opened his eyes to see if she was sliding her pussy onto him. She wasn't, it was her mouth and he felt his dick jerk up and start throbbing intensely. She kept stroking his shaft, up and down, as she sucked his dick head.. Her tongue sliding around his head in circles and her hand moving faster and faster. He groaned loudly and started to push her head down slightly, wanting her to take more of him in.

Aurora moaned, her sound muffled by Alex's large dick in her mouth. She moved her mouth down his shaft, her lips pressed against him tightly. She could feel him fill her mouth and she moved her hand away, moving her head back and forth instead, feeling his dick slide in and out of her mouth.. She moaned again and the vibrations from her moan moved through her mouth and over his dick. He cried out loud and gripped her hair tightly. She thrust her head back and forth, again and again, sucking him harder and harder. Her inner cheeks pressing tightly against his throbbing dick. Her tongue curling against his shaft and pressing against him so that his dick was surrounded by her hot, wet, tight mouth. She moaned again and she felt him thrust into her mouth

Her eyes grew wide as she felt him thrust deep into her mouth, pressing against the back of her throat. She fought against her gag reflex and kept sucking him, harder and harder.. Wanting to make him explode inside her mouth. She forgot all about the fact that Alex paid for her and lost herself in a moment of pleasure, of wanting to please him.

She moved her mouth back and forth, faster and faster. Sucking him as hard as she possibly could. She could feel that he was about to burst and she pulled her mouth up so that only his head was inside her. She looked up into his eyes, nibbled his dick head very very gently and then forced her head down in one fluid movement, taking in his entire length and sucking him hard. She moaned loudly as she felt all of him inside her and he cried out loud as he exploded into her, releasing a jet of hot, warm cum that filled her mouth. She moaned again and swallowed, sucking him gently so that she could swallow every last drop.. Moving her mouth gently off his dick and licking the corners of her lips..

She pushed him back down on the bed and crawled seductively over his body, her legs on either side of his hips, her pussy poised above his still-hard cock.
Oh, I know I'm going to enjoy this...

(Enjoy Part 1? Look out for Part 2)

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