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Cabin at the lake

A hot weekend at the lake.
We arrive mid morning on Saturday to start the weekend. Riding the bike to the lake house is always a good time. I can feel your hard nipples on my back from the cool morning air swirling around us as we ride. Your hands on my thigh, I can feel your nails through my jeans as you hold on around the corners. Once we're there, and settled in, I start the grill for lunch while you work in the kitchen preparing a side dish or two. Sitting on the deck listening to the leaves rustle, and the small animals play is so peaceful. Bare feet propped on each others chair with the occasional leg play to let each other know we're feeling frisky.
After lunch we take the boat out on the water, and cruise around. Finding a quite cove to anchor in while we swim, and sun bathe. Laying on the bow of the boat you break out the sun tan oil, and ask if I'd put some on you. I'd love to. As you turn away, you reach back and undo your top. Letting your breasts hang there in the sunlight. Rubbing your soft, smooth skin is more of a turn on than you know.
When it's all rubbed in, you lay down on your back. Hands by your side, and without a word I can tell you'd like some on your front as well. Dribbling the tanning oil on your flat tummy, and across your chest. I rub it into your skin. Around your neck, over your tits, down your tummy, and work my way to your long legs. Now slightly propped up in the air so I can rub it in good. I noticed earlier that when I slipped a finger tip under your bikini bottoms that your breathing changed just a little bit. I slip a couple under there again. I get the same reaction. I lean over and kiss your side. My tongue working the way down your side, and fondling the strings to your bottoms.
Once in my teeth I give them a gentle tug. I catch no resistance at all. Your not saying a word, but only laying there as if your innocently soaking up the sun. I tug a little more until they're untied. Repeating the same for the other side. As straddle over one of your legs you can feel me through my swim trunks as I brush against your thigh. Raising your hips enough to slip off your bottoms and let you tan naked in the bright sunlight. The temptation is to much as I rub some oil on you  where your hair would be.
You keep yourself so slick and smooth for me. I love it. I HAVE to lean down and give you a kiss at the top of your opening. You can feel the heat from my lips as they contact you. Soft, and gentle at first. Then progressively harder, and more firm. More directly aimed at the slit between your lips. Each time my tongue comes out I seem to part them just a little more. Still nothing form you except altered breathing. I finally feel you stirring as you reach one leg over my back and then the other. Forcing my to lay on my tummy as your legs hold me in place. You reach down with a  free hand and open yourself up for me as if to invite me in. Your other hand finds the back of my head and you pull me to you. Tongue buried deep inside you as I feel your legs growing tighter on my back. You back arched, head back, you try to keep yourself quiet, but the occasional scream seems to sneak out from your lips when you're not biting them. Your body so slick from the tanning oil it's hard to hold you still when you cum. My fingers digging into your tummy as your squirming beneath me. Your body finally coming to a rest with an exhausted feeling about you. Satisfied, I pull away and let you soak in the sun there on the bow. Your body still laying as I left you, twisted, and spent. Laying in a puddle of your own fluid.
After a day of sun bathing and swimming we're back at the cabin for supper. While it's in the oven baking we decide to take a show and wash off the days sweat, oil, and lake water. You hope in fist as I get ready to join you.
Once in the shower we take turns washing each others body from head to toe. I get out the razor and squat beside you. Propping your leg on the edge I slowly shave you. Your legs and ass so smooth to my touch, I want to taste you again. I lean in for a kiss, and you run your fingers through my hair. Pulling my head back and looking into my eyes. As much as you'd like that, you tell me that I deserve one as well.
Pulling me to my feet, we trade places as you squat down in front of me. I can see the water beating against your back, and flowing down over your tight little ass as you get ready to please me. Your hands on the outside of my legs you search for me with your lips. Still not completely hard yet, I watch as my cock bends a little as you try to force me in through your tightening lips.
Opening up just enough for me to spring inside. Holding me still as you feel me swell, and fill your mouth. Forcing you to open wider to accept my girth. You place my hand on the top of your head so I can feel the rhythm as you gobble me up. Letting your tongue work it's magic as you slowly suck on me. Nibbling on the tip, and then to the base. Finally forcing me to explode down your throat. All of the excitement, and build up has made this load huge. Causing you to gag just a little as you can't quite swallow it all on the first surge. But being such a good girl, and never backing away, you take it all, and hold me there until you're sure I'm finished.
After the shower we have a romantic candle lit meal by the fire. Sitting there in nothing but boxers, and a cute little teddy. Playing footsie under the table, and flirting with each other all through the meal. What started as romantic is now leaning more toward an aggressive desire burning in both of us. Leaving the table as it is, we get up and lead each other upstairs to the loft. There is a railing along the edge with the head board backed up against it.
You push me down on the bed with a hungry look in your eyes and straddle me. Facing out over the railing you can look down below at the fire still burning in the fire place. It's a good 15 feet below, so being near the edge and looking over give you a sense of danger that hightens the pleasure. I can feel your still damp hair trail down my body as you take me in your mouth to make me hard again. Not sucking, or stroking me. Just massaging me with your tongue to make me stiff.
Once I'm fully aroused, you climb up and grab the railing as you kiss me softly on the lips, and then keep going. Your inner thighs resting against the sides of my face as you lean on the railing and spread yourself open wide and sit down on my out stretched tongue. Only a few licks is all you want. Just enough to get your juices flowing.
You work your way back down as I reach for myself. Holding my shaft still you raise and squat. Moving back and forth, teasing me. Letting the head touch your opening and then taking it away from me. I beg you to let me in for what seems like hours, and finally you do. Without warning, you slam down on top of me. Stuffing me all inside. We both yelp with pleasure, and then you begin to rock your hips.
Slowly at first then faster. Kissing me while you do all of this. I can feel your hardening nipples on my chest as you ride me. I can feel you getting wetter, and wetter the longer you ride. You try to hid your orgasm in hopes that I'll keep moving with you. I know you're cumming by the way you're biting my shoulder! I hold you tight and keep in motion with you. You tell me that you want to feel me cum as well, and I do too. You tell me to use you to make myself feel good. So I do...
I get out from beneath you and crawl around behind you. I can see the redness around your lips from my cock sliding through them. I slip my shaft in you one more to coat the length with your slickness and pull out. I move myself up to you ass and put firm pressure on your hole. Holding it there until you relax and let me in. I can see the tension flowing from you body as you sigh, followed by a sharp breath as you relax and allow the head to penetrate your rim. You can feel the ridge of the tip force you open as I lean into you. Your cum being slowly pushed down my shaft as I glide in. Holding you for a minute while you get used to me filling up your ass. Then slowly starting to pump away.
Same as you did. Slow at first, then faster. I think I'm going to hurt you in some way, but you seem to keep begging for more. Occasionally without warning, I'll pull out and push myself down quickly to slam into your sweet snatch and coat myself with your cum again before stuffing myself back into your tight little ass. Now slowly becoming more and more loose as I drive deeper into you.
I reach below you and play with your clit while I pump your ass, hoping to make you cum again when I do. You beg me to make your ass swallow my load. I love it when you beg for it! So, here it is baby. Get ready. O yea. Can you feel the warmth? As soon as you do I can feel your rim tighten on me as you cum as well. Falling onto the sheets. Face down with my deep inside. holding the slats in the head board as you bite the pillow. Looking out over the downstairs you can see through the large glass window on the front of the cabin. The moonlight is shimmering across the rippling water, just as the sweat rippling across your shaking body...
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