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Cabin by the Lake

Paige sat in her boss’ office, wondering if she was in trouble, trying tried hard to remember if she had done anything to piss her boss off lately.She tapped her foot impatiently on the floor while waiting. Finally her boss Sarah walked in, smiled at Paige and handed her a set of keys.

“What’s this?” Paige asked, looking at her boss curiously.

Sarah smirked, then said, “The keys to my cabin by the lake. You’ve been doing such a great job, I think you deserve a break. You can go in the morning. Take a friend if you want, or a lover if you have one this week.”

Paige started to give a sarky reply, but caught herself. Yes, around the restaurant where she worked as hostess, the other employees and Sarah all knew Paige sometimes had long dateless periods, but also on impulse had had some one-night stands with local men – and women. Paige did not gossip about her sex life, but this was a small town and the grapevine was robust and usually pretty damn accurate.

She realized Sarah did not mean her comment as a cutting remark, just a statement of the way it was, so she thanked her for the keys and headed home. She wasn’t out of the parking lot before it hit her who it was she would ask to the cabin: Bull Langley. No, he wasn’t her lover now and never had been. He was too much of a gentleman and friend, though she had often toyed with the idea of seducing this shy but strong man.

Always, though, she feared he was not interested in her that way, and feared that to put the moves on him, not only would it not work, but she might lose her best friend.Paige played with the keys and smiled to herself as she knocked on Bull’s door, trying but failing to hide her excitement. She knocked loudly on the front door. Bull came to the door cane in hand, hugged her tightly and held the door open.

"What’s up Paige? You’re in a really cheerful mood today,” Bull said. “Did you finally tell your boss how you feel?"

"Nope, but she gave me keys to her cabin on Lake Lucie for the weekend. Wanna come with me?" Paige asked.

Bull smiled as he looked at Paige in her Daisy Duke shorts and a tied-up short sleeve shirt. He found her body so desirable, but as usual, he didn’t have the guts to tell her.

Instead, he nodded and replied, “Sure. When do we leave?"

"First thing tomorrow morning!" Paige said, grinning at her friend.

That evening, as Bull packed for the weekend trip, he reminisced about how he first met Paige. She was walking down the street when he first saw her – a woman easy to notice at five feet, six inches tall, shoulder length brown hair and a beautiful, well-proportioned body, though her chest was decidedly large, even for a girl of her stature. He smiled as she walked by, thinking she was absolutely gorgeous, lost in the cleavage of her tight-fitting, low-cut top.

The moment he saw her walk by, he did an about-face and followed her, stunned by her beauty and struggling for a way to strike up a conversation. She heard his footsteps behind her and turned to look, tripping backward over the uneven sidewalk.

Bull lunged to catch her, grabbing her flailing arms and nearly getting pulled on top of her. She fell on her shapely bottom, but Bull had helped break the fall, saving her from what surely would have been a painful landing.

Helping her up, he asked with a smile,

“Excuse me, but I have never had a pretty woman fall for me like that. I hope I didn’t startle you.”

As soon as the words were out, Bull felt like a fool, telling this lady she was pretty and making a joke about her falling for him. When she looked up at him, he got lost in her eyes, amazed by their beauty, and what seemed to be an instant connection to his soul. He was pleased that instead of being mad at him, or dismissing him, she was smiling.

Bull extended his hand and said, “Hello, I'm Bull. Are you okay?”

She shook his hand and said, “My name is Paige. Yes, I’m fine.”

“Nice to meet you, Paige. Are you new in town? I haven't seen you round here before.”

Paige grinned and replied, ”I am staying with my aunt down the street. This is a quiet little town ain't it?”

”Nope, you just have to know where to look. Some friends and I are getting together on a sand bar tonight. If you want, you can join us.”

Bull still remembered how he stood there nervously, thinking he had been a fool to even ask such a question of a total stranger. While looking over her curvy body he expected her to politely decline, but he found himself hoping that she would say yes.

She did, and though nothing sexual happened that night, or any other time since, Paige and Bull did become good friends, sharing many secrets, but never his secret desire for her body and her heart.

He was always a gentleman around her, opening doors for her, complimenting her if she wore a new outfit or changed her hair, and telling her how smart and funny she was. He could tell her nearly anything, but not how madly he wanted her.

In the two years since they first met, Bull told her things he told no one else – about combat in Iraq and the nightmares he still endured from that. He also told her of his past loves and heartbreaks and of his hopes and dreams, letting out more emotion than with anyone else.

In return, Paige had shared many personal details about her life, about her father dying when she was young and how hard her mom struggled to give her a good life. She told him of her flings with guys and girls, always fun for a night but never satisfying, never leading to anything real or important. Paige never knew that her tales of lovemaking made Bull jealous. To her, they were passionless affairs, so what would anyone envy about that.

Throughout all his time with her, an animalistic desire for her beautiful and sexy body was lurking, so strongly that sometimes after spending hours with her, when he was alone, he would jerk off to the thought of being her lover. For Bull, though, it was more than that. He knew he was just as strongly drawn to her for her beautiful mind, for her kind and generous soul.
“It that is what love is? I am in love with her?” he wondered after they shared time together.

That evening, as Bull packed for their trip, he fantasized about them as lovers.

“Damn, she is so far out of my league! All I will ever be is her best friend,” he thought, then sighed, undressed and collapsed in his bed.

Paige arrived early in the morning and rousted him from bed. He has climbed out from the covers naked and darted to the bathroom. It wasn’t the first time she had seen him nude. They had skinny-dipped in the water off the sandbar a time or two with some of Bull’s friends, and sometimes when he took her fishing, he wore shorts and no shirt.

She had caught glimpses of him when she could, and over time learned how he got every scar from Iraq on his back and legs. She could also picture his 6-pack abs by just closing her eyes, making herself wet in the process. Of course, she never let him know a thing about that.

The plan has been to leave for the cabin in the morning, but after Paige rousted him and bull got dressed, Bull got a call from work. A co-worker had been injured and the needed him desperately for half a day. He told Paige to forget him and take another friend to the cabin, but she would have none of that.

It was late afternoon by the time they finally headed to the small marina on the edge of Lake Lucie, miles from town. There was no access to the cabin save by boat or a long hike and it had gotten too close to sunset for hiking. So, they rented a small runabout from Cullen, the dock master whose eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Paige in her low-cut top and tight shorts.

As the boat skimmed across the water, both had the same thoughts running through their heads – but as always, kept them to themselves. Suddenly, as they neared shore, the boat hit something below the surface and jolted, tossing Paige overboard and slamming Bull against the center console. Paige screamed, struggling to keep afloat in the chilly water.
Bruised but still alert, Bull jumped in after her, knowing Paige could not swim well and that she has always had a fear of drowning. In a few strokes he was beside her, grabbing her shoulders and telling her,

“Calm down, Paige. Calm down. I have you and you are safe. I have you and I won’t ever let go. Trust me.”

He slipped behind her, putting one arm under her firm full bosom and paddling toward shore with the other until they reached shallow water and she could stand. Then Paige did something Bull never thought she would ever do – she kissed him.

He stood dazed there for a second, her soft lips on his, her shivering body in his arms. Then suddenly he knew he would not lose this chance to show her, without words, how much he cared for her. Bull wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him, still wondering if this was really happening.

As their embrace grew longer, he suspected she could feel his hard cock against her belly, but he can not help himself. He kissed her with all the pent-up passion he had since they met and his heart soared as she returned his kiss, her body holding him tightly, responding hungrily to him, her hips pressing against his bulge.

Bull’s knees grew weak as he realized this gorgeous woman, his best friend, was actually kissing him back and seemed to want him. He took a chance, letting his hands run down her back and over her wet shorts, grabbing fistfuls of her lovely butt and pulling her closer, wondering if she would break this trance and slap him or if all of this was just a dream.

She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and drawing her hips harder against his bulge.

“I have died and gone to heaven,” he thought.

Paige couldn’t believe it she was finally kissing Bull. His rough lips on her soft ones felt so right.

To be continued…
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