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Cable To Pleasure

We ride a cable car up to the heights of passion.
"It's beautiful out there," you told me, as you peered out the window, up towards the mountain.

"Yes, it is. Wait till you see it from higher up."

We were waiting to board a cable car that would take us to the mountain's peak.

"That reminds me," I said, "I'll be right back."

At first, you paid me no heed and continued admiring the views. After a while though, you looked to see where I had gone off to. You spotted me conversing with the operator. I appeared to be handing him some cash. You scratched your head, wondering just what I was up to.

I returned and quickly grabbed your arm.

"Time to hop on," I said dragging you into the cable car.

We were alone on the car. It was a not a large one, but it was still capable of holding up to 6 passengers. I made sure that we arrived early enough to beat any crowds. This was a small village, and they never receive a large influx of tourists anyway. I held you close, wrapping my arm round your shoulder.We looked out the large windows and up towards the mountain. The gears kicked in and the cable car began its slow clime up to the summit.

I glanced back towards the operator. He smiled and waved. His face became more and more distant, as the car climbed higher up the cables. Before long the Depot became just a small, red dot behind us.

You turned to look at me.

"So why were you paying that man? We had already payed at the entrance?"

I glanced up, as if waiting for something. 'An answer from God,' you wondered.

Suddenly the gears groaned and the cable car came to a complete halt, swinging gently in the air. You grasped the railing in shock.

"People can be bribed," I replied with a grin.

I pushed your body back against the cool glass and kissed the shock from your open mouth. My hand swept beneath your short dress, and I rubbed my palm over the silk of your panties.

"So how long are we to be detained?" you asked.

"Oh, long enough," I said drawing the panties down your smooth legs. They fell to your feet, where you kicked them away.

I spun you around, your face to the window.

"Look at that view," I said rubbing my hand over your ass through the dress. The soft, cool, material felt good against your naked cheeks. I always enjoyed the shapely curve of your sensuous buttocks.

You giggled, "I think your seeing a different view than I am."

I ducked down and pushed my head up under your dress. You gripped the railing in anticipation, as you felt my tongue trailing its way up your inner thigh. You spread your legs wide, giving my face access to your wondrous treasures. My nose dipped between your cheeks, as my tongue slipped inside your damp petals.

"Mmm," I moaned. This sent shivers, vibrating up through your sex.

You pulled the dress off your shoulders and pressed your bare breasts against the window. The sensation of your nipples hardening on the cold glass was exquisite. It also made my tongue burn against your flesh.

You worked your hips back and forth over my face, riding the wave of a coming orgasm. From under your dress the moist aroma was intoxicating. My tongue swirled along your sensitive lips, dipping in to get every drop of your orgasm. When my head finally appeared, my hair was damp and my face wet.

 I flipped you back around and pressed my damp face to your breasts. You moaned, thrusting your erect nipples into my lips. I devoured them one by one.

 Frantically, you pulled at my clothes, working to get at my flesh. You longed to touch my cock, to feel it pulse in your hand. Once it was free, you fell to your knees to worship it. You took two fingers and stroked it, waiting for that precious drop of liquid to appear at its head. Its appearance meant that you had my undivided attention. I was putty in your hands.

You licked up the precious drop, wiping its flavor over your lips. Your lips became slick, allowing your mouth to glide easily down the full length of my thick rod. Closing your eyes, you felt the beat of my heart pulse through my cock. It throbbed in the tight vise of your lips. More of the precious fluid spread over the roof of your mouth. The flavor exploded, stimulating your senses with pleasure.

I had to pry your lips from my cock to keep from cumming in that warm, beautiful mouth. Our favorite part was coming, that kiss, that exchange of tastes that made or bodies tremor with lust. Our moans met in the kiss to become one.

The passion was triggered.

Our hands and lips became a feeding frenzy of flesh. Somehow, you were thrown against the glass, your dress raised and the hard shaft, pushed into your core.

"Ahhhhh!" you groaned. Your breath spread out in a fog along the glass. One hand grasped at the railing while the other clutched at my muscular ass. You felt the muscles twitch, as I thrust into you.

Through the windows, the clouds surrounded you. The rocking motion of the cable car gave you the sensation of floating on air.

Suddenly, you were dragged away from the views. I was pulling you down with me to the padded bench. There you were, straddling me and facing out towards the windows on the other side. You pulled the rest of the dress off your head and tossed it aside. Once naked, I pulled your back to my chest and used my feet to spread your legs wide.

Looking down, you watched my slick shaft, as it submersed itself in your depths. I reached around you and used my fingers to pry open your petals, finding your engorged clit. Lightly, I began to tap it, in time to my thrusts. Your body surged in euphoria. You could see your copious cream covering my cock, coating the base of my swollen balls.

Watching my balls, it dawned on you. You knew just what to do next.

You rose up high on your heels, ran your delicate hand down to my balls, and gently squeezed. At the same time, you drove your sex down, tensing your inner muscles down the length of my shaft.

"Aghhh!" I cried out. My body tensed beneath you, jerking in a powerful orgasm.

You wanted to close your eyes in contented pleasure, but instead you looked down at our joined bodies. My liquid had melted with yours and was coating your fingers. You lifted them to your lips, lapping at them like ice cream.

"Here," you said turning back to feed me your fingers.

"Mmm," I responded, then pulled your lips to mine for our kiss.

There was a groan of grinding gears and the car lurched forward. We fell off the bench and landed in a naked heap on the floor. I glanced at my watch then back to you.

"Here," I said throwing your dress. "If my timing is right, we have exactly 5 minutes before we reach the summit."

You took the dress, starting to put it back on.

"Wait,' I said, 'another kiss first?"

Five minutes later the cable car had reached the summit. A group of tourists had gathered at the gates waiting for the next car.

The door of the car swung open with a 'clang'. A cold, rush of mountain air sweep over out naked bodies. We were met with a loud gasp. Frozen, we stood there in our naked embrace. Clothes were scattered like laundry on the car's metal floor. Your discarded dress still clung to your feet. Our eyes darted back and forth, like a deer caught in the headlights.

My mouth dropped open. "Oops."
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