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California Dreaming

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in CA and doing some sight seeing while here. The sight I most want to see is Lisa.
The flight was perfect and on time. As I walk into the California sunshine my smile competes for brightness. Am I really here to meet my on line lover?

How did I get here? Out of all the ladies I have chatted with, how did I manage to meet Lisa? She must be a gift of the sex gods. The connection was instant and we felt so comfortable with each other the first time we chatted.

After just three weeks of chatting we video chatted and she was so much prettier, sexier and vivacious then I had ever dreamed. 

I am visiting my son in CA and doing some sight seeing while here but the sight I most want to see is Lisa. Again the sex gods have smiled and they live only one hour apart. 

I won't bore you with my visit with my son which although very nice was overshadowed by my lust for Lisa.

Lisa was alone for the week with her husband and son away on a Father/Son get-away. 

I pulled into Lisa's drive at 4:00pm and she opened her door before I was out of my car. She gave me the most fantastic hug right there on the porch.

I suggested we move inside where Lisa gave me the most fantastic full body hug and then tried to put her tongue all the way down my throat.

She smelt like fresh lilacs and her skin radiated with a glow of excitement. As she led me straight to the living room couch and we began stripping each other frantically. 

In fact we were hungry for each other after several months of outline mutual masturbation sessions. We proceeded to fuck like crazy and both of us exploded within minutes.

"Wow "I said " you are as horny as me."

Then I took her in my arms and we just sat and melted into each other with that afterglow of two lovers that just want to hear each others heartbeat and feel the warmth of each other.

As our passion subsided, Lisa suggested we grab some robes and proceed to her patio for a glass of wine.

She had that typical Southern CA yard full of flowering plants and scrubs. As we sat on her patio and chatted about life in general, it felt as though we had been friends for life not months.
As the warm sun began to fade and the night air set in, we noticed the chill and I took Lisa back in my arms and began to kiss her neck and ears. So gentle at first but with increasing passion. She trembled and I asked if we needed to move back inside.

Lisa remarked "I have always wanted to make love under the stars, and knew I would do it for me". 

She went inside and gathered some blankets and we made a bed there under that clear night sky.
The air was so dry that the stars shown bright and felt close enough to touch. We lay on our backs looking up and embracing each other. It was so nice to stroke her back and shoulders as we lay warming each others bodies. 

I began to kiss her neck and then worked my way down her neck to her fantastic firm tits. Not large but so tight and firm with nipples that were as hard as gemstones. Oh how I enjoyed sucking her right nipple and flipping it with my tongue. She began to moan and held my head tightly to her tit.

I could feel her stomach muscles flexing and knew I had found her hot spot. As I continued to suckle her right nipple she started to tense and had her first small orgasm. This so turned me on that as she came down, I immediately began to fondle her left breast and kissed my way to the left nipple.

Her breath was just returning to normal when I found the hot spot on her left breast and she again began to hold my head tight against her tit.

"Please suck it hard for me" she said.

Who am I to deny a beautiful woman her wish? In minutes Lisa was again writhing with her second more powerful orgasm. 

I held her tight and sucked until she again started to recover. As I held her I ran a hand down her stomach to her now very moist pussy. I ran my finger between her swollen lips and flicked her engorged clitoris. 

As I did I began to kiss my way down her stomach over her mound and into her honey hole. I ran my tongue slowly down her moist pussy lips. Whilst savoring her essence, I began to lick and suck her pussy lips. My finger moistened with her juices I began to explore her tight butt. I circled it and slowly inserted a finger into her butt as I sucked harder on her engorged pussy lips.

I began to run my thumb into her pussy and as I did, I could feel my finger and thumb touching through her sensitive vaginal wall. As I rubbed and stroked my fingers harder, Lisa pushed her body into my hand for deeper penetration. I could feel her pussy contracting around my finger and her hips were gyrating in time to my in and out finger motion. Suddenly Lisa exploded on my fingers and I held on tight till her body ceased to tremble.

Now it was time for me to taste all of the flood produced by her orgasm. As I licked and sucked her pussy she began to stroke and suck my now raging hard-on. I was having difficulty concentrating when Lisa released my cock and pulled my face to hers. We kissed deeply sharing her taste and as we did I slipped my cock into her very willing pussy and began to fuck her there in that lovely backyard setting.

As our pace quickened so did our moaning and I worried that her neighbors might hear but Lisa had no fear and continued to bounce into my raging cock. As I felt my balls start to tighten, I could also feel Lisa's pussy tighten around my cock. Just as I started to say I'm cumming, Lisa moaned and flexed her body in a magnificent and explosive orgasm. 

Our bodies were like two limp noodles as we lay entwined and breathing hard. Both of us momentarily spent. I gently kissed her and picked her up and carried her to the large couch in her living room. 

I found a large throw and covered us both up and as we lay spooning, we both dozed into bliss.

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