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Camping Out

A married woman takes her lover camping...
It's a super hot and sticky day. Late Friday afternoon in fact. Humidity hangs like a blanket in the air but the sun is finally sinking to the horizon. There is not a breath of wind anywhere or a cloud in the sky, so even just sitting down doing nothing makes the sweat trickle off us both.

I'm sitting on a log surveying our surroundings and waiting for the sun to disappear, when hopefully there will be at least a little relief from the stifling heat. You are opposite me, also sitting on a log. Between us is a small pit in the earth to light a fire even though there are no flames dancing there yet.

You see, you and I have gone camping for the weekend at Emu Creek. We've been having a bit of a fling over the last few months; but we have gotten a little bored with your bed. So we decided to jazz things up a bit and take it elsewhere.

We've already set up our tent, which will be our bed for the next two nights. Now there isn't a great deal to do, except maybe talk a bit or perhaps just enjoy the quiet. I look over at you, thinking about asking you if you want me to collect wood to build a fire, but it really is too damn hot. I doubt we'll need a fire to keep warm tonight anyway!

Instead, you ask me how I managed to get away from home. I say I told my husband I was going to stay with a female friend in the city for a few days, to indulge in a relaxing weekend of shopping and movies. You smile and tell me I'm naughty, but that's exactly how you want me to be, so I just poke my tongue out at you.

The lying does bother me though. So again my eyes scan the camping grounds for anyone I might know. I am hoping to God there is nobody here who would recognize me. There are a few other people camping here, but the grounds are vast and there is no one nearby anyway.

In fact, I can’t see anyone at all, even though I know there is a family of six camped on the other side of the hill. I can hear kids running around, playing and laughing. Another separate family has loud music playing but we don't mind, they are playing good tunes.

I like it here, I always have. It's private and slightly hilly. The green grass is always mowed short like in someone's backyard, and the landscape is peppered here and there by the occasional stately gumtree. To my right down the bottom of our gentle slope, I can see a clear creek running over smooth gravely sand. Neither fine sand like at the beach, nor like chunky gravel you would tar a road with, just somewhere in between.

The cicadas in the bush behind me are gradually quietening and now the crickets are coming out to play. Mr Sun has almost vanished, soon to be replaced by Ms Moon, and I know she will be full and bright tonight; I checked my calendar before leaving home. I just adore a full moon.

It's way too early for bed so I ask if you are hungry. You say no. Makes sense, I'm not hungry either. We both had a late lunch when we met in town before coming here for our secret little rendezvous. Besides, we've both been drinking water by the gallon all afternoon, needing to stay hydrated. But I'm thirsty again and even though I'm feeling a little flirty, I also know I need to relax a bit more.

So I get up and go to the icebox. It's full of cold alcoholic cans and they should do the trick. I have my back to you now and decide to play it up a little. I know you're watching, so I bend right over to lift the lid on the icebox. Smiling to myself when I hear a low appreciative "Hmm" come from your way. My denim shorts aren't that short, only mid-thigh in fact. But they hug my bum tightly, showing off the curves of my ass nicely.

I continue rummaging around in the ice, pretending I cant find what I'm looking for, but it's only a ruse so I can arch my back and poke my bum out at you a bit more. I'm hoping you notice I have no visible panty line, as I'm not wearing any underwear at all. On top, I have a tight-fitting purple singlet, a bit lacy where the cleavage dips quite low and has thin straps. Under that is a push up bra, black in color, also a bit lacy. My dark shoulder-length hair is up in a high ponytail. A pair of black sandals on my feet completes my camping attire for the day.

While I'm head down/ass up at the icebox, I select a rum and coke and then ask if you want one as well. You reply yes. With a can in each hand, I head back over to you, handing you one can and keeping the other for myself. I don't want to go back to my log. It's lonely over there and I can't touch you. I crave to be near you. So I park my ass right next to yours, both of us now perched on the one log. We open our cans and drink from them, the icy liquid feeling divine as it floods our parched mouths.

It's completely dark now, but the heat of the day remains. There is still no breeze and we're both still sweating. I start thinking about you and I, and what we've gotten up to over the last several months. I have to admit, it's always good. We always have a blast in each other’s arms but ever since we decided we were coming here to camp, I haven't been able to stop thinking about fucking you in the crystal clear water just down the hill. All clean wet skin, heated mouths and frantic groping is what I've had in mind, so I decide to act on it now.

I want to get you naked and I know how easily done that is. So I simply lean right over. I lift your sleeve a bit and press my soft lips to your bare bicep, my tongue swirling there a little. There is a fine sheen of sweat on your burning skin but I don't care. You taste salty and manly, so I relish it.

I look up at you and in the bright moonlight I can clearly see you're already looking down at me, with a knowing look in your eye. My lips smile against your skin and you grin back at me.

"What do you want?" you ask teasingly.

Like it even needs to be asked! You know exactly what I want and I know you want it too.

"Well, you," I whisper quietly. I watch as you throw your head back and laugh; then drain your can into your mouth.

Watching you makes me even hotter and I know I need to get to the creek real soon. I straighten up a bit and lean into you even more, my lips soft against your cheek but searching for your lips. You finally turn your head and kiss me. Your tongue slips into my mouth and I can taste rum, yummy! My tongue starts to explore too and I briefly wonder if you can taste rum on me as well.

I can smell you; again, masculine and intoxicating to me. It makes me want to take your cock inside me right now, this very instant. But I know all good things come to those who wait. So I break our kiss, stand and start to walk away. You quickly ask where I'm off to. I just giggle and tell you to follow me, and that's what you do.

In just a few strides, you catch up with me. I reach out and take your hand in mine. The moonlight makes our path clear to see; down, down, down to the water. You hesitate at the edge but I pull you in after me. It's only ankle deep here anyway. I let go your hand and turn back to the bank, deciding I should probably get rid of my sandals. So I kick them off my feet and they land at the edge of the water. You end up doing the same.

I walk out some more and it's now knee deep. Oh my, the water feels so good! I know I'll soon be completely submerged. That my clothes will soon be drenched and that I should have taken them off before we got in the water, but I just don't care. Wet clothes aren't the end of the world anyway and staying dry is not my main priority right now. Instead, my main priority is to have you balls deep inside me. Fucking me like it's the one and only fuck you'll ever have!

I hear you behind me, your body moving through the water as we head out to where it's a bit deeper, now at my waist. I have your kiss back at the camp still on my mind, and on my lips. Deliciously cool water bubbling around my legs, crunchy gravel massaging my feet and a bit of alcohol in my system. It's at this point I'm feeling pretty damn good. I could easily settle and fuck you right here, right now.

But I'm thinking of a better place. I've been camping here before and I know if we go upstream a bit, around a heap of boulders, there is a nice little cove waiting there for us. The water is up to my boobs and the sand that forms the tiny beach is soft. No doubt everyone who comes here uses it as a make out spot but oh well, we'll add to the list.

"Come with me," I whisper as I take your hand and this time, place it on my bum.

I feel you give my ass a firm squeeze, and then casually tuck your fingers into my back pocket. You're right behind me as we round the corner and arrive at the little cove. I walk out to where I know it's deepest and let myself sink down.

All of me, up to my neck is now underwater. You follow suit. Watching your movements makes me want you, so badly. I never tire of wanting you between my legs; never tire of the taste of you. I'm so hot for you and I know you know it. You eventually come right up in front of me but you're still clothed, and for me, that’s a really big problem.

My hands immediately go up the front of your shirt and find two hard nipples. The water is refreshing on a hot night, but still chilly. I slide my thumbs over the little nubs a few times, reaching up with my mouth at the same time to kiss my way up your neck and softly nibble your chin.

"So, you want to?" I ask knowing full well what the answer will be.

"Yes," you reply in a throaty whisper.

Hmm, I love the sound of your voice when you're horny. It does yummy-tickly things to my insides. Wanting confirmation, I let my hand slip down to the front of your pants. Ooh, looks like you do want to!

I rub the hardness that is your arousal through the material, then trace the outline with gentle teasing fingers; before going back to rub you with the palm of my hand again. My other hand snakes up around the back of your neck, but it seems you're intent on playing a little hard to get as you won't bend your head enough for me to kiss you.

I notice there is a cheeky smirk on your lips as I pull a little harder before you relinquish and my lips meet yours. Now you're finally kissing me again and it's not long before our kiss is hot and needy; our lips fused and our tongues playing, exploring.

I feel one of your hands wander up the front of my singlet and your fingers latch onto a boob. A moan escapes me as one of your fingers sneaks over the top of my bra cup and quickly discovers a puckered nipple. It feels intense when you touch me there, almost to the point of pain, but a good pain nonetheless. I guess my tits are just sensitive right now, since I'm so horny for you and in cold water.

Now your other hand goes behind me, cupping my ass and pulling me to you. My hand that was on your cock is now behind me as well, as I try to undo my bra. I fiddle for a while. Wet trembling fingers makes it harder than usual. Plus you're grinding into me through our saturated clothes. Your hard bits pressing into my soft bits, your hot kisses doing an excellent job of distracting me, and that makes the job at hand even more difficult!

Your fingers are still busy teasing a nipple. Your other hand is kneading my ass, holding me in place so you can rub yourself against me. I can easily feel what is waiting for me inside your pants. Your tongue is plundering my mouth and I still can't undo my freaking' bra! I groan into your mouth, frustration mixed with need. But then the sex gods must take pity on me, as my bra comes undone and my DD tits are free. You waste no time exposing more skin, ripping my wet singlet up over my head and tossing it to the sand.

My fingers are plucking at your shirt too, desperate to feel your warm chest against me, so you rip your own shirt off as well and toss it to fall atop mine. Soon, my bra joins the pile and we're both naked from the waist up. Your mouth is on mine again; your skilled fingers resume tweaking my nipples. You spend some time winding me up, while my hand returns to your cock again...

"Fuck I want you!" I whisper into your mouth.

I hear you moan and feel you nod in agreement. You might have spoken too. If you could get my tongue out of your mouth for long enough. But thanks to the way I'm feeling right now, my tongue isn't going anywhere for a while.

I just love kissing and love the fact that you get off on it too. I also love the fact that we can so easily work ourselves into such a frenzied state, just through kissing alone. I could easily go on kissing you for a lot longer, that is until I must taste you, and it has to be now.

I tell you to stand and in one swift motion, I've yanked your pants down to your knees, then your cock is immediately buried in my warm mouth. I can feel you place your hands on the back of my head. You hold me in place with slight pressure, your hips gyrating in front of my face as you use my mouth for your pleasure. Every now and then, you run your fingers through my hair and it gives me goose bumps all over. As my lips continue to work your shaft, I delight in feeling it swell even more inside my mouth.

I let my tongue swirl around the head a few times. Then spend some minutes alternating between licking the underside of your cock with my tongue; right on the most sensitive part of you, then go back to bobbing my head up and down again. I create suction to draw from you as much juice as you'll give me. It's not long before I can taste your pre-cum on my tongue, and I want more! But I know asking for more could mean you losing control and blowing your load down my waiting throat. I want that load in my pussy!

The thought of you losing your creamy cum deep inside me makes me feel the need to be touched too, so as I continue to lick and kiss your cock; slow and gentle now so you can keep it together. I also cup your balls in one hand, massaging lightly, while my other hand heads down below the water to touch myself.

I undo the button on my shorts (silently thanking the sex gods for making it easier than my bra) I push the zip down too. Then slide my fingers over smooth soft skin and wiggle in between my warm wet folds. My fingers zero in on my clit and while it feels damn good, it just won't do!

I'm still aching down there and need to be filled with something or! I look up at you with imploring eyes, my own desire mirrored in yours.

"Fuck me now!" I demand in a throaty whisper, more than happy to beg for it if you tell me to.

But instead, you grab my hand and haul me to my feet. Then start half pulling, half dragging, carrying me to the shore. Where you wait for me to find my feet before bending over and hurriedly yanking my pants off me. I know exactly how I want it - doggy style. I drop to my hands and knees in the sand in front of you.

With my ass high and my legs wide, I look over my shoulder and smile, hoping to invite you to slam me hard from behind straight away. But as I watch you, I'm kind of glad you don't fuck me right away. Because I now have the chance to watch as you stand there naked, the moonlight highlighting every muscle in your body.

I'm keenly taking in every move you make as your hand heads down and you grip your hard cock, and then begin stroking yourself slowly. You order me to touch myself too. Not wanting to deny you anything, I quickly shove my hand down between my legs and caress there. Again, it's not enough. I want you. I want your cock. I want it now! So I make my needs known.

You quickly come to stand behind me, still with your hand on your shaft and rubbing with just enough friction to keep yourself hard. I feel two of your fingers spread me open, my slick inner lips separating easily under your probing fingers. You spend some time using just one finger to rub my opening, the sensation literally driving me insane. My legs are as wide as they can go, and my head is on the sand, as are my tits.

I'm begging in a ragged voice and you still won't do me. I can hear your breathing is loud and harsh, just like mine. I glance behind me and see you are still kneeling back there, stroking yourself and I can also several drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip of your cock. That pleases me greatly, because I know your need is still as strong as mine.

Then one of your fingers sinks all the way into me, in one smooth motion. Making me moan out loud and push back against your hand. Oh, that feels good! Something finally inside me to sooth the ache, the ache you caused. But it then creates another fire inside me and I need more of you. Eventually one finger becomes two and that feels much better. You finger fuck me for a while, both of us moaning at how wet I'm getting. Before you withdraw your fingers from me completely and then I feel you come up close behind me.

I feel your hand on my ass, near my hip. Your other hand is still on your throbbing cock and I know you're lining me up. I'm pushing back against you, more than ready for it. The head of your cock makes contact, but all you do is rub there for a while. Driving me crazy once again.

Now I'm trying to angle myself so that you'll have no choice but to enter me if you surge forward slightly and I push back at the same time. The tip of you slips in, and I can feel your pre-cum lubricating me even more. Not that I need it. I'm already dripping for you. I squeeze tight, my pussy clamping down on you, wanting to keep you right there. Because if you slide out of me, I will surely end up screaming like a madwoman.

I push back and you slide in some more. Only half of your length is inside me but I don't care, it'll do! I start rocking back and forth. Fucking myself with your cock, feeling you glide in and out of me. So warm so smooth and so wet. Then I feel you starting to move too. Every thrust you make sees you embedded inside me; deeper and deeper, bit-by-bit until you're all the way home.

That’s when you finally grab my hips tight and start fucking me hard and fast, like I wanted to be fucked from the very beginning. You're striking all the right places inside me as you spear me over and over again; building a fire, making me hotter.

Yep, I'm getting close. So one of my hands makes its way down between my shaking thighs, finds my swollen clit and starts rubbing away. I know you're close too, you feel tense behind me. Your fingers are digging into my flesh and your thrusting feels more restrained. I don't care, I'm still going for broke and you'd better keep doing it too!

I start chanting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" keeping time with your rolling hips.

You growl back at me through gritted teeth; that is exactly what you're doing and it makes me smile. I rub just a bit harder, you fuck just a bit harder and it's enough to tip me over the edge. My climax comes, hard and vicious. It makes me shudder and gasp, and makes me cry out even more profanities, along with your name.

As the toe curling, lip-biting, eye-rolling quake inside me recedes to tiny tremors; I could so easily collapse on my tummy. My legs are suddenly so weak, but I know you're not far behind me in finding your own release, so I keep rocking and you keep pumping. Then moments later, you are there too.

"Ahh fuck! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" I hear you cry out, as you pump me full of your creamy hot seed.

As the crazy-burning need in you finally cools, you slow right down then slump against me and I fall to the sand. You're on top of me. It’s hard to catch my breath but I don't care, I love your body on top of mine. I notice your chest is heaving, as is mine.

I'm still buzzing with pleasure when I feel your lips on the back of my neck, gentle kisses. Your arms come in close around me, gathering me in tight and holding me under you. It makes me feel happy and satisfied, it makes me smile and it makes me feel a bit sleepy too.

I feel your cock slowly slide out of me and then there is the sensation of me leaking your cum, mixed with my own, out onto the sand. I ask you to hop up so I can go wash off in the water, where you join me in getting cool again.

We spend a while in the water, just relaxing and listening to the night sounds around us, touching each other and sometimes kissing. I'm not sure what time it is, but the rounded moon is high in the sky when we decide to retrieve our clothes from the bank, get dressed and head back to our tent.

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