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Camping with my Wife, Chapter 2

Beach party pushes things further.
The tape had stopped playing for a while, yet I remained there, motionless. I couldn’t help but think that it was one of those awful nightmares, the ones you become overwhelmed with relief when you wake up. Except it wasn't the case, despite the surreal nature of the situation. It was real alright, and I was feeling a mix of rage and madness taking over me.

My head was spinning with all the anger and I just threw away the cam, as if tossing it would make the problem go away as well. The sand seemed to break its fall, but the impact caused the tape to fly all the way to the back of our tent.

What was I to do? If I told her what happened, not only would it ruin everything we had planned, but she would certainly leave me as well. Surely it wasn’t my fault that Alec was a punk asshole, but I felt partially responsible for it, since it was supposed to be our special time and I should had taken care of her, she had too much to drink after all.

On the other hand, if I did not tell her, she wouldn't ever know I let it happen to her, but there would be a good chance she would end up pregnant with the kid's child, not something I could cope with. I had to figure a way to nail the bastard and leave my wife out of it.

I was lost in my disturbing reveries, when I heard Sue returning to our tent.

"Hi, honey." She gently hugged me. "Sorry if I let you waiting. It’s just that I took the time to jog along the beach for a while."

Before I could say anything she continued "I know I said I'd get us some breakfast, but it was so late already that I thought we could skip it and just go and have lunch, what do you say?"

I just nodded, since I wasn't hungry at all, after all that went on.

"Alright then, I'll be ready in a moment, honey." Sue said as she started looking around the tent, searching for her clothes.

"You didn't tide up the place, did you?" She stared at me with a serious face.

After all that had happened, I totally forgot she ever asked me to. Her bad mood didn't last, though, as she started smiling and continued "Ok, I'll cut you some slack."

"Really?" I asked, a bit incredulous.

She came closer to me, staring at my eyes as she gently kissed me. Then she started whispering in my ear, seeming a bit shy to speak the words out loud.

"You were simple amazing last night, honey." She complimented me. "I am so sore! You fucked me so hard, don't think I remember you ever being that aggressive!"

"Sue... I..." I mumbled.

"God, I know I was drunk, but your cock was so fucking big last night!" She interrupted me, taking a moment to recall the feeling. "I was dizzy, but I remember every inch of your massive, veiny tool splitting me open like never before, it felt like I was being fucked by a horse!"

"I didn’t..." I started babbling again.

"Come on, Sweetie." My wife gently kissed me again. "You are being modest! You came so much that it was still leaking from me when I woke up, baby. You pumped a gallon of your hot thick spunk inside me."

"You were into our little role play, weren't you?" She asked in a teasing mood, not really waiting for an answer. "You are quite the actor! There were times I could swear you were Alec! Let’s hope he didn’t hear our little late night acting session." She laughed.

Her words were tearing me inside, I was about to interrupt her when she finally said "Too bad I won't be ovulating until a few days from now, guess you just have to keep on dumping huge loads in me, just like you did last night, to make sure I'm pregnant, honey."

Suddenly, that made me feel a lot better, as it meant I still had the chance to catch the bastard, impregnate her and move past this bizarre situation.

My mind was roaming again, when Sue snapped me back to reality. "Ok, now stud. Go get our stuff while I change, I'll be out in a minute." She said, rushing to get ready.

I left our tent, got a clean shirt from the bag lying by the car, my wallet, and took the opportunity to place some of the junk back at the car's trunk.

After a few moments, I saw her leaving our tent. Sue was a vision of beauty for any man to behold. Her long blond hair fell midway down her back and framed an angelically beautiful face, which looked at the world through exquisite blue eyes.

Her shirt came down just above her pierced bellybutton and showcased her flat tummy, as well as her perfect chest. Her lower body was blessed with long supple legs, toned from her daily exercises, and encased in a pair of skin tight leather pants, which contoured her sensual hips and perfect behind. It reminded me, once more, how lucky I was to have such a hot, yet nice and caring woman by my side. She was indeed a sight for sore eyes.

We went to the local restaurant, by the end of the beach, to have lunch. I still needed to figure out what to do, but didn't want to be thinking only about that, so I thought it would be nice to just enjoy the company of my wife and the time we still had left.

We sat at the table and Sue started talking she was having a good time and how she felt that was exactly what she needed to get away from the daily routine. I nodded a couple of times, trying hard to focus on something other than that whole messed up episode.

Suddenly, she stared at something behind me and said "Look who is back, honey."

I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes: Alec was hanging around with a bunch of his teenage friends. He had the nerve to stay after what he did. As soon as he noticed us, he calmly approached, waving at us. Still had that smirk on his face.

"Hi Sue, how are you today?" He asked as he hugged her, to my discontentment.

"Just fine, thanks... Didn't see you leave earlier, thought you left without saying goodbye." She replied.

"Didn't want to bother you guys, you seemed to have a busy night." He winked as he kept checking my wife out.

"Oh, don't be silly." My wife blushed, probably remembering how loud she was while she was being fucked.

"Besides, I left your husband a message, right dude?"

I was filled with rage seeing how this kid had the guts to casually chat about having recorded him fucking my wife.

"Oh!" Sue looked back at me a bit surprised. "You never said anything to me, honey."

"It must have slipped my mind." I answered her in a dry tone.

"Yeah, it's not his fault." Alec said, half smiling, as he kept drooling all over my wife's cleavage. "I'm sure he has plenty of other things to worry about."

I was containing myself not to burst and beat the crap out of him right there on the spot.

"So, do you guys know about the party tonight?" Alec asked, avoiding me.

"How nice, what kind of party is it?" Sue seemed interested in the event.

"It's just a local attempt to make a masked ball at the beach, nothing fancy as most of the costumes are improvised with beachwear." He replied staring deep into her blue eyes.

"Sounds fun, doesn't it, honey?" She asked, looking excited. I simply couldn't answer it.

"Anyway, I gotta go, but I hope to see you guys tonight." He kissed Sue on the cheek. "See ya, dude". Then, he waved at his friends who were still there and left towards the camping area.

I was so mad I couldn't even think straight. I excused myself to Sue, saying I had to check on something and went after Alec.

He was walking calmly down the beach, as I caught up with him and threw him against the wall of a nearby trailer. He was off guard, so he hit the trailer wall hard, making a loud bang noise.

"Hold on, man!" He said to me as he knew he wouldn't be a match to me, trying to buy some time.

"Give me a good reason why shouldn't I strike you down, right here?" I said in a loud tone, fists closed, aimed at his face.

"Well, I don't think you want your wife to find out what happened." He replied, half mocking me.

"She wouldn't believe a punk like you!" I stated knowing she wouldn't believe his word over mine.

"I'm sure she won't, pal!" He said, taking his cell phone from his pocket. "That's why I will have to show her those!" He continued, showing various pictures of her naked and being fucked by him.

I just took the phone from his hands and broke it in half, tossing the pieces far away.

"Guess you don't have them anymore!" My turn to mock him now.

"That was a perfectly working cell, dude!" He said, seeming more concerned about it than the situation we were discussing.

"And besides, I have all the pictures stored somewhere safe, somehow I knew this kind of thing could happen." He calmly stated.

"So if you don't want Sue's lovely behind all over the net, I suggest you back the fuck up right now, dude." He continued speaking in his mocking tone.

"Leave her alone!" I tossed him down hard onto the sand. "I mean it!"

"Come on, man! Chill out!" He said as he got on his feet, turned his back on me and resumed going to whatever place he was going before I stopped him. "I'll see you tonight at the party, just enjoy yourself meanwhile."

"By the way, she really seemed to enjoy my big, fat cock up her tight little cunt, dude!" The punk yelled back as he was already far ahead. "Wonder if she will manage to remain that way after I am through with her!" What an asshole!

I headed back to the restaurant, couldn't help but think about what he said. I wasn’t about to let him expose my wife, it wouldn't be the least fair to her. His blackmail was not something I could take easily, but I decided to wait a little more before I did anything drastic. I had to find a way to sort this mess; meanwhile I needed to have a good time with my wife.

We had our lunch, which was actually very good despite the earlier incident and the rest of the afternoon was pretty much normal. The sun was still burning hot, so Sue stripped to another one of her bikinis, since the one she used earlier was ruined.

We hanged by the beach, she continued working on her tan. We got to meet some of the couples there, some really funny people, guess we were finally enjoying ourselves. We watched the sunset and headed back to our camp, all I wanted at the time was some peace and quiet. However, when we arrived in our tent, I could see Sue was still excited about our day.

"So we better get ready for the party." She said cheerfully.

"I am not sure it would be a great idea, dear." I answered her, in a serious tone.

"Come on! It will be fun! I'm sure we can find something for you to wear." She started looking all over.

"Don't really like that guy, Sue." I finally said.

"Nonsense baby, don't be jealous!" She replied, trying to look sympathetic. "You know how teenagers are, he is just looking for friends."

"Here, you can wear these." She handed me one of our rubber shirts for surfing and a full face diving mask with a snorkel. I must not had hidden my discontentment because she continued pleading "Please, honey, do it for me. It will be fun!"

Couldn't say no to her, but I'd make sure she wouldn't leave my sight. "Ok dear, we can hang there for a while." I finally said.

Sue was smiling now, "Thanks, honey! Gonna get ready!"

I looked around, and I noticed the camera was gone again, but the tape was still at the place it landed before. I thought maybe Sue took it and placed it somewhere else, so I retrieved the tape, put it in my bag and decided to wait outside. I wore the surfer rubber suit and the mask, feeling a bit silly doing so.

"See anything you like?" My wife asked me, sometime later, just as she left our tent.

I turned around and saw her. She was wearing a short black dress. It fitted her better than I remembered. It hugged each of her smooth curves and ended mid-thigh level, her long legs shown off perfectly. The neckline of the tight black silk dress swung very low. She had a large amount of cleavage showing, which was further emphasized by the cut of the dress.

There was no need for a bra in this dress; it was a bare shoulder dress. The dress pushed her already large but firm 36C fleshy globes up and together creating the most tantalizing view, and that view was a good 4 inches of cleavage. They seemed to defy gravity and bounced around merrily when she moved. It hugged her hips, emphasizing her thin waist and slight hourglass figure. Her long straight blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail and hung down past the middle of her shoulder blades. She looked absolutely stunning.

"Well?" Sue asked again, smiling and casting her arms out in graceful presentation. "I hope that dazed look on your face is a good sign."

"Wow," was all I could say, as I felt my cock hardening, knowing I'd finally get to fuck her later on. "I've never seen anything like it, dear. You look absolutely fantastic." I said as I hugged and kissed her full on the lips.

"Shall we go?" Sue smiled, her big blue eyes staring right at me.

"Of course, dear." I replied holding her hand and leading her towards the beach.


When we arrived at the party, I noticed that it was actually a bit crowded, lots of people dancing and interacting. I wasn’t so sure they were having a good time. There were several stands were they were serving this drink nicknamed "Love Seed", which was basically coconut milk and vodka, which apparently was an aphrodisiac.

Sue wanted to try, taking shot after shot of the exotic drink. I didn't think it would be a problem, at the time, since I wouldn’t let her leave my sight this time. We started slow dancing and we took the opportunity to make out. I could feel she was getting into it, and I pulled her hot body closer against mine.

" There you are!" I heard someone calling us.

"Hi, there ." My wife greeted the person, as I turned around. "Look, honey. It's Hawaiian Alec!"

Alec was dressed like an island native, wearing only his trunks and a flower necklace. He was holding our camera and was recording the party action.

" Hey, Sue." He kissed my wife on the cheek. " Looking good as always!"

As he openly stared at my wife's stunning attributes, he started having an erection; the elastic material of his trunks was trying to contain the growth of his large penis, but it stretched to a point that rupture seemed inevitable.

Both me and my wife noticed the effects she was causing on the boy, and she blushed at the circumstances.

" Thanks, Alec." She pretended she didn't notice the huge bulge that formed in his trunks. " Good to see you again."

"Yeah. " He sarcastically tapped on my shoulder. " Glad you two could make it ."

" Isn't that our camera?" I interrupted him.

" Oh, this?" He made no attempt to excuse himself. " Yeah, I borrowed from you, hope it's okay."

" Of course it is not!" I raised the tone of my voice.

" Don't be silly, baby." My wife disagreed. " It's alright, Alec. It is a good thing you are recording the party, we want to have something to remember our vacation. Just be careful, will you?"

" I will be careful, you have my word." Alec winked at my wife. " And I promise you will have something that won't ever let you forget about your trip."

" Isn't he a sweet kid, dear?" My wife asked me; the only thing I could think was different ways of murdering someone, slowly and painfully.

" Anyways, I will take a look around." He turned to leave. " Hope to see you later on!"

" I bet he is going to score some girls." My wife laughed.

" Good for him." I lied.

"By the way, I really enjoyed our role play, honey." Sue hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'm looking forward to more of it." She said, as she kissed me. "Just need to go to the lady's room first, baby."

Wasn't going to let her roam around alone after what happened, especially after she had that many shots, so I went with her to a couple of toilet stalls down the beach, a bit far from the main party area. She entered one of them and said "It will just be a minute".

I stood there, guarding the door while I waited for her. Since I was already there, thought it would be a good idea to have a go as well. I took off my rubber shirt and mask, dropped them next to the adjacent stall and entered it.

Took me only a couple of minutes, but as I tried to leave the bathroom stall, I noticed the door was stuck. It would not budge; it looked like there was something preventing it from opening. I started banging on the door, so either Sue or anyone else would help me.

After what it looked like an eternity, I heard the door cracking open. Some guy looked at me and asked how I managed to lock myself in. I simply couldn't answer him, as I ran to the party to find my wife, noticing my gear was gone.

Didn't take me long to find her, she was standing by the bar, still taking those exotic white drinks.

"Sue!" I called out to her.

When she instinctively turned around, to see who was calling her, the glass she was holding slipped, spilling the liquor all over her. She started laughing at the situation, as the thick white liquid soaked her.

"God, look at that mess!" She smiled, looking very drunk and tired. "Were have you been, honey?"

"I was stuck at the bathroom stall, dear." I answered her.

"Again, baby?" She asked me, so sleepy that she couldn’t keep her eyes from closing. "Guess you can’t handle a little drinking, huh stud?"

"Let's go, dear." I took her in my arms and headed back to our camp.


I entered our tent and gently laid her down; she slept the whole way from the party. I noticed she was quite a bit sticky because of the spilt drink, so I took a cloth out, dampened it and started cleaning her up a bit.

I took off her dress; it was soaking wet, drips from the thick liquor fell onto the floor one after another. I could smell the sweet scent of the liquid covering her, and started wiping some of if from her belly. I saw how her breasts seemed a bit reddish, but I guessed it was due to all the heavy drinking.

I continued wiping the white juice from her arms and hands, then proceeded to clean her legs. I noticed the spilt drink running down her legs, all the way to her knees, didn't have the same sweet scent as before; on the contrary, it was quite strong and considerably thicker in texture.

I spread her legs, a little, backtracking the continuous stream of thick fluid and realized it was running all the way from her upper tight; it soaked her skimpy underwear as well. I found odd that a single glass of drink managed to accomplish that much, and, when I pushed her panties to the side, I had the final confirmation: it was "Love Seed" alright, but not the sweet drink we took earlier, it was sperm! A whole lot of it!

Her pussy was a complete mess, her cunt lips all red and swollen, and what it looked like a river of cum started flowing from it.

I was in denial, as I could not believe that was happening. As I looked around, as if trying to find a lead on what to do, I noticed the cam was back to its original position, and a note was attached to it. I retrieved the cam, the note said "Congratulations, daddy!"

"Not again," I thought. It had to be a joke.

I pressed the play button; I recognized the place, the video was being recorded at a spot near the stall where I got stuck, filled with trailers. We had to go through that area to reach the party, it looked like a maze.

Suddenly, I saw Alec, wearing my rubber suit and mask, mounting the camera at a somewhat hidden position. He didn’t move until he was convinced the focus was good enough for what he had in mind.

"Hey, man!" He finally talked directly to the lens. "Sorry about locking you there, I hope you don’t mind me wearing your stuff."

The little bastard! It was him all along!

"I am also sorry to inform you that you are not going to witness the action." Alec attempted to make a sad face. "Don’t worry, though. I am recording it so you won’t miss it!"

What the hell was this kid talking about? He was really fucked up individual, no doubt about it.

A few moments later, I saw my wife coming from a small pathway, trying to find her way back to the party. However, it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, in the state she was in. She was going back and forth, looking for a way out of the trailer labyrinth, appearing clearly helpless.

Alec quietly left his hiding spot and sneaked behind her, gently squeezing her breasts from behind.

"Hey!" My wife wined, startled, as she turned around to face her abuser. "Oh! It’s you, baby! I thought you had returned to the party without me."

Alec just nodded and drew her close to him. He started kissing her full on the lips, his hands all over her hot body, pulling her even closer to him as he grabbed her ass.

"Oh, honey!" My wife seemed surprised by the bold action. "What if someone shows?"

Alec simply ignored her evident concern and continued mauling her full, tight ass and breasts.

"I know what you trying to do!" She smiled, as she obviously thought it was me role playing again. "Right, Alec?"

I could see her delicate hands rubbing the bulge in his pants, until she couldn't take anymore of the teasing and just released his huge erection from its confinement. It was so large that she started stroking it with both of her hands, trying to get it even harder.

Soon enough, his right hand was inside her panties, rubbing her already wet pussy. Sue was losing herself in all of this, I saw her head slide down his chest and stomach until it was eye level with his cock. She seemed amazed by its immense size, it stood proudly in front of him, its huge mushroom head already dripping precum. Then, she did it, she stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his cock head.

My beautiful 28-year-old blond wife, down on her knees, her mouth and throat stuffed full with someone else's dick, not just another man’s though, but a 16-year-old punk pretending to be me. She sucked furiously on his hard, 10-inch shaft, her red lips sliding up and down fast while she bobbed her head ruthlessly up and down the entire ten inches.

"Suck it slut! Worship my fucking cock!" He growled down at her, his hand tensing and relaxing in response to her work. "Suck it like you should only suck your husband's!"

"MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmph!" Sue moaned loudly around his dick as it once more rammed down her throat

Sue stood up and turned around with her back towards him, giving him a view of her perfect ass. He reached around her, cupped her breasts, and began to play with her hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I could see she was breathing heavily, leaning her body back against his.

"I want you inside me, Alec!" Sue cried, getting deeper into the role play. "We don't have much time before my husband is going to wonder where we are at!"

He started rubbing his huge cock head up and down the length of her wet pussy. She was so wet I could see her juices flowing out of her and running down her legs.

"Come on!" She grunted as he continued to tease her little slit. "Ram that big thing inside me!"

He smacked her ass hard, and she jerked forward. Sue's tight little pussy lined up over his cockhead when she jerked back. She then dropped down slowly, sinking every inch of his massive cock into her cunt.

He was really filling her, her pussy stretching to accommodate itself to the large size of Alec's, once again. He leaned back further, wrapped his arms around her, and began to massage her breasts.

"Oh, fuck! So BIG!" Sue braced herself against the door of the nearby trailer, trying to obtain enough leverage to take the huge cock being shoved up her tight cunt. "It feels fucking wonderful!"

"Tell me how bad you want it!" He ordered, as he continued to slide into her with deep hard thrusts.

"I want that cock so bad, Alec!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, looking just too much authentic to be playing along. "I need that big cock in my pussy, it feels so fucking good!"

"Fuck, Sue!" Alec groaned behind her as his dick continued to slam into her hard. "Your pussy is so fucking tight!"

"Oh, fuck! Ohhhhhh! Ummmmm!" Sue groaned loudly as she bounced up and down and felt her big tits being squeezed, her long blonde ponytail swishing back and forth from the speed and intensity of the illicit fuck. "Ummmm! Oh, baby! You're so much bigger than usual!"

"Yeah, you like my dick inside you don't you Sue?" Alec groaned back at her, watching intently as she pushed herself against him roughly.

"Oh yeah, it's so hard! So fucking hard! Uhhhh!" She groaned, her eyes tightly closed as she was being rammed hard.

"What would you say to your husband now if he saw you, slut?" Alec asked her, laughing back to the camera.

"Oh, honey! Oh, baby! I love you! Oh, yeah! I'm being fucked so hard baby! Ummmmmmmm! Oh yeah! Alec is fucking me so good! Oh, ummmmmmmm!" Sue groaned out, pussy still slamming back and eyes still shut tightly. "Yeah! He's so good! So much better than you at fucking me!"

"Want me to cum inside you?" He asked, pounding his large cock all the way in and out of her tight cunt.

"Yes!!" Sue replied, her hands against the trailer. She was gripping the door hard, so hard her knuckles were white.

"Tell your husband!" He growled, as he plowed into her again, he was close now.

"Oh! Pump your big dick into me like only my husband should! OH! Ummm! Yeah! Oh, baby! Alec is fucking me so good!! He's fucking me and feeling my tits! Oh, he's so fucking big and hard! Oh! Ummmm! Oh, it's like a fucking baseball bat is fucking my pussy! Oh! Ummm! Yeah! Oh he's going to cum in me soon!"

"Oh! Fill me up again, Alec! Cum inside me! Cum in my pussy! Knock me up! Make me cum and impregnate me! Make my husband watch as his wife is bred by a young stud!" Sue groaned loudly as Alec's hands used her tits to pull her back hard on to his invading rod.

Hearing those words from my hot blond wife and probably the feeling of his long hard dick sliding in and out of her tight pussy made Alec's balls begin to tighten.

"That's it baby! Time to feel my cum in your unprotected pussy! Yeah! Uh! Take it! Take my cum! Yeah! I'm gonna cum inside you Sue! Fuck yeah!" Alec moaned loudly.

"Oh! Ummmm! Yeah!" Sue groaned in pleasure.

"Watch me, dude, as I cum deep into your wife's pussy" Alec said, looking directly to the camera.

"Ohhh!! Ummm!! Fuck!" Sue groaned even loudly and began to shake and thrust back harder.

"Oh, yeah!!" Alec groaned loudly and with those words he pulled Sue back towards him with her hair and thrust his hard 10-inch dick into her and shot his wads of cum deep into wife's pussy.

"Yes!!!, Don't stop, I’m cumming all over that hard cock of yours! Yes! Right there, keep fucking me!" She moaned loudly

Alec's dick continued to shoot his hot cum deep within Sue's pussy as he held himself deep within her. Sue was shaking and shuddering still underneath him, her eyes squeezed shut and her back arching as far as it would bend, still with her hair in Alec's grasp. Those large firm mounds with nipples hard and erect were proudly sitting on her chest, wobbling and shaking from side to side as Sue shook in her throws of orgasm.

"Ohhhhh! So good!!! Ohhh!! Never been so good!!" Sue moaned as her shuddering finally started to subside.

Finally Sue's orgasm ended and she collapsed onto the sand. Alec's orgasm also ended and finally feeling the exhaustion of such a tiring session of work he collapsed onto Sue's back, dick still buried to the hilt in her pussy. He let go of her hair and just lay there, listening to her breathing, she sounded asleep.

"Guess we are even on the cell thing, dude..." He laughed as he spoke.

The tape stopped playing soon after, it had come round full circle
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