Can I Last Three Days?

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A proud boast becomes a difficult challenge
We are at a party having a few drinks and as we are chatting and having fun and you look at me and say "By the way, I have to call you out on your bullshit."

Completely shocked, I look a little puzzled as you surprised me with the comment and ask "What do you mean by that?"

Adding a sly smile, you comment "You tell me that you like pleasing a woman so much that you could do that and not want to get off, that you could hold out. Total BS."

My face starts to flush a little, as I respond "Well, it's true. Of course I'd like to get off and have my fun too, but I would have fun just focusing on her and making sure her needs were fulfilled."

You look and bark out "Bullshit."

I know you're yanking my chain, and I respond "Try me."

I think we're just flirting and joking and you surprise me but sitting down on my lap, leaning over giving me a good look down your low cut sweater. You wiggle a little bit and start to feel a reaction under you and you smile and say "No way you could, not with me anyway."

You see you have me a bit flustered and I add "Well, it would be sure fun trying."

After a minute, "Isn't this a 3-day weekend? Why don't we try?" I playfully ask.

With a wicked smile, you propose, "Here's a good idea, why don't we have a little contest since you like them so much. Let's say your job is to please me how I want this 3-day weekend, however and whenever I want, but you're not allowed release until after midnight Sunday."

I feel you wiggle a little more in my lap and smile as you feel the reaction you're expecting. You smile and add, "When you give in and ask me to come, you'll have to give my car a full detail. And I don't mean taking it somewhere, it's you doing it all" you finish with a laugh.

Your laughter causes the same reaction and I ask "What if I win?"

I feel you grind on my growing erection and laugh louder with a "No way that's gonna happen, I can see you looking at my chest now and feel what the idea does to you. If I didn't stop right here, I think I could get you to finish in your pants."

Your brashness catches me off guard but I let out "What if..."

Before I can finish, you complete the thought, "Won't happen but if you can pull it off, you can have me any way you want after. And I mean any way, any time, any how."

You feel me throb more as you say that as you see the wheels start to turn in my mind. You see that piques my interest. You can tell I'm totally flustered and ask, "Are you really serious? Would you really enjoy it?"

We are on a chair in the back portion of the room without many people around. You move your body a little, spread your legs and slide down your zipper. You take my and place it inside and I feel a wet spot on the outside of your panties. You smile and add "What do you think?"

I verbally moan as I feel it as you feel my fingers start to go up and down on your panties. You can tell how turned on I am as I whisper, "I think I want to go down on you right now."

With that comment, you smile, but pull my hand out, pull up your zipper and leave me there. You smile and say "We're not leaving yet, I need a drink, but with the reaction I caused, you might want to see here a while. You wouldn't want to poke an eye out with that thing," you giggle and go chat with some friends.

As we're getting ready to leave, the hosts walk us out. As we're saying goodbye, you say "Thanks for having us, great way to start a three-day weekend," as I feel your hand playfully pat my arm. You finish with "I'm glad we have the extra day, my car is filthy and can't wait to have it cleaned and detailed."

We get in the car and smile knowing the reaction you caused. As we drive back, my hand is on your knee and thigh, rubbing up and down. As we are almost there, you ask "So is it a bet? You do whatever I want, however I want it it and if you ask to come before Sunday, you lose"

I agree and nod and you smirk and say "God, this is gonna be so easy."

As we head in, you lead me straight to the bedroom and start to unbutton your pants and pull them down. You sit on the edge of the bed and I see you're wearing light blue panties. Then you add "I forgot" and you smile and playfully command "Kneel before your goddess."

I smile a little knowing we shoked about that and I kneel down and you spread your knees and when you do, I actually see a part of the panties are actually darker blue because of the wetness. You see me stare and say "Beg your goddess to worship her pussy."

I look up and say "May I please worship your pussy?"

You shake your head and say "No, that was pathetic."

This time I lean in and gently kiss your pussy through your panties and ask "May I please have the honor of worshipping your pussy my Goddess?"

I hear you moan slightly and say, "That's better, yes you may."

I lean in and kiss the wet spot on your panties and then slide them over to the side and start to use my tongue on you as you sit on the end of the bed. My tongue slowly starts licking up and down your lips, turning your on slowly and then move up to your clit and start to work on tormenting that between gentle licks, sharp flicks and intense nibbling. Then I go down and use my tongue to start entering you, in and out, like intercourse but with the tongue only. You start to get more excited as you pull me in closer.

I take your leg and drape it over my shoulder and then do the other leg over the other shoulder as I'm on my knees, looking up at you as I give you oral. I keep licking and say "Let me know if you like it" and I pick up the pace. I feel your feet start to dig into my back and your hand holding my head in place. As I can tell your getting close, I shove my tongue deeper, trying to taste it all as your legs tighten and I can tell you had your climax.

You scoot back on the bed and have me come up to join you. Your hand starts to go down to find the full erection waiting but I shock you with "No wait, I'm not down eating you out, that was just the start."

You are slightly shocked that I actually offered to continue even though you were willing to have some fun with me. I tell you to lay back and enjoy it as I push your legs apart and go back down to your wet pussy. This time, I insert a finger to help with the pleasure and then use my mouth on your clit and upper lips. The finger picks up momentum as I go faster and deeper, bringing you to the edge. As I look up, I ask "So how am I doing so far?" with a playful, sarcastic tone.

You look down and say "Great" but the shove my head in hard and say "Don't tease, just finish, I need it now."

When you look down, you see me not only licking you but frantically humping the bed. With that vision, you can tell how excited I am and as I pick up the pace, you get more turned on and let our another orgasm, this one even better and more intense than the first.

You look down with a content smile and say, "Lick me clean, I'm so wet down there." This time it's more gentle as you can watch more intently, you see me humping the bed even more.

Then you add "I see you humping the bed there, you'll be lucky to make it a few hours let alone a few days" and then reach over to your nightstand and pull out a dildo and lay it between your legs.

You smile and command "Use it on me now, I want you to get me off with it. But also, I want you to watch it go in and out, thinking how much you wish it was you fucking me, but knowing if you did, you'd come in a minute and lose the bet."

You catch me totally off guard with your comment and playfully ask "You scared?"

You know that comment hit home as I take it and start to use it on you. You're so excited and turned on, it doesn't take any foreplay because you can handle it all, going in and out. We both hear the sounds of your wetness as I use it on you. I moved to my knees to get more comfortable but you guide my head lower and say "Watch it, see what it does to me, get closer."

I go back on my stomach and watch as I use it, never been so close before as my body continues to grind against the bed hoping for release. As I do it, I notice your legs pull up and open wider. You make eye contact with me and say "Lick me as you fuck me with my dildo."

You see me look a little surprised and you push my head lower, "Do it, please me like I want" as you feel my tongue go to your clit and start to lick. After a few minutes of this, your hand comes down and pushes my hand away and you start to use it on yourself. I'm a little surprised at the pace of your rhythm, going in and out faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier.

Then suddenly, you hand shoves my face down "Lick me know as I come on your face and this cock." You feel my tongue hit your pussy and your thighs tighten quickly as you come so hard. This time your spent and lay your legs flat and try and catch your breath.

You pat the pillow next to you and I come up. You smile as you see my entire face is covered in your wetness and you give me a gentle kiss. As you do that, your hand goes down and starts to rub my erection as you tease me with "I'm surprised you didn't finish in your pants the way you were humping the bed." You take a little pause and say "But it's so sexy to know I turn someone on this much."

A few seconds later, I feel my pants unbuttoned and zippered pulled down and then my cock his the cold air. Then it's warm again as your hand wraps around my flesh and start to slowly pump and tease it. I start to feel your hand going faster and faster. You look down and say "Oh god, never saw this much precome" and you lean down and slowly lick it off. I about explode there but you keep slowly pumping.

As you do, you look at me and say "Do you want to come, you just have to ask." as you go faster and faster.

You see it hits me like a ton of bricks as my body is begging for release but then your comment reminds me of the bet.

You look me in the eye and say "Just ask me to make you come, you'll love it so much."

I moan loudly as you torment me and I say "God I want to, but" and then I feel your finger rub it and say "Oh my, someone has a little more leakage going on" and then I see you lean down and lick it off and I am so close to losing total control.

You kiss it and look up and just "Just ask if you want it. That's all you have to do, just ask" as you tease it more. You lean down and take it in your mouth and go up and down a few times. "You just have to ask and I will let you come in my mouth." You hear a load moan and then you say "But if you do, you lose the bet" as you give me a wicked smile again.

You can tell how conflicted I am as my body is aching to come but I say "No."

You see I'm so close to caving and you get move next to me and flip over and straddle my face. You're already super excited as you put yourself into position. This time, you are more in control and start to grind on my face, making me give it to you like you want. After a few minutes, I'm about out of breathe and you have yet another climax.

After that one, you collapse off me and you slide your hand back in my boxers and whisper in my ear "Not bad. Only have about 48 more hours to go." You lean in and kiss me, tasting yourself again and say "Set your alarm for 3 am, I want you to wake me with your tongue." As you roll over to go to sleep, you wonder if it would be more fun to make me lose the bet or have three days of undivided attention.......