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Cancer Perk

Evelina learns to lose her virginity in life with the help of a man, whom doesn't know her secret
It hurts. My eyes are straining and it is difficult to seewhen the lights are flashing as quickly as they are. The music is pounding, the people are dancing, the drinks are flowing and Kara is puking. Apparently she had one too many. I don’t like clubbing, although I’m not even sure if I earn the right to an opinion since this is my first club experience; but it is on the list and according to Kara we must do everything that’s on the list.

I can’t handle the smell anymore so I leave Kara alone in the stall to fend for herself. Some friend I am. I walk over to the sink and I rest my hands on the side. The coolness of the marble tingles my fingertips. I took a deep breath in and let out an exaggerated breath of exhaustion. I look up to my reflection.

My hair that is light brown at the top but slowly turns to blonde the further down it goes and is tied in a pretty fishtail braid, so long the ends reach my hip. It won’t be like that long for much longer, I think. I took in my full face, with chipmunk cheeks, green eyes and a long nose. I imagine myself with sunken cheeks and hallow eyes but quickly pushed the thought away.

I brush my hands over my stomach and am glad I am gaining weight, not losing it. I have a pale pink dress on that has a nice flow to it but accentuates my curves. I try not to cry as I think: this may be the last time I look this good. But damn, I do look good.

“It’s okay...I got it,” Kara seemes frustrated.

“What?” I turn around.

She stands up and throws her one hand in the air -with immense exaggeration- that was holding toilet paper, and then quickly wipes her mouth as she makes her way to the sink. I am about to apologize but stop myself. This is my night, she’s the one who dragged me out here and I’m not going to keep saying ‘sorry’ every time something doesn’t go her way.

I wait for her to finish cleaning up. She pulls on the bottom of her ridiculously tight black mini- and I mean mini- dress. She pushes her boobs up and ruffles her hair. She looks at herself in the mirror and winks, like she always does. A self confidence boost I suppose. Then she turns to me, “let’s go get you a man!”

She turns on her heels and struts out of the bathroom. I took one last look at myself. Here we go. I look at my reflection and wink, then pull the door open.

~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*- ~-*-~-*-~-*-~

“They’re all douche bags!”

“OMG! Evelina you are so god damn picky!” Kara is red in the face, she is pissed. I’d been turning down every man she could find, and not only tonight but for the last three months. We have been talking to this group of guys for a couple hours now and they asked us to go home with them. They are kinda fun to talk to but I don’t want to do anything with them. I don’t think she understood that yes it’s been a long time but I don’t want it to be just anybody.

“Look. Whatever, this is stupid. You go have fun, I’m going home.”

“Evelina,” her voice softens a bit but is still firm. She grabs my arm. “Come on, it won’t be that bad.”

“Yes it will, I’m not like you. I can’t just hook up with any and every guy I want and not care about what happens.” I feel bad as soon as the words come out. She looks like I just slapped her in the face.

“You’ve got some nerve”- I cut her off.

“I’m sorry,” there’s that word again, “but I can’t do this right now. Go have fun but I’m going home.”

“Same old Evelina!” She starts shouting at me as I start to walk away. “All talk no walk! You know soon you’re not going to have a chance to do this!”

I turned. My blood starts to boiling. “YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW THAT? I know how much time I have left and I do not need you constantly reminding me every fucking two minutes. Believe me, I’m quite aware!”

“Oh quit the pity bullshit routine Eve. I know what you have and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to make the most of you while you’re still here. So stop playing this thing” -she waves her hand to gesture me, but I know what she means, she means what is eating me from the inside out- “as a way to get pity, cause I’m sick of giving it to you. You need to start living in the moment and stop the fucking ‘my life is horrible’ routine. You know what? Yea, your life sucks, but you didn’t get to choose which life you live, you just get stuck with the one you’re handed. So suck it up and live a little.”

I am stunned. I am so speechless I can’t even turn and walk out in anger. I just stood there with my mouth open with a million thoughts running through my head but none of them coming out. She gives me a pathetic look that makes me feel two inches tall, she wipes a tear and turns not looking back as she disappears into the bodies around us, the bodies completely oblivious that my life just fell apart.

I don’t know how long I was standing there but eventually I find my way to the back door. My hands find the door handle as I push the steel door open. I walk out into the brisk air, I forgot my coat inside but I don’t care. All I want to do is run away, to run away from this stupid club, from Kara, from my life and from this fucking disease.

I lean back against the wall a few feet away from the door and slide down. I hear some my dress rip a little as it catches on the rough brick but I continue to slide down anyways. My ass hits the cement and I start to ball.

I am crying for quite some time and I don’t even hear the door open. It isn’t until I hear the voice of a man that I realize someone is there.

“They actually are douche bags. So... you’re right about that.”

I look up with mascara running down my face and snot trying to seep out of my nose. I wipe my face with the back of my hand. “Pardon?” I am so confused I don’t even have time to take in his features.

He leans down and holds out some tissues. “Those guys back in there,” he points behind him towards the door. “The ones your friend was trying to set you up with, you were right, they are douche bags.”

I take the tissues and offer a hint of a smile. I wipe under my eyes and blow my nose.

“How do you know? Are they your friends or something?”

He gives a half smile. Damn that was sexy. That is when I noticed his messy-neat brown hair, his perfect jaw line and perfect slightly sunken-in cheeks. His nose has a perfect slope and his cappuccino coloured eyes that have a kind of warmth to them that melt you when you look into them. In one word he is: dreamy.

“Brothers actually. Well just two of them, the other two are their douche bag of friends,” he says, this time with a smirk.

“Oh shit. Well...I mean... they weren’t completely douche bags....” Fuck.

“No, no. They are, I’m agreeing with you”. He gestures to the spot next to me, “may I?”

“Um, no actually. This brick wall is specially reserved for girls who decide to have a breakdown in a club and then come out here to cry about it. And from what I can tell you’re not a girl, you didn’t just have a break down and you’re not crying.”

“Pretty and funny, bonus.” He plops down beside me and I get a whiff of his cologne. It smells like sexy… that is, if sexy could be a smell. “I could start crying if you want, I can do a pretty good fake cry.”

“Nah, I think one of us crying is more than enough.”

“Suit yourself.” We sit in silence for a few moments before he continues. “So what brings you to this club to hash out your arguments with your friends and storm off into the night for?”

“Friend,” I correct him. “And this club is no special club; it was just the first one we saw.”

“Ahh, so you’ve never been to this club before?”

“No, I’ve never been to any club before tonight.”

“Oh! You’re a club virgin! What else are you a virgin in?”

I blush.

“Oh- um.. That’s not..err.. That’s not what I meant. Fuck, sorry. I just meant because I love doing new things, taking new adventures, taking life by the reigns”. His hands gesture to holding reigns with imaginary horses in front of us. His smile turns to embarrassment as he continues, “so I just mean what else have you not done in life? You know...not sexually.” He starts to blush a little as he drags his hand down his face.

I giggle. I am usually the one making a fool of myself and stumbling on my words, so it was nice to be on the other side of that situation for once. “A lot actually.”

I guess that was his cue. He immediately pops up, brushes himself off and hold out his hand. He must see my concern and confusion on my face. “It’s time to start your adventure.” He explains. “Apparently you don’t have long, whatever that means, so your quest must begin as of now.”

He heard, he overheard our conversation. I really shouldn’t be too surprised, we weren’t that quiet. But he doesn’t know what ‘not having a long meant’ and I am glad for that. I want to keep that part of my life a secret. Just do it Eve, suck it up. Live a little.

So I grab his hand and he pulls me up. He hold onto my hand and starts to shake it. “Eli.”


“Close to my name.”

“Yeah, but mines better,” I state with a grin.

“Well you can’t spell Evelina without Eli,” he winks.

He smirks as he if had just won the battle and takes his coat off putting it around my shivering arms. He gestures his hand out towards the dark alley in front of us. I don’t move. “That’s a dark alley.” I pause, waiting for him to realize that that could be dangerous. His eyebrows rose so I finish my thought. “There could be people with guns down there or something.”

“But yet you come out here crying all on your own.” He waits, letting his fair point sink in. He continues “ our first quest.”

I don’t know why I trusted him. This complete stranger who leads me down a dark alley way and somewhere deep down inside of me I have this feeling that this will be a good thing. That this alley which could be full of gang members is like a new door opening when all the other ones have just closed, or maybe it’s a window that I have to climb through, either way this alley is a window of opportunity that I am suppose to seize.

So I put one foot in front of the other and head towards the creepy, dark alley that is probably filled with people with guns and all sorts of weapons.

~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*-~-*- ~-*-~-*-~-*-~

We are running. No, we are sprinting, which is somewhat of a challenge when your body is giving up on you. My tiny legs are moving as fast as they can. Tunnel vision is taking over my eyes but at the end of the tunnel isn’t a bright light, it isn’t death, it isn’t even safety, it is Eli. With him right in front of me running just as fast I keep my eyes on him and stay focused.

It is around 5 a.m and it is still dark so trying to navigate a route while running throughout the city is rather difficult when you can’t see anything. But I can hear his footsteps in front of me letting me know he is still there. Each step he takes makes a thump against the ground, as if saying “follow, me. Follow me.”

Until, I hear his footsteps stop and I caught a glimpse of a shadow to my side. Then I feel his arm pull me into a break in the concrete wall. It is barley big enough it just covers two people. He pulls my arm and pushes me in first and then stands in front of me shielding me from whatever may be coming into this little dip in the wall. I am stuck with the brick behind me and this gorgeous man with a boyish smile in front of me and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

He looks down at me with excitement gleaming in his eyes and I can’t help but smile. Then, I don’t know why but at this particular moment I start to laugh. Out of everything that we did tonight for some reason I think running away from people trying to catch us and turn us into the police is funny. But his hand snaps over my mouth as he tries to stifle my laughter.

My laughter turns into a chuckle, then a giggle, then back into a chuckle until I swallow it trying to be quiet. We wait there for while, his hand still on my mouth. It starts to get sweaty and I want it off. I starting wiggling my mouth trying to give him the hint but he is too focused on listening for anyone coming our way. With my arms snug on either side of me I decide to take action another way, so I lick his palm. He looks disturbed at first and pulls his hand back, but after seeing me try and restrain my smile his hand slides down the side of my face. My own spit now smeared down my cheek, I curl my nose, “eww.” He puts a finger to my lip. It touches briefly but his hands are soft as he holds it there for only a split second. After what feels like forever but was only about ten minutes he lets out a breath. The breath symbolizing we are in the clear.

“I didn’t think you’d actually have the guts to do it.”

I am a bit taken back as I chuckle. “Seriously?”

He nods in agreement.

“ I’d broken into a house, gone skinny dipping, kissed a stranger, walked down a creepy alleyway filled with gang members-“

“There were no gang members,” he cut me off smiling.

I put up a hand to stop him from talking. “An alleyway filled with violent gang members yet didn’t dare show their faces to us because they know the strength and power I with hold,” he laughs. “Went clubbing, spray painted a wall and drank and extra large slushy until I had a brain freeze for about an hour, and you didn’t think I’d be able to egg a house?”

“Well, no.”


“Because all those other things were for fun, they weren’t to harm anyone. They were for your quest, to lose your virginity so to speak. But you said the house we were egging was getting back at someone for something they did to you. It was revenge but you’re not that kind of person. So no, I didn’t think you’d be able to do it.”

Not that kind of person? That one sentence struck right through me. Even though he was making an assumption and even though I’ve only known him for about 8 hours I feel like I’ve known him forever, there was just something familiar about him and I could tell he felt the same way.

“Also, I thought I was going to lose you there for a minute.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I looked back once and you looked like you were dying.”


“You’re welcome,” he says with a huge smile.

I gave a small one back. I look down at myself. I am a mess. I have make-up running down my face, I am sweaty, have a bit of blue slushy stained on my dress from my spill earlier on and I have egg slime on my hands.

“You look like you could use a shower.”

“Speak for yourself.”

He steps up to me. His face inches from mine and for a moment I think he was going to kiss me. But he smiles as slips his hand into mine until our fingers are perfectly intertwined and starts to walk, pulling me with him.

“Come on,” he says in such a low husky whisper that chills run down my back and back up again.

He pulls me through a bunch of streets I have never heard of. The streets are empty as the street lights leave a red glow of the wet pavement waiting there, patiently for a car to come. We walk in silence hand in hand until we reach an apartment building. He begins to walk inside and without hesitation I follow.

He leads me in the elevator up to the 12 th floor and then into his rather big apartment. I don’t know how one person could afford this big of a place, especially a twenty-two year old. I don’t even know what he does for a living. And this is when I realize this man that I am voluntarily entering his house, is a complete stranger to me.

As I step in and take in the decor he closes the door behind me and slips off my jacket from behind. I feel his breath on the back of my neck and then I feel his soft lips plant a kiss on my neck. With the softness and most gentle touch and leaves kisses down my back on my shoulder and right up to my ear.

I close my eyes and take in the feeling of a man kissing me. My head leanes towards the opposite side he is kissing, exposing my neck to him. He is planting kisses right behind my ear that makes me shiver and my knees buckle. But he is quick; he catches me and turns me around.

He trailes his fingers up my face, down my cheek and through my hair where it stays, wrapping around my nape. “You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”

I like being called a creature. Most would take offense to that but to me it was a compliment. Yes I am a woman, a human but when he says it it made me feel exotic, like I was one in a million.

I look up into his eyes and place my hands on his waist discreetly pulling him in towards me. He leans in and I close my eyes waiting for the moment his lips will touch mine. His hand grasps my chin pulling my face towards him as I feel his breath on my upper lip, then he kisses me.

Keeping his hands on either side of my facing he starts to walk forwards. I start to walk backwards or otherwise would have fallen. He seems to be guiding me, somewhere, a bedroom I hope. His tongue ever so gently explores my mouth. I feel my back hit a door and open my eyes to see a bedroom across the hall. Why are we not going in there?

I reach behind me and open the door to what was the bathroom. He keeps kissing me backwards until I am near the far wall of the bathroom when he immediately stops and goes about the bathroom. He goes over to the shower and turns on the water, feeling the temperature before pulling the knob out and water starts to flow from the shower head. He turns around and grabs two towels from the cupboard and hands them to me. This is bold. He wants to shower with me?

He gives me a quick smile and stars to leave, “take your time” he says grabbing the door handle.

“Wait”, he pauses. So I continue, “You aren’t going to join me?” Now who’s the bold one?

He gives a quiet smile, “I think you should focus more on getting that egg off of you” he says and then leaves, closing the door behind him.

I look in the mirror realizing he was right, I have egg in my hair, egg on my body, and egg on my dress. I am a mess. I quickly undress and hop in the shower. I let the warm water pound down on me for a while before I turn for shampoo. Realizing there was only man’s shampoo I settle for smelling like a dude...great. I rinse it out and grab the body wash, only to find it’s a men’s wash as well. I contemplate not using body wash but I do really stick and stick of eggs, so smelling like a man it will be. I finish up and hop out of the shower, wrapping my towel around my petite body.

He is lying on his bed with one arm behind his head and the other holding a remote up to the t.v. He looks so relaxed. I walk towards him slowly not wanting to startle him. He glances at me and then does a double take. As I walk up and lean against the door jamb I am at a loss of words.

“Umm, got that egg off.” Really, that’s the best you could come up with?

He just grins and stands up to make his way over to me. With each step closer the butterflies in my stomach started to flutter more and more. He stops beside me and gives me a peck on the cheek, just before he is about to take another step he stops and looks at me with an amused look on his face.

“Um, I’m not quite sure how to tell you this but you smell like a dude.”

I let out a frustrated breath. “Yea, I know, you don’t have anything feminine. It’s all musky and manly. I smell like I should have a penis.”

He laughs. Not quietly; a full out blow. I’ve never seen someone laugh so hard in their life. He bends over trying to catch his breath. “I’ll be right back”, he says in between breaths. He goes to the bathroom and closes the door- I presume for his turn to have a shower.


I switch from a million different positions on his bed. I decide to stay wrapped in the towel, so he can take it off of me but still lying on his bed, like he was before. He comes out with track pants and a towel in his hand rubbing his head.

I must look like a nervous wreck because as soon as he sees me he immediately asks: “What’s wrong?”

“I have a confession”, he waits in silence for me to continue. “I’m...well”

He smirks and slowly starts to walk up to me.

“I mean...” I ramble, “I’m....”

He grabs my waist and is pulling me up. He places soft kisses along my neck.

“A virgin?” he finishes for me. He stops for a moment looking at me to see if he is right.

“God no, it’s just I’ve only been with one other man, and well, that was...” I cough, “Two years ago.”

“Phew, I thought you were gonna say yes” he mumbles. “But that’s good to know cause I’ve been waiting to do this all night.”

He places me down on the bed and instantly pushes his hand up under my towel. His fingers brushing the lips to my opening that made my clit tingle. His touch is so soft. He starts rubbing my clit as he starts kissing me. I am so shocked but I am not going to stop him. He continues, pressing harder and rubbing faster while his tongue is plunging into my mouth. I accepted and run my hands down his side and up his muscular back.

He slips one finger into me while using his thumb to massage my clit. He is like some sex God. My vagina starts pulsating around his, now two fingers that are diving in and out of me at a pace so fast I think I am being lifted out of this world. I am on the verge of cumming when he stops. He looks me right in the eye and starts to lick his fingers.

I am so wet and am dripping with anticipation. “Tease.”

He grins and then gets a serious look on his face. He stands up and is pulling down his pants. He grabs them at his waist when I take a hold of his hands. I look up at him and starts pulling them down, slowly over his buttocks and down around his manhood. It sprang up to me and I never craved something so badly. He steps out of his pants as I grab a hold of his cock, savouring the slickness of it. It has been way to long I was thinking to myself.

But he grabs my hands and stops me. “No, I just...I need to be with you.” He is so serious, he doesn’t want to waste time, he wants to be with me, he has longed for this connection we are about to blossom. He lays me back down and gets on top of me and starts kissing me again. His body begins to rock against mine as I feel his cock press between my legs. I am getting really wet and can feel the heat emerging from my vagina.

He grabs the white towel and starts pulling it off. He gets it off in one smooth motion and my body is now laid out in front of him for the first time. My shaved pussy is craving his touch as his eyes rolled up, to my stomach, that was thin- almost sickly thin, then up to my 36B cup breasts and over the section where my heart is. His eyes stay there, burning through to my heart.

I felt my scar start to burn. “I have another confession”, he looks up, confused with a hint of concern. “I have cancer.” I start small, I want this to sink in before I will share more. After a few moments of him just starring, I continue, “I have Cardio Sarcoma, it’s a heart cancer and I have a tumor. The doctors told me they would be able to get it out, so they cut me open, but the damage was too intensive. They couldn’t get it all.”

I laid there naked before him, looking at him looking at my scar. His eyes don’t blink and after a minute or two I push him off.

“Okay, listen.”

He slides off me and sits beside me, his eyes still starring at my heart which is now slowly breaking.

“Stop starring!” I grab the towel and am covering myself up with it, suddenly embarrassed of my scar. He looks up realizing how rude he is being.

I took a deep breath. I am used to this kind of reaction. Being sick for almost 2 years you get every kind of reaction. Some get angry for you, some feel bad for you, some start crying, some try and comfort you and some try to pretend like it never happened, I believe they think it will help you if they try and think that it’s not true, it doesn’t. So I know exactly how to handle this situation. Calm, reassure, move on. First: calm the person down, and every situation is different. Then you reassure that yes it does suck, but you’re ‘fighting’ your best. And then there’s nothing left but to move on to the next conversation topic and try and ignore the pity looks your receive from there on out.

“I know. It’s a lot to handle. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but honestly I didn’t think I would be here tonight.” I wait a little to make sure this is registering somehow. When he looks up, tears starting to well in his eyes I know he’s listening, so I reassure.

“Look, I’m fine.” Which is a complete lie, but sometimes lies are needed. “The doctors weren’t able to get it all, but they were able to get some which means they extended my life span that much longer. Please don’t freak out. I’m still the same girl that spray painted and egged that house, just with a little more tumor.” I was trying to be funny and was trying lighten the mood, his face showed it isn’t working.

“Please don’t get upset. I still had- no, am having a great time with you and I don’t want this night to end.”

I am not doing a good job of reassuring but I am exhausted. It is now 7 a.m, I haven’t slept in over twenty hours and I just can’t get the words out. So I wait, until he will talk.

After a few minutes he gets up and I think he is going to leave but he starts to head my direction. He comes around the side of the bed, still stark naked. He pulls me up as I wrap the towel around myself completely. His hand lifts to the top of my towel, right above my left breast. His finger pauses gently on the top; he waits a few moments before he pulls it down just enough to see my scar but without exposing me too much.

He takes a breath in and tries to hold back his tears. I stand there in wonderment, my hands by my sides as this man stands before in tears, not from anger of me not telling him but from pity. Usually I can’t stand people’s pity, but his isn’t necessarily bad. It was like he felt bad for me but in a loving way, as if if he could take the cancer on himself so I won’t have to suffer, he would. And this is all said by that look in his eyes.

“How long?” his eyes didn’t match mine.

I am about to ask what he means but then it clicked. He means how long until I die?

“7 months give or take, assuming that I don’t get a transplant, which is a 13% chance.”

He sucks in air quickly and nods. He slowly bends down and plants the softest kiss right on my scar. It feels weird but sends a warmth throughout my body starting at the heart.

I put my hands on either side of his face and brought his eyes to meet mine. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I was just scared.”

“Of what?”


He deflates a little as I say this.

“Evelina. Cancer or no cancer, there’s no way I would reject you. You see,” he grabs a piece of my hair and starts twirling it, like he did before. “I didn’t know it until I met you, but I was waiting for you. In a way you were like my death, I knew you were coming I just didn’t know when.”

And with that it is my turn to bawl. He pulls me in close and wraps his arms around me. His chin on my head I could hear his heartbeat in my ear. And I let it out, every emotion from this disease, from my fight earlier, form previous rejections. All of my emotions are turning into tears and are falling from my face, but they are tears that need to be shed so I could let them go. After I let everything out, the consistency of his heartbeat starts to bring me back down. I have to remind myself to breath; in the nose, out the mouth.

He cups my chin and plants a kiss on the tip of my nose. “I hope you know I still want to make love to you.”

I look up, “you do?”

He smiles in response. I feel my bones shake, my muscles spasm and my heart thump with excitement, he still wants to be with me I just couldn’t believe it. I smile inwardly as well as outwardly.

“Question is are you ready?”

I am sincerely confused, “for what?”

“For the best seven months of your life.”

With that, he picks me up and throws me on the bed like I was nothing but a piece of paper. Sexy. He walks to the end of the bed and grabs my feet and pulls me down towards him. Once the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed he stops. My feet barley touching the floor, I am laid out before him. He looks me dead in the eye and with the sexiest, most evil smile he very slowly slithers the towel from under my body until I am again, fully exposed to him.

He glances at my pussy that is starting to throb under his gaze. His finger quickly permeates me as his eyes shot up to meet mine. I closed my eyes and my head leans back. I feel him curl his finger inside me scooping up some of my juices before pulling out of me. I look down to him. He brings his dripping finger leisurely up to my mouth and I suck his finger. I taste sweet and I lick all around his finger to make sure I get it all. He puts his finger back in me and grabs some more placing it this time on his own tongue. He swallows and does it again. This time he leaves it on the tip of his tongue and he bends down. I grab his nape as he grabs mine and we pull each other into a kiss. I can taste him and myself on his tongue. Both of us combined into this action of passion. I pull his face into mine showing him how much I need him. After a minute or two I break the kiss and push the top of his head down until he gets the hint. I feel two fingers enter me for a 4 th time. God it feels good, and the second time tonight! Definitely a cancer perk I think to myself. I keep my eyes closed as the déjà vu starts to overwhelm me, that is, until I feel the flicker of a tongue hit my clit. I snap my legs shut around his face. “Ouch.”

His hands push my knees open and slowly slid to my shaved pussy. He starts near my asshole and licks all the way up to my labia. He licks a couple times, slowly and gently as juices start to flow from me. “You taste so good” he states. Then he plunges his tongue into me as far as it will go. I feel his slimy tongue slide in and out of me. It feels like an itch that needs to be scratched. It is so relieving and feels so damn good. He pulls his tongue out and sticks two fingers in as he begins to suck on my clit. The pressure of his mouth and his tongue rolling over that little ball of a sensitive spot, with his finger gliding in and out of me it becomes too much. I throw my head back and scream “OH MY GOD!! fuuuuuuuucccking right.” I let out a huge breath and my orgasm starts to subside as he crawls up my body.

He slides one hand under my body and pulls me back up to the top of the bed with him. This time I want to be in control. I push him on his back and roll on top of him. His dick is fully hard now and I want nothing more than for it to slam into my body consistently. I lean down and kiss him once softly before I lean back and sit down on him. His tip slowly opens my vagina wide, stretching it.

It has been two years since I’ve had sex, and although I use dildos weekly I could still tell I was a little tight. As he slowly opens me I put both hands on his muscular chest with the juices sliding down his cock, slowing allowing easier access for him to glide into me. He pushes up as I push down and together we meet in the middle. My eyes are closed and he reaches up and grasps my cheek.

“God damn you feel good.”

All he could do was mumble in agreement. I smiled.

I lift my ass slowly and push back down on him, this time with a little more force. We start to create a rhythm. Up slowly down quickly, until I am rocking in full motion on him. I grasp the head board and move my body as quickly as I can on him. He thrusts himself in me as best as he can, but this isn’t enough, I can tell he thinks the same. We look at each other at the same moment and he leans up and gives me the biggest kiss. His tongue dances with mine and I can feel his tongue run along my teeth. There isn’t enough spit, enough passion between the two of us. His thrusts become harder and his kiss more passionate. I bite his bottom lip and let him slowly pull it back. He shudders.

“God that is hot.”

I give my most seductive smile and kiss him again. When suddenly he breaks the kiss,

“Alright,” I thought I had did something wrong, but then I realize he is ready; ready not to just make love to me, but to fuck me.

He pulls out and turns me over completely so my stomach is against the bed. He pulls my ass up in the air and my knees find their place below me. He kisses my ass and starts to run his tongue along it. I feel the tip of it touch my asshole gently before rimming it. Spit slowly smears over my ass and I start to get tingles. My legs get weak as this new feeling enters my body. I am so turned on I reach under and start to rub my clit. He pushes his tongue in gently, just enough for me to gasp out

“holy Jesus. Fuck that feels good.” He probes a little more before saying, “if that feels good, get ready for this.” I felt the tip of his penis swirl around my opening before he finds it and plunges very deeply, very quickly.

I cry out.


He grabs my hips and wastes no time. He plunges in and out of me so fast, rocking my body and rocking the bed with us. He slides in and out of me so smoothly. My juices start to flow and they slide around his throbbing cock easily. Every time he thrust into me I squeeze my vagina and feel his cock fill every inch of me.

“Keep doing that and I’m going to cum real quick.”

“Do it,” I dare. “Cum all inside my ready, hot vagina.”

“Fuck,” he mumbles. His right hand reaches around and starts to rub my clit. The sensation is overwhelming. He rubs faster in a circular motion as his dick plunges in and out of me over and over and over again. I can hear and feel his balls slap my ass every time he thrusts. I keep squeezing hoping he will cum soon because I was on the verge.

We work as one body. We moan, rock, grunt, and push in unison. I do nothing but take him from behind like a dog. I could not help his cock or touch his ass or abs or face I just sit there in pure joy and this man’s cock rams in and out of me like he owns it. And to be honest I would like if he owned it.

The tension is starting to build up, I am sure to squeeze his cock every time. And soon enough I am on the edge and I felt him penetrate into me, but this time it is much deeper and harder. It hurts a little but I feel this hot explosion inside of my vagina and the pain goes away immediately. We both scream out.




My juices meet his cum and slowly start to escape me and run down my vagina. He holds onto my hips and he continues to squirt inside me; his body does a little jerk every time, until finally he has no more. He pulls out slowly and I collapse on the bed. I don’t hear him move so I turn my head and he is bending down to lick everything up. Now he is the dog lapping up our combined cum and savouring all of it. My clit tingles a little when he does and I wanted nothing more than for him to do that all night. My body is hot and sweaty as he plops beside me. His fingers are sticking out and I can see white juice on the tip. I open my mouth as his finger slides in, just like his cock had slid into my vagina. I suck as he pulls it out.

“Mmmmm, sweet and salty,” I say with a wink.

He smiles and pulls me into him.

After a while of laying there in peace, he asks, “I have to know, was it good?”

I don’t know why he is even asking, of course it was good. Amazing.

“Incredible. If that’s how you fuck I don’t know if I can take anymore,” I say with a wide grin.

“Well you better, you still got seven months of that,” he states with a smile.

I smile lightly as a tear falls from my face. At least it will be a good seven months.

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