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Candles and Bubbles

Surprise bubble bath by candlelight from my lover's point of view


I knew my love was going to be extremely tired when she arrived.

I really wanted her to feel good and relaxed when she got here. I guess I just wanted her to know how much I wanted to see her.

She walked in the door and I heard a muffled "Honey......Honey?!" from the other room.

My love is a beautiful girl; she has long brown wavy hair, exotic green eyes and full luscious lips. She stands about 5'4" with beautiful supple breasts, small areoles and small but hard nipples.

The thought of her made me smile. The hot water felt amazing. I didn't realize how hot the water was when I first turned it on. I lay there smiling and waiting to see the hot steam rising from the tub bath into the atmosphere and listened to the small, collected bubbles making a low quiet crinkly sound crisp, popping as I moved slightly in the tub.

Suddenly the door opened and her eyes adjusted to the low light of the candles in the bathroom and a smile broke across her face as she entered.

"There you are!" she said as she entered the bathroom. “You are always full of surprises!" A smile and a raised eyebrow went across her face.

"Come here babe" I said as I rose and stood in the tub. She laughed as she looked down at me and couldn't see a thing because of the bubbles that clung me.

Wait. Maybe she noticed the cockhead poking through though? She had to because I felt my body come to attention when she walked in. I smiled. She walked over to give me a kiss.

"Turn around love", I said.

"Huh?" she responded.

"Turn around love" I repeated.

She did as she was told face away from me.

"Take your socks off" I asked.

She bent down to take her socks off. She already dutifully had her shoes off when she came into the bathroom. God she looked so sexy. She was in a sexy black low cut top and a black skirt. When she bent over, I just wanted to reach out and take her right there and then.

Still bent over she turned her head back to me playfully her hair hanging down and said with a naughty smile "Ok, now what?"

I loved the sly naughty smile she gave me.

I said, "Unbutton your top and take it off".

Facing away she unbuttoned it and took it off. She enjoyed what she was doing as I saw her in the mirror. It didn't matter if she was facing away from me.

"Back up just a little." I asked.

She stepped back a little and I unhinged her black bra and she took it off. Mmmmm, I loved seeing her naked back. I loved the looks of her beautiful boobs just freed and eagerly awaiting me and enjoyed the rising urge of kneading and suckling to those lovely boobs.

I bent down and reached to her back unzipping the zipper on her skirt from the back and let the skirt drop off from the sides.

Mmmmmm, she looked beautiful. Her plum ass was fronting me fully exposed. She had black sexy lacey panties which almost immediately made me feel so very hungry of her.

"Ok baby, step back up into the tub" I directed.

She carefully did as she was told but suddenly she said "but my...." and as she stepped back she felt the bubbles and hot water in the tub.

I comforted her by saying, "Its ok kitten, I will ease you in with me".

I brought her down with me with her back to my front and she sat into the tub. It was all kind of awkward in fun and we splashed about a little. She eased down and sat back in between my thighs.

"I kind of thought my panties were gonna get wet but I didn't think it would be like this!" She exclaimed happy.

"Here baby, let me help you" I said as I reached down feeling her sides and got to her panties.

I got my thumbs under and started pulling them off her bottom as she raised her bottom slightly. She lifted her legs up to help ease them off.

"Mmmmm, thats better isn't luv?" I reassured her.

She slid back into me just a little and proclaimed, "It sure is honey".

She felt dreamy against my body with our hot wet skin touching each other. I reached over and handed her my glass of wine to share as we lay in hot bubbly water in tub together. We both shared the glass and talked with the hot water, the dreamy bubbles, the candles and the wine we became completely relaxed in each other’s arms. Soon we dozed off for a few minutes completely oblivious to the world.

I woke up and felt her purring there in my arms, asleep. I loved her in this position, relaxing on my chest. I started planting soft kisses on her back. I think she must have felt my chin whiskers or goti because I felt her body shivered and awake. I knew it wasn't the tub water because it was still steamy hot. Her back would always cause fireworks to launch throughout her body and I wanted to set her body on fire feeling me.

Mmmmm...I loved the position I was in. I could feel deep moans coming from her and soon she arched her back slightly as she opened her mouth in a shocked look of deep ecstasy. She eased her bottom up my body a little and found my hard cock there, eager to enter her. I continued to kiss her back to drive her crazy by teasing her body into frenzy.

"Oh Mark!" she said.

Suddenly I found her settling down on my cock and she felt it SO amazing. In the water and in that position it slowed our gyrations slightly but in that position we moved in and out of each other. I constantly gave her back my attention. I knew she was dying to turn around to kiss me. She wanted to turn around because I was driving her to climax. However I had full control of the situation.

I felt her body tense and she came down on me really hard a few times moaning and yelling in pleasure and I felt the charge of an orgasm shake though her body. I let her sink back into my arms. All relaxed and serene. Mmmmmm, it and she felt amazing.

Suddenly she got up splashing water everywhere she flipped around and sat in the water facing me. Now I could see her beautiful green eyes. I know when I see those eyes my body instantly becomes alive as I simply love looking at her eyes and I instantly want to press her closer to me. She realized how much I wanted her and how excited and happy I was to see her face. I took her face in my hands and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, and her lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth swirling my tongue over hers. I sucked her bottom lip as if milk and honey flowing.

" like this don't you?" she asked me.

"I sure do babe. I guess now YOU have the control." I told her.

She started fucking me while sitting into me, going up and down on me.

“My god....she felt amazing!"

I could, feel myself going deeper into her in this position. I could feel her body giving way to another climax. The water splashed out of the tub every time she came down on me. I think we were creating ‘our own water’ splashing.

The intensity of our bodies facing each other and fucking each other had us quickly coming to the violent climax as we both yelled "baby!!!!" and "oh!!!god!!!!!!!" As the hot ripples blew through both our bodies she fell forward in my arms her body shaking over again in orgasm.

We were both very excited from the hot fucking and the hot water. Her hair was wet and I loved to touch it as she rested in my arms. I loved feeling her breasts against me her breasts really always turn me on and amazingly she and I found something hard beneath her again. She smiled and I motioned her to face forward. I wanted to take her in my favorite position. She had a sexy smile while she faced forward and positioned herself on all fours in the warm tub with bubbles all around in the tub. I could just see her ass and back.

As I entered her I heard her gasp and arch her back in pleasure as her head came up. I loved the way she moved back into me as I moved into her; my hard cock going deeper into her. The fucking felt so hot with our rhythm increasing in pace and sounds we made became really intense. I felt like an animal pulling her hips towards me as she pushed her ass into me. She wanted to be taken by me. We fucked and fucked hard.

The water splashed everywhere out of the tub and the bubbles launched into the air. She felt my balls hits at her ass as I fucked her harder pulling her lovely hips into me. I knew she was enjoying it too.

"Oh baby!!!" As we both got to the brink together, She yelled "Oh baby....NOW!....yes ...thats it!!!....NOW!....oh cum deep into me baby!.....Cum!!!!!"

My cock felt like an air hose letting loose its blast as pressure was so built; I came hard into her with a deep shudder. I could feel the streams of cum shooting deep into her and I knew she felt it too. It was the most intense fucking we ever had. I smiled as I looked at her and we both smiled looking back into each other’s eyes.

God I was so happy with this girl!

We looked around and there was water all over the place on the floor and bubbles scattered across the bathroom.

She looked up at me and with a smile said.... "Maybe we need to do this more often".

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