Car Trouble

By DazzlingLove

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I am NOT a mechanic..... YES!!
I walked out of the office that night feeling crabby and antisocial. It was due to the fact that my boyfriend had just broken up with me due to the fact that he couldn't keep up with my sexual needs. I was at the climax of my puberty cycle. I was 17, 5'9", 109 lbs, and grew from a size 30A to a size 32C overnight, which had my nipples super sensitive. My cotton blouse was rubbing against them and was making them painfully yet pleasantly erect through my under armour. I crossed my arms to cover my breasts and walked to my car. I dug through my purse and quickly found my keys. I started the car and set out for home.

I took off the uncomfortable blouse and sat in my under armour, clinging to me like my second skin. As I thought of what toy to fuck myself with, the car suddenly jolted forward and slowed. I stepped out of the car and examined my front tire. It was popped. Shards of glass stuck in it in various places. No way to get home without changing it.


I got my cell phone out and low and behold, no reception at all. So I stood on the side of the road completely helpless, wishing on taking those tire changing lessons with my brother Josh.


Brendan cruised down the road, nothing to do. He thought of the girlfriend he just broke up with.

"Virgin." he said with disgust. She never wanted sex or any affection, just his money. He wish he had a woman who thrived on sex, always hungry for it. Up ahead, he caught a beautiful blonde leaning against her car on the side of the road. He parked behind her and got out his car.

"You okay?"

"Not at all." she answered.

"Do you need any help?"

"Do ya know how to change a tire?"

Brendan walked over and examined her up close. She was gorgeous. Her deep blue-gray eyes captivated his soul and filled him with lust. The under armour she wore carved out the outline of her breasts, and her skirt was filled with her perfect ass. But best of all, she was a blonde. he loved blonde's with a passion. His cock started coming to life but with quick reproach started to die down, but still hard.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Unh yeah I do. Do you have a spare?"

"No, this was my spare."


"How can my night get any worse!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly, the heaven's opened up and rain came.

"Great." she huffed.

"It's OK, I got a spare in my trunk." Brendan informed.

The rain was pouring, and it was cold. I was completely soaked, and now my under armour left nothing to the imagination. My bright red bra contrasted with the white under armour. The rain was really coming down now and bits of hail showered me. Now I was freezing and my erect nipples proved it. I crossed my arms around my chest, to hold on to as much modesty as possible.


Brendan came back with the tire and his toolbox and began to jack up the car. He eyed the girl while she looked on, drenched.

"What's your name?" she inquired.


"Allyson, you can call me Ally."

She offered her hand and her arms became uncrossed. He got up and shook it, staring at her chest. He could feel his loins stirring at her erect nipples and the sight of her bra. He hurriedly turned back to the tire to distract him.

I continued to look on after our acquaintance, this time paying attention to what he did in case I ever needed to change my tire again. My eyes looked him over, adding up his features. His white t-shirt clung to his skin, I could see his muscles rippling under it as he jacked the car up. His face was toned and rough, but his eyes held fire and compassion. I walked behind him checking his "Ass"ets. Firm and full. I was grateful to the rain, because it hid the warmth seeping from my pussy and creating a warm spot on my skirt.


Brendan got up from the ground, finished with the tire.

"Your all set to go."

"Thanks a lot. You don't know how grateful I am." she uncrossed her arms again, stepping towards him. She stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. He had an impulse and embraced her. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest and his cock jerked to life.


I returned the embrace, resting my head against his chest. I could hear his heartbeat picking up and wondered why. Then I found out. I felt his cock pressing against my pressing against my waist through his jeans.


Brendan pulled away from her.

"Let's get out of this blasted rain before we catch anything. I have an extra shirt so you can drive back home dry."

Brendan Slid into the driver's seat and she sat in the passenger side. he once again looked into her eyes and lost himself again. He could've sworn he detected a gleam of lust in them.....


"Do you mind if I change in here? I don't want to wet the shirt." I asked

"Sure." He began to get out.

"You can stay you know."

Thoughts of her sitting in his car half naked dazzled him.

"OK" He replied.

I took off my under amour and set it at my feet in a wet heap. I slipped the shirt on and sat back in the car. I noticed his cock growing in his pants.

Brendan stared at the beautiful woman sitting in his car. He really wanted her. She began looking through the CD's, trying to find something interesting. While searching she found a picture of him and his now ex.

"Who's this?"

"Oh just my ex. Broke up with her about an hour ago."


"Well.... she didn't allow me to give her affection..."

"Wow, I was just dumped for the opposite, not being able to receive enough affection. Sucks being single. It does."

Brendan detected a shiver roll through her.

"You cold?"

"Sort of."

Brendan extended his arm she snuggled up into his chest. He rested his head on her head. Her hair smelled lustrous and inviting. She moved away and faced him.

"How much do I owe you for fixing my car?"

"How about just a kiss?"

"Fair enough." A seductive grin crossed her face.


 His lips met mine and he kissed me with a fiery passion. My whole body became alert, each sense acute and sharpened. I melted underneath the passion and lust behind his lips. I wanted him. I jumped into him, my hands searching his body, getting to know it. To feel the muscles under the taut, russet skin of his. I felt the muscles under his abdomen, clearly professing power. His hand reached up to caress my cheek, holding it as if it were a very delicate flower. He ran his fingers through my hair, dropping down to my back. His hand slowly slid down my back, unzipping my skirt, and entering my thong. He gently squeezed my ass, and came back up again, this time going through my shirt. He unclasped my bra, and I opened my arms as it fell into my lap. He began to play with my sensitive nipples. Each twist and pull evoked a moan.


Brendan was enjoying Ally's response to his actions. He could feel and see her change with every thing he did. He loved her breasts, they were so full, round, and firm. He squeezed them and a melodious sound rang in his ears. It was her moaning. He moved in to smell her hair, the luscious scent filling him with even more lust. He put that lust behind his kiss, and she cringed in pleasure under him.


All my frustration and discomfort melted away from the day under his lips. Only a kiss so powerful could tap into my very soul, unlocking my lust of my innermost being. I pulled the shirt over my head, allowing him full access to my breasts. He tugged down my skirt and laid don top of me. My head was spinning with lust and pleasure, as his hand caressed my inner thigh, just barely brushing my slit, causing me to shudder in utmost anticipation. I let him have full control, enjoying this beautiful sex. His hand finally rested on my pussy. He pulled my thong down and began to rub my pussy in circular motions, exciting me.

"Your so beautiful." He whispered in m ear as he kissed my face.

He continued to sweet talk me, putting me in all the more of a position to lust for him. This is what I've always wanted. Pure affection. I let go, and let him take me.

Brendan was really enjoying Ally. He felt he had the obligation to make her feel pleasured.

"Your a gorgeous woman."

"Mmm beautiful you smell so good."

"Your beauty dazzles me."

He continued sweet talking her, making her feel good....


I was tingling all over with physical and emotional pleasure as he continued to please me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and began to eat out my pussy.

"Oh yes!! Oh my God that feels so good!!!!"

I shoved his head deep between my legs, forcing him to get as deep as possible. He eat greedily, relentlessly. He was hungry for my pussy and I gave it to him.

"Mmmm!!! YES!!"

I was reaching closer to my orgasm. Just a little bit more. There.


Brendan found her clit and closed his lips around it, sucking it while flicking it with his tongue. Ally began to shove his head into her pussy allowing him no air. No matter, she was tasted sweet and the aroma of her pussy was mouth watering.

"Oooh!! Uhhh!! Oh YES!!! Eat me out please! Oh yes!! OH FUCK!! I'm gonna cum Brendan!! Mmm this is some good shit! Yes, yes, YES!!! AHHHH!!!"

A rush juices squirted into Brendan's face. Brendan opened his mouth and took in all her sweet juices. He lapped up the rest pooled in her pussy, and kissed her, so she could taste the sweetness of herself.


Ally laid back in the chair panting. She felt was almost whole. One thing left. She stared at the bulge in Brendan's pants. She got up and unzipped his jeans setting his aching cock free. She stared at the ramrod straight cock. She took it into her mouth and began to suck. Her tongue flicked around his cock, evoking moans. She fondled his balls and deep-throated his cock. He was really moaning now, he was reaching his climax.


Brendan ran his fingers through her beautiful hair as she sucked his cock with great pleasure. He tilted his cock back and moaned feeling himself starting to climax. A few seconds later, he could feel his testicles tense up. he grabbed his cock, and held Ally in place. he shot his cum straight down her throat. he pulled out and another stream fell into her hair and onto her face. He grunted and exhaled as he finished ejaculating over her chest.

"Ally you are great, and your so fucking hot."


I licked up the cum off my face and laid back once again, my legs agape. I was really enjoying this

"I want you to fuck me, your in control."


Brendan slowly slid into her pussy, feeling the warmth and pleasure it gave to his cock. He pulled out and this time came in faster. His thrusts became faster, and soon Ally was bucking in tune with his thrusts.

"Yes Ally, cum for me baby, your the sexiest woman I've been with."

He increased the speed and the penetration, going as deep as he could. His balls slapped against her ass, adding to the sexual effect.

"Oh Brenden....fuck me...oh just fuck me...." she moaned.

"I am baby, cum for me now sexy, cum."


I could feel myself climaxing again, but this one was going to be more violent. I bucked and shoved my pussy hard onto his cock. He was now ramming into me, no mercy.

"Oh yes!! Fuck!! Fuck me!! You know you want to make me cum!!"

"Yes I do!!" He replied.

The tension was building up. The waves of pleasure was building up now, right into a tsunami. it towered over me and hung there, then crashed down.

"UNHHH!!! SHIT!!!"

I jerked under him as I went through a wild orgasm, cumming over and over again. I laid down flat and waited for the pleasure to subside. he was still ramming into me, reaching his climax also. He hit it.


Sperm shot deep into my pussy, then came back out and dripped into my thighs. he pulled out, and this time there was more cum. He shot onto my stomach and again on my chest. He cummed for about 25 seconds, lathering me in his sticky seed.

"Ally that was incomparable. Thank you."

I slowly nodded my head, smiling, worn out.

"Let me take you home. I'll drop you off at your car tomorrow morning."

"Can I sit in your lap?"

"Yes, anything for you beautiful."

I eased down onto his cock, filling myself up, and nodded off to sleep on his chest, happy.