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Carol - Part Four

The friendhip grows and the sex starts
The California girl ended up in New England at the suggestion of one of her graduate school professors.

Carol had been trained as a nurse and had worked in a large teaching hospital. After two years away from nursing, she wanted to return to a nursing career without putting herself back into the climate that had caused her to fall into the depths of sexual gluttony. She returned to her alma mater and sought out a teacher with whom she had become friends.

The professor suggested that she explore work as a counselor; someone who might help nurses and others with problems associated with their work. That idea, however, would require a further advanced degree.

The professor had heard of a doctoral program at a New England University which would allow Carol to attain the academic requirements for a Doctorate Degree, while allowing her the freedom to tailor her coursework and writings towards the counseling of people in the medical profession.

Carol applied and was accepted into the program. She flew to the little town that was the University and loved the picturesque New England village so much that she arranged for her housing on that first trip. She shipped her belongings from California to New England, and arrived on campus in the fall.

It was a new beginning, far from her past problems and her home in California.

I told Carol once again that it was not necessary for her to tell me all of the details of her prior sex life.

“I needed to tell you.” she said. “I’ve only told my counselor and I needed to tell someone else. I needed to get it out. I’m sorry to have unloaded it all on you, but I’m comfortable talking with you.”

Carol began to put her pictures back into her album. It was early morning, somewhere around 5:00 a.m. We had been up all night talking about her experiences and looking at her pictures.

“Can I stay tonight?” I asked.

“I want you to stay. I want to spend more time with you. I want to get to know you. I want you to know that despite what I have told you, I am a normal woman, with normal sexual desires.”

She looked so sincere, like she really wanted me to understand.

Then she let out a little laugh. “Well, maybe not that normal. I do have a high sex drive.”

With that being said, Carol got up, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “I like you, Michael. I like you a lot.”

We stopped part way into the bedroom and kissed for several minutes. I know that this lady had just told me her darkest secrets, and it was a time when I should be sympathetic and understanding. And I was. But kissing her and feeling her body press against mine brought back my desire to have her in every way possible.

“I like you too.” I whispered. “I’ve liked you ever since I first saw you.”

While I was trying to convey to her that I really did like her, my carnal thoughts were betrayed by that little brain in the head of my cock. As we kissed, my manhood slowly grew and pressed against Carol’s body.

“That’s the response I was looking for.” she said as she reached down and put her hand over my growing shaft. “I’m glad I can make you hard.”

Carol climbed into bed still wearing her robe and nothing else. I undressed, as Carol watched, leaving only my boxer shorts with a now fully erect cock begging to be released. I climbed into bed beside her.

“You do know that I’m going to want a lot of sex?” she stated rather bluntly.

“I hope so.” I replied truthfully.

She moved closer, exposing a perfectly formed breast and a puffy, but hard red nipple.

Before I could say anything witty, she leaned against me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Can I take care of that in the morning?” she asked, looking down at my erection.

“That and more.” I said, sounding confident, but disappointed that my cock needed her attention and she wasn't going to play with it right then.

“Mmmmm. Good.” she said, looking at my manhood; almost admiring it.

Carol settled in beside me, we cuddled, and my erection, which had been pointed like a flag pole at the ceiling, slowly listed to one side, and became limp. I fell asleep.

I woke in a fog at 10:30 a.m. Five hours of sleep was not what I had been hoping for. Carol was already awake, lying on her side, facing me with her head propped up in her hand.

“You’re still here. That’s a good sign.” she said with a laugh. “I’m sorry that I put all of that on you last night. It wasn’t very fair of me.”

“What?” was all that I could say, still not fully awake.

“After my tale of woe last night, some guys would want to cut and run; get far away from this crazy woman. You could have gotten up while I was asleep, got dressed and snuck out the door, never to return.”

“Not going to happen.” I assured her.”Did you sleep?”

“Off and on.” she said. “That thing between your legs kept sticking into my back and ass.”


“Did I say that it bothered me? I enjoyed it. In a way it was reassuring.”

Carol inched herself next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breast and nipple pushing into my side and chest. It felt nice.

“Tell me what you like.”

What?” I asked again, still in a sleep deprivation fog.

“I’ve told you all about my interests. Tell me about yours.”

“My interests in general or are you looking for my sexual interests?”

“What do you like in bed?”

As if to emphasize her request, Carol began to run her finger over the head of my cock. Almost instantly, I could feel the desire in the pit of my stomach, and my shaft began to get hard.

“I love that I can do that to you.” she said as she continued to circle her finger over my sensitive head. ”I love to watch a man get hard and know that I’m the one who is making him hard.”

“I tell you what,” I whispered, “before you get me all hot and bothered, why don’t we get dressed and go out for lunch. We can talk at lunch and then maybe we can come back here and spend the afternoon letting me make amends for my bad behavior last night.”

Carol didn’t respond. Instead, she took my now fully erect cock in her hand, stroked it very lightly and then moved her head down and put the tip of my cock into her mouth. That warm, wet, pleasurable feeling consumed my body, as she licked and slowly sucked on the head.

“Or,” she finally said, “I could take care of you now. Then we could go to lunch and come back here for the afternoon.

“It’s me who should be pleasuring you.” I told her, wanting Carol to know that I was still embarrassed by my lack of control the night before, and that I cared about her needs. But, her hands and mouth on my cock felt so good, and I faded quickly in my ability to deny the pleasure she was giving me.

“Relax. I’ve been thinking about playing with your cock all night.”

There are some women who just know how to give a good blow job. Sarah was one, and there would be others to come. Right now, however, it was Carol working her mouth and hands all over my erection letting me know that I was with someone who had a talent for sucking cock.

Her touch was very light, almost like a feather. Every flick of her tongue brought a little shock of pleasure that made my body jerk. Every once in a while she would stop and just play with the head, running the tips of her fingers over that sensitive skin as copious amounts of pre-cum dribbled out and down onto my shaft and her fingers.

Carol could have made me cum in a few minutes. A talented woman can do that. But what sets a talented woman apart from a very talented woman is her ability to not only make the pleasure intense, but to make the pleasure last. Whether from her experience or her instinct, she knew that the longer she could postpone my orgasm, the stronger and more intense it would be.

Carol worked her tongue, mouth and hand slowly, letting my pleasure build. She did not try and take all of me in her mouth, although I have no doubt that she was fully capable of doing that. She knew that slowly stroking my hard shaft, sucking on the head, and flicking her tongue all around the head and shaft, would be all that was necessary to bring me to the edge and make me cum.

Adding to my pleasure was her long, silky red hair, the ends of which dragged along my thighs and balls, adding a wonderful tickling sensation to an already excellent blow job.

“When we come back here this afternoon, are you going to fuck me all afternoon?” she asked as she slowly stroked my cock. Long strands of saliva stretch from the tip of my cock to her lips as she asked the question.

“Yes. Yes.”

“Will you lick my pussy?”


“Will you make me cum?”


I loved how she talked to me and played with my cock at the same time. I was building to an orgasm, and the more she talked and got into my head, and the more she stroked and sucked, the closer I got to my release.

Then I was there. I felt myself going over the edge. There was no turning back. My body had taken over and I was going to cum. I couldn’t stop it even if I had wanted to.

“I’m cuming.” I half yelled and half moaned.

Carol kept the slow pace, licking all around the head, as I tried to warn her of the impending explosion.

I unloaded in her mouth as I arched my back and let out a long, loud moan. It was a very intense orgasm, accompanied by the sounds of a man who had lost all control. My body jerked with each spasm of pleasure and I shook and twitched for several minutes after. Even in the aftermath, the pleasure kept washing over my body.

Carol had taken all of what I had squirted into her mouth. She felt each spurt strike the back of her throat. Even as she tried to swallow, gobs of cum filled her mouth, leaked out through her lips, and ran down her chin. When the spurts turned to little eruptions of cum, she dutifully licked each dollop of cum off the head. She continued to lick and suck my cock until I was limp.

Carol moved up next to me, her robe opening to expose her breasts. We kissed one of those post-orgasm, wet, passionate kisses. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest. I pulled her ass and pussy up against me. Is there any better feeling?

We lingered this way, kissing and embracing, for several minutes.“This is nice.” she said. “I’m glad that I could make you feel good. I’m amazed at how much cum you have. Even last night, there was so much cum on my back. Have you always had that much, or is it just my skill as a woman?”

“Your skill.”I told her even though Sarah and others had previously commented on how much cum I produced.

For now, Carol was content to kiss and snuggle in bed with the man whose cum she had just swallowed. I didn’t want to rush it, but the truth was that I was starving.

“Lunch?” I finally asked.

“Can we stay here for just a few more minutes?” she pleaded.

When we finally got dressed and stepped outside to my car, it was such a beautiful day that Carol thought we should make our lunch into a picnic. If we were going to have a conversation about my sexual interests, maybe sitting on a blanket in some grassy, open area would be better than a restaurant. Carol retrieved a blanket from her apartment.

Food and wine was bought, and we travelled a few towns over to a large public park. We found a secluded area, under some large trees which afforded us some shade, and spread out the blanket and food. This was such a great idea. It was sunny and warm, with a slight breeze, and it was nice to be enjoying the outdoors with Carol. I really did like being with her, and told her so may times that afternoon.

“It’s not just the sex, which I am really looking forward to. I enjoy being with you. You’re smart, attractive, interesting, and easy to talk to, and have a good sense of humor. Did I mention that I like that you like sex?”

"Yes you did." she said, laughing playfully throwing a wrapped sandwich at me.

We lay on the blanket kissing, getting ourselves a little worked up, but stopping before we tore our clothes off in the park. We settled in to our lunch and started to eat the food and drink our wine while it was still cold. Nothing was said, but I think we both knew that at that moment we had become a couple. I know that I liked that thought.

“So what do you like?” she asked.

The conversation about sexual interests had started. It would last for the better part of the late spring afternoon.

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