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Caroline and Mr. White - Part Three

Jennie's father comes over rather than Jennie, with interesting consequences
Caroline and Mr. White - Part Three

It was a few weeks after Mr. White and I had finally made love before another opportunity presented itself for us to get together, though I didn’t recognize it as an opportunity at the time. I had decided, even though it was a warm summer Saturday, to bake some chocolate chip cookies for my family. I had baked them from time to time using ready made dough but this time I was going to try to make them from scratch. Somehow I misread the recipe book and made a ridiculous amount of batter. My mom’s freezer was full so rather than bake only part of the cookies and freeze the rest of the dough I decided to bake the entire amount. It was taking me several hours and I was ending up with hundreds of cookies. I knew that my parents and I could never eat that many cookies so I called Jennie to ask if she would like some for her family. She said that she would and asked if I could bring them over so we could see each other. I told Jennie that I didn’t have access to a car as my mom had used one of our cars to go to some friends to play bridge and my dad had the other car at work. Jennie said not to worry, that she and her mom would drive over to pick them up

About half an hour later I heard a car pull up and I went to the door to greet Jennie. Only it wasn’t Jennie, it was Mr. White. “Hi, Caroline. My wife had a call from her mother who isn’t feeling very well. She and Jennie wanted to go see her so Jennie asked me to come pick up the cookies. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, but if I had known it would be you I would have put on some different clothes and freshened my lipstick.”

“You don’t need any clothes, Caroline. In fact, I prefer you without any on. Are your folks home?”

“No, my mom’s with her bridge group and my dad is at the office.”

“On a Saturday?”

“I think there’s some kind of minor crisis and he’s putting out fires. I heard him tell mom not to wait for him for dinner.”

Mr. White reached out his arms and I more than willingly melted into them, feeling a huge surge of excitement as he pulled me close to him.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward but what time does your mom usually get home from her bridge games?”

“Usually not before six. But since I said I would fix dinner for us tonight I can easily call and see what time she would like me to have dinner ready.”

I broke away from his embrace and from the feel of his rapidly rising erection to go call my mom. To my consternation, she had turned off her cell phone, which I suppose was a rule at the bridge game so that the participants could concentrate on the game without distractions – my mom had told me they were pretty serious bridge players. I didn’t say anything to Mr. White because I was afraid he would leave and I didn’t want him to. And then I was back in his arms. We kissed and he probed his tongue into my mouth, which made me even more excited. Our tongues met and we continued kissing for long, long moments as my excitement continued to increase. And as Mr. White’s erection continued to increase.

Just then the timer went off for the last batch of cookies which was still in the oven. I broke out of our embrace and went into the kitchen. I put on the oven mitts, saw that the cookies were ready and took them out. I pulled off the mitts and turned off the oven. As I did so I felt Mr. Whites’ arms move around me and his hands found my breasts. I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. I didn’t have a bra on but I did have panties on – a few days earlier I had been wearing these shorts without panties and, when sitting down I saw my mom look at the top of my legs and I knew the shorts must have gaped, exposing my naked pussy. I had said something like “Oh my goodness, I forgot to put my panties on,” and escaped into the bedroom to put them on. Since then, at least when my mom was home, I wore panties under my shorts. Of course, if I had known that Mr. White would be coming over, I would have taken them off as soon as my mom left for her bridge game.

My nipples stiffened under the gentle probing of his fingers. I scooted backwards to feel his erection against my shorts. It felt so good that I shamelessly moved my bottom from side to side so that I could really enjoy the feel of it. I felt my tee shirt being lifted and I raised my arms so that Mr. White could pull it over my head. As soon as it was off his hands were on my bare breasts. My nipples seemed to be straining to get to his fingers even before his fingers had found them. He played with both of my nipples while nuzzling my neck with his mouth. Then he lightly bit my left ear and traced his tongue around my ear lobe, which sent shivers of delight through me. I reached my hand behind me and traced the full length and breadth of his cock, which was now fully erect and pushing against his belt buckle.

“We have way too many clothes on.”

“I know, can I help you off with your shorts?”

“Please do, my knees are so weak I don’t know if I can do it myself.”

Mr. White pulled my shorts down very slowly, exposing several inches of my tummy before the top of my pink bikini panties appeared. He continued pulling the shorts down over my panties, then past my upper thighs down to my knees. As he pulled them the rest of the way down his face moved to my pussy and he kissed it through the thin material of my panties. Mr. White breathed in deeply, inhaling the aroma of my pussy. I held my breath, hoping that I smelled okay to him. I had showered that morning, of course, but I had been working in the kitchen and perspiring freely with the heat of the oven.

“Caroline, you smell delicious, even better than the cookies.”

I was so relieved! I took Mr. White’s head in my hands and pulled him even closer into my pussy, which I thrust forward to meet his lips. I felt his fingers on the band of my panties and pulled back slightly to give him room to pull them down. As soon as my pussy was totally exposed Mr. White darted his tongue into the vacated space and began to probe my outer and inner lips. His tongue quickly moved to my clitoris which had popped out as if it were aching to be sucked, which it was. Mr. White pulled my panties the rest of the way down allowing me to step out of them, then reached his hands around me and grasped my ass, pulled it toward him as he put his lips around my clit. He sucked on it and moved his tongue all around it and over it before sucking some more. Now my knees were really weak, so weak that I truly couldn’t stand any more.

I lowered myself, well, practically fell, to the floor, then reached up and began to undo Mr. White’s belt. I was at an awkward angle so he put his hands over mine and undid it for me. I helped him take off his pants and his boxer shorts, marveling as I did so at how enormous and how beautiful his erect cock was. If anything it seemed even bigger than when I had first seen it. While he was still on his knees I took his balls in one hand while I moved my other hand gently and slowly up and down on his shaft. I especially liked to feel the little nerve at the head of his penis, which was throbbing a mile a minute. In a few seconds I slid my hand off his balls and moved it between his legs and up onto his naked ass, which was firm and smooth. I replaced my hand with my mouth on his balls and gently but firmly sucked and kissed them. All the while continuing to caress his cock, which was pointed up at the ceiling. He murmured that my hand and my mouth felt good on him. I would have responded about how good he felt to me but my mouth was full at the time.

His cock felt so good in my hand that I had to move my mouth away from his balls so that I could take it into my mouth. I moved my tongue over the little drops of pre cum and swallowed them, then tried to put as much of him into my mouth as I could. I wasn’t practiced at this and I’m sure I wasn’t very good at it, but Mr. White didn’t seem to mind as his hips thrust against my mouth, driving his penis deeper and deeper into my throat. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to because I really wanted to find out how he tasted. But he had other thoughts in mind. He pulled out of my mouth and said that we should move into the living room. We picked up our clothes, which turned out to be a very good thing, and carried them in with us. Mr. White lay down on the floor. He pulled me down and on top of him and helped me to impale my pussy on his cock. I was so wet and ready that it was very easy to slide onto his cock, even though this was my very first time being on top. I was sitting up and facing Mr. White, which made it easy for him to caress my nipples while I tried to find some kind of rhythm in my movements up and down his erection. In spite of my inexperience I eventually did and I loved the feeling of engulfing myself as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into my vagina. In a little bit I learned that if I moved a certain way I could stimulate my clit with his cock as it slid into and out of me. Or I suppose as I slid onto and off of him. I had been on the brink of orgasm when his tongue had been on my clit. Now I let myself go and had a wonderfully shattering climax. I shuddered for what seemed like several minutes before regaining control and resuming my downward and upward thrusts.

In almost no time I had another orgasm, not quite as shattering as the first had been, but exquisitely wonderful nevertheless. When I came back to reality I felt Mr. White’s strong arms lifting me off him. “What’s wrong?” I cried out.

“Nothing, Caroline, I just wanted to change positions.”

“Didn’t it feel good to you that way?”

“Of course it did, but I thought you might like to try it this way. Here, get on your knees and I’ll enter you from behind.”

“Oh, sure. Doggy style. I heard about that.”

“Have you ever done it that way?”

“I’ve only done it the one way, and that was with you, and it was wonderful.”

As requested, I got on my hands and knees, wondering what it would feel like to have his large cock thrust into me from behind. As I soon discovered, how it felt was absolutely fantastic. Especially when I felt his heavy balls slap against my ass. I even liked the sound of it after he began moving more rapidly. At first he had been very careful, inserting himself an inch at a time, which made for an extremely erotic sensation as I felt a bit more and then another bit more of him thrusting into me. But when he began moving rapidly it felt even better. And from time to time as he rode me he would lean down and caress my nipples, which loved the attentions of his fingers. His thrusts became more and more violent, and wonderful to feel.

“I can’t hold it, Caroline, I’m going to cum.”

And with that he did, squirting his semen into my very happy, warm and wet receptacle. As soon as I felt the first spurt I had an orgasm as well. I think my shuddering against his cock helped to squeeze all of the semen out of him. I collapsed onto my elbows and Mr. White lowered his muscular body down upon me while he supported most of his weight with his arms and knees. As he did so we heard the unmistakable sound of the brakes on my mom’s car as she made the turn into our driveway.

“That’s mom,” I whispered, terrified. In a flash Mr. White’s not yet flaccid cock pulled out of me with a plop. He grabbed his clothes and shoes and made a bee line for the bath room – fortunately he had been here before and knew where it was. And fortunately we had brought our clothes into the living room with us because my mom would have seen us if we had returned to the kitchen, naked, to pick them up. I quickly pulled on my tee shirt as I heard the door to mom’s car slam. There was no time to bother with my panties so I stuffed them under the cushion on the couch, hoping that I would remember to retrieve them later. I pulled on my shorts before stepping into my flip flops. I raced into the kitchen and was taking the last batch of cookies from the baking pan and putting them into a cookie bowl when my mom opened the back door into the kitchen and came in.

“You seem very flushed, dear. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine mom, just a bit warm from being in the hot kitchen I suppose. I don’t know why it seemed like a good idea to bake cookies in the middle of the summer. How was your bridge game?”

“Hopeless, I’m afraid. My partner, Mrs. Diggers, has been reading a lot of books on bridge lately and she has been trying out different bidding conventions. I forgot that she had told me last week that today she was going to use something called the Drury Convention.”

“I never heard of it,” I said as I began to feel Mr. White’s semen oozing out of my pussy. I had played bridge from time to time with my folks but I really didn’t know very much about it.

“Well, if the opening bidder and the second bidder both pass, third hand can open the bidding with One Club with as few as ten points in her hand, and whether or not she has any clubs at all. That’s what Mrs. Diggers did, although of course I didn’t know that. Now I had six clubs in my hand but topped by only a nine and I had almost no other points in my hand. I thought she had made a natural bid so I raised her One Club to Three Clubs showing good club length but not much else. She bid some other suit but I was void in it so I rebid clubs at the five level, trying to say that a game in clubs was all I thought we could make. Mrs. Diggers bid a third suit but I only held three small cards in that suit so I rebid clubs once again, but this time I had to go to the six level.”

“So how did you do?” I asked anguishly as I could definitely feel more and more semen moving inexorably out of me, through my pussy hair and then down my leg.

“Well, Mrs. Diggers was void in clubs, and of course she had to play the hand because she had bid them first. She only made two tricks so we were down ten. And as we were vulnerable, they made so many points that I lost track of them. I apologized over and over to Mrs. Diggers but I don’t think she will ever want to be my partner again.”

Just then the toilet flushed.

“Who’s that?” my mom asked suspiciously.

“It’s only Mr. White, mom. I had called Jennie to see if she would take some of these cookies off my hands because I made a mistake and baked a double batch of them. But Jennie couldn’t come because her grandma wasn’t feeling well and she and her mom had to go visit her, so Mr. White came over to pick some up. He’s only been here for a few minutes.”

Mr. White came into the kitchen and he and my mom greeted one another warmly. All his clothes were in place and his hair combed and he looked for all the world as if he had just strolled in. I, on the other hand, was in a state of absolute panic. I knew that in less than a minute or so the semen would be below the hem of my shorts and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t look like sweat. So I gulped and almost ran out of the kitchen, saying, “I’m sorry, the sound of the toilet flushing made me realize that I really have to go pee.”

“Caroline, such language,” my mom remonstrated.

“Don’t be too hard on her, Marjorie; you’ve raised a fine daughter. Jennie is very lucky to have Caroline for a friend.”

In the bathroom I pulled down my shorts, wet a wash cloth and wiped away the incriminating evidence. But not before scooping some of it into my finger and tasting it. I could taste some of my own juices but the rest was Mr. White. I liked the taste. When I was pretty sure that whatever was going to ooze out of me had already done so and been wiped away I flushed the toilet, pulled my shorts back up, washed my hands with a lot of soap in case my mom should smell my hands, and walked back into the kitchen. Mr. White had just taken a basket of cookies from my mom who said, “Thanks for coming over, Nelson. I hope Jennie’s grandma will be okay. Please say hello to Jennie and to Helen for me.”

“I’m sure my wife’s mother will be fine, and I’ll be sure to say hello to Jennie and Helen for you, Marjorie. And Caroline, thanks very much for the cookies. They smell as delicious as almost anything I can think of.”

I was afraid that he might have gone a bit too far but my mom didn’t understand his unstated allusion and a minute later he was out the door. As soon as my mom went to her bedroom to change I retrieved my very damp panties from under the chair cushion and spirited them away to my bedroom. That night I had a wonderful sleep with beautiful dreams. When I woke up I found that my finger was nestled in my pussy. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it while thinking of Mr. White and hoping that I could have him inside me again soon.
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