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Carpenter's Inside Work

Milf invites foreman to house for dinner and ends up doing it with him the following weekend
Life had become hard for her since the divorce but she pushed ahead, telling herself there was a man out there for every woman. Her friends, her parents, and even one or two business associates agreed to that but for Julia life just wasn’t going that way.

That is until four or so months afterward, when she had planned to have an addition put on the back of her home, and she knew they were coming that day and so she planned on being there when they got there that day.

It was early, only 7:00 in the morning. Julia sent her two kids off to grandma and grandpa’s the night before, that way there would not be any distractions. However, she hadn’t “felt” right the night before. It had been one of those things when you go and start reading online novels which you don’t go and buy at the regular store.

She’d been horny for some time now. No, not just horny, but truly and seriously horny as the case may be for her. Julia is or was your typical housewife but seeing as she’s now divorced from a cheating husband, she got everything she wanted and needed, except a man for passionate sex. Isn’t that what every woman wants normally?

She isn’t some every day California slut. She’s a mid-western woman with typical needs that every woman wants. Plus it helps that she has a desirous body to boot as well. “I’m free,” she said to herself. “Why can’t I meet a man, around my age? Oh gosh, why not…why not?” she asked herself the day before that construction crew came to start work.

Seeing as it was early, Julia stripped off her pajamas. As usual, trying to maintain her girlish like figure, she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, and turned this way and that way and she approved of her still slim and still nicely curved body. She smiled and before stepping into the shower she did two things.

One, she reached into the cabinet and pulled it out, and she took one last look at her derriere. She seemed to always enjoy doing that although there was no man around to come up to her and say, with a smile, “I agree honey. It is still a sweet one,” and then tap her ass as well.

She always, going all the way back to her college days, loved that ass of hers. Its shape and the size of it were always a compliment to women’s asses everywhere and she imagined what it would really feel like if the right man would come and place his hands on each one of her butt cheeks just as he was about to kiss her on her mouth and just as he was about to slide his manly tongue into her for some soft, passionate, and knowingly affectionate kissing before he left for the day.

Yes, she could daydream all she wanted in the shower. And that was what she started to do as she smiled while stepping in. The water’s temperature was perfect. Julia initially stood upright and let the water run over her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, at first, but then she bent over, and decided to put the lever down so she could lay down and take a much needed bath instead.

Finally, she got down in the warm water and reached for the “tool” she brought in with her. Laying down, Julia spread out her legs. Closing her eyes again, this 32 year old slender beauty turned on the long, thick vibrator that she loved using in the bathtub when time allotted itself, and laid it up against her pussy and started feeling the vibrations it sent out.

She began to relax as she felt the quivering riding up, riding into, and then feeling it all as she moved it about her clitoris and the opening of her pussy. “Uhhh ohhhhhh,” she called out quietly. “Mmmmmm oooooohh yes…just like…uh ohhhhhh mmmmmm…just like that ohhhhhh yes,” she called out as her neck craned backward and her back slightly arched.

As she allowed herself to finally slide it all the way up into her vagina, and enjoy the incident once again, she heard something. It wasn’t even 7:30 in the morning, she told herself. Was that the doorbell? She turned off the vibrator and the doorbell rang again.

“Already, someone’s at my door?” she said as it rang for the third time.

With semi-wet hair, she turned off the vibrator, and put it aside. Julia, not wanting to be disturbed, went and grabbed her long, big, and soft cottony like robe. If you can imagine it, it was just as if she got it from one of your five star hotels.

With nothing else on, nothing but partially wet hair, no underwear or t-shirt, Julia tied it tight around her. It was not going to come off. It never did unless she untied it herself. She didn’t even look out her window. She simply went down the stairs and to the front door and noticed someone’s shoulder.

“Wow, they are already here?” she said aloud.

She was not expecting what she saw when she opened that front door.

He was handsome. Yes he was. He was 6’ 2” approximately. Yes he was. He wore his hair nicely. Yes he did. What she could see, he did not have any tattoos, nor did he have any piercings. No he did not.

“Good morning,” she said. He said good morning back to her. “You must be here for the addition in the back I take it.” Wow, I could easily fall in love with this man…even if he is a little younger than me she told herself.

“I know I’m early mam, but I wanted to get started by asking you some questions about the project first,” he said. “Oh by the way…I’m Jerrod Helmand.”

“I’m…” and she introduced herself with a smile. “And don’t worry about it…you may call me Julia. I won’t mind.”

Seeing as she was wearing that long, white, and thick cottony robe his eyes once in a while, or so she thought, caught wind of it around her figure. She seemed to think he was very professional as he handled the situation.

“May I ask you a favor?” she said. He said yes. “Can you please wait outside while I put something on? I’m well…as you can see…I’m not wearing anything.”

He finally smiled. And boy what a smile he had she thought..

“Yes mam, indeed mam…please go and…and put on some clothes,” he told her.

He went outside as she went upstairs. “Ohhh…oh God…if only…if only I could tempt him to follow me up here,” she said quietly as she walked upstairs to her bedroom. She stood behind the curtains of her bedroom window. Opening her robe and knowing he could not see her she said “Here Jerrod…do I tempt you at all now?”

In one of her fashionable, conservative, but tight t-shirts she put on a pair of shorts and flats. She headed outside where he was on his phone, and to her, looking dapper, and handsome.

Mmmmmm, she thought. Jerrod, care to go inside with me and get naked so we can lay down in the tub together. You’d know what comes next, right? She smiled.

He got off his phone and paid strict attention to her, noticing her upper body, and then the remainder of it too. Yes, he did smile she noticed, and she liked that he did. Midwestern women also need attention like women around the world do as well.

They went around the back of the house, talking as they did, and him watching her ass as well while he followed her back there. Yes, it was one fine ass he told himself, but remember…this is business.

She bent over to show him a concern of hers. As she did, he listened, but he also paid close attention to some of the finer points of some details about her. Yep, that is one fine looking ass. “So this is what you and your husband want?” he asked.

She stood up and turned around wearing a smile on her face. “Umm no…there is no husband, alright? I just got out of the marriage a little while ago so there is not a husband.” It’s just me, only me, she thought.

They began the work later that morning and with joy she watched them, mainly Jerrod, as he and the rest of them did their thing. They were good. He was good too she thought as she offered to bring them water, and any food they might have wanted, and at the end of the day she even offered them all a bottle of beer.

“No thank you,” he said as she brought the beer around.

“Not a beer drinker?” she asked Jerrod.

“No, I’m more of a wine man myself I guess.”

“Really, any particular wines you like?” she asked.

And from there he impressed her with his knowledge of the wine industry.

“Well maybe I should have you over for dinner, not that this is a come on but anyone who knows their wine like you do, should come and taste what I have left over from my days as a married woman. I mean, that is of course if you’d like to taste some of it,” she said. She told him of some of the wines she carried, which was quite substantial he thought.

He looked around. They’d all gone. He was hot, dusty and dirty. He felt he couldn’t do it during the work week but said “Well maybe I could come over on the weekend.” And then he added “But I don’t want to impose on you either.”

“Oh trust me Jerrod, you will not be imposing on me. I’m a single divorced mom and I can send my children to my parents for the night. We can be alone and enjoy one another’s company.” Then she said “Do you have children?”

He said yes. He had one. He had a slightly older daughter. The rest of that didn’t matter. The weekend came and he was “dressed to kill” or so she thought he was. In nice, new jeans he wore a button down long sleeved shirt, and the man looked sweet as sweet could look she thought.

“My, I think I need to change,” she told him as she looked him over.

She was wearing a pair of shorts but he looked like he was ready to go to a wedding in what he had on. It wasn’t true. They had dinner as she poured the wine. He loved it and she felt he was being honest with her. And then he said it again. He truly loved the wine she served.

She’d found she possibly drank too much of it. On her third glass, he noticed how she started to behave oddly, possibly flirting a little with him. In all honesty, he liked how she flirted with him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to get into another relationship at this point in his life.
However, that wine did a number on him too a little.

“I’ll say this again,” he said. “I do like what you have on, Julia.”

He had never complimented what she was wearing so far that night. It was his internal manhood saying things, to his mind, that prompted him to tell her what he had. They looked at each other, tipsy being the word of the night, and silence building around them as they sat at the dining room table which helped everything along.

“Care to retire to the couch?” she asked, smiling.

Jerrod easily said yes, stood, and took her hand, and led her to her living room couch. Sitting on it, that silence ensued as both sets of eyes stared into the others. She was the one smiling initially while he began to smile back.

She appeared to look prettier and prettier as they sat there not talking. Already a beauty in most people’s eyes, she wished he’d make a move on her. All of a sudden, he touched her hand. He didn’t know why, but he did. It was soft and she did not pull away. She simply wanted a romantic interlude, at least for that night.

That was it she told herself.

“Jerrod may I ask you a favor?” she said suddenly.

“Yes, sure…what is it Julia?” he asked.

“Will you hold me and kiss me on my lips?” she asked.

He was not sure he was stunned or felt pleasured about being asked that question. He smiled, mildly and he looked at her. He loved how her soft brown eyes played “tricks” on him and seeing as that wine played into it too it didn’t hurt their situation at all.

So he nodded. He then reached out and took her into his arms and she could not wait for “it” to happen. A man…yes a man…was about to kiss her. He wrapped his arms around her and he kissed her. He kissed her gently. He kissed her lovingly. He gradually slid his tongue by her lips and before too long their tongues were playing a “merry-go-round” type of game with one another.

He felt her pulling harder at him as they kissed. He felt something sliding into his body too. She pulled herself against him as she pulled his body tightly against hers. It was the wine doing all that work along with them as well. Life all of a sudden was good and before he knew it she had stood up.

She smiled as she held his hand in hers.

“Follow me…will you?” she asked in a quiet tone.

He cared and he liked her and seeing as he did he stood, with his hand in hers, and he followed her to the staircase. Holding his hand and the banister too, she took him upstairs. Once up there, she stopped. She turned around and smiled at him. “This way, alright?” she said and Jerrod nodded his head.

In her room, they walked up to her bed. She sat down while smiling and patted it as to get him to sit down too. He did. She fell back and then spread out her arms, as if it were a ride of some sort, and she was laying down so she could enjoy the fanfare which comes along with it.

“Come on, lay down,” she said.

He looked at her and saw her smiling and noticed her smaller like boobs protruding somewhat from within her top. He liked how they showed themselves off to him and stared at them a while as she stared up at the ceiling.

“Isn’t this nice?” she asked for no reason at all. “Come on…lie down with me Jerrod.”

She pulled her arm in and he laid down beside her, his eyes moving left so he could look at her tits again. Although he couldn’t actually see them, he could see the impression they made as they stuck out and upwards from inside that top of hers. Meanwhile, as they lay on their backs, she smiled and enjoyed the time with him seeing as he shared a bottle and a half of wine with her and now as a result the two of them were drunk.

“Mmmmm isn’t life wonderful?” she asked.

“Yep, I guess it is,” he said.

His eyes still focusing on her boobs caused him to turn his head a little so he could actually look at them better. She just so happened to turn towards him, turning on her side, and placing a hand beneath her head while she smiled.

“Ohhhhhh, so you like my breasts do you?” she said.

“Oh uh I uhhh guess so,” he said as he pulled his eyes away from them and looked into her eyes directly.

“No Jerrod, it is alright. A woman like me needs that some times. I do, honestly I do.”

They looked at each other. She of course was smiling and seeing as he wasn’t she took his hand in hers and lowered it so he could feel her tit. In a rather quiet like tone she said “Now that’s how I like it to be truthful with you.” She kept the hand on her tit, and she smiled, and as she kept it there she started to move it about her tit. “Feel free to do this on your own.”

It did feel nice. No, it really felt nice. He loved how that softness felt in the palm of his hand and he started to move his hand around her tit. “Ooooooohh ahhhhh, I like that. I do like that Jerrod,” she said. Her eyes were closed and she felt his hand as he moved it around her boob.

But then all of a sudden it all stopped. She couldn’t figure out why. Then she felt something down by her belly. Was it his hand she asked herself? It had gone beneath her top. She felt his hand on her belly. She loved it. He was feeling her tummy. No, he was going further up. She felt it touching her…her bra. Ohhhhhh wow…he was…he is touching my tit and bra, she told herself as she changed positions so she could rest on her back. His hand was on her tit and moving all over it too.

“Mmmmmm, I love that. I really do Jerrod. Feel free to do what you want, okay?”

And he did. Jerrod kept on feeling the boobs. Round and round his hand moved, on her breasts he progressed, rolling over them, and touching down here and there on her nipples too. When he felt the nipple, he’d stop, and pay attention to it. Once having done that, he would slide his hand underneath the bra so that he could feel the actual tit and specifically her nipple.

“I’ll assume that you’d like this hard?” he said with a smile.

“Oh gosh, yes please Jerrod…do what you want, okay?”

And that was what he did. He focused in on her nipples. He had already turned sideways and seeing as he did he had decided to lift up and remove her top. She let him take it off. Boy was she nicely proportioned for a woman who’d had 2 children. Slender, she had her boobs intact. Her hips were still quite noticeable too he thought. But for starters he paid attention to her tits and nipples. The top was off, the bra he pulled down, and now it was time for her nipples and tits.

He mounted her. It was a classic mounting as his legs were spread apart on either side of her body. He looked down at her smiling face. Her eyes were beautiful as always. He smiled back and leaned down and Jerrod kissed her lips.

However, he went after them in a passionate and crazy manner. In addition to playing around with them, he licked, nibbled, and even sucked on her boobs, especially around the area where her nipples rested.

He got them hard and they definitely tingled, crazily.

“Oh…oh God Jerrod…kiss me, hold me and kiss me and…and ohhhhhh my God Jerrod,” she started to say and she didn’t pause at all she simply told him “just fuck me please?”

Was this really happening, he asked himself? She wants to have sex, really? Okay, let’s do it I guess he finally decided, but first he was going to do this his way. He kissed her everywhere. Even around her boobs he’d kiss her and even down around the backs of her upper thighs and then her ass cheeks…they were next. He loved doing that to a woman’s ass. He loved kissing and nibbling and even licking the insides of a woman’s ass cheeks.

He had turned her on in a big, big way. She was murmuring and crying out for him to fuck her and fuck her wildly. She hadn’t even done anything to really arouse him yet. So having discovered she hadn’t, she reached down, found his crotch, and she tried as best she could to pet it and make him feel as if she knew what she was doing. She got the zipper undone but that was it. He did it for her. They eventually came off and so did her shorts too.

Life was about to become grand for both of them.

Finally she reached in and found his limp cock. She started stroking it. She even flipped him over, somehow, and she took control kind of. She stroked it and licked the tip of it for a while but she never put it inside her mouth for whatever reason. Still, she got him hard, and that was good enough.

He mounted her again. With his cock erect and both of them horny enough to even screw a wall, he inserted it into her pussy, slowly. That’s when all holy hell broke loose. They went at one another, going up, down, and up and down passionately as one or the other held on to the other’s body and kissed the other somewhere making the night forever a great memory neither would ever forget.

She had something like three orgasms and he came twice, thankfully she told herself, and when it was all done both were smiling and holding the other’s body as if they’d just gotten married and were on their honeymoon. At least that’s what she thought as she felt his arms around her and specifically her breasts.

For like the umpteenth time he heard her utter “Mmmmmm that was soooo wonderful Jerrod…I could do that all night long.” Maybe she didn’t but whatever she said it was close to that. He laid there, beside her, and held her up against his body. The two of them fell to sleep together.

But in the morning, around 7:45 when she woke up, there were no hands around her. There was no body against her. There wasn’t anyone anywhere to say good morning to. She wasn’t sure whether or not to feel sad but when she got out of bed and walked up to the full length mirror there was a piece of paper on her dresser.

“Good morning beautiful,” it read. “I will say this. Wow, that has to be the most superb time in the world last night. To be able to do that again…well…yes I would, if you’d ask me too, I’d do it in a flash. Love and kisses…Jerrod. P. S. I can’t wait to see you Monday and dressed appropriately of course.” He added a smiley face at the end.

She smiled and immediately wished she could call him and tell him the very same day.

On Monday they were all busy working. She’d typed a note to him and snuck over to his truck. “Dear Jerrod. I had the most exceptional, and I mean it, time Saturday night. I owe you and I mean that. I want to hold you and be all over you so I can show you how much love and wild romance is in my heart. I’m going to go and masturbate to day…and you will be there, alright? So smile when you think about me. I’ll be naked in my tub and I’ll be using my vibrator as I get myself off. Have a wonderful day. Oh and I’ll let you know when I’m free too.” She added a smiley face too.

The following weekend they were together again. All day long, as her kids spent the day with their daddy, she spent it with him…in her bedroom, and she did everything and anything a man needs to be happy horny and also thrilled to death.

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