Cassie's Burning Desire, Part 2

By Ravyn

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The work day is finally over and I can’t wait to go home and take a nice long shower. It has been a long week and I am so glad it’s finally come to an end. I have not been able to think of anything but my night with Jacob. It has been 2 weeks since our last encounter. I replay that night over and over in my head making myself so wet just at the thought. Each night there has been a note taped to the inside of my private elevator door from Jacob telling me about all the things he wants us to do the next time we meet. Not all sexual but all sound like so much fun. I look forward to coming home from work each night in anticipation of his next note. It’s almost like a game to him now each note more intense then the last.

Last Mondays note he asked me to not masturbate at all this week and he would do the same. It has been tough to not come home from work and unwind with a glass of wine and my thoughts of him and not touch myself. I reach my elevator and step into it dropping my purse and my coat. I see a note taped to the wall in its usual spot and 2 boxes on the floor below. I took the note from the wall and bent down and gathered up my stuff and the box. I poured a glass of wine and I sat down on the couch and read the note.

“My darling beautiful Cassie, I can’t wait to see you. I have been thinking about you nonstop. I hope you have been able to resist touching yourself this week. It has been so fucking hard to not stroke my cock thinking of you and your tight pussy. I left you 2 boxes the smaller of the two I would like to open that one and leave the other box until we are together”

I set the note down and open the smaller of the two boxes. I remove the lid and my heart is racing with anticipation of what could be in here. Inside is a pair of vibrating panties. A smile comes to my face as I pick up the note and finish reading it.

“Please wear the vibrating panties tonight for our dinner date. I have the wireless remote with me to which I will control when and where it gets used. You won’t know when or where I will turn on the controls and pleasure you. I will there around 8pm to pick you up baby. See you soon my love.”

I placed the note in my drawer along with the rest of his notes and left the unopened box on the foot of my bed. I stood there staring at it wondering what could be in it. I was dying to open it but I won’t. I shook it to see if that would give me a clue as to what might be in there. Grabbing the panties and heading to the bathroom I start to get ready for my night of pleasure with Jacob. I need to get out of these clothes and freshen up. I strip my skirt and blouse off first. Unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor exposing my already firm breasts. Trying to not touch them as Jacob requested I shimmy out of my panties. Reaching in and turning on the shower, nothing like a hot shower helps me relax after a long work week.

I step in the shower and the water rolls down my back as I step back under the shower head to get my hair and my entire body wet. Washing my hair and rinsing all the soap out the water rolls down my body beading up on my skin like water on a freshly waxed car. Grabbing my sea sponge I squeeze some of my pomegranate and orange scented body wash all over it getting it nice soapy. Starting at my neck I begin washing down my arms and back up across my chest and over my nipples.

The sensation of touching them when they haven’t been touched in a week sends chills down my spine and covers my skin in goose bumps. The hot water cascades down my body like a waterfall in the depths of the Amazon jungle. The water separates at my breasts and reconnects on my stomach and down between my legs.

My skin was tingling and shimmering like tiny white diamonds as I stood with my hands against the wall opposite the shower head, my back arching under the falling water. All I could think about was Jacob, wanting to feel his touch once more. I knew if I stayed in the shower much longer I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise to him.

Stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel to dry off with each movement up and down m body I picture his hands, his lips. I have to stop thinking these thoughts or I will never get ready on time. I walk into the other room and grab the vibrating panties he sent for me and I slide them on. It feels weird feeling that bulge that happens to land right at the top of my slit and covers the opening of my budding flower. Wiggling and adjusting after putting them on I go to my dresser and I put on the sexiest black satin bra I have. It hooks in the front and it just happens to match the color of the panties.

I walk back to the bathroom and I squirt some lotion into my hand and I start to rub in up and down my arms and hands leaning down to give each leg the same treatment. Taking my most expensive bottle of perfume, Opium I place my finger over the hole and turn the bottle upside down and then dabbing some behind each ear, the sides of my neck and down the cleft of my cleavage. I also dab some behind each of my knees.

Hair done, what little bit of makeup I wear, done. I put on my prettiest earrings and matching necklace. The necklace falls down just where my cleavage starts. I step into my new black cocktail dress that I bought just for him. I hope he likes it. I sit on the bed and I slip on my favorite pair of high heels so anxious to find out where he’s taking me tonight. My heart is racing I am so excited to finally be seeing him again. I pop open a bottle of champagne and put it in the ice bucket full of ice to keep it chilled until he arrives. Looking at the clock it’s ten minutes to eight. He should be here anytime.

The door bell rings. My heart skips a beat, “Calm down Cassie” I say to myself.

I open the door and there he is, looking so damn sexy. I catch a whiff of his cologne; it’s different from our first night together. My nostrils take in the deep scent of that mixed with his own musky scent and it instantly makes me wet. I love how this man smells. He’s holding a dozen yellow roses; he remembered they were my favorite.

“Hello Cassie, you look absolutely beautiful this evening,” he said.

Taking the roses I lean in and kiss him lightly on the lips, “Thank you very much they are lovely.”

I turn and lead him into the living room. I grab a vase and fill it with water and put the roses in.

“Have a seat; I opened some champagne if you’d care for some.”

Jacob pours two glasses of champagne for us as he watches me walk back in with the vase of flowers. I set them on the table beside us and take a seat next to him. Handing me a glass he holds his up to mine and we clank glasses gently

“Here’s to you my beautiful Cassie and to our wonderful night ahead.”

The champagne went down so smooth and cold. It tasted so sweet so good reminded me of the taste of strawberries on a hot summers night.

Jacob looks at me with those eyes…those gorgeous eyes and asks me if I was ready for the unexpected tonight.

“Are you wearing my little gift?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” as I blushed a little.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out this small remote and holds it up and winks at me. He has a very evil little smile on his face.

“Did you leave the other box unopened as I instructed?” he questioned.

“Yes I sure did its sitting on the foot my bed.” I replied in my usual shy way.

He leans over and kissing my neck and up to my ear. “You won’t know when and you won’t know where I am going to turn this on and control your every move and emotion. I am going to make you cum tonight baby I hope you’re ready for this.”

We head down the elevator and hail a cab. I wonder where we are going to have dinner tonight. The cab pulls up in front of the fanciest Italian restaurant in the city. The doorman opens the cab door and Jacob slides out reaching his hand out for mine. Taking my hand he helps me out of the cab and we walk through the doors of the restaurant. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before.

Walking through the doors you see a bar that’s filled with people on the left that’s lit very dimly but yet enough so those would like to dance can. Straight ahead is the restaurant small round tables covered in crushed red velvet clothes with a crisp clean white cloth down the center of the table. There are huge wine racks and wine barrels surrounding the walls all around. There are vines hanging above with the look of a vineyard at the peak of the harvesting season.

Walking up to the reservation desk I am in awe of my surroundings. It makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a little restaurant in the heart of Venice. The waiter seats us at a small intimate table for two. The tables are placed far enough apart with small waterfalls that are gently trickling to give you the sense of being on the banks of the canal where you can see the gondolas passing by.

We are seated next to each other on a bench type seat there is a small hurricane candle in the middle of the table and a vase that contains a single white rose. It’s very fragrant and my nose caught a whiff of that lovely smell almost immediately. The waiter hands us each a menu and takes our drink order and gives us a few minutes to look over the menu.

“This place is absolutely beautiful baby,” I said looking around the restaurant.

“I know how much you want to visit Italy; I picked this particular restaurant since it has the feel of actually being there.” He said smiling at me with that little way he has.

“I love it, I couldn’t ask for anything better Jacob, thank you so much for this wonderful evening in case I forget to tell you that later.”

The waiter arrived with our drinks, a glass of Pinot Grigio for me and a dry vodka martini for Jacob. He sensed that we needed a few more minutes before taking our order. I took a sip of my wine, so tasty with a nice balance of sweetness and a subtle flavor of the wonderful grapes that it’s made from.

Finally deciding on what we want our menus are closed on the table in front of us as a signal to the waiter we have decided. Taking in my surroundings, so beautiful; Jacob slides very close to me slipping his left arm around me and pulls me closer. His face nuzzled in my neck as I hear him take a deep breath inhaling my scent.

“You smell heavenly baby, good enough to eat.” he said.

Smiling, I can feel my face getting warmer as I blush uncontrollably. He senses my shyness and kisses my cheek. His right hand running up and down my thigh under the table; he pushes my legs together, which took me by surprise and then suddenly I feel what seems like an electrical jolt between legs. I looked down into his other hand and he had the remote to my panties in his hand.

“Can you feel that baby? Tell me how it feels knowing I can control your every sexual pleasure right here in this beautiful restaurant?” he said teasing me.

It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, unexpected, wonderful and exciting all at the same time. It was like someone hooked up jumper cables to a battery. Feeling the twitching against my clit was more then I could take as a moan escaped my lips as the waiter approached us to take our order. I thought Jacob would turn it off while we were ordering but knowing the waiter was there and I couldn’t do anything to stop what was going on turned him on too much to stop.

“Are we ready to order?” the waiter asked.

Does he know, can he tell what’s being done to me? I’m afraid to open my mouth for fear that I might let on. Jacob takes the lead and orders for both of us and the waiter is off. Thank God, I don’t know how much longer I could have held back the moan I needed so badly to let out.

“Oh my God….” Escaped just as the waiter walked away; as Jacob turned up the vibrations. The movement going back and forth over my clit felt so good.

“Let it go baby, let the vibrations take you to a place of ecstasy I want you to cum for me right here, right now, this is only a teaser for the night to come.”

My hips moving back and forth on the seat, small circles trying to keep the feeling right where I want it, this feels incredible. Moaning under my breath trying to not let anyone hear me I can feel the build up the fire within as Jacob continues to control me. He turns the control up and down making the pulsating feeling between my legs more and more intense. My body tenses up and my hands bracing myself on the bench. It feels like a volcano that has been smoldering for years that’s ready to explode, to shoot its molten lava all over the mountain. My head leaning back Jacob instructing me to cum is more than I can take. My body shaking as my orgasm over takes me.

“Oh GODDDDDDDDDD, OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD.” My panties soaked with the juices of my smoldering inferno.

“Good girl, that’s it baby let it flow,” as he turns the pulsating down little by little watching my every move, my every emotion.

I need to go to the bathroom and clean up and as I start to excuse myself Jacob grabs my hand.

“Oh no you don’t you aren’t leaving me.” He said.

“I need to clean up a little before dinner gets here.” I begged.

“I will do any cleaning up you need you aren’t wasting one drop of that delicious honey you just made baby.”

Jacob’s and runs up my thigh and under the hem of my dress. Moving the panties to one side he takes his finger and runs it up and down my slit, “So slick and so warm baby” as he pushes his finger deep inside my pussy.

Pulling his finger up to his mouth to taste the sweet nectar, licking his lips he leans in to kiss me. Tasting me on his tongue and lips was so sensual it made me want him right then and there. Sensing my need for him he took me by the hand and led me off to the back of the restaurant. He found the restrooms in the down this long hallway. Pushing the door to the ladies room open he leads me right in there luckily there wasn’t anyone else in there. Finding the first available stall he pulls me inside and locks the door.

With urgency Jacob turns me and pushes me against the stall door. Pushing up my dress and pulling my panties off he lifts one leg up and rests on the toilet paper holder. My juicy folds just begging to be touched he leans in and lightly blows on the swollen lips he created. Leaning my had back against the door arching my back as he his tongue licks up and down my slick slit.

Lapping up all the juice my love cave had to offer my clit hard and sensitive as he pulls it between his teeth. Taking his middle finger he slowly slides it deep inside my wet pussy. Feeling the heat radiating from deep within be begins to slide it in and out as his tongue is flicking my clit. I can barely steady myself. As the orgasm builds so hard I can’t help but moaning trying to not let the entire restaurant know what we are doing in the bathroom. My hips grinding into him as his face is buried in my pussy tongue fucking me he slips a wet finger in my ass. It’s more then I can take and I scream out his name……

“OH GOD JACOB, Yes, Yes, Yes.”

He feels my pussy contract as the flood gates open and I cum all over his tongue. He laps up my juices like he’s licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. My hands on his head as he continues to lick and suck my clit as my orgasm subsides, trailing up my stomach to my mouth he kisses me deep and long. Spreading my juices all over my lips and inside my mouth as our tongues explore one another’s mouth as if was the first time. He unzips his pants and drops them to the floor. He turns me around and I bend over bracing myself against the door.

Jacobs hard cock slapping my ass cheeks teasing my asshole and sliding up and down my slick pussy. He parts my legs my back arches giving him complete access to what he so desperately wants.

“You want it baby? You want it right here in the bathroom? I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

He slowly pushes his throbbing meat into my wet slick hole. Still as slippery and juicy as he fills me slowly, inch by inch feeling the tightness of my pussy squeezing his cock like a pipe in a vice. I lift my leg up giving him greater access to the smoldering embers deep within me his cock feeling the heat with each deep thrust. My heart is pounding and my blood feels like its boiling with each connecting thrust he sends.

“OOOO Yes just like that, harder baby, harder don’t stop.” I moan in between grunts.

His balls slapping into me has he pounds harder and harder with each thrust. He reaches around and slips his finger onto my clit rubbing it so fast he picks up the pace, I am going to explode like rise and fall of a tidal wave, we both feel the pure primal pleasure going on right here in the bathroom stall.

One last thrust and he shoots his hot stream deep inside me; my body quakes the waves of my own orgasm come crashing down. He takes me in his arms holding me close our bodies weak as we lean against the door of the stall.

He kisses my neck “This is just the beginning Cassie my love.”

We collect ourselves and head back out to our table. Not caring about food, Jacob pays our bill and we leave and head back to my apartment.

We step off the elevator into my apartment the fragrant smell of the roses filled the room. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a platter with some strawberries, chocolate sauce and some grapes along with the ice bucket and a bottle of wine.

Returning to the living room I see Jacob was not there. I walked through the living room into the bedroom sure enough he was there. He had the second box open and the contents removed and laying on the bed. I placed the tray down on the bed and walked around the other side to view the toys he had laid out. My finger tracing the edge of the bed as I got to each little fun item, touching first a set of small anal beads, touching each bead as I look at him and wink. Then moving onto a feather, followed next were Ben Wa Balls , I have never used these but they do look interesting and finally a red cock ring that has a bunny attached to the top.

“Hmm this one looks particularly interesting” smiling to myself.