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Cassie's Burning Desire

Cassie had a burning desire to feel the touch of a man
Cassie finally puts aside her inhibitions and seeks pleasure in its most physical sense and meets the man she’s secretly been longing for.

It’s after 1 am and I just finished taking a nice long hot shower. Wearing nothing but a towel I find myself sitting in my bedroom with a glass of wine looking out my bedroom window and staring at the nighttime sky. The moon is shining so bright, its casting a silhouette of my body on my wall. The wind slightly blowing, I can hear the leaves on the tree branches rustling outside. My mind wanders as I hear the faint sounds of the music I have playing in the background. I want to feel the touch of a man again; needing to feel his warmth and tenderness. Finishing my wine, it’s time to try and get some sleep, that’s something that I don’t do a lot of lately.

Being alone for so long I have acquired a nice collection of toys. Feeling very relaxed by the wine and my shower I reach over to the nightstand beside my bed and I pull out my stash of play toys. Slipping under the covers wearing nothing, my hands start to wander from one breast to the other. My nipples respond and start to harden. Turning on my bullet vibrator I slowly roll it over each nipple, Oh that feels so good. I can feel the wetness between my legs and an aching burning deep within. Running the vibrator in circles over each nipple and tracing down my stomach just brushing over my already hard clit and down my thigh.

Oh God how I wish I had a man in my bed touching me, caressing me and playing my body like a fine tuned fiddle. My legs part inviting, wanting to be touched. Gently caressing my clit, in small circles over and over. The wetness deep within is growing with each movement of the vibrator. Feeling it build up the longing….My body starts to tighten as I feel the first wave of my orgasm taking me over. Shaking and twitching as I turn up the bullet to its highest setting.

Crying out….”OMG yes……..OMG.”

Laying there wanting more, I turn the vibrator down a notch and I grab my smaller silver bullet its perfect for a little ass play. I dip the vibrator inside my wet and wanting pussy using my own natural juices as lube and I roll to my side and lift my right leg, the bullet repositions itself for a new feeling of pleasure. I turn it on low to start and circle around my opening, my ass puckering knowing what’s about to invade it. I slowly start to slip it inside and poof, my ass just takes it right in, it feels so good with the vibrations shooting through to my pussy. Placing a pillow behind me to lean against, I grab my purple 6” slim vibrator and turn it on. Tracing my still hard nipples with it and up to my mouth where I lick the length of it. Turning up both bullets…..feeling it build again, my hips moving in motion with the vibrations it doesn’t take long and I cum again………….OMG………….and again………another long lasting orgasm as I fight the urge to scream out and then just let go and I do. My body quivering and shaking uncontrollably as I cum…again….so hard. Biting on the vibrator in my mouth; there’s still one place that is aching to be touched.

Rolling onto my back laying flat on my back I slip the pillow under my butt raising it slightly. I take my purple vibrator and trace it back down my stomach and right into my wet hot tight pussy, its dripping after the orgasms I just had. Sliding it in as far as it will go my pussy muscles squeezing it. All vibes going on high my fingers pinching and tweaking my hard nipples. My body writhing and squirming to the movements of my toys. Raising my hips even more to meet the coming orgasms. I know it will be more than one as it always is. Turning slightly sideways pushing the vibrator to my g-spot my hips moving fucking the vibrator, I want to cum so bad……..moving faster as it builds until I EXPLODE……….and Again, and…… again as my body tightens and my pussy tightens squeezing that vibrator for all its worth. Moving slower and slower as the wave washes over me and I start to relax again. I lay there in the dark wishing for someone to share all my passions and desires with. I drift off to sleep not even bothering to get my pj’s on.

I wake to the sound of the phone ringing . My eyes open and try to focus as I reach of the phone. It was my friend Tabitha. She wants me to go to the club tonight with her and some friends. Could be fun. I told her I might drop by. As I lay there, the morning sun is shining through my window and I can feel the warmth on my face. I wonder if he’ll be there at the club tonight.

Jacob is a bartender at the local bar. I like to stop by after work and enjoy a drink usually sitting at the end of the bar trying to not be noticed as I watch him. He’s taller than I am dark hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. He’s athletically built and when he looks at me, I just melt. Those eyes they absolutely sparkle and I am mesmerized every time I see him.

I have about an hour before I have to leave to meet Tabitha. A nice long hot bath always relaxes me. Stepping out of the tub I take my time to get ready and am anxiously hoping that Jacob will be there tonight. I go to my closet and wonder which dress to wear; finally I pick the satiny blue one with spaghetti straps. I slip it on covering my black strapless bra and my matching panties. After hair and makeup all I need are my black stilettos.

Waiting outside for my cab the stars are bright enough that no street lights are needed. The night air is warm with a slight breeze. It’s not a long ride from my apartment to the club where I am meeting Tabitha and friends. The excitement builds as we turn the corner and I see the club. I haven’t been out in quite awhile and I am looking forward to having a few drinks and doing some dancing. Walking through the doors I can hear the music playing loudly and the chatter from all around. I look around for my friends when I see Tabitha waiving at me from a large round table on the right side of the club. There she was with Tim, Janice, Cory and omg….It can’t be….it is…….its Jacob. He looks so gorgeous sitting there.

My heart fluttered and my cheeks instantly flushed seeing him. I hoped it wasn’t noticeable to anyone. I reached the table and Cory got up so I could sit down. I slide over and was sitting beside Jacob. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and a green and white shirt that matched his green eyes. I got a whiff of his cologne as he raised his arm to get the waitresses attention. I love the smell of Preferred Stock there is just something about it and on him it was heavenly.

He looked at me and extended his hand “Hello, we haven’t been formally introduced, I’m Jacob.”

Just hearing his voice made me weak in the knees, good thing I am sitting down. I look into his eyes as my hand meets his “It’s nice to meet you Jacob, I’m Cassandra, but my friends call me Cassie.”

He ordered me a glass of Pinot Grigio as he knows what I drink from my time at the bar where he works. Sitting there enjoying my wine and the conversation going on at the table. I could feel the sexual tension between Jacob and myself. Our legs were touching under the table and I could feel the wetness begin to grow between my legs just sitting next to him. My first glass is just about gone when Jacob grabs my hand and slides out from the table pulling me along with him. The music playing loudly and the lights are flashing from the small strobe over the dance floor. It’s packed with people dancing as we make our way to the floor.

I’ve waited for so long for him to notice me and now we are dancing. He grabs me and the next thing I know we are dancing. It’s a semi fast song but he’s keeping hold of my hands as we dance. I don’t even hear the song I am so mesmerized by the man in front of me. The next thing I know he’s pulling me close to him, as the tempo of the music slowed down. I’m trying not to let him see the excitement I’m feeling. One hand on my waist and he takes the other and slides my hand in his. I can smell his wonderful scent as my cheek is next to his as we glide around the dance floor like there is nobody else around. He dances so wonderfully and holds me strongly in his arms. Our bodies pressed together, my chest pressed against his I can feel my nipples started to get hard. He turns us in small circles as he presses his hand harder against the small of my back pushing our pelvises together. I can feel the bulge in his pants against my thigh. My heart begins to race faster as he holds me tighter.

Song after slow song being played almost as if he’d paid them to play nothing but slow songs. I can feel his breath in my ear, on my neck and ear. God how I want this man right now. Our eyes meet and he kisses me for the first time. Slowly and so passionately; our tongues exploring each other’s mouth not caring that we are on a crowded dance floor.

The music stops and he takes me by the hand and we return to our table. Another round of drinks waiting for us thanks to Tabitha. We sat there catching our breath as everyone else left to the dance floor leaving us alone at our semi dark secluded table. We sat there talking about everything it’s almost like we’ve known each other all our lives. I felt so comfortable with him. The music playing in the background and he leans in for a kiss. Just the feel of his lips on mine made my body tingle, there was a deep fire burning with just a kiss, a touch to my skin from his hand.

His left arm around me as our tongues are exploring each other’s mouth, so tenderly as his right hand is caressing my right thigh. Jacob slides my dress up ever so slyly under the table rubbing the inner side of my thigh up and down to my knee. My body is on fire as he continues to touch and kiss me. He lifts up my right leg and pulls it towards him laying my leg on top of his giving him better access to my sweet hot love cave.

My head is racing, what am I doing??? This isn’t me, what will people think if they see us? I don’t want him to stop. I can feel the wetness deep from within just wanting to be released, begging almost. His hand brushed across my mound and over to my other thigh. I couldn’t help but to let out a slight moan as his finger moves my panties aside and up my slit and rests on my already hard clit.

Jacob whispers in my ear, “Lay your head back Cassie and let me make you cum right here right now with all these people around us.”

I was powerless to stop him as his finger massaged my clit in small circles. My breathe deepening with each motion of his fingers, a wave building so high that when it finally crashes against the rocks I am going to flood the seat and his hand.

Jacob whispered in my ear “cum for me baby, cum for me now.”

That’s all it took, it was like the flood gates opened and I came so hard and so many times just to the strumming of his fingers on my clit. My body was shaking and quivering in his arms as we sit at our table; alone not caring who is around. Jacob’s sweet lips touch mine and suggested that go somewhere more private. I tried to compose myself, we said our goodbyes to Tabitha and company and we left.

We took a cab back to my place. Jacob was sitting so close to me holding my hand. No words spoken. I could feel the anticipation building in my mind and my body. The heat that was between my legs was like a volcano preparing to erupt. The cab stops in front of my apartment building and we enter the private elevator that leads directly to my loft apartment only. We step in and he closes the first set of doors and then the second. I push the button that starts our accent to the top. He grabs my arms and pushes me back against the wall of the elevator and pressing his hard body against mine kissing me, devouring my lips like he was on a feeding frenzy. My hands wrap around his neck and he lifts me up by my ass my legs wrapping around his waist. Kissing even more passionately then before I can feel his hard cock digging into my ass. Jacob takes one stop back, taking his right hand and pushing me back against the wall, arching my back giving him access to my breasts. He slides my dress up as he rubs his hand all over my stomach and up to my bra covered breasts. He runs his finger just under the top part of my black silk panties. My heart skipped a beat as he touched and teased me. The elevator halted to a stop and one handed while still holding me up and throws the doors open and carries me into my bedroom.

Gently laying me on the bed he takes my left leg and removes my stilettos one at a time. Running his hand up the inside of my right leg pressing the palm of his hand against my panties as he lifts my dress up and takes it off.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispers as I am laying there in nothing but my bra and panties.

Straddling my legs he unhooks the front of my bra exposing my breasts and my very erect nipples. He takes them in his hands and gently squeezes the in circles and brings his index finger and thumb to each nipple as he tweaks them just enough to send waves of pleasure through my body. He leans down and kisses my soft supple lips and then my chin and then my neck as he continues his exploration down to the very part of my body that has been craving his touch. Just using his fingertips as he traces and kisses his way down my body; it’s a cross between torture and pleasure feeling the tips of his fingers so gentle as he brings my inner flame to life.

He runs the outer part of his index finger under the waist of my panties from one side to the other. I lift my hips slightly as he removes them ever so slowly exposing my already wet hot pussy. Dropping them to the floor below him, he leans in and kisses the inner part of my taking in the scent of his handy work back at the club. He inhales deeply and kisses my lips and licking up my slit ever so lightly.

Jacob stands before me and takes his shirt off exposing his well defined chest and abs. This is one gorgeous sexy man. He undoes his pants and drops them and his boxers in one fluid motion. His cock fully erect and glistening as the night moon shines through the window casting a shadow on the wall of this beautiful man standing in my bedroom. His eyes shift from me to my night table beside my bed, I left all my toys out from last night.

He looked at me with a smirk, “Someone’s been a naughty girl.”

I scoot to the edge of the bed and I sit him down in a chair right beside my bed. I lean down and kiss the head of his cock and he holds the shaft very tightly in his hand. I walk over to the bed side table and I grab a few of my toys and bring them to the bed. I lay in front of him on the bed placing my feet on top of his knees giving him a perfect view of my hot smoldering treasure.

Our eyes fixed on each other I slide my bullet vibrator across my already erect nipple, the vibrations shooting through my breast like lightening coming out of the sky. Across to the other nipple watching as Jacob follows my every move as his hand moves slowly up and down the length of his cock. As I trace the vibrator down my stomach and to my slit getting it wet with my juices and back up placing it on my clit. Spreading my lips open exposing myself for him. I hand him the controls to the vibrator letting him be in control of it while I take my blue gel vibrator and slowly lick it up and down taking it all in my mouth. Jacob stroking harder and moaning as he watches me suck my vibe. Moving it down to my noticeably wet pussy turning it on high speed I slide it slowly inside me. Jacob turning the speed up on my bullet higher and then lower and back to high as he watches me guide the vibe in and out of my pussy. He tells me to move my hands to my sides while he continues to control my clit.

My body squirming all over the bed at the assault on my clit, “Baby that feels so good, more please more.”

I look at him as he’s watching me. Seeing him stroking his cock as he looks at me from a most intimate point a man can, it takes me to a place of such ecstasy, its building like a hurricane off the shores. My body starting to shake uncontrollably as Jacob pushes my buttons, literally and figuratively. Moaning out very loudly as I am so close to cumming.

He can see it all over my face, “Cum Cassie, come for me now, I want to see you squirt.”

I find my hand on my vibe pumping my pussy hard to the point of no return. Digging my heels into Jacob’s knees I arch my back my body shaking so hard and the flood gates open pulling out my vibe as my hips lift with each motion the force of my orgasm squirts my love juices out and onto the bed. The bullet still working my clit and I can feel another orgasm building, Jacob moves in and buries his tongue deep in my pussy as the bullet is working on my clit. My juices covering his face as he makes love to my pussy with his tongue. My body shaking even harder as an even more powerful mind numbing orgasm over takes me. Pressing harder against my pussy he can feel my pussy contracting over and over as my juices flow into his mouth. Removing the bullet he licks his way up my slit and on up my stomach kissing until he reaches my wanting lips. Kissing me I can taste myself all over him. His hands in mine, with my arms over my head we lay there kissing so passionately.

I reach over and grab a very special toy.

“Roll over baby; I have something special for you. Do you trust me?” Winking at him with a sexy seductive smile. “Close your eyes and relax.”

I grab the studded cock ring, taking his cock in my hand and I stroke it, kissing the head licking the shaft. “You’re so hard for me.” Wetting his cock wet with my saliva I slide the cock ring down over the head of his cock and slowly inch it down the shaft. He opens his eyes as he feels s this foreign object squeezing his throbbing cock.

Moaning at the pleasure of the ring and my lips on the head of his cock, blowing ever so slightly, making him twitch. Securing the cock ring at the base of his cock I take the two straps that hang from it and wrap each one around each of his balls and securing it to the ring. Jacob moaning loudly now as the ring is putting so much pressure on his balls and cock. My mouth finding the tip of his very hard cock slowly sucking him into my mouth.

I stand up and stand over him with my legs on each side of him. Looking down at him as he’s looking up and me I lower down slowly. As he watches as my pussy lowers onto his cock that’s standing straight in the air. My hands intertwined with his as support as I slide just the head inside my pussy and then back out. Slowly in and out not further then the head, watching the expression on his face with each movement.

“Oh God yes, that feels so good. Bury my cock inside that hot tight pussy” he moaned.

I take him all the way in as my juices cover his cock. Going in small circles grinding against him with each fluid movement. The pleasure the cock ring is giving him is so intense by the look on his face. I continue this motion for several more strokes and I turn myself around with him still inside me so that my back is facing him. Leaning towards his chest to arch my back getting him even deeper he begins moving his hips faster and faster pumping into me. He grabs my hair and pulls me back even further, “I’m going to fuck you so hard baby, and you’re going to cum like you have never cum before.” Screaming out in such pleasure as his cock is buried so deep inside my pussy,

“OMG…OMG, yes baby, yes.”

The next thing I know he picks me up still inside me and turns around facing the bed and setting me down on all fours. He grabs my hips and rams his cock deep inside me. Pumping in and out rubbing his cock down to my clit and back up to my ass and then……..RAM back into my pussy. I can feel his balls slapping against me so hard and tight with their restraints. One hand on my hip and the palm of the other on the small of my back arching me, getting deeper inside me. How deep can he get? I can’t feel anything but his hardness, the pleasure of what he was doing. Our bodies covered in small beads of sweat reaching underneath me and grabbing his balls with each smack. He pumps even faster as he feels my pussy muscles contracting on his cock with each thrust. My body starts to tense up giving him the signal that I’m about to explode, yet AGAIN. My pussy is on fire and I can’t hold back any longer rubbing my clit and he continues to pound me from behind I cry out in sheer pleasure. He feels it in his balls he’s ready to fill me with his love juice as my orgasm is still taking over my body. I cannot control them they crash over me like waves in the ocean, 1, then 2 and OMG 3 as he pumps and holds and he releases his cum deep inside me. Pushing in slowly and methodically as my pussy milks his cock for everything it has.

Our bodies collapse on the bed and he cuddles up behind me holding me, still deep inside me. Our bodies sticking to one another, his breath on my neck and he moans lightly in my ear. His hand takes my face and turns me towards him so and he gives me the sweetest gentlest kiss. One filled with so much emotion on both sides. No words spoken but both knowing the other is completely satisfied. We drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I awake as the sun streams through my window; gently warming my face as my eyes try and focus on my surroundings. I realize I am home in my own bed and I look around for Jacob. I don’t see him. I know what I felt last night, was it a dream? It couldn’t be it felt so real so intense. I turn over to the pillow beside me hoping he’s there, but he’s not. On top of the pillow are 1 single yellow rose and a note. I lean up on my elbow and I pick up the rose and smell it. Inhaling deeply the scent of the rose it smells so good. How did he know that yellow roses were my favorite? It has been so many years since I’ve been given flowers, and to be given this 1 single yellow rose was amazing. I set the rose down on my other arm almost cradling it, as I reach for the note. Written on a very nice piece of stationery it simply read,

“My darling Cassie, Last night was amazing. I can’t believe you sat so many nights in the bar where I worked and neither of us actively pursued the other. That is a mistake that will not be repeated. I can’t wait to see you again.

Until next time, my sweet and beautiful Cassie.”


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