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Catherine and Callie - 2

"Bob, I have a favor to ask of you." Catherine and I had just finished a long and hot fucking session; now both of us were trying to recover our breath.

"Anything for you. What is it?" I responded. We had been seeing each other for over a month now, and not only was the sex hot, but I could see this relationship lasting for a long while.

"You remember that I have to be out of town for three days next week, right?"

"Yes, three days that I'm not sure I can survive" I said with a smile. I said this only half-jokingly, as we had become a part of each other by now.

"Well, we've had some problems lately with some kids in the neighborhood. You might remember me mentioning this briefly last week."

"Well, Callie has become a little frightened by them and doesn't feel comfortable alone. Could I, or we, impose upon you to spend a little time with Callie while I'm gone?"

"That's not an imposition at all. Do you want her to stay with me, or me to stay in your house with her?"

"Probably in my house, simply to ward off any chance of a break-in and damage to the property."

"I see what you mean. I'll just come straight here after work."

"Thanks, Bob. You're such a sweetheart. Here's a copy of my house key. Keep it and use it whenever you want. I think I can trust you by now."

Now that was a big step. Catherine giving her a key to her house probably means we're about to take our relationship a little further soon. Not that that's a problem--I've thought it was about to happen soon anyway.

Friday rolled around, and I arrived at their house. I unlocked the door and let myself in. I had just packed a small bag with a couple of changes of clothing, and was bringing it up to Catherine's bedroom, when I almost ran over Callie. The only problem was that she was naked. She apparently thought I was going to arrive later than I did.

She shrieked when she saw me, and ran down the hall to her room. I got a great view of her perfect ass. It was a little smaller than her mother's, but each was beautiful in its own way.

"Sorry, Callie. I didn't realize..."

"That's OK, Bob, I was just afraid you were someone else" she replied, her voice still shaky from her start. I walked into Catherine's room, and unpacked my bag.

Suddenly Callie appeared in the doorway, pulling on a loose-fitting spaghetti strap t-shirt. She was braless, and I got a look at her boobs. While Catherine was a B-cup, Callie was probably an A-cup. She had on panties but no pants, and I could feel my cock begin to rise at the glimpse of her boobs, and the memory of her round ass.

"I hope you don't mind me dressed like this. I don't plan to go out tonight, and didn't see any reason to get undressed only to have to dress again after I got home."

"You're fine. This is your house, after all." I wouldn't say this to her, but I also enjoyed seeing as much of her fine body as I was. "Are you hungry, Bob?"

"I was just going to grab a sandwich."

"No, I'll fix supper" she said, and turned to go down to the kitchen. I watched her panty-covered ass until she disappeared from view, then turned back to my unpacking. After just a couple of minutes, I found myself in the living room, building a fire. The TV was already on, and the smell of Callie's cooking emanated from the kitchen.

As I leaned back on the couch, enjoying the heat from the logs, Callie came from the kitchen, standing right in front of me. I noticed that her dark pubic hairs could be seen through her panties, and again, my cock began to stiffen. "Do you want some wine with your dinner?" she asked sweetly.

"Wine will be fine" I responded. I again watched her ass jiggle inside her panties as she walked back to the kitchen. Just a short while later, she brought our dinner into the living room. She sat cross-legged on the other end of the couch, and we both ate pasta and alfredo sauce. The wine added a nice touch, and soon we were both talking a mile a minute.

Callie shifted positions often, causing her panties to ride up between her ass cheeks and pull taut against her pussy lips. As she drank more wine, her panties rode between her pussy lips, giving me a good look at her camel toe. She leaned toward me often, causing her shirt to sag away from her boobs, treating me to a wonderful view often. At one point, her panties apparently caused some discomfort, and she pulled the crotch away from her pussy lips, briefly exposing her cunt to me.

Though there were some dark brown hairs on her lips, they were very sparse, and her cunt was easily seen. Like her mother, there was a tuft of cunt hair on her mons, but apparently both kept it shaved to a minimum. Whenever she laughed, she leaned over, revealing two jiggling boobs to me, so I kept the jocularity up. I had long ago given up trying to cover up my erection. It could be easily seen tenting my shorts.

At one point, she went to use the bathroom. When she came back, she stretched out on the couch, laying her legs across my lap. I gently massaged her calves for a while, until I heard her say "Come up a little higher." I moved to just above her knees, and massaged her thighs. Her legs were so sexy that I had trouble concentrating on the massage. I looked up to her panties, and noticed a very small wet spot had appeared on her crotch.

'She's getting excited' I thought to myself. 'Do I want to continue this?' But her legs were so soft and alluring that I couldn't stop. I got bolder as I massaged the inside of her thighs, 'accidentally' bumping her pussy from time to time. The wet spot gradually got larger, but Callie made no move to stop me. The accidental bumps became a little more frequent, and Callie finally moved her hands, gently stroking her already erect nipples through her t-shirt.

"Mmmmm" she moaned as the wet spot grew even larger. The next time I moved closer to her panties, she reached down with one hand and held my hand against her crotch. She rubbed one of my fingers against her wet spot, and then let go, hoping I would get the hint.

I didn't need to be asked twice, and used a knuckle to apply more pressure to her crotch. Callie then moved her panties to one side, and moved my finger to her clit. I increased the pressure with my knuckle, and immediately I heard her breath catch for a moment, just before her cunt juices flowed freely from her pussy. She reached down suddenly, taking me by the hand, and applied pressure to her clit again, and another stream of juices flowed from her cunt. Her pussy lips were spread apart widely, and she stuck two fingers inside herself, finger-fucking her pussy to a third orgasm.

Callie sat up and removed her shirt, revealing her tits to me completely. At the end were dark pink nipples that were firm and long, pointed slightly to the sides. I kissed and sucked them like a baby, before she pulled my shorts over my erect cock and slid her mouth over the head, licking and sucking it like a lollipop. She apparently could sense when I was nearing my own orgasm, as she stopped her sucking. Pulling her wet panties down her legs, she grabbed my cock and stuck the head into her pussy.

"Ooohh, that feels sooo good, Bob. Let it just sit there." I reached to her boobs, and stroked the nipples again, and that spurred more moans from Callie. She began moving her pussy so that my cock was further buried inside her. She was very tight, due mostly to her age, and my cock ever so slowly slid further into her hot cunt. I could feel her juices flow over my balls as she moved back up, then back down again as I further stretched her cunt with my 7" cock.

Suddenly she squealed, and sank my entire cock into her cunt. She fell against me and began moving her cunt up and down in short strokes, causing another orgasm. I lifted her up and turned her around, placing her hands on the back of the couch. Then I spread her legs wider and reinserted my dick into her pussy. I pushed up, balancing with one hand on her hips and the other around her tummy, then came the in and out motions. In the mirror on the wall, I could see her boobs bounce with every one of my thrusts inside her. One more orgasm for her, then finally I erupted myself. "I'm cummmminnng!" I shouted to her as shot after shot went deep into her hot folds, until I nearly collapsed with the intensity of our fuck.

I pulled my cock from her pussy as we both sat hard on the couch, nearly exhausted. Callie leaned against the arm again, cum dripping from her pussy as she spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips pulled apart with a smacking sound, and our mixed cum drained from her cunt. I scooped some of it onto a finger and fed it to her. "I've never tried it before, but it doesn't taste bad." She then reached down with her own hand, allowing some to collect in her palm, then licking it clean again.

Just as we were coming down completely, the phone rang. Callie was closest to it, and reached out to answer.

"Oh, hi, Mom! How was your trip?" A period of silence, then Callie answered a question from Catherine. "Oh, yes, we just finished. And you were right, he is great! I've never cum so hard before."

'OH, GOD, she didn't just tell her that we fucked, did she?' I asked myself. Then my thoughts were interrupted.

"Bob, Mom wants to talk with you." I felt the greatest trepidation as I reached out for the phone. "Hello?"

Catherine: "So you and Callie just fucked, hmm?"

I couldn't speak. I just knew that I was a dead man, and that I would never see them again.

Catherine laughed. "Don't worry, Bob. You were set up. All that stuff about problems with kids was just a ploy to get you to our house when I wasn't there. Callie wanted to fuck you after seeing you naked, and we've always shared things as she was growing up, so I saw the opportunity when I had to leave town."

"So you're not mad??" I asked incredulously.

"I think I would have been mad if you hadn't fucked her. No, I'm not mad. Don't worry, OK?"

My head was spinning now. This was the last thing I expected to happen, and though I was surprised, I was also relieved. "So what happens from here?" I asked.

"Anything we want to happen" Catherine replied. "You two just enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I'll see you on Sunday. Now let me talk to Callie once more."

I handed the phone back to Callie, and she spoke a few more words to her. The last thing she said, though, intrigued me. "I'll do the best I can."

"The best you can at what?" I inquired.

"Oh, she made me promise to treat you well till she gets back. I suggest the first thing we might want to do is take a shower. Together." And with that, Callie took my hand, leading me up the stairs to the bathroom.

The warm water was relaxing to us both. I finally felt the panic leave me completely, so that I could concentrate on Callie completely. I got my hands soapy, turned her around, and began washing her back, starting with her shoulders, working my way down to her ass, and down her legs. As I rubbed her ass, I took pains to rub her ass hole lightly.

I then turned her around, washing and rinsing her face. I then moved downward, soaping my hands again. I started on her chest, then moved down to her boobs, paying special attention to her nipples. With fingers slickened by soap, I pulled and released her nipples repeatedly, eliciting moans from her. I then moved down to her tummy, lingering there only a few moments before finally arriving at her pussy. I stuck a soapy finger inside her pussy, moving it in and out before applying my slick digit to her clit. With my other hand, I massaged her ass as I continued to tickle her sensitive button. Suddenly, she began shuddering, cum flowing like a river from her pussy down her legs. I applied a bit more pressure on her ass hole, getting just the fingertip inside her anus, then pressed on her clit again. This time, her juices pulsed from her pussy, similar to her mother's pulsing cum. I had to support her as she nearly collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm. I pulled my hand from her pussy and from her ass and wrapped them around her to prevent a fall. Finally, she came down again and started on me.

She washed my upper body and back fairly quickly, then moved down to my legs. She started on the ankles and worked her way up to the top of my thighs, before giving the other leg the same treatment. Finally, she soaped her hand again, and began stroking my hard cock with her slick hands. One worked on the head and shaft, while the other played with the balls. Her repetitive stroking soon brought me to orgasm, and I spurted cum all over the shower drain area.

We dried each other off and headed for her bed. Remembering her tender age, I asked her "Have you ever had or given oral sex?" When she said no, I said "Put a pillow under your butt and spread your legs. You'll enjoy this."

Callie did as instructed, and spread her legs as wide as they would go. I saw her outer lips pull apart, revealing her cunt in all its glory. Her inner lips were just beginning to swell, and her juices were already in evidence. I used my fingers to spread her outer lips, and stuck my tongue inside her, swirling it around, tasting and feeling her insides. She tasted wonderful, and I sucked her juices as they began to leak from her cunt. Soon, I moved up to her clit, and with a few licks, she was writhing on the pillow under her ass. I stuck my tongue back into her pussy, and pressed on her clit with a finger. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks, causing her to lift her ass off the pillow as her cum flowed from her pussy. I licked her clit with my tongue, flicking it back and forth with the tip. Soon, she was cumming again, nearly screaming with her second orgasm.

She grabbed my head and pulled it hard into her pussy, trying to imbed it there. "Keep licking my clit, Bob! Don't stooooppppp!" she cried as another orgasm wracked her body. Her juices were too copious for me to catch completely, and her bed quickly had a large wet spot on it. I finally had to come up for air, and Callie had to catch her breath.

"God, Bob, that was the best orgasm I've ever had! How did you learn to do that?"

"Years of practice, honey. It also helped that some women have shown me just what I needed to do, though each woman is different."

"I guess that's true" she reflected. "Now that I've come down some, let me do the same for you." With that, she took my partially erect cock into her mouth, and began moving it in and out of her mouth. I was already plenty worked up after going down on her, so I knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

After just a couple of minutes of her sucking and licking my cock, I felt my cum begin its inexorable rise to orgasm. "I'm going to cum real soon, Callie" I warned. She took my cock from her mouth for a second, said "So?" and continued her sucking. Less than 10 seconds later, I felt my cum shooting from the end of my cock. It quickly filled her mouth and began dripping from the corners.

"MMMMM" Callie said. "Your cum is good. I could do this whenever you want." She then climbed atop me, stuffing my softening cock into her cunt, then using her cunt muscles to stimulate me, making my dick get hard while it was already inside her. She began moving back and forth as she leaned against my chest, and my cock slipped in and out of her cunt. She dripped her lubrication all over my pubic region, then suddenly increased the speed of her movements. "Oh my GOD!!" she said between pants as she came yet again. She was sweating profusely as she shifted to her feet and began moving her pussy up and down my shaft. One more orgasm, and Callie collapsed atop me.

We exchanged kisses as she laid on me. Callie said "I feel like I'm in heaven. I'm so glad that Mom shared you with me."

"I've had a great night, too, Callie. I still can't believe that your mother doesn't have a problem with this, though."

"Oh, that. We've always shared each other's secrets, possessions, and so forth. This is the first time we've shared a boyfriend, but we both love you, and hope you feel the same about both of us."

I gave this some thought, then said to her "I do love you both. It'll just get some getting used to, I guess. I'm not used to sharing two women at once, and especially when the two are mother and daughter. I just hope jealousy doesn't rear its ugly head."

"I don't think that will be a problem, since everything's out in the open. Just play it cool, and it'll be OK."

We went to sleep after that. I slept fine that night, and this time, my dreams of Callie were not disturbing to me. I just can't wait for Catherine to get home.

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