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Catherine and Callie - 3

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When Catherine arrived, I met her at the door and gave her a huge hug. Callie came bouncing down the stairs and joined us in a group hug. After we were finished, I carried Catherine's bags up to her bedroom and helped her unpack.

"So have you two been good?" Catherine asked.

"No, Mom, I'm afraid that we've been very bad" was Callie's response.

"Excellent!" said Catherine. "I was hoping you'd say that."

"Mom, I wanted to say thanks for allowing me to fuck Bob this weekend. He's been the subject of many wet dreams for the last several weeks. I'd wake up hot and horny, and have to stick a finger into my pussy to ease my horniness."

"Callie" I began "I've been having similar dreams myself. Mostly they've been of your mother and me, but some have been of you and me. I couldn't figure out what was going on, especially since I've not had a wet dream since I was a teenager myself." We all laughed at the similarities in our dreams when Catherine piped in.

"I've had the same type of dreams, and I've needed to masturbate most mornings when I wake up. I thought it was just me." We laughed again before talking about our relationship.

"Bob, Callie and I have done a lot of talking before this weekend. I think you've figured that out for yourself already. One thing that we discussed was what the future holds for us. I say 'us' since anything that you and I decide will directly affect Callie as well."

It felt like a bombshell was about to drop here. "So what did you decide?"

Callie jumped in. "We know that the sex has been great between you and Mom, but it has been more than just sex. You two have created a bond that can last for a long time."

"And now I find out that the sex between you and Callie was also great. Obviously, the relationship between you and her has changed, so we need to address that." Catherine took a deep breath, then got to the point. "Callie and I agree that you need to move into our house. We'll both act as your wife in almost every way. We've all agreed that the sex is wonderful--let's take that to the next level."

"But Callie" I said, playing devil's advocate, "don't you think you'd be happier with a college aged boy instead of someone old enough to be your father?"

"Age is not as important as the feelings between us. I'm attracted to you on many levels, and I know you and Mom love each other. If we can share all of that, why not?"

Callie smiled sweetly at me while I pondered this. I kept trying to find reasons to say no, but as long as we aren't hiding anything from each other, what harm could there be?

"Bob, we have a bigger house than we need, and we could convert one of the bedrooms to an office. There's plenty of storage here. Just say yes."

"OK, I agree. I'll put my house on the market tomorrow. My friend, a real estate agent, says that my house will probably sell in less than a week."

Again, they found each other in a group hug. Callie was the aggressor this time, reaching down to my cock and rubbing it through my pants. I moaned my approval as I reached out for Catherine's boobs. I rubbed them through her shirt, and could immediately feel her nipples come to attention. As I tweaked them, she and I engaged in a long French kiss. After several seconds, Catherine backed off and removed her t-shirt, exposing her B-cup boobs, then removed my own shirt. We rubbed each other's nipples as Callie reached inside my pants and pulled my stiff 7" cock free of its confines.

Callie paused for a moment to remove her own shirt, showing us her A-cup tits, then unsnapped my pants and slipped them down my legs. She then began licking the length of my cock, slurping as though she had a lollipop. I moved one hand between Catherine's legs, stroking her pussy through her pants. In just a few moments, she unbuttoned her pants and opened her zipper. I slid her pants over her ass and let them fall to the floor. I then put one hand to her shaven pussy lips, and slid a finger into her crevice.

Catherine moaned as my finger quickly slid between her lips and inside her cunt. She was already hot and slick, and I stuck two fingers deep into her crevice. "That feels sooo good, Bob. Keep your fingers inside me!" I moved them around inside her cunt, and her knees began to shake. She had to hold on to my arm tightly as her cunt muscles spasmed around my fingers when she approached her orgasm. "Oh, God, Bob, make me cum!" Cum dripped from her cunt onto my hand and down my forearm as she nearly fell down with her orgasm.

As she recovered, Catherine led me to the bed and laid me on my back. Callie stood up and pulled her pants off; now the three of us were naked. She stood over my cock and squatted down, lowering her pussy closer to my cock. Her inner pussy lips could be clearly seen protruding between her outer lips, and were clearly well-lubricated. Finally, she inserted my cock into her cunt, and it slid in completely with one shove.

Catherine watched her daughter fucking me for the first time, but seemed not to be bothered by it. Quite the contrary, it seemed to turn her on all the more. She climbed onto the bed, sitting on my face. As I fucked Callie's wet pussy, I inserted my tongue as far as I could into her mother's cunt. Callie began moaning between panting breaths as her orgasm fast approached. Catherine reached out and began twisting her daughter's nipples, as I moved up to Catherine's clit. Her work on Callie's nipples did the trick, as Callie nearly screamed "I'm cuuummmminnnng! That's soooo good!!" Her crotch began slapping even harder onto my pubic area as Catherine kept hold of Callie's nipples, and quickly, she came again.

Finally, my oral work on Catherine's clit, combined with the visuals in front of her provided by her daughter, induced another cum from Catherine. I moved from her clit, sucking on her cunt lips to catch her pussy juice. She squeezed her own nipples, and one more cum arrived, nearly drowning me in the process.

At last, I could feel my own cock ready to cum. I increased the pace of my in and out movements in Callie's cunt, and seconds later, shot my cum deep into her cunt.

"Fill me up with your cum, Bob. I can feel it spurting inside me" said Callie as my cock sprayed cum deep within her. We were all covered with sweat by now, and breathing hard, but were all satisfied. Catherine moved off my face toward her daughter, and the two of them engaged in a boob-smashing hug with my cock still buried in Callie's cunt. But Catherine wasn't done. She moved Callie beside us, grabbed my cock, and stuffed it into her cunt even though it was still soft. As she put her knees on either side of me, I could feel my cock begin to harden again as Catherine slid her cunt against my pubic bone.

Callie took her mother's former position, sitting on my face. I sucked and licked her cunt, and almost immediately, she began wiggling with the sensations in her pussy. Her lubricating juices, combined with my cum and hers, made for an interesting flavor as she worked toward orgasm. When I began sucking on her clit, she inhaled sharply and pushed her cunt hard onto my face. In just another moment, she spurted more cum on my face, panting like she'd just run a race.

Catherine watched her daughter as she had another orgasm, and that triggered her own. She began moving faster, faster, with her breathing becoming more ragged as she dripped more cum down my shaft.

As it softened, my dick finally pulled from her cunt with a plop. We disengaged then, with Callie lying on my right side and Catherine on my left.

"Yes, I think that you moving in with us will be the best thing that could happen to us all. I can't wait for that day." Catherine was already looking to a better future.

Callie responded "I think you're right, Mom. And the best part will be that we have no jealousies, just plenty of love to share."

My house indeed sold quickly, and I got much more than I expected in the sale. I think our little threesome is headed for many good times, and especially good fucking.

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