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Caught in the Rain

He was a member of the Board, my superior and I hung on his every word
He was a member of the Board, my superior without a doubt but not exactly my boss. His position was not as an employee but as an expert in his field. I hung on his every word.

I knew that he knew that I was attracted to him. He always had a twinkle in his eye for me and at our Board Meetings, whilst I was furiously scribbling notes and frantically trying to keep up with the goings on I would quite often look up and catch him watching me.

He became my fantasy. He was twenty years older than me, quite well to do and rich but he had this “I want to fuck you” look in his eyes that made me want him so much. Sometimes I would think it was just my imagination, but mostly I knew it wasn’t.

Not that I was expecting anything to happen between us, no way, not a chance. He was married, I knew and we would never move in the same social circles anyway. It was unlikely that we would ever cross paths outside of work. If nothing else, there would simply never be an opportunity. That was fine, I didn’t really want anything to happen between us, but I loved his glances, his happy jokes with me and I could see that during breaks from the work, the times when he didn't disappear altogether, he would make a beeline to talk to me, completely ignoring all the important people that wanted a few words with him.

I don’t know what it was about him. As I said, he was well into his fifties, twenty years older than me, kind of a public school type, very well spoken, average looking really although I could tell there was a fit body lurking beneath those Paul Smith suits. It was his personality that turned me on, his attention to me, the way he laughed and joked and didn’t appear to take life too seriously despite his position. This was one sexy man as far as I was concerned.

One day in the winter, I was in another town not far from where I live, for work. It was raining and just beginning to get dark and I hurried back to my car after my meeting (to which he had also been), using my envelope of papers for a not too functional umbrella. When I reached the car I realised with dismay that I had earlier locked my keys in the car.

Cursing and feeling like crying as the rain got heavier, I decided to make my way back to where the meeting had been, already cold and wet, I knew I could shelter there, get a hot drink and make the necessary phone calls.

As I hurried back, having abandoned the envelope umbrella, with rain water plastering my hair to my face and my clothes to my body, I saw him coming towards me sheltering under a huge golfing umbrella.

“Kate are you ok?” He stopped with his hand on my arm, a look of concern on his face.

Feeling foolish and like a teenager I explained my situation. He laughed and teased me a little and asked where I was going. I explained that I was going back to the meeting room.

He shook his head. “I’ve just left there and the caretaker locked up behind me.” When he saw my distraught expression he reached forward and gently removed a strand of wet hair from my eyes. The intimacy of the act made me jump a little, which he mistook for a shiver of cold.

“Look, I only live a few minutes' drive from here. Come back with me, let’s get you warm and dry and we’ll sort your car out afterwards.”

I was about to protest. I wasn’t sure it was appropriate but I didn’t have too many other options. He stopped me before I could say anything.

“I won’t take no for an answer, you’ll catch your death out here.”

He held the umbrella over us both and steered me towards his shiny Mercedes.

“Don’t worry about getting the seat wet.” He said with a wink. “It’s leather.”

I slid into the passenger seat smiling gratefully and he fired up the engine bringing a welcome blast of almost instant warm air. It was then I started to shiver a little.

As he had promised, within a few minutes we had pulled up outside a big house. He ushered me through the front door.

“Don’t worry, there’s no-one else home.” He reassured me, reading my mind. “Come with me.”

I obediently followed him upstairs to what I assumed was a guest bedroom, complete with en-suite.

“I expect you’d like a hot shower.” He guessed and disappeared, returning with a large fluffy towel and a bath robe.

“Is this yours?” I asked somewhat stupidly, holding up the bathrobe.

He laughed. “Yes, but don’t worry, it’s clean.”

“I wasn’t…” I began and he laughed and went into the en-suite bathroom. I soon heard the blast of the shower and sensed the steam drifting towards the open door.

“I’ll leave you to it.” He said. “Just give me a shout when you’re out, I’ll go and make us a hot drink and stoke up the fire.”

I closed the bedroom door behind him and began peeling off my wet clothes. I was soaked to the skin, underwear and beyond and goosebumps were forming on my skin as I exposed the clammy coldness to the air. Shivering, with nipples so erect with cold they were hurting, I draped my wet clothes over a chair and slipped into the shower, unable to wait any longer for that wonderful hot jet.

Finding some shampoo and shower gel, I stood under the hot water and washed my hair. I began soaping my body, allowing lather to cascade over me. I was so into it; it was so welcome after feeling so cold and wet that I didn’t want to get out. I soaped my arms and legs and then turned my attention to my breasts, bubbles were clinging to my still erect nipples and I couldn’t resist caressing them for a while, soapy fingers sliding and massaging my firm breasts. I was thinking about him, the situation I had found myself in and even about the possibilities of what could happen next and I felt a familiar throbbing in my cunt as the suds slid down my body and between my legs.

As I put my hand between my legs to wash myself, I couldn’t resist flicking a finger over my swollen clit. Mmmm I knew I wanted to make myself cum right there in his shower.

It was then, that I suddenly caught a glance of him. In the curved, reflective, chrome of the shower head I could see him in the doorway. It was too steamy to make out much, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I knew he was there.

My pussy contracted and throbbed at this discovery, and I carried on. Making sure my eyes were closed but that my body was positioned where he could see me I carried on soaping my body, rolling my nipples around between my fingers and sliding fingers around in my cunt. The shower had two sides of glass and I squashed my ass up against one side so that he could see it pressed against it from the other side and making sure he could see what I was doing I parted my lips and frigged my clit until I was moaning with pleasure. As I came I smiled to myself, wondering if he had enjoyed the show. Rinsing off, I set my face straight and stepped out of the shower.

Despite the fact that I had known he was there I was shocked at what was before me. He had pulled a chair to the bathroom doorway and was sitting, dressed only in my damp, lacy, lilac coloured French style panties, his enormous erection pasted across his hip with the tightness of them, a darker wet patch forming at the end of where his cock lay.

I was dripping wet and naked, standing before him and all I could do was look at him. For his age, his body was amazing, with still a hint of a tropical tan and a beautiful spread of dark hair across his toned chest and creeping in a seductive line down to the waist of my knickers.

“You’re a sexy little bitch.” He said, in his posh accent which made my pussy throb again. He was stroking his cock through my lacy panties. “You knew I was watching you and you loved it.”

“You’re wearing my knickers.” I said, stating the obvious.

“Mmm.” He replied, unashamed. “I came into the room to get your clothes to put in the tumble drier and when I saw your damp panties I just had to smell and lick the crotch. Then I wanted to feel where your wet little cunt has been against my hard cock.”

He was still stroking through the material, his cock straining and stretching the pattern in the lace and his heavy balls hanging out the side of the thin crotch.

“Come here Kate, let me suck on those beautiful tits.” He held out his hands and pulled me towards him. I sat on his lap, straddling him, completely naked. My smooth hairless pussy grinding against his constrained rod.

Leaning down kissed my throat, down to my collar bone and then he took a nipple into his mouth. His sucking was hard and it made me wince a little until I got used to it. He was biting and squeezing and his breathing was hard and ragged.

“Whenever I look down the table at you at meetings I want to fuck you. You know that I am sitting there with my dick so hard and all you do is play up to me. You make me wank about you all the time you little cock tease. Sometimes in the break I have to go into the bathroom and shoot my load about you and I always do it again when I get home.”

I loved that, the thought of him wanking about me, God that turned me on. Especially considering the times I had brought myself to orgasm thinking about him.

He was kissing me roughly, his tongue probing my mouth, pulling my wet hair into a pony tail he was pulling my head back, exposing my throat and breasts to him and all the time he was bouncing gently up and down on the chair so I could feel his hot prick grinding though the lace against my even hotter cunt. I didn’t know whether it was my juices seeping onto him or his precum collecting between us but I could feel the sticky wetness.

“You knew I was watching you in the shower, giving me that little show you horny little cunt. What were you thinking about as you were bringing yourself off? Feeling my cock in your hot little hole?”

His talk was making me so horny that I thought I was going to cum there and then, I was grinding against his cock and moaning as his tongue and teeth raked across my upper body. He moved his hands from my hair and placed one on either ass cheek, squeezing them hard, pulling them apart.

Between each lustful pant he continued talking. “You know what horny little bitches get don’t you?”

I was kissing him, sliding my tongue into his mouth, wrapping my legs tighter around his waist. “A good fucking.” I replied.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me, Charlie, I want you to fuck me hard.” He was bouncing harder now, rubbing that big cock against my clit. “Let me feel your big hard cock in my cunt.”

Holding tightly to my ass he stood up, my legs still round his waist, and carried me to the bed. Practically throwing me down on the bed he immediately moved between my legs and pulling his thick cock free of the panties he rammed it straight into my pussy. Gasping in surprise and passion I wrapped my legs around him again as he fucked my tight hole.

He was groaning, still talking as well. “Fucking Hell, I knew you would be tight, I have waited so long to feel your hot pussy around my prick.” He was thrusting his cock in and out of me, fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked before. He was making me moan and within seconds I was thrashing around in the throes of the most amazing orgasm. He was biting on my nipple as I came, just finding that boundary between pleasure and pain.

“That’s it baby.” He mumbled against my breast, letting his dirty talk guard down for just a moment, but then it was back. “You cum on my cock, that’s it, squirt your fuck juices all over me. I’m going to lick them all out of you in a minute. Once I have filled you up.”

My pussy was contracting around his cock and he rammed it in and out of me and within moments I was cumming again. His moans got louder. I had never been with someone so vocal before and it was so horny, especially all the dirty talk coming out in his very proper accent.

“You little slut, God you fuck well. Ohhhh, yes I’m filling you up!”

Our bodies were slapping together as he pounded me and he stopped suddenly and I could feel his hot cream emptying into me as he practically shouted with the release and relief of it.

For a few minutes we lay there, his head resting on my chest, getting our breath back. He came face to face with me and kissed me, slowly and gently as he pulled out of me.

Pulling me gently to my feet he wrapped the bathrobe around my shoulders, hugging me to him as he did.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever met.” He told me. “I have wanted to fuck you for so long.” He kissed me. “I have a fire going downstairs. Shall we go down there because now I have fucked you I want to make love to you.”

For the second time that afternoon I followed him obediently.

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