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Caught in the Storm

The last motel had one last room for them both...
"I'll be careful, Mrs. H.," Robbie said confidently. "I've been making the drive now for four years, and we're leaving ahead of the storm. It shouldn't catch up to us."

Mrs. Henry looked back and forth between the slightly grubby college senior and her daughter, Emily. She did not want to let Emily drive back to school with him, but she had little choice in the matter. It had been planned that way, and Kevin, Emily's father, was on a plane en route to Detroit at the moment. So there was no choice. She sighed. "Fine. Just promise me, promise me Pete, that if things get bad you'll get off of the road. Okay?"

He nodded. "Sure, no problem, I promise."

"Oh great!" Emily said enthusiastically. It had been clear that she had been dreading the six-hour drive back to college with one of her parents. Now that she was with a fellow college student, she was ectastic. "My stuff's ready," Emily assured Pete.

"Okay good, let's get going. I don't want to be driving over the mountains in this storm."

The moment that they got into the car and drove off, Emily was plugged into to the cell phone. She called, texted, called more, texted more and generally kept her head down into the phone for at least the first ninety minutes of the drive. Pete had not said one word. She was entertaining, on one level, but on another she was immature and showing it. Not that twenty-two was all that much more mature than eighteen, he knew, but there was a gulf between them.

Finally, she put the phone down. "We're getting closer to the mountains aren't we?" she asked.

"Yes, we are," he replied. He glanced at the side view mirror. "I'm not sure if this weather is catching up to us or not. Can you check on your phone?" he asked.

"Sure," she said. She went to the Weather Channel. After a few moments she made an expression of uncertainty. "It uh, looks like it sped up or something," she said, holding the phone up to show him the radar image. Everything behind them was covered in the blue colored precipitation, indicating snow. "The prediction models show it hitting this area in about twenty minutes."

"Damn, snow storms don't usually move this fast!" he said, and checked his speed and gas. He pressed down on the accelerator, but could not keep up a higher speed. His car had over one hundred and fifty thousand miles on it, and couldn't maintain very high speeds for long. But the streaming clouds of snow began to catch up to them not fifteen minutes later. By the time they were pulling into the mid-point, a smallish mountain town, the snow was falling heavily and looked to get worse.

"I'm getting a hotel room," Pete said. Emily looked over and noted that Pete sounded scared.

"Uh, okay," she said. "One room, or two?"

"Two, if they have it," he said. She nodded. "I hope that they do." They pulled into a Comfort Inn and learned that it was fully booked. And that the other major chain hotel was also fully booked. The only place that had rooms was a cheap, road-side motel that catered to truckers or other cheap people. Pete pulled in, and looked at Emily. "Let's hope this place still has some rooms."

They got out of the car, and walked up to the front office. A fat, unkempt man leered out at them. "Help you?" he said insolently.

"We need a room, two if you have it."

"Got only one," he said. "Yours if you want it."

They looked at each other. "We'll take it."

"One hundred bucks."

"Seriously, for this place?" Emily blurted out.

The man glared at her. "You gotta better place to stay, sister?" he demanded.

"No, we don't," Pete said, and put his hand on her arm to calm her down.

"Good, 'cuz I'd hate to jack up the rate another ten bucks just for putting up with the little slut's mouth," he said. Pete held her arm hard, and yanked the cash out of his wallet.

"Keys," Pete demanded. The man took the money, and handed the key over to Pete.

"Don't break nothin," he warned them both.

"We won't," Pete said, and yanked a fuming Emily away.

"That...that fuck called me a slut!" she said.

"I know, he was being an asshole, and hoping to goad you into it," Pete said. "Some people are like that, pay it no mind. Let's get to our room before that fuck gives it to someone else."

When they unlocked the door and peered inside, Emily let out a mewling sound of dismay, and Pete whistled low. "Jesus, what a fucking dump," he muttered, yet pulled Emily inside. They propped up the one chair to the door as an added defense.

"I guess you can have the bed," Pete said graciously. "I'll sleep on the floor."

They made their calls, and Emily sugar-coated the hotel conditions when speaking with her mother. She did make the mistake of admitting they were staying the same room together. "There were no more hotel rooms, MOTHER, and there's already four inches of snow on the damn ground. Would you prefer that I die in a car accident or sleep in a hotel room with a man?" she demanded furiously. The venom stirred up by the jackass at the counter was released on her mother. But it was over quickly. Emily thumbed the phone off and looked up at Pete. "She says that you're not to touch me, and that everyone expects you to behave like a gentleman!"

Pete laughed. "Given the condition of this room, I'm not sure that I want to take my clothes off in here!"

Emily looked around sadly. "Yeah," she agreed under her breath. "Pity," she said softer yet.

She had a moment to herself when Pete used the bathroom. She shook her head at the circumstances. She had lived across the street from Pete for her entire life. When they were younger they were occasional playmates, but that ended once Pete hit his teens. He was too busy, anyway, with baseball and other sports. Once Emily hit that same age, she understood why she never saw Pete. She was so busy with things herself. But through all of that, she never let go of the teenager-like crush that she had on Pete.

In her eyes, he was as good-looking as a man could be. He was naturally strong and athletic, and moved with a natural grace that she envied. She'd seen him shirtless many times, and marveled at his chiseled physique. More than once she had day-dreamed about running her hands slowly over his musculed abdomen. In the days before she learned what men and women could do together with some privacy, that dream always ended abruptly and without a satisfying end. Being more experienced only allowed her to see the next parts. Still, the dreams were no where as near as good as the man himself, and here she was, stuck in a motel room with him. But damn, was the room seedy.

He emerged from the bathroom and looked at the floor. "Well, it's late, I guess we should just get to bed. There's nothing else to do."

Sure there is she thought. "Okay, I guess. You sure that you're okay on the floor?"

"No," he chuckled, "but it will do." The clock said ten-fifteen, and they turned out the lights. Emily tossed and turned in the bed, unable to get comfortable. She sat up suddenly when a gust of wind slammed against the motel. It was a forceful blow, and it made the window begin to whistle. "Oh no," she moaned. "Does that mean cold air is seeping into this room?" she asked. "Pete? Can you check?"

He groaned as he climbed off of the floor, and went to check. "Damn," he muttered. "We're going to freeze in here tonight if this wind keeps blowing. You got any extra blankets or anything with you?" he asked her.

"No. Do you?"

"No. I'll check the closet."

"I won't hold my breath."

"Wise," he chuckled bitterly. He opened the closet. "Empty," he reported.

"Great. Maybe we should get more clothing?" she asked.

"I guess. I can't sleep with that much stuff on, usually," he admitted. "I'll just try to get to bed here."

Emily laid back down as Pete shut off the light. She laid on her back, staring at the ceiling. Her thoughts were jumbled. Sex was intermingling with the desire for warmth. She shivered, as the blankets were thin and not doing a good job of keeping her warm, and the damned wind was whistling through their clattertrap window. "Pete? You still awake?"

"Yeah, I am," came his soft voice from the floor.

"Come to bed. I hope you're warmer," she added, in case he got the wrong idea.

"Okay, hold on," she said, and he stood up. He climbed into bed with her, and they spooned, snuggling up against one another. She relaxed as his body provided some needed warmth, but the close physical touching was leading her mind down all sorts of intriguing avenues. His head was above hers, and geometry put his mouth close to her ear. His breathing was steady but not the kind of steady breathing that came with sleep. He was awake.

He shifted, just a little, and she had to stifle a gasp. She had felt something down by her butt, and she felt a trickle of excitement. Was it his erection? Was he erect? She wanted to giggle girlishly with the thought, but resisted it. She sensed that her own loins were reacting to his body pressing against hers. For years she had envisioned this. Did she dare take advantage of the situation? She repositioned her body, and hoped that she was pressing her butt against his crotch.

She felt it then, a definite hardness. She wanted to moan with excitement, but could not allow that to escape. Yet. Instead, she wiggled her hips a little, just to see what he might do. The response was for him to drop his hand on her hip, and turn his hand so that he could hook his fingers into her pelvic bone. It was subtle, but he was definitely pressing her body against his.

"Mmmm," she said softly, wondering what kind of response she might get, "this feels warm, better. You okay?" she asked throatily.

"Yes," he said through a hitch in his voice. "I'm good."

"Everything okay?"

"Oh yeah," he said, and the tone changed. She instinctively knew that he had a smile on his face, probably a sly one. "I am finding it a little hard to go to sleep."

She racked her brains. How could she work "wet" into a witty comeback? Think, Em! Think! She shifted mental gears as quickly as she could.

"I'm finding it hard too," she admitted.
Once again, more pressure was applied, pulling her more tightly into his body. "This is a snug fit."

"Things are better when they are snug and tight," she agreed. "I'm feeling much warmer too," she added.

"Is it a dry heat?" he asked.

Very good, Pete! She admired his way with words. "No, it's not a dry one."

"The wet heat is the best kind," Pete murmurred.

"Hot, wet and tight," she said softly, and allowed him to pull her hard against his full (but still fully clothed) erection. "Quite the threesome!"

"Mmmm," he said softly. "Can you think of anything that might be a good, snug fit?"

"Oh, one thing, or another," she purred softly. His hand released her hip, and began to travel up her body. It rested on the swell of her breast, and she had to sigh gently. His hand squeezed the flesh, which made her shiver with desire. She reached her arm around behind her, and dug at his ass, trying to pull his erection against her body. She turned her head, and he got up on one arm, and met her open mouth with his.

Their kiss was tentative at first, but swiftly became fiery and passionate. Both young people quested for pleasure, for giving and granting, and their tongues dueled in a most satisfying way. She broke the kiss only to gasp several times for air, before resuming it hard.

Their bodies were grinding against one another. She felt his hardness against her butt, and was beginning to wonder how well-endowed he was! The thought swirled in her mind with many others, all joining to create the most delicious feeling of arousal.

The whistling of the window added to the atmosphere somehow. It was like they were lovers in a harsh world, and only their warmth and need for each other existed. All the other stuff, like the wild exterior weather, fell away in the moment of heated passion.

She groaned freely when he released her breast, and slid his hand quickly under her shirt. He slipped her breast out from the bra, and held the pert flesh in his hand. His fingers rolled expertly around her stiff nipple, and the sensations made her moan again and shudder with pleasure. She released his ass, and moved her hand to the front of his crotch. It hurt, and so she had to turn her arm to press the palm against the front of his pants. She felt the hardness trapped behind those jeans.

He released her other breast, as she fumbled blindly at his jeans button. She finally did it, and found his zipped, and undid that. She moaned quietly as he slowly massaged her breasts. She reached her hands into the undone pants and moaned again when her fingers brushed up against the heated hardness of his cock. She found it and held it, and her eyes opened in amazement.

"Oh my god," she whispered hotly. "Pete, oh my god!" She released him and quickly twisted her body to lie on her back. He yanked her shirt up and bent his head to her nipple, pulling it fiercely into his mouth. He rolled the button of flesh around his tongue for several long, pleasant moments. She shimmied her way out of her shirt, and began yanking at him to do the same.

When he was finally shirtless, she rolled him onto his back and knelt atop his body. She looked down at him. The lights from outside seeped in around the too-small windows shades, and provided enough light for her to see how chiseled he was. With a sense of dreamlike admiration, she ran her hands slowly over his body. "I have wanted to do this for years," she breathed quietly.

"Your blossomed yourself," he said, reaching up to cup her heavy, full breasts in his hands. "Very nicely, I might add."

She grinned at him, and dropped herself down onto his body. Skin on skin was pure electric, and their kissing reached new heights of need. His arms wrapped around her back and held her tightly against him.

Damn, he's so strong!

She felt his hands begin to work at the waist of her jeans. She sat up suddenly, kneeling over him once again. Wordlessly, she reached down and undid the button of her jeans, and unzipped her pants. She then bent back down to his fervent kiss. His hands slid her pants down easily over her ass, and his strong hands now cupped the firm flesh of her buttocks.

Suddenly, he rolled her onto her back, and she felt his hardness pressing against her crotch. It made her moan again. She opened her eyes to look up at him, and realized that this was the dream come true. It was great that it was Pete, but to have a man looking down at her with such a mixture of need and adoration was truly beautiful. She looked down and saw the head of his penis sticking out of the waist of his underwear. She moved her hands and felt him. He groaned with good pleasure as she began lightly fondling the tool.

All of her previous experiences were being buried by this one, she realized. There had been some sticky fumbling here and there, some good oral sex now and again, but this, this was totally different. This was all encompassing, mind and body both fully stoked with the need for sex. Soon, she would be receiving his powerful, violent thrusts as he own sex clenched and enveloped his marauding rod. It would be...heavenly.

But first thing's first.

She yanked at his pants, and he scrambled out of them. She pushed him back down onto the bed, and moved her head over his rock-hard body. His hands fell onto her head and shoulders, and then she reached out to hold him in her hands.

Ohmygod he's so fucking hard.

Yet, over that hardness was velvety skin that she'd never felt before. As the head of his cock neared her mouth, she inhaled sharply through her nose, and found his musky scent to be very masculine, and very very arousing. When she popped his organ into her mouth, she felt a shiver of lust ripple through her. It felt electric to be orally pleasing him. She began to work the tool as best as she could.

"Easy, easy," he moaned, and put his hands on her head. "Damn, less teeth!"

She felt badly all that once. "Sorry," she muttered. "Not very good at this!"

"Hell, just relax, and take your time," he advised. "Like, swirl your tongue around and go in and out and up and down. Vary things."

"Okay," she muttered before slipping him deliciously back into her mouth. This time, guided by his words, she sensed how much more pleasing it was for him. The way that his stomach occasionally jerked up and down was signal enough that he was truly savoring her work. Finally, she released him.

He made no sounds, and just quickly tossed her back on the bed and yanked her jeans and panties off of her. She had been fully naked before boys before, but something about his smoldering gaze made her feel at once self-conscious and totally beautiful. It was hard to understand the dichotomy. But then his tongue pressed against her clit, and any real thought that she had was lost.

The pleasure was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her back was arched, and quickly rose up off of the bed. He reached his hands under her, to cup her ass cheeks and keep her in the air, and she realized that she had opened up her body even more to his demanding mouth and tongue. She groaned as his tongue slid deliciously over her clit, and then she shuddered wildly as he changed technique, and began long, slow tongue-drags over the length of organ. A single finger slipped easily into the tunnel of her sex, and the invader was quickly encased by her body's strong muscles. He began to slide his finger in and out, and she was losing the control over her voice.

It was now "oohs" and "aahs" and feminine groans of complete ecstasy. He kept thrumming on her clit with his tongue, and then she felt it. The orgasm was onrushing, and it was coming so fast and with such force that she instinctively knew nothing would stop it. When it hit, she began to spasm wildly, and she held her hands on his head, gripping his hair and pulling him wildly against her body as she thrust her hips towards him. But then he didn't stop, and the pleasure went from mind-blowing to far too much, and she had to push him away and squeal. "Stop!"

He did, and he rolled onto his back. "Ride me," he whispered. "I want to watch those wonderful boobs as you ride me!"

"Okay," she said, and held him and guided him into her. As his meaty, thick cock penetrated her, she had to cry out loud. "Jesus it's so fucking big, I don't know if I can take it!"

"Y-yes you can!" he groaned as she slowly impaled himself on his impressive tool. Finally, she reached the bottom, and began to rock back and forth gently.

"Oh oh oh yeah!" she gasped, as now her body was rewarded with a whole new set of pleasures. Sex had never been like this before. She understood why other girls had talked so lovingly about sex. She got it now. She began to raise up, and tilt her hips up and down to get a better, more penetrating action. She came again, as the friction of his cock and against her clit drove her right over the edge of that need.

His fingers rolled her nipples almost painfully, and once he gave her heavy breast a quick SLAP! She had squealed, just as she had squealed when he slapped her naked ass. But then he pushed her off, and nudged her into the doggy position. She had never taken it like that, and when his monster cock invaded her, and she realized that this position made it feel that much bigger, she groaned. "It's so goddamn big so big!" she moaned, wiggling her hips. "Fuck me hard, Pete!"

"Oh yeah!" he agreed, and then she was rewarded with a violent movement that ended with his balls slapping loudly against her skin. The action was violent, and there was no "love" in his act. It was all instinct, as both were driven by needs that were only unlocked through good sex. She came again, this time creaming all over his cock, and she had to bite her pillows to keep from venting a full-voice scream of total pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum!" he suddenly moaned.

She pulled away wildly. She had never done it before, but she had to have him shoot his cum on her tits! "Come on my tits, Pete, please! Cum on them!"

He stroked his cock fast, so fast that it was almost a blur, and aimed the head of his tool towards her boobs. Finally, he rolled his head back and made a deep, guttural sound. He thrust his hips forward once, and then the first jet of steaming hot cum erupted from his cock. It splattered on her boobs, and she moaned in that porno-slut voice. She kept receiving spurt after spurt of hot cum, and she reached up to feel it. It was slippery and hot and not unpleasant, and she scooped up some on her finger, and brought it to her mouth to taste it.

The taste was okay, but the whole thing was so damned hot. Finally, he was spent, and collapsed into the bed. She did not get up to wipe the cum away because now that the sex was over, she realized how fucking cold the room was. She did use a towel or something to at least wipe up some of the stuff, but then she slid under the covers and pulled Pete close.

"I'm glad that we got caught in the storm, Pete."

"Me, too, Emily. Me too!"

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