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CDA: The Blonde

The continuation of the erotic adventures of an Australian defence agent
This story continues on from the previous chapter, “CDA: The Brunette”, recounting the erotic adventures of an Australian defence agent.

It was well after eight in the evening when I arrived home from the ‘office’. It had been a long and stressful day, no thanks to Sarah; however, there had been a pleasant surprise on the way home.

After attending the debriefing for the previous night’s assignment, regarding the German delegate, I discovered that the information I had gathered at the UN dinner had been incomplete. It had been revealed by another agent in Munich that the bastard had been lying about his travels. The German had in fact visited the state run chemical plants in Bolivia twice over the past six months and he had made large cash payments to the directors.

It is not often that I do not get all that I need from a source. I shouldn’t have let that Brunette pull the wool over my eyes like that. Sarah and the other top brass were not at all pleased with the way I had handled myself. Word around the agency was that I tended to fuck a lot during assignments, but never before has my indiscretions lead to such a large lapse in my assessment of an operative. Redemption was in order. I was to be sent to Bolivia the following day to gather intelligence about these chemical plants and their activities.

While I had been on the train travelling home, I had been so lost in my own thoughts of what was awaiting me in Bolivia that I was barely aware of a blonde woman slowly getting up out of her seat on the far side of the carriage and moving through the other commuters towards me. The closer she became the more certain I was that this was the same sexy blonde woman whom I had been pressed up against this morning on the train into work. As she slowly sleuthed towards me, she stroked aside several strands of blonde hair that had fallen loose from behind her ear. Keeping her eyes shyly turned away from my own, she stopped directly in front of me and hurriedly turned so that she faced away from me.

It seemed like my imagination at first, but the blonde was slowly moving herself backwards, inching closer and closer to me, until he ass was pressed firmly up against my crotch. The blonde woman timed her motions with the train so that as the carriage swayed to one side, she swayed her bottom half to the other side. As surprised as I was for this sudden behaviour, I was becoming harder by the second as a result of the affection being given to me by this sexy creature in front of me. The blonde slightly turned her head to the side and whispered to me, “You never finished what you started earlier”, as she continued to grind herself into my throbbing erection.

“What is it you presume I started earlier?” I whispered back, leaning in so that my lips were caressing her right earlobe.

“I felt you on the train this morning. You were pushed right up against me, as ‘hard’ as you are now” the blonde replied as she turned her head so that her lips brushed my own.

As I pulled slightly back from the kiss I whispered, “My apologies, my mind was somewhere else.”

“Where is it now?” she breathed as she looked deep into my eyes.

She stifled a moan as I responded, “Between your legs.”

The little black skirt that she was wearing had started to ride up as she continued to rub against me. It was all becoming a little too much for me as I looked around and was greeted with the leering eyes of my fellow passengers. My station was fast approaching, along with my imminent orgasm. I grasped the blonde around the waste, leading her towards the train carriage doors. When the doors opened we spilled out of the carriage, hanging back as the other commuters raced ahead on their way home. As the train left the station we found ourselves to be the only two left on the platform.

The blonde, wearing a huge grin gently pushed me against the metal fence, which acted as a boundary to the platform. She looked up at the screen which shows when the next train would be arriving and seeing that we had ten minutes she gave me a wicked smile, turned and bend over so that her ass was again pushed up against my hardened cock. As the blonde bent forward grabbing her ankles with her hands, her petite black skirt shifted up to reveal a bare ass and a glistening pussy. Sometime during the exit from the train and the throng of commuters moving past us, the blonde had managed to remove and discard her panties. I wasted no time in unzipping the fly of my trousers and removing my erect member. I slowly slid my cock along the exterior of her lips, coating my dick with her wetness. Before long she gave an encouraging groan and I slid deep inside of her until my trousers were pressed up against her ass. I momentarily withdrew from her burning pussy, before plunging back inside of her sweet goodness.

As I grunted loudly with each thrust, the blonde responded with a groaning moan that spurred me on to increase my pace and my intensity. Before long her pussy was tightening around my hard cock and I could feel her wetness spilling out around my dick. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I released a torrent of cum into her sweet pussy.

I withdrew myself from within her and tucked my now softening dick back into my trousers. The blonde gave a pleasant sigh, straitening up and recomposing herself. She turned one final time to face me, smoothing out the creases in her skirt with her hands. She leaned into me, placing her hands on my chest and passionately kissed me on the lips as I embraced her dazzling figure.

When the train pulled up to the station we looked like any other couple kissing one another goodbye. She sheepishly smiled at me, then turned and boarded the train. I did not wait to see it off, instead turning and heading home.

As I closed the apartment door behind me and switched on the lights I could feel my anticipation for the coming assignment growing. Moving through my apartment I began my evening ritual of removing my clothing, starting with my jacket and tie, then my cufflinks, collared shirt, shoes, and finally my belt, trousers, socks and underwear. By the time I had reached my bedroom I was naked and not surprisingly very aroused. Had someone been watching the brunette and me? That noise I had heard coming from the chair in the corner had felt like a dream when I had heard it the previous night, but it had seemed so real. When I had awoken the next morning I had anxiously looked to the corner of the room where that comfortable looking chair had sat. Alas, to my dismay there was nothing there but a floor lamp. I concluded aloud, “It must have been a dream “.

I had already eaten while at work and I was happily tired from my erotic escapades which had taken place on the journey home. I quickly brushed my teeth, slipped into my pyjamas and switched the light off as I crawled into bed. I was still very excited, but it would have to wait. There would be plenty of opportunities to ‘take care’ of myself in South America.

I had been dreaming of my night in Bratislava with Claire and that glorious pearl necklace I had bestowed upon her neck, when I was abruptly awoken from my blissful sleep. Someone was standing between the doorframes masked in the darkness of the room. As the person slowly moved towards my bed, the moonlight streamed in from the window cascading over her, revealing that she was naked. She was Sarah. Speaking to me clearly, Sarah announced, “It wasn’t a dream.”

To be continued...

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