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CDA: The Redhead

A secret agent becomes involved with the flight attendant while flying high in the skies
I had almost missed my flight. I was the last person to board the aircraft, with several of the other passengers giving me looks of annoyance as I moved past them through the first class cabin to my window seat in the last row of the business class cabin.

I was being sent to Bolivia for a secretive assignment as a part of my role as an agent for the Australian Covert Defence Agency (CDA). My task was to investigate TMI, a chemical manufacturer located just outside of La Paz in Bolivia. My cover would be as an executive for IMCD Australia, a large chemical distributor seeking to expand its distribution network into South America.

Seeing as I had a part to play, I was wearing a close cut black Gucci suit, accompanied by a bold red tie and a pair of polished black shoes. I had on my left wrist a 1954 Omega Sea Masters wrist watch, which always seemed to bring me good luck. As a final touch, my hair was done in a sleek side comb. To anyone that saw me I looked like just another successful businessman on his way to an important meeting. However, seeing as I technically wouldn’t be starting my ‘assignment’ until I touched down in La Paz tomorrow afternoon, I might as well have some fun.

As I looked around the cabin it seemed that it would be a fairly empty flight, with only four other passengers seated in business class. As I casually looked from person to person to see if any of them would be a worthwhile endeavour, I noticed the flight attendant moving through the cabin and greeting each of the passengers.

She must have been around 5’8” with long slender legs, a firm posterior and a slim figure. She was wearing the standard flight attendant uniform, being a dark blue skirt, a white blouse and a matching blue necktie. Yet it was clear that her skirt was too short for her long legs, ending two inches higher than it probably should. Also, her blouse had one too many of its buttons undone, giving anyone that dared look the slightest glimpse of her cleavage. But that wasn’t what attracted me to her. No, all of that was barely noticeable. What really caught my eye was her lovely red hair, which was done up in a stylish long messy bun.

She gradually moved through the cabin, slowly making her way towards me in the rear. As she was about to introduce herself to the gentleman closest to me, she glanced up and caught me staring at her. She paused a moment, gave me a curious smile and proceeded in her introduction. As I waited for her to come to me, it seemed like she was taking her time in finishing her conversation. Every so often she would look up at me and give me one of her devilish smiles. By the time she started moving towards me, I was somewhat of a mess. I had to recompose myself if this was going to work.

When she finally did reach me, instead of standing in the aisle to speak with me like she had with everyone else, she sat in the empty seat next to me. Smoothing out her skirt the redhead introduced herself and placed her left hand on my right thigh. She explained that she would be taking care of me during the flight.

“If there is anything that you want, you need not hesitate to ask,” she said

I replied with a simple “Ok,” as she removed her hand from my thigh, got up out of the seat and slowly walked towards the front of the aircraft. At the last moment before reaching the curtain she turned her head and winked at me.

“This is going to me a good flight,” I said to myself as I did up my seat belt and prepared for takeoff.

Travelling from Sydney to La Paz is normally a long and tedious journey. However, I was anything but bored as the aircraft levelled off from its climb at cruising altitude. I was in a constant state of arousal as I waited for what I knew would be eventually coming.

Every so often the redhead would move through the cabin serving passengers with beverages and food, as well as providing the occasional blanket or pillow. I was becoming restless. By no means was I being neglected. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The redhead was constantly coming over to me and having little chats about my ‘work’ and her life. This was the problem. All of this attention and talking with her was making me want her more and more. I needed release. I needed to touch those lips, wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close to me.

It was still a few hours until it would be dark and I knew that would be the time for me to make my move. As I waited, counting down the seconds, I started to think about last night when Sarah had showed up unannounced at my apartment in the middle of the night and seduced me. As I thought about what we had done, I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, the cabin was dark and it was silent save for the gentle hum of the engines. I became aware that I was not seated alone, noticing the redhead curled up next to me with her head resting in my lap. I looked around and could see that the other passengers in the cabin were fast asleep, with their seats in the skybed position. I reached down, trying not to wake her, and carefully stroked her hair. I felt her start to stir and took my hand away from her head. She sheepishly looked up at me, becoming somewhat panicked as she realised what she had been doing.

“I’m so sorry,” the red head whispered to me. “I was coming around to see if you wanted anything, but you were sleeping. I don’t know what came over me; I just felt a need to curl up with you and rest my eyes. Oh my God! I hope nobody saw me.”

Trying to comfort her, I motioned to the sleeping passengers in the cabin and whispered back, “I’m sure no one saw you. Look around, everyone seems to be fast asleep.”

The redhead seemed to calm down. “I hope you're right. I can’t afford to get fired right now”.

“Everything is going to be fine,” I said as I resumed stroking her hair, bringing her towards me so that her head was resting on my shoulder.

She instinctively put her arms around me and went soft in my arms. After what seemed like hours of holding this beautiful woman, I repositioned myself so that I was staring into her eyes and her mine. As she looked back and forth from my eyes to my mouth, I leaned in and took her lips with mine.

As we passionately kissed each other my hands started to explore her body. I let my hands move across her back and down to her waist, over her bum and back up around to her breasts. They were firm, yet soft enough to cup with my hands and lift them ever so slightly.

Our making out was becoming more and more intense. The redhead reached up to her blouse and undid three more of her buttons, giving me a magnificent view of her breasts, which were practically spilling out of her white lace bra. She then leaned in, giving me a nice long kiss, exploring my tongue with hers. This was becoming too much for me to handle and it would seem that she felt the same way.

The redhead pulled away from the kiss and leaned into my right ear whispering, “I need you, now!”

She then mounted me, pushing me back against the seat and pressing a button which transformed the seat into a flat skybed. I reached down to undo my belt and unzip my trousers. The redhead reached into my underpants and pulled out my hard dick, pushing her panties to one side and lowering herself onto me.

There I was, this gorgeous woman riding me in the business class cabin while everyone slept. As she raised and lowered herself on top of me, she started to get a little rough. The redhead started to grind herself hard into me, softly moaning every time her clit would rub up against my public bone. I could feel how tight and wet she was and knew that neither of us would last very long. I reached up with one hand to cup her left breast and with the other I reached around to grab her ass, holding her tight against me. The sight of her riding me was unbelievable and I could feel myself getting close.

She grabbed my right hand, pinning it to the bed and looked into my eyes as I approached the point of no return. Suddenly, she gave out a low moan and started trembling on top of me as she climaxed. That was all I needed, erupting inside of her, as I brought her into a tight embrace.

As we came down from our euphoria, I looked around to see if anyone had bared witness to our little bit of fun. The redhead slid off of me, doing up her buttons and pulling her skirt down. She gave me one more kiss and whispered, “This isn’t over,” as she walked away down the aisle.

To be continued...

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