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Ceremony of The Sun

Sexual adventure of a young college in an Aztec Ritual
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at



Ceremony of The Sun


By Donato


Arlene was a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in Ancient American Civilizations. Currently she was focused on the 12th century Aztec tribes in central America and was attending a seminar with her long time friend Kathy. Both women were close to beginning their dissertations and were keenly interested in this particular seminar as it was moderated Dr. Hector Altar. Dr. Altar was world famous for his work on the Aztec and himself was descended from the Aztec.


The seminar was coming to a close when Dr. Altar announced that he was looking for some volunteers to help him on a dig that following summer. Anyone who was interested was invited to stop by his office and discuss the assignment. It would be for a month and travel to central America would be required.


Arlene looked at Kathy and said, "Now that's an interesting thought. A month in the jungle with Dr. Altar, hmmmm, I wonder...".


"Arlene, I know you have a crush on him but so does every other female for fifty miles," replied Kathy.


"I know, but I'm still going to interview, just for the hell of it."


"I wouldn't, if I were you."


"Why not?"


"Well, I heard on the last dig he was on, there was only one female student that went and she mysteriously dropped out of school after it. In fact, she never even came back. All the school got was a letter saying she wasn't returning."


"Oh Kath, that's an age old wife's tale. I certainly don't believe it."


Arlene called Dr. Altar's office the following morning to schedule an appointment. She was surprised when they asked if she could come that day.


She arrived at 4 P.M. and was asked to wait in an outside office as another interview was under way. In all, she waited another 35 minutes and then was escorted into his office. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He was out of his teaching clothes and had on athletic shorts and a muscle tee shirt. He was very handsome and had a gorgeous physique. She was particularly attracted to the bulge in his crotch. He looked to be hung like a horse.


"Please excuse my appearance Miss Slade. I am on my way to the gym after we talk."


"Oh, no problem Prof. It just caught me a little off guard." She was in instant lust with him.


He looked at her intently with his dark eyes and she could feel herself falling under his spell. She would do anything for this man. Even more, if he fucked her.


He explained to her that prior to the actual expedition, there would be much class work and at home prep. She said she was willing to do that and more.


He also told her that they would be studying the ancient religious rites of the Aztec and if she had any hang-ups about human sacrifice she was free not to go and he would find someone else. Again she agreed.


He looked at her and said, "Arlene, I think you will do just fine. If you are willing, I am offering you the fellowship. Will you accept?"


She was dumbfounded, but she managed a yes and that was that.



It had been almost four months since Arlene had accepted her fellowship and she had been immersed in her studies and her obsession with Prof. Altar grew worse day by day. Even her best friend Kathy had given up her. She was hopelessly  infatuated with him and he ignored her completely.


It was soon time to leave for central America and she was having a farewell dinner with her friends. All of them had heard the stories of what had happened on the last expedition and pleaded with her to stay home. But, she was resolute and was going. Nothing they could  say or do would change her mind. So, they tearfully said adios and were gone.


Arlene was packed and ready to go at dawn the next day. The van picked her up at 6:30 and she was off on her great adventure.



It seemed as though they had been trekking thru the jungle for the days when suddenly Arlene saw a great pyramid rising out of the jungle mists ahead of them. It was beautiful and had to be the ancient site they hade been seeking. Prof Altar called the expedition to a halt, tuned and said, "Friends, we have found it and we are here. Let us give thanks to the great Aztec gods for showing us the way."


All the team knelt as he muttered some ancient Aztec prayer of thanksgiving. When concluded they set up camp for night was falling and tomorrow would be a busy day,.


Arlene lay alone that night, in her tent, frustrated. She could focus only on the Professor and she longed to have his cock buried deep within her steaming cunt. But how? He hardly noticed she was there. Her pussy ached for his touch. She dreamed of his cock slipping between her lips and fucking her face. What was wrong? There were no other young women on the team. Why did he hate her so? She would find out soon, much to her dismay.


But tonight she was alone. Alone and horney. She reached into her knapsack and removed a large flesh colored dildo. She had brought it along just in case and now was just in case. She needed to get fucked and if this rubber cock would do it, so be it.


She lay there on her cot with legs spread slowly rubbing her pussy, eyes closed, dreaming of her Professor. She rubbed her clit slowly and began to insert the dildo ever so slightly. She wanted this to last and was in no hurry. It had been weeks since she had frigged herself and she was going to enjoy it.


What she didn't know was that at that moment Prof. Altar was just outside her tent, listening to her low moans of enjoyment. For a while he thought she was with someone and then he took a quick peak thru the tent flap and saw she was along. He knew she had the hots for him and had been avoiding her until the right time. Now they were deep enough in the jungle and everyone was worked hard so he thought this would be a good time to see if her could score. He knew he would get her later but that was planned. What he wanted now was an unencumbered piece of ass. He would wait until she had worked herself up and then would slip in and try to fuck her.


Arlene lay there, her right thumb wet with her juices, stroking her clit and her left hand was slowly pushing the long dildo deep within her. She longed for the feel of a real man's cock, Prof. Altar's cock. She wanted him to make love to her, fuck her, eat her pussy, make her cum, again and again. She wanted to hold his cock in her hands, caress it, lick it, take it into her mouth. She wanted to feel his body explode in orgasmic relief as he filled her with his hot, silvery cum.


She started to pull the rubber cock in and out of her. The ribs surrounding the soft shaft enhanced the effect on her.. Her cunt began to flow with her moisture and she could feel the dampness drip onto her hand. Her clit was swollen to twice its size and felt as if on fire. She wanted cum but held off. She moaned a little louder now and whispered his name.


He heard his name escape her lips and knew now was the time. He slipped silently into the tent and got on his knees in front of her. He stared at her dripping pussy and the dildo as it went in and out. He bent forward smelling her sex and placed his moistened fingers on her swollen clit.


Was she dreaming, did she feel something on her clit? She opened her eyes and there he was; her hoped for lover. She smiled and spread her legs further while removing the dildo.


He looked down at her, nodded and lowered his mouth to engulf her pussy. He drank in her sex and shoved his tongue deep within her. 



She felt his tongue enter her hot cunt and she closed her thighs around his head. She wanted him to eat her, drink her juices, fuck her with his tongue. He could sense her need and pushed his tongue in and out. She began to grind her pussy into his mouth and her moaning became more pronounced. Her hips raised into the air and he placed his wet index finger at her asshole. She pushed down on it and it slid into her. He pushed his finger in and out in concert with his tongue.


Her hips were moving faster now and he expected her to climax soon. Her breath was coming in short gaps as he closed his mouth on her clit and sucked on it hard. His tongue flicked at it as his finger went in and out of her ass. Her body was gushing as his mouth filled with her sweet pussy and suddenly her felt her tense, her back went rigid and she ground her cunt into his face. She was cumming furiously as her hips bucked and she tried to stifle her joy. But a strangled cry escaped her and she said, "O God, yes, yes, oh, yes, there , now, I'm cumming, oh you're so good, keep me cumming, more, now, yes, uhhhhhh....".


After a minute or two he felt her relax and he withdrew his finger and looked up her.


She opened her eyes and said, "Oh professor...".


"No," he said, "my name is Hector."


"Hector, please, please fuck me. I need your cock deep in me, fuck me, now, please."


He stood, dropped his pants revealing an eight inch cock. He positioned himself between her legs and placed his dick at the entrance to her sopping cunt. With one quick movement he drove himself into her. Her legs rose and wrapped him about the waist he could feel her pussy tighten. She pulled him deeper and began tp move with him. He had fucked many women in his life and liked this one. She responded perfectly to him. He hoped she would be this good for what he had planned later in the summer. In any case he would have a great partner to fuck for a while.


His prick went in and out and she rode him in perfect unison. They kissed passionately, there tongues entwining and probing. She would suck his tongue one moment and he would her the next. He began to lose sight of himself and was getting caught up in the moment of lust. He pushed his cock to its limit and she wanted more. She urged him to fuck her harder and he responded by ramming his straining cock harder and harder. She threw back her head and he could feel the walls of her cunt begin to contract in the throes of orgasm.


She cried out, "Oh yes, yes, fuck me more, harder, that's it, oh yeah, oh Hector. I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"


And he pounded into her relentlessly. She met his thrusts as her orgasm crashed over her and tightened her legs around in a death grip. He continued his assault on her cunt, pounding harder and harder. She tried to open herself wider but could not so she succumbed to her climax. It ran thru her body and she shook uncontrollably.


Her orgasm subsided after a minute and he was glad as he could not keep fucking her much longer and he wanted to cum. But he wanted her to bring his cum up. She relaxed her legs and he continued a slow rhythmic pump into her pussy. She lay there, spent but fully aware she was being fucked. No college boy had ever done this to her. Her legs were still spread and she reached down to feel his cock as it slid in and out. He pulled it out and she held it, glistening with her cum juice.


He said, "Arlene, I must cum now, will you help me?" And he straddled her upper body. She opened her mouth and took his cock into her. All the time he had never stopped pumping and the feel of her hand had excited him. She kept her hand on his shaft as he fucked her face. "Tighter, yes, that's right. Tighter". And she increased the pressure on his cock shaft as he pumped in and out of her mouth. He was large and she was gagging somewhat so he shortened his thrusts.


In a few minutes he could feel his cum start to rise. He had not been laid in two weeks and really wanted to blow a huge load. It had been all work and no play and now he was ready. He began a faster stroke into her mouth and wanted to make sure she took all his cum so gave her no warning as his cum gushed forth into her waiting mouth. His balls contracted as his gland pushed forth an astonishing amount of cum. Arlene had never tasted cum before and was shocked somewhat as her mouth and throat filled with his essence. She drank it down out of reflex and found it not unpleasant but there was so much that it flowed from her lips and down her chin. And he continued to pump forth more spurts of his love juice.


She pulled his cock from her mouth as she wanted to see his cum flow from him. He pumped her fist harder and amazingly more hot, white cum shot forth. It hit her in the face, on the forehead, cheeks and in her eyes and she continued to pump his throbbing dick.


Finally he stopped. Her upper torso was covered with his cum and she was rubbing it all over herself. He thought to himself, this is one hot bitch. I hope she can handle what I have in store for her.


He kissed her softly, put his finger to his mouth in silence, pulled his pants back on, and left.



For the next several weeks Hector and Arlene met several nights a week in her tent, his tent, or sometimes on a blanket out in the jungle. Their hunger for each other seemed to increase with each sex act they performed. Hector did things to her no man had ever done and she did to him whatever he commanded. She was a true cum slut to him. He fucked her every way imaginable and in every conceivable position. She particularly liked when he would hold her upside down and eat her pussy while standing up while she sucked his throbbing prick.


It was during this time of wanton behavior that she began to notice all the local people that had joined them and that were helping on the dig. There were men and woman and all seemed in awe of Hector. He did speak their language and she figured he had met them on previous digs. She loved to watch the young men work since they were clad basically in loin clothes and quite often she had a clear view of some very impressive dicks.


She found the woman especially interesting as most radiated a sensuality that was unmistakable. One or two would disappear for a few hours sometimes together and sometimes with one or two of the young men. She was dying to follow them but thought the better of it. All in due time she figured.


On one particular hot afternoon she noticed that three of the women were looking at her furtively and whispering among themselves. She was watching them and they knew it, They started to walk slowly into the pyramid and one glanced over her shoulder at Arlene and smiled in open invitation. Arlene was intrigued so she followed them in. They descended a stone staircase deep within and waited for her in a large chamber. She entered after them and noticed that many Indian blankets covered the floor.  She knew little of their language and could not communicate but it was obvious what they wanted...her!


She was a little hesitant but then decided to go for it. She had never done a lesbian act so why not give it a try?


The women slipped out of their brief outfits and approached her. She marveled at their bodies. She had no idea how beautiful they were. Each had young, firm breasts, a slim waist, killer asses and great legs. I guess working out here in the jungle all day is good for the figure, she thought. The surrounded her and began to undress her. She stood there and let them do whatever they wanted. They were not shy and as soon as she stood there naked, two of them began kissing her tits and the third knelt in front of her and began to lick at her pussy.


She felt a warm glow start to grow within her as they kissed and licked at her. She opened her legs to give the girl at her pussy better access. One of the other two knelt behind her and began to lick at her ass. She spread her cheeks and placed her tongue at the entrance to her asshole. In a instant she had a tongue penetrating her pussy and ass simultaneously. Her legs started to quiver and her breath came in short gasps. The third girl abandoned her tits and dropped to her knees also. With her fingers she began to rub Arlene's clit. Arlene's head began to swim as she felt an orgasm build within her. Her legs couldn't support her and she slowly fell to the floor on the blankets. The tree women were on her immediately. One had her legs spread and was hungrily eating at her cunt. The second stood over her head and lowered her pussy to Arlene's mouth while the third sucked at each of her hardened nipples.


Arlene didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth to receive the women's sex and began to drink in the musk that emanated from within her. She never knew how pleasant this was. No wonder men liked it so much! She licked and sucked on the wet cunt that was on her face and could feel the same treatment down in her cunt. Her nipples were so hard they felt as they would burst. The woman on her face ground her cunt down on her while Arlene pushed her pussy at the mouth that was eating her.


Her orgasm started deep within her and she wanted it to literally consume her. Her cunt was on fire with desire. She sucked hungrily on the pussy in her mouth as the wave of pleasure hit her. Her strangled cries were mere whimpers as the pussy in her mouth choked her. Her mouth filled with the hot cunt juice form the women on top her and her body rocked with wave after wave. Her back stiffened and her legs shook as her pussy pulsed and contracted. She bucked her hips and literally threw the young

 women off her face as she screamed out, "OH FUCKING YES! OH, OH, YES, YES, I AM CUMMING, OH YES, YES, OH, OH.....".


She lay there writhing on the blankets as one of the women continued to stroke her clit. Her orgasm seemed limitless and her body was a mass of sexual sensation. She rocked and bucked wishing there was more but eventually it subsided and she was spent. She lay there as they kissed and licked her ever so slowly. Sex with a man had never been this intense. She knew she would have to do this again.



A few days later she decided to take a short walk into the jungle just to get away from the work for a while. She had walked about ten minute when she came upon a clearing and what she saw really startled her. There was a group of five young men, all naked with huge hardons. Lying on the ground was a young Indian woman, legs spread, rubbing her pussy. Each man would drop to his knees, shove his cock in her, pump her for about a minute and then withdraw. Then another would do the same thing, and another and another until all five had fucked her somewhat. The woman then got on her hands and knees and the same ritual was repeated. Each man fucked her just long enough so not to cum and was replaced. The woman was getting the fucking of her life. All five dicks were driving into her and then pulling out and each replaced the other quickly so as not to break the pace.


Arlene was getting really hot watching this and let her hand reach into her shorts and began to finger her clit. She did not want to be discovered so she dropped to her knees behind some banana trees but still had a good view of the orgy unfolding in front of her.


The men eachheld some sort of fruit and then began to squeeze it and rub on the burgeoning cocks. The first then mounted the woman from the rear and plunged his cock deep in her ass. She gave an audile grunt at this form of penetration but did not stop them. The process then kept repeating. A man would fuck her ass for about a minute, pull out and then another quickly took his place. Arlene could not imagine getting gang ass fucked like this but was fascinated so much she could not

look away.


When they were finished fucking her ass, they turned her over and began the cycle again, this time fucking her cunt. This scenario continued for the better part of an hour and the woman came many times as Arlene could readily hear. Arleen's pussy ached to be fucked but that would come tonight, with Hector. She had to admit though, these guys were handsome, well built and gorgeous cocks. Maybe just one little fuck.. No, wait she told herself.


The fucking had been going on for over an hour and the woman was clearly exhausted from getting fucked and her multiple orgasms. The five men stood and stood around her head and started to jerk themselves off. One by one they shot their pent up loads of cum into her mouth. Arlene had never seen so much cum in her life. It covered the woman's face, neck, shoulders, tits and overflowed her mouth.


After cocks went limp, they five men put on their loin cloths and left the clearing, leaving the cum filled and cum covered slut where she lay.


Well what a bunch of assholes, thought Arlene. Find them, feel them , fuck them, forget them is the universal language. She rose from behind the banana trees and slowly slipped away. She was incredibly horney and couldn't wait for Hector tonight.




She lay on her cot late that night waiting, wondering, where was he? Sometime just past midnight she drifted off to sleep.


She was awakened by a soft kiss. Hector said, " My darling, I have something very special for you tonight." He explained that the local Indian tribe was going to hold their annual Ceremony of the Sun that night and into the dawn and they asked that she be their guest of honor. This was highly unusual since very few white people had ever seen this ceremony which dated back to ancient Aztec times let alone be invited to participate.


He wondered as to why they had done this but she said nothing. Only a slight smile appeared on her lips which he mistook.


He further explained that it was held in a large room near the top of the pyramid and concluded in the dawn hours when the sun penetrated the special openings set in the blocks. She would be met by a  group of the temple handmaidens who would prepare her as this was a very exotic and erotic experience.


They set off together into the jungle and about twenty minutes later arrived at the pyramid. It was so different at night. Torches lit the perimeter and a sweet fragrance that was unmistakable filled the air. So she thought, the ceremony includes a little grass too.


She recognized the group of women waiting for her. There were eight of them and three had been the ones she had her tryst with that hot afternoon. She smiled at them and they nodded slightly in recognition. She was led into the pyramid thru a portal that she had not seen before. Inside she was placed in the center of a circle made by the women. Two of them took her clothes leaving her naked. Her body glistened with a soft layer of perspiration. She felt herself start to get aroused as her nipples began to harden. She reached up involuntarily and began to massage them to enhance the feeling. The other eight women had dropped their white linen shifts to the ground and were also stimulating themselves.


Arlene wondered if this was to be another lesbian experience but none of the women were approaching her. They seemed content to be fingering themselves and liking at their nipples.


She noticed that the air was heavy with marijuana and she could feel herself starting a slight contact high. It was putting her in a very sexy and horney mood.


Another women appeared behind her and placed a silken shift over her shoulders. Her hardened nipples become more pronounced as the silky fabric slid down her body. The group of women then led her up a long flight of stone steps and she entered a cavernous room and her eyes opened wide in amazement. The room was filled with about 100 men and women all engaged in some form of sex. There were couples in various sexual positions, sixty-nine, oral sex, anal sex, women getting fucked by two men at once and masturbations everywhere.


In the center of the room was a throne-like chair of a very odd shape that sat on a raised pedestal and that is where she was led. She saw that it was covered in a velvety material and there was a canopy over it. It also seemed to have some form of mechanical movement.


The air was heavy with the smell of scent, sex and grass. She sat on the throne and looked at the mass of writing bodies in front of her, on the side and behind. All were engaged in sex and she became aroused more and more as she watched them. The chair she was sitting in forced her legs to be open as there were channels for her legs to rest in and she could feel herself begin to get wet. She wanted to reach down but would have to pull up the gown they had put on her to get at her pussy so she just watched.


Hector appeared at her side and kissed her deeply, his tongue entering her mouth like a hot serpent. He caressed her breasts as their tongues entwined; each sucking the other, each wanting the other. She said, "Oh Hector, please fuck me, I'm so hot watching all this."


"No, love, you must wait. You are the attraction here and you will be fucked as never before. Just be patient."


Many of the couples were reaching orgasm at this point and the men stood proudly and sprayed their cum over anyone near them. Woman lunged for the droplets as they fell to the floor and on other bodies. She saw one women fill her mouth with a man's cum and then kiss another women spitting most of it into the second woman's mouth. The second woman then spit it on third woman while a fourth licked it up  into her own mouth. 


Hector handed her a goblet of something that looked like wine. "Drink my love, it will enhance the experience for you." She drank and her body immediately felt warm and the blood ran to her head. Her nerve endings felt as if they were all attached to tiny electrical charges and he pussy ached with desire. Her vision became a little distorted and that scared her but it passed quickly. Her urge for sex was becoming unbearable as she watched all the fucking, sucking, and cumming being performed all around her. The smell of sex was becoming overpowering and she reached for her pussy but two women appeared at her side and held her arms, lightly and smiled at her. Another lifted her gown over her head so she sat naked on the throne.


Five extremely muscular and naked men appeared before her and bowed at the waist to her. Her eyes were drawn to their cocks and each was well endowed except for the one in the middle. He had the biggest cock she had ever seen and they were all soft. She licked her lips involuntarily thinking of putting that huge cock in her aching cunt. A pair of hands appeared from behind each man and began to fondle their cocks and balls. Each dick began to rise slowly. She wanted to get down from the throne and suck each of them to hardness but she was restrained. As she watched the cocks get harder she began to writhe in her seat and moan softly. She wanted cocks she wanted to be fucked, she wanted to cum.


As the cocks rose her eyes closed, dreaming of sucking them, dreaming of getting fucked, she needed to cum. Her nerves were raw with lust and wanting. If only she could rub her clit, finger herself but they would not release her.


She looked up at the ceiling and could see dawn was rising as shafts of pale sunlight were filtering into the room. She lay back on the throne, eyes closed, legs spread and pussy sopping wet when suddenly she felt a tongue licked her swollen and soaked cunt. She didn't care who it was as long he or she didn't stop! She raised her hips and she was rewarded as the tongue slipped deep in her. God, it felt so good. Please, please she thought, make me cum!


The tongue went in and out and she felt her herself beginning to go but then it suddenly was with drawn. She sat up with a bewildered look on her face as her ankles were placed in leather straps and her legs were spread fully and raised slightly above her head. The men were fully hard now and stroking themselves to maintain their erections. The first walked up the steps to her, knelt and began to slowly eat her pussy. He engulfed her entire pussy with his mouth while fingering her love hole. He sucked her clit deliciously and slipped his tongue in and out of her.


Her body felt as if it were on fire. She couldn't bear this; she had to cum but he was only taking her to the edge and then stopping. Just as she was about to cum, he would back off for a minute and then bring her to the brink again. Her body was bathed in sweat and her pussy was gushing. Her nipples were so hard that they hurt if touched. She couldn't take much more but yet it continued.


Her heart skipped a beat when she felt a cock at the entrance to her soaking and aching cunt. Yes, now she thought. Fuck me, fuck me, yes, now, I want to cum! The stiff cock slid smoothly into her. It rammed her cunt for about five strokes and then withdrew!

She cried out, "Oh Christ, please don't, I need your cock, fuck me, fuck me, now, PLEASE!"


As if in answer to her, another man entered her and pushed his cock deep within her. Her position gave them full access to her and she loved the feeling as the cock buried itself deep within her. She had never felt a cock so deep before and she bucked her hips back to get him to drive it deeper. She screamed out, "YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME WITH YOUR HARD PRICK YOU SONOFABITCH, HARDER, YEAH THERE, OH YEAH, FUCK ME...." And like the first, he withdrew just as she was beginning.


She lay there moaning, fuck me , fuck me, oh someone fuck me and she felt another tongue licking at her.


Her torment continued for another hour. Cocks would enter her, fuck her a few times and then withdraw. She was reduced to a sobbing hulk of flesh. Her body was on fire, her pussy ached, her orgasm had been at the brink four times now and she could think of nothing else. She had to cum, she had to fuck, she needed release. When would it cum, her body ached with pent up desire?


She lay back on the throne, legs open and waiting and she couldn't see it but the man with the huge cock was getting ready for her. A young women was on her knees sucking his cock to new life.


Suddenly Hector appeared above her, naked looking down at her. He said, "My love, are you ready? The ceremony is about to begin as the sun is rising. Will you give your body freely to celebrate the Solstice?"


"Oh yes, yes, Hector, anything just let me cum.....!"


Her legs were raised higher by an unseen force and the last young man paced his cock at the entrance to her cunt. She looked up and all she could see was the his cock head and it glistened in the sunlight with scented oil on it. He looked at her and smiled and placed his cock gently into her.


Omigod she thought. He is enormous, will he hurt me? But she didn't care. Her body reacted instinctively and she pushed her hips at him so the full, round bulbous head was in her. She moaned. She loved it, him, anyone, she wanted to be fucked. She cared not who, just do her! He pushed at her slowly. He had fucked many woman and knew he had to go slow. The ceremony could not end until he was completely in her and filling her with his seed.


 She lay there, legs spread, cunt throbbing, feeling this massive hunk of man meat enter her. Her pussy was stretched to the limit. Her cunt walls ached with the invasion but it felt soooo good. She was being fucked and she knew this was it. Something told her this guy would bring her off. She strained to spread her legs further apart to give him entrance. Inch by inch he entered her. A hand maiden stood by him pouring the scented oil on his shaft to ease the pain she would feel as she had not felt the full width of his huge cock as yet.


His cock was oddly shaped in that it was twice as thick at the end of the shaft as it was at the cockhead. Nature had given him the ultimate gift; a prick that got bigger as it entered a woman.


A half inch at a time now, she screamed, was it agony or lust? He kept going in and finally  she yelled, "GIVE IT TO ME, I WANT ALL OF YOU NOW!" And with a final thrust, he was in her. She felt his cock as it slid into her. He was huge and he filled her completely. She was frozen in time for a moment until she felt it begin to move in and out of her. His cock filled her so much that she could feel her orgasm start  almost immediately. She cried out, "OH GOD, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, MORE , FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR PRICK, DEEPER, YEAH, OH YEAH, STICK IT TO ME, OH GOD, OHHHH........" . And the orgasm hit her with wave after wave of orgiastic pleasure. Her body bucked and shook and her pussy walls contracted so tightly that he could barely penetrate her. She felt herself gush and then she relaxed with her legs still high in the straps.


He withdrew and dropped to his knees to eat her sex. He engulfed her pussy with his mouth and began to tongue her clit. He wanted to bring her to the brink again and fuck her one more time. The ceremony was to begin as he watched the sunlight creep along the walls of the temple. She felt his tongue and began to push her pussy to him. He sucked hard on her lips and clit and she could feel herself once again riding the wave to climax. Her clit was twice its normal size and he bit down on it, hard. She screamed and he released it and stood and plunged his huge prick deep within her. She screamed again but immediately began to meet his thrusts with a vengeance. This was the fuck of her life and she wanted all of it. Her pussy met his cock and his balls slapped loudly on her ass.


He pumped at her and could feel his balls start to strain but he had to wait until the sunlight caught her face; then it would be time for him to cum.


As they fucked Hector positioned himself behind the throne and held a curved dagger in his hands. His job was simple. As the sun crossed her face and the young man emptied his seed into her, he would put her to death. This was a human sacrifice. The couple were also surrounded by ten young men, each stroking his cock in unison with the young man's strokes into Arlene. Their role was to time their orgasms with his so she received the ultimate gift of seed as she gave up her life for their god.


Arlene was oblivious to what was around her. She focused on one thing, fucking this magnificent cock. She could feel her orgasm starting again and wanted it to last longer so she tightened her pussy even more against this cock that was fucking her. It had no face, only a reason, to fuck her and give her pleasure. She could feel the strokes increase and knew he was close so she fucked him harder. She noticed a light thru her closed eyes and opened her eyes to see the ten men over her stroking their cocks and her fucker was straining to fuck her more when he suddenly stiffened. She felt his cock explode within her and saw the  streams of cum erupt and cover her as her wave hit her and she screamed in horror as she looked up and saw the dagger descend and enter her left breast...........



Arlene woke up with a start and was bathed in sweat. God, she thought, what an unbelievable nightmare. Just then Hector entered her tent and smiled. She looked up at him and smiled back. He said, "My love, the local tribe has bestowed an immense honor on you. They want you to participate in their sacred ceremony, its called the Ceremony of the Sun.................".


She looked at him and wondered how could she say no.








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