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Ringing in the New Year takes an unexpected turn

The New Year's Eve evening was moving toward the new millennium as
Sarah, my female neighbor and I were talking about champagne. We
were in her kitchen and she was putting out some more vegetables onto
the dip tray. She said that she had not drank much champagne in her
life, but she liked the way it bubbled in her mouth and the feeling
in her throat as she swallowed it.

I jokingly said, "She should have her husband pour someone her pussy
and drink and lick it off sometime!"

I must add I had never talked to this neighbor about sex, or anything
even close to this before. Maybe because she is about 20 years
younger than I.

She replied, "My husband would never do anything like that!"

"Why wouldn't he?" I asked.

"He isn't into anything oral except receiving a blow job." She

We both laughed and finished refilling the vegetable tray. Since it
was a very warm evening, some of us wandered out onto the second
floor deck of their home. Sarah came out a while later and we began
talking about how warm the weather was.

"The champagne is making me even warmer," she said.

We were leaning on the deck railing looking out into the woods behind
her house. She moved closer to me and leaned against my shoulder.
In almost a whisper, she asked, "Have you ever done the champagne
thing to a woman before?"

Surprised, I glanced around the deck to see if anyone was on the deck
with us. "I haven't" I replied. "I've only heard about it being
done before."

She then looked around to see who was on the deck and turned back to
me, rubbing her small, but very firm breasts against my arm as she
did. "Would you like to show me how the champagne thing works?"

Still somewhat surprised, not only by her asking me such a thing but
also how she was rubbing her tits against me, I replied "Yes, I would
like to do that sometime."

She looked at me with a very sexy look in her eyes, and with a low,
husky voice and said "What about showing me now?"

My cock was instantly hard at the thought as I replied to her, "Where
and how would we do it?"

She replied, "We could do it on the chaise lounge here on the deck.
I can lock the bedroom door, and anyone that would want to come up to
this deck must go through the kitchen downstairs. We will hear the
door open, and will be able to hear them coming up the steps before
they could see what was happening on the deck."

"Well, it would make a mess on the lounge, and maybe spill off and
drip below" I reasoned.

She replied, "I can say that I set my glass on the lounge and it
tipped over, spilling my champagne."

Since her answers convinced me we would not be easily discovered, I
readily agreed to show her. She quickly went into the bedroom and
shut and locked the bedroom door. Being dark in the bedroom after
she shut the door, I could not see what she was doing.

She came out through the French doors onto the deck motioning me to
the chaise lounge. "Are you ready to show me?"

Anxiously, I replied "Yes, if you're sure that's what you want."

She took my hand and led me to the chaise lounge. As she straddled
the lounge and started to sit down, she deftly pulled the full skirt
of her dress up above her waist. As she was sitting down and laying
back onto the lounge, there was enough light for me to see that she
was not wearing any panties.

So that was what she was doing after she closed the bedroom door…
taking off her panties! I moved over to the lounge and sat down
between her spread legs. I reached my hand out and laid it between
her legs on her pussy… letting my fingers fall between and open her

She shuddered as my finger found her clit and moved around it in
little circles. I dropped my hand lower on her pussy and my finger
very easily slid into her honey pot. Working my finger in and out
and around the opening, I let my thumb continue to rub over her
swollen clit. She was arching her back up against my penetrating
fingers and my rubbing thumb.

Feeling her pussy getting hotter and wetter, I asked, "Are you ready
for the champagne thing?"

In a very throaty voice, she replied, "Yes… please…. Please do it

Her voice turned to begging as she said again, "Please…. Do it now!"

Taking my glass I began to pour the bubbly slowly over her pussy.
She twitched slightly as the cold liquid touched her creamy soft skin
just below her tummy and began to run down through her pubic hair and
over her pussy.

Now as I lowered my mouth to her pussy, my tongue spread her lips
apart and found her swollen clit. I worked my hands under her bare
ass as I started to lick, gently bite and suck on her clit. Lifting
her ass in my hands, I pulled her pussy tighter to my mouth. She
started to arch her hips even higher off of the lounge, smashing her
pussy harder against my mouth and tongue! Feeling her body tremble,
I knew she was cumming.

Wanting her to remember this I absorbed myself into eating her very
hot pussy. Eagerly I licked and drank the sweet juices.

Suddenly I tasted more champagne running and bubbling against my
tongue. She was pouring more of her champagne onto her pussy.
Eagerly I licked and drank the added sparkly.

Groaning with pleasure, she ground her pussy against my mouth and
eager tongue. She was cumming again!

She continued to pour more of her champagne onto her pussy, and I
eagerly lapped it up, probing inside her with my tongue. I lost
count of the number of times her pussy throbbed and pulsated with
Breathlessly she asked me to stop eating her. In a gasping voice she
said, "Fuck me… please, I want you to fuck me. I don't want a gentle
fuck, I want you to ram your rigid cock into my hot, wet pussy. I
want you to fuck me deep, fuck me hard… fuck me now!"

I quickly stood up and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans,
letting my raging cock spring free. I stepped out of my jeans and
lay down between her wide spread legs.

Quickly finding her honey pot I buried my hard cock as deep into her
pussy as I could. As I began to fuck her furiously, she reached up
and pulled me down on top of her. Her tongue quickly found my mouth
and she began hungrily probing me, her hands on my ass pulling me
into her.

I pulled her dress down from her neck and my hands began to hungrily
explore her tits, squeezing her hard nipples. As I pounded my cock
into her pussy I could feel her twitch as she approached another

Suddenly I could feel my jism jetting up the tube, exploding deep
into her hot pussy. She held my ass against her, making all my cum
explode deep inside her.

As we lay against each other, slowly coming back to earth, she kissed
my ear and whispered, "So that is the champagne thing, huh? I cannot
wait to tell my sister about it! She may need a teacher also!!"

Teaching her sister, huh? Well, yes I did…. But that will be another

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