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Champion's Girl

Tags: oral, boxing
“Why am I doing this?” she asked herself as she tried tomake the tiny bikini bra she was wearing cover her ample breasts.

She was standing in the small dressing room at the gym, trying her best to cover up as much as possible of her breasts and ass, wondering what in the name of god made a law student parade around a boxing ring in an outfit made to fit a 10 year old.

“The money, that’s what,” she thought angrily and let go of the bikini- it wasn’t going to cover more, no matter how hard she tried.

“Anna, are you ready?” Hank called from the other side of the door, “the fight is going to start soon- get your luscious ass out here.”

“I’ll show you luscious ass,” she thought angrily and bit her lip, “cool it Anna- he is the one paying your rent for the next couple of months.”

“Coming right out,” she called back in the sweetest voice she could muster up.

“You look great, maybe a little too covered up but great,” Hank said as she walked out of the dressing room.

“Wanker,” she mumbled under her breath as she walked past him and headed to the ringside to wait for her cue.

The other two girls were already waiting there, chattering happily between them about the fighters. Anna had nothing to say having never been to a fight, let alone being familiar with the fighters. Her closest connection to boxing was having seen “rocky” way back when.

People were filling the gym, slowly but surely turning into a loud waiting crowd as the fight time neared. She watched the referee get in and after him the announcer- that must mean the fight was about to start. She fiddled nervously with the pendant on her neck- she wasn’t comfortable in this situation and she wanted it over with.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s fight! You are in for a good one,” the announcer’s voice blared from the speakers, announcing the beginning of the fight. The lights in the gym dimmed and a big spotlight lit the ring, “in the left corner we have Jason aka stingray with a record of 15 fights, 13 wins and 5 k.o.s,” the announcer bellowed and she could see a man in a white robe climb into the ring and drop the robe, turning to the cheering crowd. “And in the right corner we have Adrian aka boy wonder, with a record of 12 fights, 10 wins and 9 k.o.s.”

She watched as another fighter climbed into the ring with a black and red robe on. As he dropped his robe and turned to the cheering crowd she caught her breath. She couldn’t believe it was her hot downstairs neighbor. She’d seen him a few times in the elevator and exchanged a few words, he always made her stomach tingle with excitement, but they never went past the “how are you?” and she definitely didn’t know he boxed. The announcer kept talking about something but she didn’t even hear him- she was too wrapped up in watching Adrian.

“Hey, wake up sweet cheeks, it’s your cue,” Hank shook her by the shoulder and shoved the number card into her hands.

She got into the ring with Hank’s help a little awkwardly. She felt uncomfortable and had to steel herself as she made the round of the ring holding the number card up. As she passed Adrian she looked directly at him and he noticed her for the first time.

“Oh fuck,” Adrian let out in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Adrian’s coach asked him.

“I know that girl,” Adrian answered, “she lives in my building.”

“Haha… lucky you,” the coach laughed and gave Adrian a jovial slap on the shoulder, “bet she’s a great lay.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Adrian answered a little annoyed, “I wonder why she’s doing this.”

“Forget about the girl, you’ve got a fight to win,” the coach said determinedly.

Anna got off the ring, again with Hank’s help, and the first round started. Adrian was doing great in the first round, he was moving fast and dodging his opponent’s wild shots, he even got a few good shots at his opponent. Anna watched in a trance; as the round ended she realized she’d been holding her breath all through it. Adrian got back to his corner and kept looking at her, breaking his eyes away only for the beginning of the next round.

The second round was also in Adrian’s favor. Anna could see he had skill as his sits kept connecting while his opponent was obviously misjudging him. Adrian was dodging well but toward the end of the round he got distracted for a moment and failed to dodge a powerful right hook which connected with his face. Anna winced as she saw Adrian stager for a moment- that must have hurt. Her heart went out to him, she didn’t want him injured.

“What the hell happened there?” Adrian’s coach asked him as he got back to his corner, “stop thinking about chicks and get your head together.”

“Yeah, yeah…” Adrian answered, brushing him off.

Adrian’s eyes were locked with Anna’s, she was holding up her hands to show him she had her fingers crossed for him.

“I’m rooting for you,” she mouthed to him.

The third round started with Adrian taking a hard cross and getting his lip split. Anna gasped so loud that Hank asked her if she was ok. The other fighter was obviously starting to get more focused and she was worried that Adrian might get seriously hurt. The energy in the gym changed as the audience saw they were in for a good fight. As the bell rang for the end of the round she could see Adrian had lost this one and had taken quite a few hard hits.

Adrian was annoyed with himself, how the hell did he misjudge his opponent so badly? “Get your head in the game,” he told himself.

His coach was obviously not pleased as well, as he handed Adrian a towel, “got that girl on your mind huh? Well pretty chicks don’t go for losers. And if you want to get her laid then having your ribs cracked won’t help.”

Anna got into the ring again, this time less awkwardly, to do a round with the number four. As she passed Adrian’s corner she looked at him and he winked at her, making her smile and blush.

Round four was a good one, it seemed both fighters were finally in the game at the same time. Both were doing excellent foot work and using good combinations. Both had a few good hits and both were feeling the pain, but not too much of it. Adrian was focused now- he wanted to win not just for himself, he wanted to show Anna how good he was, and he wanted to impress her.

“What a spectacular round this has been,” the commentator bellowed through the speakers at the end of round four, “seems like we’re in for a good, long one tonight folks.”

Rounds five and six passed in a heartbeat for Anna, she was so taken with the fight. She was not a fan of sports usually and so was not prepared to be fascinated by the fight- but she was. She watched with awe the skill and technique it required. She was also glad she was a part of it in some way, her earlier distaste and disgust at her role fading away.

As she got in the ring with the number seven she was excited, she wanted to show Adrian what she felt in some special way, she wanted him to know how awed she was. As she passed his corner she mouthed “my champion” to him when he looked at her.

Adrian felt his blood rush through his veins, he wanted to win and he wanted Anna and he wanted to truly be her champion. Round seven started and Adrian was at the top of his game- he was pumped and motivated and fast on his feet. He was raining punches on his opponent, using daring moves like the pull-counter expertly.

“Seems like boy wonder is in for the kill,” the commentator yelled, “seems like he might be setting up his signature move.”

Adrian was indeed intent on winning, he was hurting his opponent bad, he could see the guy was hurting now and moving slower. Adrian was looking for his shot, just waiting for the other guy to drop his guard for a second. The round was almost over, he had to find a break, he didn’t want to give the guy time to recover for next round. And then he saw it, a second of indecision in which the guy lowered his defense- Adrian wasn’t missing his chance. Adrian threw a powerful straight, using his whole body for leverage and hit his opponent straight in the jaw, causing him to waver on his feet and fall down clutching his face. The crowd roared, yelling Adrian’s name. The ref moved in to see if the fallen fighter was going to get up or not and started counting.

“One… two… three… four… five… six… seven…” the guy tried to get up, rolling over in an attempt to get to his knees, “eight… nine…” the room held its breath, “ten!” the ref yelled and the room burst in with yells and whistles.

“Spectacular fight,” the commentator yelled, “another knock out for boy wonder.”

Adrian felt elated- he had won! He felt so pumped up with the rush and adrenaline. The ref declared Adrian to be the winner of the fight by knock out, lifting Adrian’s arm up in the air- the crowd cheered.

After the announcement of the winner both fighters left the ring with their coaches, heading to the locker rooms to change. The ref and commentator left as well and the crowd started dispersing. The other two number girls went to change in the small dressing room but Anna stood rooted to the spot, deep in thought.

“Need a ride sugar?” Hank nudged her.

“No thanks, I’m good,” Anna answered, not even looking at him.

“Well have it your way,” Hank said as he left the gym.

Adrian kept thinking of Anna as he showered and changed. He wanted to see her again, he wanted for her to be there to celebrate with him. He lingered in the shower thinking about her, the thoughts turning him on and making him hard. Both his opponent and the coaches had left the gym and Adrian was alone, he considered masturbating to relieve the pressure he felt but knew it wasn’t going to be enough- not this time. He quickly decided to put his clothes on and go look for her- maybe she was still around somewhere, he hoped she was.

Adrian walked into the main part of the gym and his heart skipped a beat. There she was, in the ring, pretending she was boxing. She looked cute, funny and a little awkward as she tried to imitate a boxer’s move. Adrian laughed and she turned to see who it was and spotted him.

“I was waiting for you,” she said frankly.

“I wasn’t sure you would be, but I hoped,” he answered as he got into the ring with her.

“You were amazing,” she breathed as he came closer to her.

“It was all for you- you inspired me,” he answered as he wrapped his arms around her.

He held her tightly in his arms, kissing her passionately, wincing slightly as her tongue brushed his split lip. She could feel his desire for her as his hardness pressed against her stomach. His hands moved down her back, his fingertips pressing into her soft skin. He cupped her ass cheeks, pressing her pelvis to his. She felt so good he just wanted feel every inch of her body.

She ran her fingernails down his back, lightly scratching him and pulling off his T-shirt. She felt her body tingle with arousal and excitement as her hand traced his back muscles. He slowly undid her bikini bra while her soft lips tickled his neck. As he pulled her bra off he felt her nipples pressed against his chest like two hard little pebbles. He cupped one breast, kneading it firmly before rolling and pinching her nipple. The pleasure of his strong hands touching her like that made her moan against his skin.

Her hands moved to his belt, fumbling to undo it and unzip his jeans. She pushed his jeans and boxers down with trembling fingers. He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his jeans, not letting go of her breasts the whole time. She teased his hard cock through his boxers, the heat of it radiating through them.

“I’ve always had a fantasy of having sex in the ring,” he whispered as he pressed her to him even harder.

“Well then we have to make it come true,” she giggled and gave his cock a playful squeeze.

“Oh baby,” he groaned as she squeezed his cock.

She slowly slid to her knees in front of him, looking up into his eyes as she pulled off his boxers. He caught his breath as he felt her warm, wet mouth enveloping his head. She suckled him gently and slowly, taking him in a bit deeper each time. Her soft hand gently massaging his balls as she teased his engorged cock.

Her teasing, slow, gentle touch drove him crazy, he felt his blood rush through his veins. He wanted more, harder, faster, closer, rougher- he had to have her now, to her delicious body close to him, to be deep inside her.

He pulled her up and lifted her in his arms in one fast powerful motion. She moaned lustily as she felt his strength, it made her stomach tighten and her pussy leak. She loved his strong, muscular arms around her, his rock hard body pressed close to her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the corner of the ring, kissing her and biting her lower lip as he went.

She yelped as he pressed her back against the corner for support. He yanked off her bikini bottoms with one hand as he held her with the other, tearing them as he did so.

“Oh fuck, you’re so wet,” he growled hungrily as he felt her bare pussy against his engorged cock.

“It’s all your fault,” she moaned in reply.

Her words made him even hotter; he positioned his cock at her wet slit and thrust forcefully into her. She screamed with pleasure as she felt his thick cock spread her tight hole. She felt so wet and yet so tight around him that it made him dizzy with excitement. He fucked her hard and fast as she clung to him, her arms around his neck, her lips nibbling his ear.

“Mmm my strong man,” she moaned in his ear, “you feel so good inside me.”

“You feel like heaven baby, so fucking tight,” he growled in response.

He kept fucking her hard, the adrenaline and arousal not letting his body feel the pain from the hits he’d taken in the fight. She felt like a ragdoll in his powerful arms. He was taking her to new heights of pleasure, she felt her nerve endings tingle with delight every time he slammed into her; his hard, insistent, unyielding thrusts were taking her over the edge.

“I’m going to cum,” she moaned as her pussy clenched, “oh fuck!”

She screamed as she came hard, her juices gushing over his cock, her pussy clenching and unclenching. Her orgasm felt like heaven for him, her pussy felt as though it was trying to suck him in and keep him there. He kept fucking her through her orgasm, making it even stronger. He was so turned on he couldn’t stop fucking her even if he’d wanted to.

It took what seemed to both an eternity for her to stop cumming. He could feel little fluttery aftershocks through her pussy as her orgasm subsided. He was overexcited, breathing hard, fingers digging into her flesh as he still fucked her on and on.

“Oh god baby,” she moaned, “I want you to cum for me, my champion.

”Oh fuck,” he growled.

“Fill my tight pussy with your hot cum, my champion,” she whispered in his ear, “cum for me.”

He groaned loudly as he came inside her, emptying his overfilled balls as deep as he could. She clenched her muscles around his pulsating, twitching cock, increasing the intensity of his orgasm. He kept holding her tightly as he shot rope after rope of cum into her.

“Oh god,” he whispered in her ear, “you are unbelievable.”

“So are you, my champion,” she giggled and kissed him.

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